Saturday, April 23, 2011

Don't Raise the Debt Ceiling and I Ain't No Stinken Birther...

In a recent interview with Charles Krauthammer, Sean Hannitty suggested that republicans need to hold out on raising the debt ceiling in order to get significant spending cuts. Charles response was we “have to raise the debt ceiling” or we risk a financial meltdown. Here’s the real story. Charles went on to say that we could put it off for awhile by shifting other budget items around and pay the debt instead of those programs; BINGO!!

That is the real issue. We can pay our debt obligations without a debt ceiling increase by managing the other parts of the budget. Congress needs to have the political will to start prioritizing and slashing the recent trillion dollar spending increases of Obama, and reduce the spending across the board.

There is no better time to get real spending cuts than now. If we don’t raise the ceiling and we don’t have enough to pay all of the promised spending my understanding is the Executive branch is in charge of determining what bills get paid. That would be temporary until congress acted to cut spending but that means the Obama administration would be responsible for default if they chose not to pay the debt. Would they do that? I don’t think so.

This is an opportunity to reverse the insane spending policies of the past congress and get us on solid ground for the 2012 budget discussions. If the republicans fail here the Tea Party must punish them at the ballot box.

On a quick side note. Republicans that are running from the birth certificate issue are cowards. I am not a “birther”, I am an American that loves and believes in the constitution and I want my president to be a citizen. Just show the certificate. That’s all every good American wants. It should be simple. We have to ask the question if this was any other president and especially a republican, would it be treated this way by the media?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Obama “Teaching” Kids to Hate Our Government?

President Obama speaking to a group of school kids (8th graders I believe) was responding to a question inquiring into the difficulties of being president. He responded by whining about how he has to deal with congress and citizens that are divided in thought. He can’t just enact his ideas about Healthcare and budgets etc…

It is not the first time the President of the United States has complained about our divided government. It is exactly what our founders designed to protect us from people like the current president. The president also whined about how he has to follow our constitution which is ironic since he does no such thing. Whether it is going to war without authority (Libya), using TARP funds as a blank check, or attempting to force Americans to pay for health insurance or be fined in his Obamacare legislation, he has no actual understanding of the federal government’s role. Specific and limited is the intended scope of our federal government. It is mind boggling how far we have wandered from the original intent of our constitution.

He despises this country’s past and is embarrassed of our wealth which is why he is so determined to “change” our country. He is a product of the radical sixties, and he has little respect for the constitution or our founders. He believes we are racist, selfish, and war mongers. He ignores the facts that without America this world would be a dark and gruesome place. He fails to accept this world is a much better place not because of our government but because of our freedom, wealth, compassion, and commitment to Christian values.

Mr. President, next time you speak about our country to the future generations I would appreciate it if you showed some respect and pride. We have so much to be proud of and complaining about our system does nothing to inspire our future generations to greatness. Keep your misgivings to yourself. If you don’t like the job; please feel free to resign. There are plenty of patriots that would be willing and able to take on the hard but honored position of being a leader of the greatest group of people on this earth. There is no need to worry about a successor the constitution covers that. Our founders knew that the best government was of the people not about any one person. We don’t need a savior; the people of the United States could get along quite nicely without you thank you.

Now that is a lesson every young American should study…

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Better Than Expected But Not Enough…

John Boehner did better than I expected but I am very concerned about the 2012 “budget.” Here’s why I am giving the GOP some slack. If the Democrats would have produced a budget in the 2010-2011 fiscal year, the opportunity to cut would not have been an option. So from the democrat’s inability to pass a budget, the republicans were able to get a few incidental cuts that normally would not have been the case.

The republicans campaigned on larger cuts but in the end it what they settled on could have been worse. I have to disclose that I am from the school that wants to see a budget produced that balances in five years not ten. It can be done but from the whining we have seen over these meager reductions highlights how deceitful the democrats truly are. I addition, the fact that democrats can point to so many programs the federal government provides to so many people only makes this fight all the more important.

Too many people are getting some portion of their income from some sort of federal subsidy. That is dangerous and an undermining of our founding principles. The next budget must eliminate and reduce every federal program. No exceptions that includes the military. I am a conservative that supports the military but the waste is just as rampant in the DOD as anywhere else in the federal government.

Paul Ryan is being touted as this great conservative thinker but he has voted for TARP and other programs that make me uncomfortable and we can do better than his first draft.

The Tea Party is not extreme and everyone that considers themselves a patriot must get back in the game and not fall prey to the demonizing the democrats have put on display. They are using the Tea Party as a weapon to stop cuts and we must be proud to stand for constitutional government. Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Obama, and the main stream media will lie with no conscience about this upcoming battle and we must expose them and hold tight to our principles. It is our principles that are mainstream and are the reason for America’s success, not theirs.

Caps and reforms of entitlements, transition from government retirement programs to the private sector model, the end of duplicative programs, an end to Afghanistan and Libyan theatres, a continued reduction of troops in Iraq, end of Obama care, and a balanced budget amendment all need to be on the table.

And finally, we should not agree to a debt Ceiling adjustment unless a balanced budget and budget amendment are part of the deal. This is a war for our future. We need to fight it like one and if these are not the representatives willing to do it then we will fight to change it in 2012.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A New Military Strategy in the Middle East…

When will we learn? The Middle East is a tinder box of tribal factions that spend their time looking back instead of toward the future. The hatred runs deep within the countries and the hatred is vile toward the west whenever we stick our nose into the fight. Our men and women of the military deserve a better strategy and I think I have one.

It is time to pack up and leave Afghanistan and leave the tribes to fight amongst themselves. Our military did exactly what we needed them to do when they removed the Taliban and killed the majority of Al Qaeda members that were using the country as a training ground and launch pad to attack the west. Mission accomplished for sure. The troops and the US can leave with our heads high and in victory.

We must monitor the activity there and if we see a resurgence of activity that is threatening to the west then we come back in and destroy everything and anything associated with that activity and go home. It is a fool’s errand to think we are going to democratize such a backward nation, and even if we could the cost is enormous in both treasure and lives. Not worth it when the people of Afghanistan are tied to a religion and culture that keeps them in poverty and ignorance based on religious beliefs.

Our strategy in the oil states of the Middle East should be simple; stop buying their oil. The best strategy to end the hatred in the Middle East toward the West is to end our purchase of Middle Eastern oil. If you think about it what else do they have that we need? Nothing! They produce nothing useful in this world beyond a barrel of oil. The next administration (because we know this one is anti energy) needs to take on energy independence like JFK took on a mission to the moon.

The energy strategy of the United States should be tied directly to our military strategy. Currently the price of oil does not consider the cost of our military operations. If we were no longer dependent on Middle Eastern oil the military mission and costs change. Right now our military is focused on the ME mainly to insure the safe flow of oil. We don’t account for that in a gallon of gas but we should. If we were to develop for real a comprehensive national energy strategy, we could eliminate the need for ME oil.

If we were to stop buying or reduce the amount of oil we purchased from the Middle East, what would happen? The OPEC cartel would not be able to function. They would have one option; become a civilized partner in the world or starve. They could still supply other nations but losing one of their biggest customers will change the dynamic and make them realize they must behave in certain ways if they want our business.

If we don’t need oil from other countries the entire military strategy of the US changes. We don’t need to be concerned with people warring among themselves unless they export that war to our allies or our homeland. We don’t need to send our troops to be put in harm’s way of a people that fundamentally hate us. We can focus our military efforts in other regions that show more promise of democracy than the Middle East has shown.

We need to stop thinking that people are going to like us in the Middle East if we free them and force democracy on them. I believe all people want freedom but freedom is not something to be given, it is something that must be earned and defended. Until the people show an interest in freedom beyond simply changing dictators we need to stay away.

Our country is broke and the cost of our military in the Middle East is a cost we can no longer afford. Oil keeps us there so we must change our strategy from oil importer to an energy independent country. Oil is being found everywhere around the globe including our own back yard. Let’s develop and use it, support it with a comprehensive policy including all forms of energy and bring our troops home…

Two Types of “Rich” One Needs Reform…

The rank and file on the left hates the rich. They hate individuals that have created a product or service that the market has embraced and in turn has made these individuals a financial success. These individuals should be revered in our society but all too often they are demonized for having “too much”.

What is too much? In a capitalistic system the answer is there is no such measurement. But what you find with these “rich” individuals is they often answer that question themselves by their support of charity organizations. America is the most benevolent country in the world because we have the ability to create wealth and choose the way we distribute our individual wealth. The more a government takes the less benevolent the society. Government confiscation of wealth reduces the benevolence of a society.

The people that risk and create businesses that become successful are the engine for jobs, opportunities, and new sources of wealth and should be celebrated. These entrepreneurs are successful in spite of the attempt of the left to hinder their success and the constant threat of stealing their private property.

Then there are the “other rich people” that run large corporations that maintain their wealth by paying off politicians to write laws that protect their market place from competition. The corporate executives that belly up to the federal, state, and local troughs should be the target of reform. There are legitimate organizations that provide services to the government but when you peel back that onion the stink starts to become overwhelming.

Defense contracting is so massive and cumbersome with such a high entry to compete it breeds inefficiency. Large banks and financial institutions are in complete cahoots with government regulators along with car companies, oil and energy companies. The executives that reap massive stock and cash bonuses on the back of the taxpayer must be limited and reformed. The “market” they serve are the taxpayers. And often the process they use to get business at the government level is at best flawed at worst corrupt. Most of these contractors through regulation, contracting rules, and laws become monopolies because of the high cost of entry and cumbersome processes to become a legitimate government contractor.

The people that get rich on our backs are the “rich” that I have little respect for. They are leveraging the political system and manipulating “markets” and ultimately bilking we the taxpayer. The bottom line is that the rich in a free market are different from the rich in a monopolized government “market”.

But even if we took all the wealth from every “rich” person in the country it is not enough to support a welfare state that seems to be the path of this administration. Instead of pulling ourselves up by the boot straps the message today is that we are entitled just because we are Americans to the wealth of others. That is immoral and a cancer in our country.

We need to celebrate private sector entrepreneurs and reform the government contracting process. We are being bilked for billions of dollars by very savvy private sector executives. As the federal sector continues to grow so will the amount of corruption in the private sector trying to secure the tax dollars associated with this growth. It is unsustainable to expect private sector entrepreneurs to support the corruption and waste of this federal scheme of the fox guarding the hen house.

In my past I managed a government contract at the local municipal level. I was always cognizant of what I spent but my equals in the public sector had a saying they often used between each other when they were considering a spending initiative and it speaks for itself; “it’s not your money you know!” The sad thing is it is our money and we are broke…