Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Obama, Hillary, McCain and the Reverend…

We should be ashamed of ourselves. How has the political process become what it is today? We have an anti -American preacher spewing hatred and doing his best to set US race relations back decades as the mentor of one presidential candidate. That candidate Obama, refuses to wear an American flag lapel pin, refuses to put his hand over his heart during the pledge, has questionable relationships with radical terrorists, is the most left leaning radical in the Senate, and he is leading in the Democratic Primary.

We have another democrat; Hillary that believes only the government has the answers to a successful life. She believes our government deserves more responsibility for your healthcare, finances, can run big business better than big business, and wants to crush competition with regulation. Meanwhile our government has screwed up healthcare for veterans, is bankrupting Social Security, has ruined the public school system, and she wants us to believe we need to give more responsibility to government? She can only be defined as insane.

John McCain has given wonderful service to our country in the military. But that’s where we part company. He has lived his entire after military life at the trough of government, mostly in the senate. He needs to retire; now. He believes the government should limit our free speech, our borders should be open to let in any terrorist that chooses to enter, he is an admitted economic illiterate, and his only saving grace for conservatives is he is not Obama or Hillary.

These are the best candidates the two party system could produce? Something is broken. I think it was the late William F Buckley that said it best; I would rather choose my president from the first 100 names in the phone book than to vote for this crop of crap. (I am paraphrasing if you hadn’t noticed. Mr. Buckley was slightly more eloquent).

I can’t believe the “choices” we have in this presidential election. It is truly embarrassing… When will we start seeing that the Democrats and Republicans have one mission; to maintain power? Not for you and me but them. Just a thought…

Friday, April 25, 2008

Liberal’s are the Racists...

The liberal view of Black Americans is that Black people cannot get ahead without the assistance of government programs and liberal pity. This view is not only racist but elitist as well. Liberals are the ultimate elitist’s. They know what is best for everybody. That is why liberals support regimes like the current thugs in China, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, and Iran. People often wonder where the outrage is regarding the policies in these countries as opposed the liberal’s constant criticism of US policy, but you see, the people in these countries “need” these dictators’s to “lead” the people to “fairness” and social policies fit for all. That is how liberal’s think.

It is why they can’t answer the question; is Iraq better off without Sadam Hussein? Conservatives without hesitation say yes. Liberals always qualify their answer with some gobble de goop about how they had more electricity before he was removed. As if that is a reason to keep the butcher in power suppressing the freedom of the individual.

If Obama is nominated to the general election, watch for the cry that all Republican’s are racists when the campaign kicks into high gear. Obama is a radical fringe candidate, bad for American business, culture, and race relations. He is bitter, unqualified, and out of touch with the heart and soul of America. He happens to be Black. Watch for the race card from every liberal in the media. (Which describes most in the media)

It will not matter that the criticism of Obama is factual; it will be portrayed as an attack on his race. Liberals will be obsessed with race, and unfortunately John McCain has taken the bait. He has criticized the North Carolina GOP ad that addresses Obama’s relationship with his radical preacher. It is not out of bounds to let people know what Obama truly believes and who he associates with. It is not because he is black it is because he is radical.

So who are the racists? The conservatives focused on the facts? Or the liberals focused on his race? You decide.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When Will Our Politicians Finally Stand Up For America?

When they are forced to is the answer. Unfortunately, Democrats and Republicans alike are not standing up for America’s long term interests; they are protecting short term and current interests of self serving groups and corporate entities.

This administration and congress refuses to assess what has happened under our so called “free” trade policies. Manufacturing goods has been outsourced to wherever the labor is cheaper, no matter what the impact on America or Americans. Don’t get me wrong, I am a free trade advocate but only when it is fair, and has no national security implications. Outsourcing our military manufacturing to China for example is national suicide in my opinion. Relying on foreign entities for food supplies and energy resources is national suicide in my opinion. Our entire set of trade policies need to be reevaluated to determine the impact they are having on America’s future viability and existence before extending them into the future.

I am unabashedly an American advocate and patriot. I am a nationalist first. I will never accept any “global” agreements that attempt to undermine American sovereignty or our constitution. I am proud of what we do as a nation on the world stage, and I pity those that believe we are anything but a moral nation at our core. I believe the American culture is the best hope for the future of our world. I do not believe we need to force our culture on anyone but we damn well need to protect, honor, and fight for all that is American. We need to fight for our constitution, our citizens, our borders, our language, our religious foundation, our capitalist economic system, and our nation’s future.

It is time to be proud again and that starts by electing representatives that are unabashedly proud of America. We don’t need apologists, guilt ridden elitists; Harvard educated nim wits, or career bureaucrats running America. We need you and me. The people that make this country work. The people that have a moral compass and understand our true role in the world. We can teach the world to fish but we need to take back the pond. So get involved, get connected, and start engaging in the political process. For America’s future. Just a thought…

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The political shell game is about to end…

Hillary recently proposed adding some huge number of police to the streets of America, similar to the proposal her husband used back in the 90’s. This is typical democratic thinking; treat the symptom not the cause.

The democrats continually undermine, the family, religious people, they encourage open borders that allow criminals from Mexico to pour into our cities, they want kids to be able to sue their parents for infringing on their “civil rights”, and at every chance they do their best to end the concept of personal responsibility.

So I ask this simple question; is it more cops we need, or fewer democrats (and many republicans) in congress undermining American values?

The answer is simple for me. The current politicians create the problems and then they promise to ride to the rescue to solve the same problems they created. It’s a political shell game that has been working for them for too many years but it is about to end. At least here in district 5 Colorado. Stay tuned…

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Going Nuts?

Sometimes when you read the headlines you get the feeling the world is going nuts! I check the Drudge Report in the morning to see what the topics of the day will be for talk radio. If you don’t follow every day you may not know that most news stories are generated by Drudge and what he puts on his website. And no matter what people say, the website is not bias. The stories are equally disturbing whether you are a conservative or liberal.

Whether it’s something you read that is happening around the world, or on the local street corner, the stories give you an impression of a movie, building up the chaos until finally there is a breaking point. It feels like we are at a breaking point. The middle east is a mess, China is a thug, the US is going broke, Russia is trying to go backwards toward communism, Mexico continues to export its poverty to us, as teenagers brutally beat each other up, and politicians do what they do; behave badly.

But in my personal circle of friends and family I see a different world. It is a world of people that care for the US, each other, and the world. They behave as humans should. They are productive and giving in their daily lives. They go to work, church, and volunteer. They make me proud to be associated with them.

My gut tells me this is a more realistic representation of the world. My gut tells me that the news on Drudge as a percentage of reality is small but it doesn’t make it any less disturbing. So I guess my thought is to continue to live they way we do, influence what we can, and ignore the news as much as possible. The world may seem like it is going nuts but for now, we are not. Let’s do our best to keep it that way. Just a thought…

Monday, April 7, 2008

Three Children and You’re a Show Off?

This Washington Post article talks about the “stigma” associated with having more than 2 children. It discusses the absolute parental obsession with “stuff”. I really like the writer’s final conclusion but what really struck me was how off the mark we have gone when it comes to parenting and the family.

Family is about love and sharing each other with each other. We go through life together, create memories, laugh, cry, and fulfill each other’s spirits along the way. It is ultimately not about any of the stuff, even though a good education, and the occasional piano lesson is OK. We need to get back to some basics here. Let’s reduce the “stuff” and increase the love and the number of children we have because we want them to fill our houses with a sense of home.

Big families are not about being surrounded by stuff. Big families are about being surrounded by love. Just a thought…

Friday, April 4, 2008

Absolut Boycott; Now…

Whoever came up with this ad campaign has made a very strategic mistake. If the strategy was to sell more Vodka in Mexico the ad will work but if the ad campaign was expected to sell more vodka overall; it failed. I don’t drink vodka but I will remind everyone that does, not to drink Absolut.

The map that is depicted in the ad shows the states of California, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona, as part of Mexico. The ad is an effort to bring “pride” to Mexico. That is a lofty goal because if you look at what Mexico’s greatest exports are, drugs, illegal labor, and poverty; creating a sense of pride will take more than a Vodka ad. Americans are very sensitive to the radicals that believe the Southwest is Mexico’s, and this ad fuels those fears and unlocks pent up emotions.

They have under estimated how powerful Americans are when they unite around a cause. We will fight to the death for our country. With the sensitivity to the illegal immigration debate, this ad was a very poor choice. Just a thought…

What Martin Luther King Would Say…

Dr. King was senselessly murdered 40 years ago today. I wonder what the Reverend King would think if he could see what has happened to race relations today. I think he would be disappointed. His greatest disappointment would be how reliant the Black community’s “success” has been tied to government programs. His dream was a colorblind and equal opportunity society. He would be disappointed in the way, Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, and their ilk have used race to keep them wealthy, and the larger community dependent. Dr. King’s message was directed toward a White America that needed to change and embrace Black Americans. If he came back to see today’s race relations, he would find most supporters of his original message would be conservative White folks. Something to think about…

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Big Oil" being grilled by Congress…

Representative Ed Markey, congressman from Massachusetts is one of the members of a panel questioning the profits of “big oil”. My question is; what credentials does Ed Markey have in this arena, especially in light that he still lives with his mother? That’s right; Ed Markey is a bachelor that lives with his mom. No kidding. He has zilch experience in business, and he lives with his mother. This is the “quality” of representative we are sending to congress.

I propose we change the qualifications needed to be a congressman to include at least 10 years experience in the private sector. Outside a law firm would be preferred. Experience like running a bakery, sub shop, manufacturing plant, being a nurse, doctor, trash man, starting a company from scratch, running a McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, working on an assembly line, driving a truck, mowing a lawn, building homes, heck living on your own for a few years will do at this point.

Markey is a great example of why companies move offshore. Here he is grilling them on their profits which are about 8.5 cents per share after reinvesting billions into renewable and new resources. We are talking volume here and with little mention of the 15% in taxes per gallon that goes into the Federal coffers. Or the cost of environmental regulations. You here no discussion about reducing the taxes on a gallon of gas to give the consumer some relief??? Or the amount of money that investors holding 401K’s, some of it in “big oil”, reaping the rewards towards their retirement??? Where’s the love? Or the new scam of “carbon credits” being sold by Al Gore and the likes, to unsuspecting consumers. Talk about a scam that needs congressional oversight!

But again we are controlled by emotion not logic and analysis. But that’s what you get when you elect someone that still lives in his mom’s house instead of his own. It is an abuse of our House; Congress. Just a thought…