Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Poor Poor Hillary Clinton; Those Bad Boys…

The democratic field last night took shots at the only female in the crowd, and some are saying it wasn’t fair. I thought she was the strongest woman, smartest woman, and the right woman to lead the nation? This is little league compared to what she would be faced with if, God forbid, she made it to the White House.

The most telling thing about Hillary in last night’s debate was she has no core values to speak of, beyond an obsession with power. Don’t get me wrong, she will try her best to socialize this country and undermine our founding principles the best she can, but she knows she would be voted out after one term if she crosses a line; for now. I shudder to think of her government first and always principals being applied in small increments until one day we wake up and the America we know and love is gone.

So as the “boys” in the democratic party ask her the difficult questions like; do you support driver’s licenses for illegal’s, and she can’t say yes or no, we have the opportunity to understand that another Clinton in the White House is a really bad thing for this nation. I would be more comfortable with picking a president out of the phone book than have Hillary as our president.

I am hoping these questions about Hillary’s “experience”, her desire to socialize our healthcare, take control of how we raise our families, and her inability to answer a question directly, will sink into the voter's mind and give them pause at the ballot box. I don’t expect the democrats voting in the primaries will mind her complete dichotomy from the nation as a whole, but I really hope the general electorate catches on before it is too late. Just a thought…

Monday, October 29, 2007

Governor Spitzer; Do You Think We're Stupid?

Is it too much to ask citizens of this country to have a valid driver’s license? How did it get to the point that needing an ID to operate a vehicle or to vote is an infringement on civil liberties? It defies logic to me. This issue has come to a head in NY where the Governor wants the people in the state of NY and this country illegally, to have the same ID citizens have. Make sense? Of course not, but you have to ask; what is the true motive here?

Is it really to make our roads safer as the Governor suggests? Or is it a more sinister motive of buying votes and creating this “New World Order” that the elites in our country want to move toward? Fortunately the plan has not survived because if it did, New Yorker’s would no longer be able to use their driver’s license as legitimate ID outside of NY. The airlines would have to request a passport or other type of legitimate ID because under the original plan, illegal’s would have the same ID as law abiding citizens.

Now there will be 3 levels of driver’s licenses available in NY, one “super secure” for legitimate citizens, a second tier for “not so super secure”, and one for illegal’s. That’s much simpler than one license for citizen’s period. Leave it to the government to make the process more efficient and simplified. It is programs like this where I wonder; why we don’t have the government running everything we need, like healthcare? It would be so much more efficient to have bureaucrats instead of business people running everything. Don’t you agree?

The good thing here is that illegal’s will not come forward anyway because now you have basically set up a program to identify those illegally living in NY. For example; a cop pulls over a person for speeding and asks for their license. They provide the one stamped with the big ILLEGAL CITIZEN sticker on it and the officer says, come with me. He puts them on a bus back to their country and we have one less illegal in NY and our country. Actually this would be a good idea if the illegal’s were as stupid as the Governor of NY thinks we are! Just a thought…

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Send Congress Home; Often...

I was away on business last week so I apologize for the lack of posting to the Blog. Had a chance to see family while there which is always a blessing!

So congress wants to shorten their time in Washington DC and spend more time in their districts? Bravo is what I say. When congress people are in their districts they are hearing from the people. When congress is in DC, they are hearing from the lobbyists. When they are in DC they reach for our wallets. When they are in their districts our wallets are safe(r).

But what stands out to me in this article is the absolute lack of any ability for democrats and republicans to work together. The republicans heckle the dems for wanting shorter hours, and the dems say they had to work so hard because of the republican’s failures. They snip and snipe at each other over something that should be applauded by both sides. I want congress in session for very limited amounts of time, and in their districts for the rest of it. I want them holding meetings in their districts and hearing from the people. I don’t want them at political party functions; I want them at people functions.

I know it may be too much to ask but I will; can we at least agree that we can be confident that when congress is in their districts, the country is a safer place? I don’t know about you, but I think there is great advice in the proverb; keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. Just a thought…

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hillary’s Thugs in Chinatown…

Hillary Clinton has raised $380,000 from the poorest neighborhoods in Chinatown NY. Make sense? It does if you know how this scam works. Shady characters in these immigrant neighborhoods force illegal residents and others through bullying and extortion to donate money because they know most will not go to the police. Sometimes like Hsu, they donate money in the names of others to get around campaign finance law limits.

This is what our next president (God forbid) considers acceptable behavior? Why is it wherever the Clinton’s go, trouble follows? How come Hillary has had to give back the most campaign donations of any candidate? How come she gets away with saying, oops, even when she is considered by so many (fools) to be the smartest woman in America?

We need to pay attention to all of the details of Hillary’s campaign. There is a lot of unethical behavior going on right under her nose. We must help her weed out all of these marginal practices in her campaign like accepting money that is extorted from vulnerable individuals. She is very busy so we must help her, otherwise she may get herself in trouble. It’s the least we can do…

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Politicians Butt Out of Our Business Until You Fix Yours!

We often here our politicians pontificating about how business should operate. They often say there should be quality control initiatives in place to reduce defects. They talk about how business disregards the consumer’s health or safety, and we know they are always telling us how we need to protect the children! So they pass laws to impose their will on business.

They impose wage laws to tell businesses what they should pay, who they should hire, what type of healthcare they should provide to their employees. They consistently are telling business how they should operate and wonder why they can’t compete in the global market place.

If you look at the makeup of our political class and the time they have spent actually running or working in a business, a question comes to mind; what makes them experts in business? Actually, if you take a look at the government, which you could argue is their “business”, you think to yourself; these folks have chutzpa!

Let’s review their “business” operations:

• Social Security is going bankrupt because it is structured as a ponzi scheme.
Any private sector business operating this way would be closed for racketeering.
• Social Services have destroyed the family by focusing their benefits
toward single mothers with children. Their original mission was to help people
that needed temporary assistance while they trained for a new job. The goal was
a helping hand in a time of need. It was not intended to be a way of life. Based
on the “temporary” nature they were set up for, they have failed. Dependency
grows and no one challenges their “operations”??
• Education standards set
by the Federal Government, if followed, would dumb this country down to the
point we couldn’t get a job washing dishes. Lowest common denominator is their
mantra. Public schools in inner cities support the cycle of poverty. Instead of
allowing local communities to handle education, they have built a bureaucracy
that sucks the life out of local education; grade F.
• Healthcare programs
like Medicare and Medicaid are rampant with fraud and inefficiency and they are
lobbying to take over the private sector, Huh! Veterans hospitals are an example
of government’s “expertise” in healthcare; enough said. Well, one more word,
given the choice after suffering a heart attack, do you choose a private
hospital in the US or a government run one in the UK or Canada?
• The
Federal Budget (stop laughing they do have something they call a budget) never
seems to have to be balanced, why is that? I am a Director in a business and let
me tell you, you don’t get away with running deficits like the government and
keep your job.

So you tell me, why would we allow the people that are responsible for running the government like this, to tell business what to do? Do we want to keep sending these people back to Washington with a record like this? The nerve of these politicians! With a record like this I would not be bringing attention to myself but maybe that is how they cover it up. The idea that they think they should be telling business how to operate is appalling. When will we as voters learn? When will we implement term limits? Let’s throw these incompetent people out and start improving the government just like they expect us to improve our businesses. Just a thought…

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Doug Lamborn; Pursuing National Monument Status for Pike’s Peak?

OK, as a resident of the 5th Congressional District, of which Doug Lamborn is my representative in congress, I have to wonder, is the issue of making Pike’s Peak a national monument a reflection of Doug Lamborn’s congressional priorities? I look at the pending resolutions in the house against Turkey and its implications for our troops, I look at the illegal immigration problem, housing and credit crunch, I think Social Security (first baby boomer just retired), the assault on our healthcare system by the democrats , and I think; National Monument?

I know he has to multi task and take on the important issues along with the not so important issues, but did Rep Lamborn actually ask anyone if this was an issue or priority? I don’t get it. If I was the representative from the 5th district with 5 military bases and thousands of troops deployed, I would be parked outside Speaker Pelosi’s door arguing the impact of the Turkey resolution, building coalitions of republicans and democrats that have military families in their districts, and do whatever it took to kill the resolution. I would be fighting the Social Security, Healthcare, and National Security issues every day I was in Washington. I assume Doug is? I don’t know, he’s pretty stealth to me, and I look for news of our representatives time in Washington, and I don’t know what he’s doing? Do you?

OK, I admit, I hope to run against him in 2008, but he is a sitting duck in my opinion based on perception. Maybe he has a list of things he has accomplished that I don’t know about but if a National Monument is what he thinks will impress voters, he is mistaken. National Monument status brings along with it Federal “strings”, and jeopardizes one of our greatest tourist attractions, and one of the sources of our water supply; this is a status we can do without.

We need less government intervention not more which is what I thought Doug Lamborn touted in his election campaign. We are in a battle between conflicting approaches to government; democrats that believe government should be involved cradle to grave, and republicans (conservatives) that believe we need to provide a framework for individual people and business to flourish. So I ask, why does Doug want to encourage the Federal Government to start dabbling in the heart of our community? I am confused. I admit that’s not hard to do because I am just common Polk, so maybe someone can enlighten me. Doug has been in government for a long time. Maybe too long, if this is what he thinks is important to pursue. Just a thought…

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Have we become idiots?

Link to article

"Mom and Dad" as well as "husband and wife" effectively have been banned from California schools under a bill signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who with his signature also ordered public schools to allow boys to use girls
restrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa, if they choose.

"We are shocked and appalled that the governor has blatantly attacked traditional family values in California," said Karen England, executive director of
Capitol Resource Institute.

"With this decision, Gov. Schwarzenegger has told parents that their values are irrelevant. Many parents will have no choice but to pull their children out of the public schools that have now become sexualized indoctrination centers."

"Arnold Schwarzenegger has delivered young children into the hands of those who will introduce them to alternative sexual lifestyles," said Randy Thomasson, president of
Campaign for Children and Families, which worked to defeat
the plans. "This means children as young as five years old will be mentally molested in school classrooms.

This is an excerpt from an article and it speaks for itself. Are we idiots?

I listed some recent headlines and I look at these and think; are we idiots? Some of these are silly but some are dead serious. But what does it say about us as a people? I argue; we are idiots!

School wants contraceptives for 11 year olds; no parental

(Who thinks this is a good idea and is in the best
interest of our youth and overall society?)

San Francisco debates opening a shooting gallery for drug
(Just what drug users need, a sanctioned place to shoot up. Are
we idiots?)

Gore's prize: A fraud on the people...
POLL: 24% Consider Ex-Veep Global Warming Expert... (First;
Global Warming and the peace prize? Second; Gore is an expert? I didn’t know he went to school to be a meteorologist with a degree in climate change? Self proclaimed expert maybe. Are we idiots?)

China's export boom continues to accelerate despite wave of product recalls... (Is cheap all we care about anymore? They enslave their people and children to produce our consumer goods, force birth control on their citizens, but at least the goods are cheap. Are we idiots?)

UPDATE: Sen. Kennedy 'Eating Ice Cream' After Surgery on Blocked
(He is an idiot; no question here)

UPDATE: Democratic staffers advised aides to get vaccinated for hepatitis beforeNASCAR... (We keep electing elitist democrats who think the rest of us need to be vaccinated against. Are we idiots?)

MAN WALKS AROUND NYC -- NUDE! (Do we really care?)

Researcher: Humans will wed robots... (Maybe the nude guy is
looking for a mate? I have heard of men getting over friendly with blow up things but robots?)

RICE SAYS IRAN 'LYING' ABOUT NUKES... (Deadly serious issue with the leader of this nation dedicated to our slaughter and destruction and we let him into this country without arresting him and putting him on trial. Are we idiots?)

Clinton Says She'd Negotiate With Iran... (The thought that she
is a viable presidential candidate is proof positive; we are idiots!)

Friday, October 12, 2007

President Bush; why?

I have been trying my best to find some positive remaining characteristics of George Bush but he makes it harder every day. I am down to the war on terror. As far as illegal immigration goes, he has never been given a chance here. I know fundamentally, as do millions of Americans, that illegal immigration is bad for America in so many ways. I basically left the Republican Party because of the lack of judgment and conviction the party leaders have for our country today. But I was trying to be respectful and objective when discussing the president.

But any glimmer of respect I had is gone. Don’t expect me to become a Bush basher, that will most likely not happen, but I am outraged at his attempt to overturn a death sentence of an illegal alien that brutally raped and murdered two teenage Texas girls (American citizens). His excuse is he does not want to “strain” Mexican American relations. News to George Bush, they are strained already. We don’t want Mexico’s criminals, poor, undereducated, or skilled without going through the proper channels first. We are sick and tired of being called names for putting America first in our foreign policy strategy. I don’t give a rat_ a_ _ about what Mexico or any other country thinks of us. We know who we are and we are good!

Ask the parents of the teenage girls that were murdered by this illegal about the importance of our foreign policy with Mexico. I bet they would help build the wall to keep this scum out. I am and will never be for a “New World Order”. It doesn’t work and it never will unless it is done through force. And don’t be surprised when we keep catching them using these stealth tactics that they may end up turning to force, most likely political force. But be protective of your rights from speech to who we can elect.

Wake up folks. It is not just George Bush, it is the democrat and republican elites that want to undermine the US. Wake up and start kicking these bums out. They think they know better than us. They believe these murders, and believe me there are hundreds if not thousands tied to illegals, are just a price to pay to reach their vision of breaking down our national identity.

George Bush; shame on you for undermining this great nation, and shame on everyone that can’t see the threat of open borders to our future survival. We can’t allow the coddling of cold blooded killers in the name of improved foreign policy. This makes me sick…

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hillary’s giving away your money; again…

It is difficult to keep up with Hillary’s changing proposals and which tax increases she likes the most. Now Hillary has taken the $5000 “baby bond” off the table, presumably because people thought it was a really stupid idea to pay people for having babies. Now she's proposing tax breaks for 401K programs because she doesn’t think we are saving enough. I guess if Hillary doesn’t think we’re doing enough of something she will make sure we do more of that something, one way or the other.

She doesn’t think we go to the doctor enough so she will force people to go, otherwise they risk losing their health insurance. She doesn’t think we are saving enough so now she is going to take money from those that do save and transfer $1000 of their hard earned tax dollars and give them to the people she thinks should save more. All I can say is thank God for Hillary. I would not know what to do in my life if she wasn’t watching out for me; and you.

Pandering is her specialty and she knows best, or does she? Yes baby bond, no baby bond, yes healthcare, no healthcare, yes savings plan, no savings plan. I can’t keep up with the pandering. All I do know is if she is trying to help me, I am running for the hills. She knows nothing about, healthcare, finance, or anything that relates to business or the way we take care of OUR families. When is the last time she wasn’t making her living off the tax payer? That’s right; she knows nothing about the way we live and it shows in her proposals.

She is about power over you. She is Queen Hillary. She knows best. We can’t survive without her. Run for the hills…

Monday, October 8, 2007

Hillary; this is really bad judgment…

Hillary Clinton has hired on Sandy Berger, former National Security Advisor to Bill Clinton, who was convicted and sentenced for stealing highly classified terrorism documents prior to the 9/11 commission hearings, back in 2003, from the National Archives. He received a $50,000 fine and two years probation. It also included a 2 year loss of his security clearance. A mere slap on the hand if you think about what would have happened to someone else who was caught doing the same thing. Most people in the know have speculated he destroyed documents that would have cast the Clinton administration’s terrorism “policy” in a bad light. Make no mistake, the Clinton’s will do anything to protect their legacy and maintain power.

I have no evidence but here is my speculation about why they hired Berger; it is a political payoff. He did the deed on behalf of the Clinton’s and this is his payback for being a loyal “soldier” in the Clinton “army”. Why else would Hillary Clinton risk the political fallout this will stir up? Why else would she risk being tied to a criminal like Berger? Hillary is smarter than that, politically. The story will die for now, but in the general election this is exactly the type of issue you want to avoid if you are Hillary. This will remind most American’s of the shenanigans that went on in the 90’s, and will remind most of us how much the Clinton’s undermined the prestige and integrity of the office of the president.

This is not the last we will hear about this but it will part of an overload of information that most voters will turn off. That has always been the biggest challenge to defeating the Clinton’s. People get so tired of the voluminous issues of moral bankruptcy and criminal activity. Most people just can’t believe it or all the issues begin to meld into one. They also write it off as political posturing by her opponents and stop paying attention. The sad truth is most of it is the truth. Just a thought…

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It’s Not About Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage: This is about you…

Make no mistake, the assault and outright lies about what Rush Limbaugh supposedly said about the troops is outrageous! But make no mistake, this is an attempt to crush free speech through character assassinations and lies. The people that read this blog know this, but for all of the others that stumble upon us here, you need to know, this assault is on you! Rush Limbaugh is one of the strongest supporters of our troops and an outright defender of their mission, purpose, and individual courage. Anyone that listens to Rush knows this well, but what is really eye opening is how these politicians like Harry Reid are willing to lie bold face, with a straight face. This is scary, not surprising, but scary.

When you listen to the distortions and lies, it reveals the character of the politicians making these claims. They should be brought up on libel or at least have the guts to go on Rush’s show and face him to discuss the comments that have been distorted and taken totally out of context. But guess what, Harry Reid is a coward, liar, and despicable human being. I shiver when I watch the distortion and wonder, what else are they lying about? What else are they willing to say to convince you to support their position? How do you trust your government when there are people like Reid running it?

Harry Reid was the politician that surrendered for our troops in his infamous speech about how we “lost in Iraq”. He doesn’t know our troops, care about them, want them to succeed, he only wants them defeated and he has the nerve to question Rush? He is despicable and a disgrace to this nation. He should be run out of town and disgraced for these distortions and lies. But don’t count on the media to pursue the real story, they hate Rush as well. Rush represents you, and your freedom to speak, and they hate that. They hate you, through him. Yes they do…

Michael Savage is being harassed by the San Francisco political community because he tells it like it is. Michael is a bit more hard edge, but when you listen to him, on most topics he speaks for millions of Americans when he says we need to; protect our borders, language, and culture. I like him because I am a native New Yorker as he is, and I appreciate his demeanor and lack of control at times. He is one of the most under estimated talk show hosts on the circuit today.

What we need to be very careful of here is the use of these lies to impose “gag” orders or the “Fairness Doctrine” on these advocates of our rights. First it’s Rush and Michael, then it’s Shawn Hannity and Laura Ingraham, then it’s Michael Medved and Mike Gallagher, then it’s Hugh Hewitt and then it is you! Make no mistake, this about silencing you; period.