Monday, February 27, 2012

Let’s Have a Real Debate About Faith…

If we are going to hammer the GOP candidates on faith, let’s also discuss the President’s propensity to glaze over the disturbing and violent aspects of the “Religion of Peace.” The president is apologizing for the burning of some religious books that were riddled with enemy communications, possibly communications that threaten the lives of our soldiers. In response to this act of common sense and security, we get the usual cry from the followers of “the religion of peace.” Two American soldiers are dead and still this president apologizes; outrageous.

This country was founded on Judeo Christian values and is the foundation of our civil society. We separate our religious institutions to protect them from government intrusion and meddling as we have seen recently in the mandate of religious institutions to do things that go against their conscience. Our country is the success it has been because the people of this country have always believed their rights come from a higher power than some King, dictator, or preacher. We are free because we have been endowed by our creator. We don’t follow our creator to dominate the world and kill all that do not adhere, we simply hold our government accountable through constitutional government and practice our religious beliefs in the manor we see fit. Our religious beliefs enhance our civil society by instilling virtuous values; we do not use religious beliefs to try to dominate the world.

The GOP candidates have every right to believe what they want in their religious lives, and they understand the constitutional restraints against imposing those views on civil society. But to separate living a moral life and the character we will see in the office of president are not realistic. We see a current president that has little moral grounding, and the results that he has given us in our civil society. He promotes partial birth abortion which almost every American cringes at. He supports the “religion of peace” even when they kill our soldiers over a book, fathers continue to kill their daughters and cite Sharia law, and the lunatics in the “religion of peace” are threatening to wipe every Christian off of the face of the earth simply because we are Christians. This president apologizes to them for us? Why? What have we done except try to bring some of these countries into the current century? Maybe that is our mistake that we should just allow them to treat each other the way they have since time began. Maybe we just move on.

The news media believes that by “exposing” the GOP candidate’s religious beliefs they will scare the voters back to Obama. But what are Obama’s religious beliefs? Let’s have a debate about the tenets of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. What does this president believe the role of religion is in our society? Does he believe in our founding as a Christian nation? Which founder cited Islam as a bases of our founding?

Is Islam a “religion of peace” or a violent movement to take over and dominate the world to comply with Sharia law? Is it really a religious movement or is it a political movement that needs to be treated as such? Is Christianity a danger to our civil society? If our candidates believe strongly in the 10 commandments, does that make them dangerous or desirable? Do the Jewish people pose such a threat to the world that they deserve the treatment they receive from the “religion of peace” followers?

I think we should have an open debate about the atrocities we are increasingly seeing throughout the world against the Jewish and Christian faiths. We should look very closely at how our next president perceives these threats and their feelings about the increase of Sharia law in this country. Let’s have the debate but a real debate that doesn’t gloss over the true threat of people following a “religion of peace” to the values we were built upon. Bring it on…

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Incompetence Tax

It is happening all around us every day prices rising. Whether its gas, food, or the price of a product like a car, we pay a tax on incompetence. It happens mostly in the government but you can trace the price of a car to factors in the private management of companies as well. For example, when executive management agrees to ridiculous union wages and then approves ridiculous bonuses rewarding their incompetence, we pay a higher price for a car.

If you have been to the grocery store lately, it seems no matter how many items you purchase you can’t get out of the store for under $100. A full shop can set you back a couple of hundred bucks. And it isn’t going to stop. Transporting food to the store has sky rocketed due to fuel prices. Read my previous post on the cost of the incompetence tax being placed on gas.

The fools in our government, many of them have never run a business; continue to grow government at a pace we can’t sustain. Their actions and inactions are placing additional costs on us every day. By not allowing oil and gas companies to drill on federal land is adding to the cost of gas. Allowing the Keystone pipeline would also have an impact on prices in the future at the same time adding jobs now.  All of the loans being handed to “green” energy simply to pay off donors have all gone bankrupt or are in the process of going bankrupt. They are costing us a fortune in taxes. By allowing the OPEC cartels to continue to drive our markets is inexcusable. We need to reform the markets for energy to limit the ability for the Middle East to monopolize the markets.

The increasing government regulations in the healthcare and insurance markets are driving the costs to where most families are going to start going without insurance. Many already have. Total government incompetence.

In this election cycle we need to vet every candidate and decide on whether or not they pass the competence test. We need business people and term limits. We also need to limit the time representatives stay in Washington. We need a total sweep of the congress and the White House to eliminate the tax we have endured due to total incompetence!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shut Up or Pay Up

If you want a say in the debate over the largesse of the Federal Government then you have to pay to play. Why should the takers be able to vote to take more from the makers? The makers need to be thanked for all they give to keep this country’s coffers afloat.

How can we allow people to vote on policies that ultimately line their pockets? Should we make it a requirement to pay taxes to vote? I don’t want to hear how that discriminates against any given group. Fifty percent, that’s right FIFTY percent of people pay no federal income tax and they get to vote to make the rest of us pay more. I for one am done!

Only half of U.S. citizens pay federal income tax, according to the latest available figures.

In 2009, just 50.5 per cent of Americans paid any income tax to the federal government - the lowest proportion in at least half a century.

And the number of people outside the tax system could have climbed even higher since as the economic downturn has continued to bite and unemployment has remained high.

The decreasing number of taxpayers threatens government revenues, and could also cause resentment from those who believe that welfare recipients are taking money out of the economy.

151.7million U.S. citizens paid no federal income tax in 2009, according to figures compiled by the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank.

In 1984, the middle of the Reagan era, 85 per cent of Americans paid federal income tax, meaning just 34.8million people did not.

Cause resentment? You think? Why not tie federal voting rights to paying taxes? Either way the system is going to collapse because we working stiffs are starting to look at ways we too can get away with paying nothing to the federal government. Maybe we cut back in hours. Maybe we sell everything and live off of our savings until it runs out and then jump on the gravy train with everyone else.

The only thing stopping us from stopping work is we are engrained with work ethic. We take nothing and give everything. We are the makers, the volunteers that keep the world going, we are the creators, and we are the hopelessly optimistic patriots believing it has to change. But will it ever change?

I challenge you to look around and ask yourself: what has happened to America? Oblivious to the fact that their way of life is being stolen by rat politicians. At least half of them aren’t paying for it…

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thousands of Your Dollars Wasted on Bad Energy Policy

When President Obama took office the price of gas was $1.86 a gallon. Today it averages about $3.50. If you are “lucky” enough to live in California it is over $4.00 a gallon. Gas goes up and down but why? And more importantly what does it mean to the economy and your family?

A few simple math equations to make the point:

To fill a 20 gallon tank:

At $1.86 it costs $37.20

At $3.50 it costs $70.00

The difference of $32.80 every time you fill up your tank.

Now let’s say you have to fill up once a week. The average commuter may have to do it more and depending on the car you drive it may vary as well.

At $1.86 the cost per year is $1934.40 a year to keep your gas tank full once a week.

At $3.50 the cost per year $3640.00 a year to keep your gas tank full once a week.

A difference of $1705.60 a year for a once a week fill up for one car.

Now the average family has at least 2 cars and I would expect for some it is 3 and it may even be that one of the cars get filled up more than once for those commuters in bigger cities. But I want this to be as simple as possible so by multiplying by 2 the average family has had to pay $3411.20 additional since the policies of Obama have taken hold.

What could you do with an additional $3411.20? Make a mortgage or rent payment or two? Pay for a vacation, food, clothing, and kid’s sports? Maybe put it in a savings or 401K plan? There are many things people could use this money for in their lives.

This President in his 2008 campaign said he wanted gas prices to go higher “gradually” to make “green” energy more attractive. More attractive at what cost? Why would we pay more for green energy when we have such an abundance of fossil fuels? Why are we paying our hard earned income to the Middle Eastern countries because we are unwilling to show the market we are willing to produce more oil?

This additional cost is killing the economy and making life more difficult for families. Is that what we hired this president to do for us? Solar and wind power will not power our cars anytime in the near future. These investments should be made not at the expense of rising gas prices but as a sound long term strategy to supplement oil energy.

This president does not care about the $3411.20 cost to the hard working American family. He has an agenda to line the pockets of his fat cat green energy pals with our tax money and in addition our higher price at the pump. You see if the Middle Eastern countries knew we were serious about harvesting our own oil they would be frightened to death. Oil is the only thing they have to offer this world. If we reduce our dependence on their oil they would have less money to feed their people. That would immediately impact the price of oil and the arrogance they show. The problem is they know this president is not willing to do what’s right for American energy policy so the prices continue to rise.

This issue alone is enough to replace him in November!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Myth of a Less Confrontational Political Past

In light of President’s Day, I started thinking about the books I have read on the founding and early presidents. The political landscape in which many of our greatest presidents accomplished the most was during great opposition. The founding days of our great nation were anything but collaborative or bi-partisan. Many a political argument ended in a duel with dead bodies. Not the collaboration so many pundits suggest we find in our political environment today.

We hear commentators say “I wish these politicians could just do what’s right for the country” almost on a daily basis. The dirty little secret is that most of them think what they are doing is good for the country. It is sad but true, that Harry Reid believes it is best that they don’t pass a budget for the political future of this country. He believes by doing so it will help more democrats get elected and that will make it easier to keep going in the direction he wants for the country. I would rather see a duel myself!

The one thing you can say about Obama is he is moving his agenda forward in spite of the critics. For those of us that believe it is the wrong direction we want him stopped. But for his supporters they are behind him 100%. Elections matter and the 2012 election will be the only way to stop this president.

I believe Washington, Jefferson, and Reagan were the greatest presidents. They all put country first and respected the Constitution. The rest, well I won’t bore you. But one thing I pray for is a prodigy of one of these three great presidents to show up in 2012. So far the field is quite disappointing!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lies and Passion

President Obama is in full campaign mode and he is passionately preaching his efforts to “fight for the middle class, bring manufacturing jobs back in the US, fairness, and the notion that everyone must pay their fair share” speaking as if he is an innocent bystander. The most concerning thing is the ease in which this president can tell a lie. And he lies with a passion that can fool the casual observer.

It is hard to beat a president that is willing to lie especially when the press doesn’t hold him accountable the same way they hold the GOP candidates in the race accountable. This president’s policies are decimating the middle class. This president’s idea of “paying their fair share” is asking the people that already pay the majority of taxes in this country to pay even more. Nearly 50% of people in this country pay no Federal tax beyond the payroll tax which is a pass through to Social Security and Medicare, and some even get money back that they never paid in. So “fair share” is anything but fair. This presidents “fair share” is actually punishing the successful for being successful and rewarding laziness and incompetence by taking those tax dollars and subsidizing failure.

This president talks about supporting manufacturing at the same time he punishes them with burdensome over regulation and subsidizes companies that he believes “deserve” subsidies like “green” companies. Even though every “green” company he has supported is either bankrupt and out of business or going out of business due to no market demand for “green” technology. This directly hurts legitimate companies that don’t get subsidies in the market. It also burdens tax payers with more debt and higher fuel prices.

The price of gas has gone up 183% during this president’s term due to his unwillingness to allow companies to build pipelines or drill for domestic oil. This hurts the middle class the most and is the highest hidden tax we face today. How is that fighting for the middle class Mr. President?

This president talks about how he “cut taxes for the middle class” with the payroll “tax cut”. It is not a tax cut - it is a temporary holiday from putting money into the Social Security system and Medicare account. It is as if you temporarily stopped having 10% taken out of your paycheck for your 401K account. You have more money in your paycheck but when you retire you have less money in your account to retire on. Somewhere along the way the money either gets put back in or you have less money to retire on or in the case of Social Security more money will need to be borrowed from the Chinese.

This president is a great campaigner loaded with passion and convincing lies. He is going to say whatever he needs to for his re-election and he will not be scrutinized by the media. It is going to take a strong GOP candidate and each of us to hold him accountable. I am worried because all of the GOP candidates are not as passionate as I want them to be. And the media is in full re-election mode for this president.

It is going to take every ounce of energy we have to win this campaign. I hope we are up to it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The China Syndrome…

The VP of China is visiting the United States this week and VP Biden couldn’t have graveled any more than he did at the White House ceremony for this Chinese visitor. It was enough to make any American puke. I don’t know about you but I am appalled at the position we are in with the Chinese government due to our insatiable desire to borrow 40 cents of every dollar the Federal Government spends. Our position with China is weak and will remain so until we balance our budget.

But the Chinese relationship is bigger than borrowing money. They cheat, lie, devalue their currency to prop up their trade position, hire child labor, steal our intellectual property, are using our money to build up their military, a military that will be a real threat to our children.

China has become a large manufacturing center in the world because our politicians refuse to lower the cost of doing business here in the US. We reward the Chinese government by allowing their unfair trade practices to undermine a truly free and competitive world market. We turn a blind eye to the human abuse and assault on freedom and liberty by China at the expense of our own citizens.

I believe in free and fair trade. I don’t believe we have free or fair trade anymore. Our government has inflicted thousands upon thousands of pages of regulations on our businesses which reduces the ability of people to start businesses. They subsidize companies like Solyndra and GM at the expense of companies that are trying to compete in the free market. And the Federal Government and politicians keep penalizing existing businesses with high tax rates that send them offshore in order to compete successfully in this unfair market.

I am sick of watching China eat our economic lunch while our politicians gravel at the feet of Chinese government officials. We are the best in the world at everything when the field of competition is level. Our politicians continue to undermine the American worker and business while allowing the corruption to continue in both China and our own federal government.

We need to level the field and take back our future by rejecting this administration in order to break the shackles these politicians have burdened us with by kowtowing to the Chinese. It is time for Americans to stand up and show the Chinese and our Federal Government what we can do when we put our minds to it! First action: throw the bums out in November…

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The 1% Crap Has to Stop!

We can envy the very rich and waste our life away or we can focus on our own lives and live a successful happy life. To envy is to under estimate our own capability and offers an excuse for failure. The 1% in this country are not stopping anyone else from being successful. If you are not successful it is because of you.

Politicians need “boogey men” and the rich are the Democrats favorite boogey man. It is a deflection from the bankrupt policies they support and have implemented over the past 3 years. The expansion of the Federal Government is what is impeding the economic success we have had prior to the Obama years.

There is no “new normal” for this economy as some economists suggest. Unless we re-elect this President there is hope again for a robust economy and the opportunity for everyone in this country that wants to be successful to be successful.

We used to use the success of rich people as an example of what is possible in our country. When did that change? It hasn’t for me but I hear it all too often how the “rich keep getting richer.” Of course they do, they know how to be successful. Just because they are getting richer does not mean someone else is getting poorer. If you are getting poorer you may want to assess what you are doing wrong.

I want a President that understands the way to make every American successful is to reduce dependency and the influence of government in people’s lives. I don’t want someone telling me the rich need to pay more. Why? How is that going to help people become successful? It will not. It may make some feel good, but not smart people…

Monday, February 13, 2012

Misplaced Faith

Why do so many Americans place faith in the Federal Government? It seems that whether it’s a person that buys a mortgage with lousy terms and loses their home, a fee on an ATM card, a recall on a car, or some tainted food product, the first response by the media and many Americans is “what is the federal government going to do about it?”

The Federal Government is the greatest source of failure in this country. There is no market holding it accountable. It is the consummate monopoly and still people put their faith in it. Look at the Post Office; it is bleeding billions of tax payer subsidies for inefficient processes and management. Look at Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, the EPA, FDA, Department of Education, all bleeding tax dollars through corrupt bureaucracies and mismanagement.

The private sector market is not perfect but it is regulated in the most effective manner known to man, the competitive process. If a private sector organization fails they are punished by losing customers and profits. Competitors come in and replace them therefore righting the wrong that was done by that organization. It happens every day, almost unconsciously as consumers make choices to buy or not buy products.

GM was bailed out by the Federal Government and everyone praises the fact that they saved the company. The argument is that if the feds didn’t bail out GM the company would not exist today. There is nothing further than the truth. The company would have simply gone into bankruptcy court, restructured all of its contracts, including the unsustainable union contracts, re-organized its car lines, eliminated the cars that only sell a few hundred a month (green cars) and come out a better more efficient company. The best thing is we the tax payer would have paid $0 in the process. It has been happening in the airline industry for years. Mis managed companies are forced by the market to become better companies or close their doors forever. That is the market process.

Some people get hurt in the process but that is why the system works so well. The winners and losers are rewarded or punished based on their ability to perform for the consumer resources they hope to attract. Because the Federal Government injected itself into the GM debacle, the company still has contracts that are weighing down their long term success and many consumers, myself included, will never buy another GM product due to their relationship with the feds. That is the market at work and unless the Federal Government buys every car company I will always choose a non- government company every time.

Every time we ask the Federal Government to do anything the cost to us is freedom. The Federal Governments most efficient process is to limit freedom. They limit our choices by interjecting regulations that keep competitors out of industries. They increase the cost of doing business which stifles new business growth and they mandate what companies must provide and what consumers must buy. And yet we keep asking the Federal Government to do more. The US Constitution was created to limit the encroachment by the Federal Government against the freedom of every individual in this country, yet we turn a blind eye to the greatest document against tyrannical government ever. Why?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Freedom’s Line in the Sand

We often make political arguments way too complex. The latest assault on religious institutions is just a symptom of the bigger problem of an unconstitutional president in the White House. He passed Obamacare for a couple of fundamental reasons; expand federal government; control the behavior of Americans; and to limit our freedom.

We need to look at every change this administration is making as an assault on every American’s liberty. We are in a fight to save this country and Obamacare is the foundation of our enemies attack. By using healthcare as a foundation to intrude in our lives, this administration positions every argument to steal our freedom as a benefit to our lives. The government now has an argument to get involved anywhere they choose based on the argument it is good for our health.

In the fight against obesity, the federal government can say since they are paying for healthcare they have a say in what we eat. In the fight against cancer, the federal government can outlaw foods, manufacturing processes, technology etc… in order to prevent cancer. In the fight to protect drivers from accidents, the federal government can outlaw any behavior in a car that distracts drivers and may cause accidents. The intentions are all noble in their mind. But where has freedom gone in the argument?

This country is built on individual liberty. If we had these asinine laws at the founding of our country we would never have survived or have been born as a nation. We are free to choose and we must accept the consequences. We can’t prevent every ill in society. We must be free to determine our lives pursuits without the intervention of faceless bureaucrats. If someone dies because they jump off a 10 story building the answer isn’t to stop building 10 story buildings. If someone dies because they have drank themselves to death, the answer isn’t to ban alcohol from everyone because of one individual.

We have allowed these liberal doo gooders’ noses under the tent of freedom and you see what we get. They can’t help themselves to continually look for ways to “help” us. NO THANK YOU! The founders knew this and it is why we have a constitution whose sole purpose is to LIMIT the federal government. The purpose was not to protect us from ourselves but to protect us from these do gooder liberals and tyrants. Often the same ilk. We don’t need a nanny watching over us. Take some damn responsibility people. They are stealing our freedom.

So I applaud the Catholic Bishops in standing up against this assault on religious liberty but it is even bigger than that. It is the essence of America we are fighting for. Liberty in all aspects of our lives not just religious liberty. We have already given up too much ground. The line in the sand has been drawn with Obamacare and it must be repealed in total. Otherwise we will be fighting against the Obamas of the world for the rest of our lives. We can’t allow this to stand. For God’s sake man do it for the children!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

If They Can’t Create a Budget - How Can They Lead?

 Creating a budget for the federal government is not only the law; it is how any organization measures their operation. The budget is a financial road map that allows management to understand where they are succeeding and failing. In the federal government it is simply a measurement of how badly they are failing at managing the operations of the government.

The democratic Senate refuses to pass a budget which indicates their interest in “fixing” the debt and deficits we face. The only way to fix our financial problems is to create a budget and stick to it. We need to reduce spending and eliminate programs and a budget is where we put our ideas to paper. The democratic Senate obviously has no ideas to reduce our debt and deficit. I am not sure they believe our financial woes are a problem, which makes the democratic Senate a problem for Americans.

Our Federal Government is driving our country to ruin. We go to work every day with our heads in the sand hoping the situation will change. But change doesn’t happen magically. It takes hard work and the ability to create a budget and sticking to it. When do we think our representatives are going to address this impending crisis? Are they waiting for a crisis to impose even more restrictive tax and regulatory policy? This will in turn make the crisis even worse which will mean drastic action will have to be taken and the Constitution be damned? Is this the plan?

What is it going to take to remove these incompetent representatives? Most Americans, 71% are not even paying attention to the presidential race. I would bet it is 90% who are not paying attention to the House and Senate races. The same number that is paying attention to the way our representatives are failing in their duties I am afraid…

Religious Liberty is a Fundamental American Right…

President Obama has again targeted the US Constitution in an effort I believe is at the heart of his “transforming America” agenda.

It is interesting to watch how a supposed constitutional law teacher approaches the constitution with such disregard. If Obamacare is not deemed unconstitutional in its mandates to force Americans to buy health insurance, we are in for a revolution. I believe we will see the first step in that revolution on Election Day 2012.

As part of the President’s healthcare bill he is mandating private religious institutions to provide contraception and abortion drugs as part of their “health plans” for employees. The argument is that there are non-religious employees and they deserve plans that include the morning after pill or condoms. It is a red herring argument. The true motivation is to undermine religious liberty.  These employees can choose to work at other organizations that provide such benefits or pay for those services themselves. They have a choice.

These private, Catholic hospitals are operated under the doctrines of religious beliefs that do not support contraception or abortion. These religious hospitals are being told they have to change, ignore their beliefs or be shut down by the government. This fight is not about abortion or contraception but a fundamental First Amendment fight. The First Amendment reads:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

The free exercise of religion is the reason people migrated to this country in the first place. Religious liberty is in our DNA as a country and this President is trying to “transform” this country by undermining this basic principle. His assault on Catholics is despicable and indicative of his feelings about our Judeo Christian values. He is disguising his argument by saying Catholic hospitals get federal money therefore need to fall under the general employment rules the same as other organizations. The problem with the argument is that the Catholic Hospitals provide a necessary service in many communities and it is the Federal Government that should be bending over backwards thanking them for the good work they do for so many non- Catholics.

This mandate to undermine Catholic doctrine could result in the closing of Catholic institutions which would be devastating in some communities. I wonder if the Federal Government would mandate Muslim institutions to serve pork on their menus?

This President is anti-Catholic, anti- Constitution, and anti-American.  He is a disgrace and needs to be rejected in November. Religious people of all faiths need to band together to maintain one of the most basic freedoms of American life; religious liberty. America is a beacon for all faiths to practice without the intrusion of government telling them what they must accept as doctrine. This President has declared war on Catholics and must be defeated. I believe he will be…

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Subsidize Behavior and You Get More of It…

Whether the behavior is good or bad, if you subsidize it with government dollars you will get more of that behavior. That is why measuring results is so important for government programs. What government programs measure results? Well, all of them actually but the results are either ignored or excused with the notion that not enough money was spent to get the results that were hoped to be achieved.

Recently VP Biden said that the reason college tuition keeps going up is because colleges get government subsidies. Government money continues to be funneled into higher education with the assumption that college educations are important for America. College education is good for individuals that really want an education. The problem is every student that wants a college education is not necessarily prepared or in need of a college education for their chosen career path.

If government stopped subsidizing education the result would be lower tuition costs with a more qualified student population. Government subsidies help marginal students gain access to the system even when they are poorly prepared to attend colleges. It has resulted in remedial programs at the college level. If a kid needs to take remedial classes at the college level the question should be how did they get into college in the first place? That is a total waste of money.  Government subsidies also allow Colleges and Universities to operate without worrying about efficiency. They can hire and keep classes that only a few students choose to take. They don’t have to manage the budget to market principles knowing they will get increased revenue even if they are running at less than optimal efficiency.

Government subsidies create more poverty, less access to healthcare, poor housing conditions, and they steal individual incentives and drive. By subsidizing the poor we have created an “acceptable” life style that no individual would choose if they had a choice. Government subsidies for healthcare are making access almost impossible because people that get it for “free” use with no discretion to cost. By subsidizing housing we create ghettos where no one feels connected to their home. And the most important thing government subsidies do to harm us is to steal the ingenuity, accountability, and happiness that comes with providing for one’s self.

The greatest thing we could do to improve the lives of millions of Americans is to remove government subsidies completely. Government subsidies do more harm than good. First do no harm would be a good oath for the next President to take…

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Newt has Shown No Class…

I don’t care what excuse Newt uses for his losses but he can’t be excused for being a sore loser and whiner. Have some class Newt and congratulate the winner.

Newt explains his losses are the result of a campaign built on lies about him, but what does he think Obama and the Democrats are going to say in the general election campaign? Mitt is using kid gloves compared to what Obama is going to use. Newt is showing us why people are concerned about him as the candidate. Yes we want a fighter, but we don’t want a whiner.

Conservatives are luke warm on Romney but Mitt has shown some promise when he gets passionate during his victory speeches. Mitt can be helped by conservatives to be more passionate about conservatism. I don’t believe Mitt isn’t conservative, I believe he has spent so much time in New England where conservatism is mocked on a daily basis. I lived there for many years and you tend to bite your tongue or you would have no social life. I am not saying you abandon your principles but you learn when to use them for the most effective result.

Mitt is learning that the rest of the country is proud of conservatism and wants a fighter for the cause. He seems to be coming around and that is a good thing. Newt has kept Mitt on his toes and is making him a better general election candidate. But Newt needs to show some class. Newt is being out campaigned, Mitt is raising more funds which are a necessary evil to win a campaign, and Mitt is showing class. Newt should follow suit.

Newt also needs to realize he may not be the conservative choice as many polls are showing. We want a winner for the general election. Newt at this point has shown he can’t take the heat when the scrutiny of his past is put on display. He is being tested for a general election campaign and he is failing. And he is failing to show any class which is a real indicator of the man’s character.

Friday, February 3, 2012

We Need Roseanne Barr to Enter the Presidential Race…

The best thing that can happen this election cycle is to have Roseanne Barr, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or any other left wing comedian join the race for president. The people that would give any serious consideration to these candidates are in all likelihood core Obama voters.

Any siphoning of votes that would potentially end up hurting Obama’s reelection efforts is a great thing for the future of America. The thought that there are people who would support a second Obama term is scary enough, but if we can distract these ill-informed minions to vote for one of the above alternatives it can only help our efforts to unseat the most incompetent executive we have hired since Jimmy Carter.

The name calling and conservative bashing is a favorite past time for Obama supporters but the real joke is that liberals don’t understand they are the joke. They have supported policies that have shackled the poor into perpetual poverty. Liberal school policies lock poor inner city kids in failing schools while the liberals send their kids to private schools. The liberals want to take other people’s money through the force of government to support their pet programs and rarely give a penny to charity. They make fun of the rich, but only the conservative rich, while ignoring the fact that people like Mitt Romney give millions to charities in addition to the millions he pays in taxes. Hypocrites all of them.

So as liberals snicker at late night jokes about conservatism the joke is they are a very small minority. Most thinking people in this country live their lives in a traditional manner and ignore the jokes being made about their life style. Conservative people will be the ones laughing when Obama and his ilk are sent back to do whatever it is they do when they are not trying to run other people’s lives…

Run Roseanne run…

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Romney’s Right: We Don’t Collectively Care About the Poor…

If we did we would not be treating them to handouts, we would be incentivizing self-reliance (see my post below Teach a Man to Fish).

This entire analysis of Mitt’s remarks is why no one trusts the media anymore. Mitt’s intended remarks were aimed at letting the middle class know he will implement policies to help them by getting government out of their way. The poor have a billion shackles (government programs) to make sure no one starves but more importantly, so no one succeeds.

Mitt is focusing on the class of people that have not fallen into the trap the democrats have set, government handouts, and still want to provide for their own family. He is right to target that class. The sad aspect is the way the media is trying to portray his remark “I am not concerned about the very poor…” as an out of touch comment from a very rich man. The reality is Mitt donates more to charity and the poor than all of the democrats in congress and the main stream media combined! I am not sure if that is a fact but Mitt gives millions and millions to charity. What has Obama given to charity in comparison?

Who is more concerned about the poor, a man that believes private churches and charities are more effective to help the poor therefore he gives millions to support that belief, or a man that continues to steal other people’s money through confiscatory tax policy to chain the poor to failing programs?

I will take Mitt all day long…

Teach a Man to Fish…

The lessons of the Bible can be so simple yet so profound. When we give people things we only temporarily suspend the circumstances of that individual. When we teach people how to take care of themselves we open up boundless opportunities for success.

Today we have millions of poor Americans living in deplorable conditions within most of our major cities. These Americans have been given fish now for generations. Each generation has come to expect their fish to be handed to them. Getting fish has become their life. One of the most glaring examples of the results of giving fish instead of teaching to fish was the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Hordes of people wondered aimlessly waiting for someone to “give them a fish”. The simple activity of getting to safety was too overwhelming for people that had been lulled into dependency by government programs. Even the survival instinct was stolen from these people. Very sad.

The most compassionate thing we can do for our fellow Americans is to teach then to fish. Allowing people to learn the consequences of their actions is a lesson that quickly becomes a motivating factor in their lives. When you drop out of school and have no education, you will not be hired. The result should be the realization that you must go back to school. Temporary help with a commitment from the individual to pay it back when complete is teaching people to fish. Putting time limits on help for people that can provide for themselves is an impetus to learn how to fish.

Generations of Americans have been convinced that giving people fish is compassion and teaching people to fish is mean spirited. The opposite is true. We have been trying the fish giving approach and all you have to do is drive through any inner city to see the results. The results are a failure. It is time to teach people to fish and wean them off the dependency of government programs. These programs are destroying the potential of millions of Americans. Especially poor Americans.

The two approaches will be on display in the November election. America elected the first Black president and you would think he would be the candidate that would understand the power of teaching people to fish. Black Americans in too many numbers have been duped for generations to accept promises by politicians to be provided with more fish from a heartless government bureaucrat. Instead of taking a teach someone to fish approach, this president is doubling down on the dependency strategy. The candidates that are trying to replace this president want to teach poor Americans to fish by reducing the dependency the poor have on government. That is not mean spirited, it is true compassion.  

Teaching people to fish is the much harder path to follow. Not because it is complicated but because it is easily demonized as being heartless toward people. The funny thing is we teach our kids the same lessons. If the lessons of self-reliance are right for our kids, how come it is not right for poor family’s kids?

Giving fish is easy and makes some feel good but feeling good is not the result we are looking for. We are looking for the result of ending poverty and introducing a world of opportunity to people that have no hope. That is something we could all feel good about. If that is the result we want then we need to fire this President in November.