Thursday, February 9, 2012

If They Can’t Create a Budget - How Can They Lead?

 Creating a budget for the federal government is not only the law; it is how any organization measures their operation. The budget is a financial road map that allows management to understand where they are succeeding and failing. In the federal government it is simply a measurement of how badly they are failing at managing the operations of the government.

The democratic Senate refuses to pass a budget which indicates their interest in “fixing” the debt and deficits we face. The only way to fix our financial problems is to create a budget and stick to it. We need to reduce spending and eliminate programs and a budget is where we put our ideas to paper. The democratic Senate obviously has no ideas to reduce our debt and deficit. I am not sure they believe our financial woes are a problem, which makes the democratic Senate a problem for Americans.

Our Federal Government is driving our country to ruin. We go to work every day with our heads in the sand hoping the situation will change. But change doesn’t happen magically. It takes hard work and the ability to create a budget and sticking to it. When do we think our representatives are going to address this impending crisis? Are they waiting for a crisis to impose even more restrictive tax and regulatory policy? This will in turn make the crisis even worse which will mean drastic action will have to be taken and the Constitution be damned? Is this the plan?

What is it going to take to remove these incompetent representatives? Most Americans, 71% are not even paying attention to the presidential race. I would bet it is 90% who are not paying attention to the House and Senate races. The same number that is paying attention to the way our representatives are failing in their duties I am afraid…

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