Monday, February 27, 2012

Let’s Have a Real Debate About Faith…

If we are going to hammer the GOP candidates on faith, let’s also discuss the President’s propensity to glaze over the disturbing and violent aspects of the “Religion of Peace.” The president is apologizing for the burning of some religious books that were riddled with enemy communications, possibly communications that threaten the lives of our soldiers. In response to this act of common sense and security, we get the usual cry from the followers of “the religion of peace.” Two American soldiers are dead and still this president apologizes; outrageous.

This country was founded on Judeo Christian values and is the foundation of our civil society. We separate our religious institutions to protect them from government intrusion and meddling as we have seen recently in the mandate of religious institutions to do things that go against their conscience. Our country is the success it has been because the people of this country have always believed their rights come from a higher power than some King, dictator, or preacher. We are free because we have been endowed by our creator. We don’t follow our creator to dominate the world and kill all that do not adhere, we simply hold our government accountable through constitutional government and practice our religious beliefs in the manor we see fit. Our religious beliefs enhance our civil society by instilling virtuous values; we do not use religious beliefs to try to dominate the world.

The GOP candidates have every right to believe what they want in their religious lives, and they understand the constitutional restraints against imposing those views on civil society. But to separate living a moral life and the character we will see in the office of president are not realistic. We see a current president that has little moral grounding, and the results that he has given us in our civil society. He promotes partial birth abortion which almost every American cringes at. He supports the “religion of peace” even when they kill our soldiers over a book, fathers continue to kill their daughters and cite Sharia law, and the lunatics in the “religion of peace” are threatening to wipe every Christian off of the face of the earth simply because we are Christians. This president apologizes to them for us? Why? What have we done except try to bring some of these countries into the current century? Maybe that is our mistake that we should just allow them to treat each other the way they have since time began. Maybe we just move on.

The news media believes that by “exposing” the GOP candidate’s religious beliefs they will scare the voters back to Obama. But what are Obama’s religious beliefs? Let’s have a debate about the tenets of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. What does this president believe the role of religion is in our society? Does he believe in our founding as a Christian nation? Which founder cited Islam as a bases of our founding?

Is Islam a “religion of peace” or a violent movement to take over and dominate the world to comply with Sharia law? Is it really a religious movement or is it a political movement that needs to be treated as such? Is Christianity a danger to our civil society? If our candidates believe strongly in the 10 commandments, does that make them dangerous or desirable? Do the Jewish people pose such a threat to the world that they deserve the treatment they receive from the “religion of peace” followers?

I think we should have an open debate about the atrocities we are increasingly seeing throughout the world against the Jewish and Christian faiths. We should look very closely at how our next president perceives these threats and their feelings about the increase of Sharia law in this country. Let’s have the debate but a real debate that doesn’t gloss over the true threat of people following a “religion of peace” to the values we were built upon. Bring it on…

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