Saturday, February 11, 2012

Freedom’s Line in the Sand

We often make political arguments way too complex. The latest assault on religious institutions is just a symptom of the bigger problem of an unconstitutional president in the White House. He passed Obamacare for a couple of fundamental reasons; expand federal government; control the behavior of Americans; and to limit our freedom.

We need to look at every change this administration is making as an assault on every American’s liberty. We are in a fight to save this country and Obamacare is the foundation of our enemies attack. By using healthcare as a foundation to intrude in our lives, this administration positions every argument to steal our freedom as a benefit to our lives. The government now has an argument to get involved anywhere they choose based on the argument it is good for our health.

In the fight against obesity, the federal government can say since they are paying for healthcare they have a say in what we eat. In the fight against cancer, the federal government can outlaw foods, manufacturing processes, technology etc… in order to prevent cancer. In the fight to protect drivers from accidents, the federal government can outlaw any behavior in a car that distracts drivers and may cause accidents. The intentions are all noble in their mind. But where has freedom gone in the argument?

This country is built on individual liberty. If we had these asinine laws at the founding of our country we would never have survived or have been born as a nation. We are free to choose and we must accept the consequences. We can’t prevent every ill in society. We must be free to determine our lives pursuits without the intervention of faceless bureaucrats. If someone dies because they jump off a 10 story building the answer isn’t to stop building 10 story buildings. If someone dies because they have drank themselves to death, the answer isn’t to ban alcohol from everyone because of one individual.

We have allowed these liberal doo gooders’ noses under the tent of freedom and you see what we get. They can’t help themselves to continually look for ways to “help” us. NO THANK YOU! The founders knew this and it is why we have a constitution whose sole purpose is to LIMIT the federal government. The purpose was not to protect us from ourselves but to protect us from these do gooder liberals and tyrants. Often the same ilk. We don’t need a nanny watching over us. Take some damn responsibility people. They are stealing our freedom.

So I applaud the Catholic Bishops in standing up against this assault on religious liberty but it is even bigger than that. It is the essence of America we are fighting for. Liberty in all aspects of our lives not just religious liberty. We have already given up too much ground. The line in the sand has been drawn with Obamacare and it must be repealed in total. Otherwise we will be fighting against the Obamas of the world for the rest of our lives. We can’t allow this to stand. For God’s sake man do it for the children!

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