Thursday, August 30, 2012

Division, Race & “White Guilt”: Obama’s Only Hope…

I have never suffered from “White Guilt”, a disease that festers in so many liberals. It must be my upbringing and the fact I went to school in New York City and was a minority in my school. I spent my HS years in classrooms full of diversity, and as a minority in the classroom, I can empathize with the feelings that come from those situations. But I can also say that every American has an opportunity to succeed if they make good choices.

Too many Black Americans, and too many White Americans, continue to play into the hands of divisive politicians that preach they are there to help, but in fact they have no intention of helping. They are only there for votes. The race industry is a very lucrative industry for both black and white politicians. By dividing the people into racial categories they foster distrust amongst the races. They use fear and envy to keep the races divided for the purpose of staying in power.

President Obama has run a campaign that is designed to divide people by race, gender, and economic status. His only plan for America is taxing the rich as if that is a plan that will solve America’s problems. He is a man that is empty of ideas so he has to use the only strategies left, divide people, and then play on guilt and envy.

The guilt strategy is played out by labeling any criticism of his presidency a reflection of racial hatred of the man. The president’s surrogate’s talk about “code words” like welfare, cutting government programs, and balancing the budget as “evidence” that white people are still racist. These liberals believe most white Americans see everything through the prism of race without providing a shred of evidence. When in fact they are the ones that are perpetuating racial animosity because they feel guilty for being white and that slavery, though repudiated, still makes them feel uncomfortable because slave owners in this country were white. Therefore in their eyes, all whites need to repent for slavery even though the majority of whites never owned or supported slavery. The way to repent is to support the first black man to become president even though this man is a failure.

White Americans have been painted by this president and his supporters as racists for one reason and one reason only; reelection. They are hoping to play on this deep rooted guilt about slavery to garner votes. The American people have moved on from this guilt because America has provided minorities with years and years of government programs designed to help level the playing field. What the president and his supporters in the media don’t realize is the guilt has now given way to a feeling of anger. They are tired and angry at people that call them racist. After all of these years of supporting programs to help poor Americans, that include Black Americans, the American people are now saying it is time to stand on your own. If any person is poor in America today, it is due to a series of poor choices by individuals. Opportunity is available to every American, and individuals need to be held accountable not enabled when they make poor choices. Truly needy people are the exception but generational poverty is no longer a life style most Americans are willing to support.

The envy of success has been an effective strategy of this president to a degree, but again people are smart enough to know that success is what pays for our compassion. Successful people are charitable people, and support the many charities and church programs that help the less fortunate. They also take the risks that create jobs. Jobs are what people want, and successful people are the reason jobs are created, and the candidate that is most trusted to have a plan about jobs will be the winner in this election. The people have seen socialism and know that bringing our people to the lowest common denominator by punishing success has no resemblance to the American Dream.

Dividing people into groups, white guilt and envy is all the president has left. He has no plan for the future to help people make a better life for themselves. He has played all of his cards and the American people are calling the bluff.  There is no place for guilt and envy in America today. We need to come together as one America behind a leader that knows the greatness of America…

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is this what "pro-choice" has come to?

I have seen many comments by democrats painting every conservative with a broad brush in the Akin debacle and asking: “how can people support this guy?” I don’t support this guy Akin in the least. Rape is rape and any other explanation is asinine to argue. The principled argument of punishing an innocent life for something a criminal did is an argument to be had. But Akin’s comments are not defendable.

But here is my question for all of you self-righteous democrats crowing about a woman’s right to choose: How can you support a guy that believes leaving an innocent human being, on a cold slab to die, after a botched abortion is acceptable and not evil? Well that is what President Obama believes and has supported as a US Senator. So where is the outrage?

So think hard about an asinine remark compared to a guy supporting legislation to let innocent babies die a cold cruel death. Are you proud of this? How do you defend this? How can you vote for such evil? Answer that and then we can talk about Akin.

I ask you: Is this really what “pro-choice” people support?


Sen. Obama’s controversial history with the ‘Born Alive’ legislation

The Born Alive Infant Protection Act drew a firm line in the sand—no killing innocent humans after they have been born. It was a line Illinois State Sen. Barack Obama refused to accept.

  • Obama voted four times against legislation to protect and care for infants accidentally born alive during late-term abortions. The carefully worded bill had no effect on abortion rights.
  • A federal version of the bill passed Congress in 2002 without a single dissenting vote.
  • For four years, Obama has said that he would have voted for the federal version because it contained a pre-birth "neutrality clause" the Illinois legislation lacked. When this claim was questioned, he said his critics were "lying."
  • New documents show that Obama voted on a version identical to the federal bill, which included the so-called "neutrality clause. " He voted against it.

Babies left to die

In Illinois, witnesses discovered that living babies were being left to die following a certain abortion procedure. In this procedure, called induced labor abortion, the pregnant woman is given drugs to dilate the cervix and induce contractions, forcing the premature baby out of the uterus. Sometimes the baby is born dead (killed by the force of the contractions) but other times the infant is born alive—a "live-birth abortion."

Monday, August 20, 2012

Joe Biden as President?

There is a lot of talk about Paul Ryan since his announcement as Mitt Romney’s VP pick. The talk has not been all good especially from partisan democrats. The criticism ranges from Paul Ryan is too young to being uncaring toward seniors and the needy. I personally think Paul Ryan was a stroke of genius by Mitt. He is caring in the fact that he is trying to save this nation from bankruptcy by being the one person willing to address the difficult budget issues we must face as a nation.

Paul Ryan has placed all the chips on black, and that black is the federal budget. The federal budget is sinking in red debt, and Paul Ryan is the author of a budget that addresses the areas in the budget that must be reformed in order to get back into a semblance of black. He addresses the biggest entitlement, Medicare, with thoughtfulness to current seniors, and the need for choices in the future for the younger folks to save the program.

Paul Ryan is a man that is not afraid to state the obvious and then defend it with details and plans that are easy to understand. He treats his position in government as any adult would. He is not afraid of the political backlash because he has done his homework and knows how to address any question thrown his way with a confident grasp of every detail because he has taken the time to study the facts.

In contrast, Joe Biden is the “junkyard dog” of Obama’s campaign. He is given his marching orders and goes out and does what he is told. Joe Biden has made gaffe after gaffe, and each time the media discounts it as “oh it’s just Joe Biden being Joe Biden.” That would be OK if he wasn’t a heartbeat away from being president.

The media has not done its job of vetting either President Obama or Joe Biden. Joe Biden is considered one of the most jovial politicians in Washington DC but is he prepared or capable of being president? Would you be more comfortable with a Paul Ryan presidency or a Joe Biden presidency? Joe Biden is not a very smart man. It is proven everyday he speaks and is backed up by his college transcripts. Paul Ryan is a very smart man and it is backed up every time he speaks and his college transcripts.

If the left wants to compare the VP slot I say bring it on. They have tried to paint a scary picture of Paul Ryan but they are finding it hard to do because the picture they are painting is not supported by the facts. The more the media focuses on Ryan and Biden the more aware the voters become about the scary possibility of Joe Biden becoming president.

And that is a truly scary thought: Joe Biden as president? The left should return to the failed attempt to paint Mitt Romney as the successful business man he is. The Obama campaign is imploding because they have nothing to run on and the two incumbent candidates are truly scary for this country. Neither has the right stuff to lead this nation to prosperity.

Just watch the two campaigns and what you see is two accomplished men, and two men with little accomplishment…

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Want Details

I was watching O’Reilly last night talking to “Nuns for Obama” and he was interviewing a nun from the group. She was a socialist and I would suspect an outlier in the Catholic Church. But the interview kept my attention because she made some statements about Paul Ryan and his budget that were untrue. O’Reilly simply kept asking her “how does the Ryan budget hurt the poor?” She couldn’t answer and tried to go back to her talking points. O’Reilly pressed on and asked for details about the Ryan budget and again the nun avoided the question. The nun was exposed. All she had was talking points and no real knowledge of how the Ryan budget did any harm to anyone.

The same situation occurred with Wolf Blitzer interviewing Debbie Wasserman Shultz. She lied about the Ryan budget and specifically the Medicare reform and Wolf asked for the details. He challenged her to be specific about how seniors will be affected when the budget plan actually does not impact people 55 and over.

DWS kept trying to make false claims and Wolf kept challenging her on the facts. She attempted time after time to lie and Wolf to his credit kept up the challenge. DWS was exposed as a liar.

I think we are seeing a sea change here because Paul Ryan has such a handle on the details of his budget and he can communicate those details effectively, the democrats have been caught flat footed. The media is sending the democrats a signal they need to brush up on the facts because they are going to be challenged when they lie.

I think the media knows their reputation is on the line and they are up against two formidable opponents here in Romney/Ryan. In the past, Republicans have not had effective spokes people for the conservative message. This election cycle we have two candidates that know who they are and what they believe and they can state their positions so people can relate. It is refreshing!

We are in a knock down drag out fight for our country and we have a couple a bull dogs that are going to put it on the line for Americans. It is a fight that is long overdue. It is a fight that we must win. Even though Ryan has little private sector experience his handle on the federal budget numbers will help Romney turn around this country just like he has turned around businesses in the private sector so many times before.

We have a CEO and CFO in Romney and Ryan. A turn around can’t be far away. November in fact…

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ryan: Issues It Is…

The biggest issues we face as a nation on the brink of fiscal collapse will be brought to light in this campaign, and it can be attributed to the choice of Paul Ryan as the GOP VP. This choice shows Mitt Romney is going to go head on with the democrats, and this nation will have a real choice in November. It will be a telling election. That is not to say the democrats will not lie about what the Ryan budget is truly trying to do. They will lie and demonize Ryan at every opportunity they have.

Paul Ryan’s budget is a realistic path to getting back to fiscal discipline. It addresses every aspect of the federal budget including the entitlements. The big efforts to demonize Ryan will come at his Medicare line item - even though his budget plan is designed to save it. The truth is Medicare is doomed if nothing is done and the Ryan budget is an effort to save the program. For people 55 and older they will get what the government promised. The rest of us will have a different system but I am good with a new design that will not bankrupt us. The Romney/Ryan mantra needs to be “We are going to Save Medicare!”

Mitt Romney is a venture capitalist and Ryan’s propensity to design a budget with solid numbers is what attracted Mitt. I have worked with VC people and they are all about numbers. Nothing gets done if the numbers don’t work and that’s how the private sector operates. It should be how the government operates as well, and with Romney/Ryan we have a real opportunity to limit the federal government and bring back real hope and change to Washington DC.

Ryan is young and enthusiastic and will energize Mitt to be an even better candidate. Ryan’s family looks like a wonderful crew and he has a wholesome Wisconsin background that people will be able to relate to. Unlike the two current occupants in the presidency and vice presidency, America can relate to these two American traditionalists who believe in the constitution, free markets, family values, and fiscal responsibility. A real awakening in America is coming; it will be a move to bring back the principles that have made us great, the US Constitution. These two will make us Reagan proud again! The Reagan revolution V.2 is on its way. This country is poised for a fantastic turnaround in November.

Ryan is a really good choice. He will energize the ticket and make the arguments easy to understand for fiscal discipline. He will be a great advisor to Romney. The White House will be like a CEO and CFO team bringing us from the brink of bankruptcy and giving us hope as a nation again. These two will not be content to manage a slow decline of this country. They are here to bring optimism to the American people again. And that is just what America needs right now…

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Israel Must Be Ready

“The entire equation in the Middle East will change” when Iran has developed a nuclear weapon, according to Hezbollah MP. Basically what he says in this interview is that once Iran has a nuclear weapon it will be used to annihilate Israel.

I am baffled that Israel has not attacked Iran but that may mean they know where the Iranian nuclear program stands at this point. My instinct is that when they are too close for comfort an attack will ensue. It is a matter of survival for Israel.

I fear we have a current administration that supports the enemies of Israel more than Israel itself and it will be a great relief to Israel if Mitt Romney is elected in November. I don’t believe Americans in general believe the rhetoric of the enemies of Israel and shrug it off as hyperbole and political posturing. But if there is one thing we know from history is when madmen state their intentions you must take them at face value.

I have no doubt that Israel will do what is necessary to survive but it would sure be much more comforting to have Romney in the White House to ensure support once they do attack. We should be involved but at a minimum we should have Israel’s back. That is what America does for its friends.

If the enemies of Israel want to stop Israel from attacking them they should change their rhetoric, soon…

I Just Don’t Get It

How can anyone support this current president? When I look at what is happening to our country because of the policies of this president, increased debt and deficit, the assault on freedom, the demonization of the private sector, crony capitalism, governing by executive order, and the lies. So many lies that it makes your head spin; I can’t get my head around it!

Still people that should be smarter than that support this president. I just don’t get it. I wish people could just step back from the us and them for a moment and be pure American. I wish people would just read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and compare what is happening today in contrast to the intent of our founders and reasons for our unparalleled wealth. I think people that support Obama are emotional, feel good people that have some sort of guilt complex. There is no other answer.

The “war on woman” issue is a big hoax. Free birth control, abortions, and mammograms, really? Think about it guys and gals, the Federal Government has no place in our personal lives. In a free nation we must insist that our federal government reduce their footprint, not expand it. Obamacare is an attack on freedom in so many ways. Your grandmother needs a hip at 92, otherwise healthy, will be denied that hip once a federal healthcare program is in place. It will become a game of numbers. If the taxpayer is paying for healthcare it will be rationed because it will be an inefficient monopoly with limited funds and therefore will be rationed or it will bankrupt us. We need to pay for our own care so we can control it.

There is absolutely no evidence of government success. Every story about government is about corruption, cronyism, fraud, abuse, inefficiency, and still people question the private sector and capitalism? There are some stories of private abuse but the market takes care of abuse by choosing another company and putting them out of business. Can you choose another government agency? Of course not it is a monopoly staffed by some of the most incompetent crony hires. Not all but many people that work in large federal agencies are counting the days until their lavish pensions kick in. We need to put these people out of their misery by reducing federal agencies. It is the compassionate thing to do. Give those people the opportunity to bring meaning back to their life.

The black community has been devastated by government programs. The education system has been devastated by government incompetence. The economy has been destroyed by federal regulation, debt, and taxes. When will we learn that if we reduce the federal government by 50% those savings will translate into economic activity that can result in new ideas and businesses that can lead to full employment again? We need to count on the individual again.

Why do people put faith in government? The government has not been the reason for our success. Every time a president reduces government regulation, taxes, and cost, the country thrives. We have wealth because of the private sector not roads and bridges. Please, roads and bridges? Come on folks think about it?

If you are going to vote for Barrack Obama you have lost all credibility. You have failed. Your education was meaningless, you critical thinking skills are nil, and you have failed your children if you have them. I am sorry but your emotion is not an argument against the facts.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Advice to our Youth

The news is grim for recent college grads, current college students, and any young individuals with limited skills in today’s job market. Long gone are the days when employers couldn’t fill positions and they were knocking down the doors of anyone with a warm pulse and a degree. In this economy there are very few degrees that warrant even a look from employers.

The problem is as an employer, do you take a chance on a young inexperience worker or do you hire the veteran with 20 years of experience? When unemployment is low and the job market strong, experienced employees command higher rates and become more in demand. It also opens up the door for some employers who may be willing to take a chance on a new employee because they can’t afford another seasoned and highly qualified employee.

The reality of today’s job market and weak economy is that highly skilled employees are cheaper and more abundant therefore taking all of the available jobs in the market. For a new graduate to compete they have to be much cheaper and more creative in their job search. But even that may not land a job for a recent graduate.

My advice is that you start looking at why the job market is so weak and what you can do to change it. My advice is you read a few economic books and start with Milton Friedman, Walter Williams, and Thomas Sowell. Once you understand how the economy works and the impact the government has on the economy then take a look at the two presidential candidates.

What you will find if you learned anything about analytical thought throughout your educational experience, is that the government policies of the current administration are the reason you are unemployed. Increased debt, increased regulation, higher healthcare costs due to the new healthcare law, are all stagnating the job market.

My advice is you put aside the emotional arguments and look at only the facts. And the facts are that what Mitt Romney is proposing to do will stimulate the job market by reducing the footprint of the federal government. It is in your best interest to vote for Mitt Romney if you want to move out of your parent’s house and get on with your life…