Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Want Details

I was watching O’Reilly last night talking to “Nuns for Obama” and he was interviewing a nun from the group. She was a socialist and I would suspect an outlier in the Catholic Church. But the interview kept my attention because she made some statements about Paul Ryan and his budget that were untrue. O’Reilly simply kept asking her “how does the Ryan budget hurt the poor?” She couldn’t answer and tried to go back to her talking points. O’Reilly pressed on and asked for details about the Ryan budget and again the nun avoided the question. The nun was exposed. All she had was talking points and no real knowledge of how the Ryan budget did any harm to anyone.

The same situation occurred with Wolf Blitzer interviewing Debbie Wasserman Shultz. She lied about the Ryan budget and specifically the Medicare reform and Wolf asked for the details. He challenged her to be specific about how seniors will be affected when the budget plan actually does not impact people 55 and over.

DWS kept trying to make false claims and Wolf kept challenging her on the facts. She attempted time after time to lie and Wolf to his credit kept up the challenge. DWS was exposed as a liar.

I think we are seeing a sea change here because Paul Ryan has such a handle on the details of his budget and he can communicate those details effectively, the democrats have been caught flat footed. The media is sending the democrats a signal they need to brush up on the facts because they are going to be challenged when they lie.

I think the media knows their reputation is on the line and they are up against two formidable opponents here in Romney/Ryan. In the past, Republicans have not had effective spokes people for the conservative message. This election cycle we have two candidates that know who they are and what they believe and they can state their positions so people can relate. It is refreshing!

We are in a knock down drag out fight for our country and we have a couple a bull dogs that are going to put it on the line for Americans. It is a fight that is long overdue. It is a fight that we must win. Even though Ryan has little private sector experience his handle on the federal budget numbers will help Romney turn around this country just like he has turned around businesses in the private sector so many times before.

We have a CEO and CFO in Romney and Ryan. A turn around can’t be far away. November in fact…

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