Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The New Silent Majority…

Nixon used the term “silent majority” back in the 60’s to describe the values based voters that said little but were ready to show up at the polls. Reagan used the term in his campaign efforts in the 80’s to describe the hard working, God fearing people that had no time to demonstrate because they were busy making America work, while the “vocal minority” garnered headlines of the main stream media who was an accomplice in making their minority views seem to be a majority opinion; wishful thinking.

The “new” silent majority is growing daily as most Americans are confused, angry, and scared about the competence of our current president. Everything seems to be spinning out of control from the economy, deficits, Middle East, inflation, and a bleak future with no leadership in place to change the course for the better. What people see is a disengaged man seemingly over his head showing an arrogance that is very concerning. There is a total disconnect.

The polls show that people “like” President Obama but what I believe they are saying is “he’s not a bad guy” but if they were asked about their confidence in his abilities as president they are thinking, “I don’t think I am confident he can do the job.” Most likely people will be cautious to criticize this president at of fear of being labeled. We will see polls in the upcoming election cycle that will reflect a public unwilling to criticize the president but what we will see in the voting booth will be a complete rejection of his abilities as a leader. No matter how much people like somebody, if they are not confident in their abilities they will vote to move on.

The president spends a lot of time campaigning, vacationing, golfing, and talking on television shows that he believes will help him get re-elected. But as he sits there being coy and personable with the audience what the viewer sees is a country and a world in chaos wondering why the president has time for this but little time for addressing the real problems in the world.

The opposition candidate will only have to be seen as an adult willing to make hard choices and have the experience to instill confidence in the electorate to unseat the president. The polls will show a tight race but the results will be a landslide. I know political pundits will disagree but I believe the new silent majority is a massive movement and will be energized for change but a defined change of returning to the foundational principles of our Constitution. People want to be proud of America again. People want jobs not handouts. People want security from bankruptcy but they don’t want bureaucrats in their healthcare decisions. People want to be environmentally friendly but not forced to buy a “smart” car to pull their camper. People want a comprehensive energy program including domestic oil so we can end our need to be involved in the civil wars of the Middle East. People want less government than we have now.

The American people are done squandering the treasure of America to support people that are in a perpetual state of war based on tribal hatred and history while our inner cities crumble and unemployment remains at unprecedented levels. We don’t mind helping but when you poke us in the eye after the fact we think twice next time around. Taxpayers are tired of watching our borders be overrun with drug lords and people coming here just to use our services. Our citizens are suffering and we have a government that is promoting “world citizenship” and open borders.

It is a pivotal time in our history because we have allowed liberalism to infect our life blood; the constitution. We have replaced solid policy with emotional relativism. We have ignored laws in an effort to be compassionate but compassionate toward whom? We have worked too hard to create the greatest most compassionate nation on this earth and we don’t like the “transformation” that is being pushed by this president.

We may not say much or show up in the polling data, but we will show up and we will be the New Silent Majority that will support a change consistent with the American Dream and American exceptionalism…

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The “Donald” is stirring it up…

Donald Trump is making a lot of elites and Republican Party activists very uncomfortable by asking the current president: “show your birth certificate Mr. President.” Donald, a potential presidential candidate has produced his birth certificate and has it posted on the Newsmax website for all to see. Why is this stirring so many feathers? Because the current president has never produced the actual signed copy of his birth certificate. The people that have been pushing for a copy are called “Birthers.” They are being mocked as people that just can’t accept this president (whatever that means), and have been put in the kook bin by many in the media.

I am not a “Birther” but I would like to see the official copy of the President’s birth certificate because anyone that spends two years avoiding the simple task of producing a legitimate document has raised a serious question in my mind: what is he hiding? I was born 51 years ago and if you asked me to produce my birth certificate I can go to my dresser and there it is, raised certification logo, signatures, and parental information. It is not that hard to produce an original document. The Constitution of the United States actually demands that evidence of natural born citizenship be produced.

You don’t have to be a birther to be curious. It raises the question, what is on that certificate the president doesn’t want Americans to see? Or is there a document at all? To ask the question in compliance of our constitution is not a conspiracy. To wonder why our president can’t produce simple proof of his status as a citizen is not a question based in “lunacy.”

Donald Trump may never become president but he is exposing an issue that millions of Americans are struggling to understand but are afraid to raise in fear of being called a “Birther.” Donald is making it clear that our constitution demands our president produce proof of citizenship. Donald is making a powerful argument that this should not be so hard. Donald is giving the president the opportunity to set the record straight. Donald is raising the issue the other politicians are afraid to touch. Donald is making it clear that you don’t have to cower in pursuit of the truth.

In this Donald deserves our support and thanks…

Thursday, March 17, 2011

GOP Failure; Again…

The Grand Old Party is anything but grand. The freshman republicans that were sent to congress with a mandate to cut, cut, and cut the budget until it bled are being stifled by the Republican Party. Hugh Hewitt would say it is a leadership failure, I say it is a party failure. You see, party politics is about power. The power to control the process and purse of government where the purse is what is used to pay the supporters and voters for votes. Principle be damned.

In some ways the leadership is a problem but all too often party trumps principle. The GOP leadership has failed to deliver in the short term because they are strategizing to win a majority in both houses and the presidency in 2012. That strategy is a party first strategy. I am not sure the GOP will ever be able to act on principle. What is bound to happen is a rejection of the GOP because even though the party leaders think it is all about 2012, the voters that put them there are all about today.

We are at war with an ideology that is bankrupting this nation both financially and morally. The GOP has had two opportunities to slash the budget and they have failed. The debt accrues at a pace ten times the speed and amount the GOP is proposing to cut. The 54 GOP representatives that voted against these meager measures have shown principle but in the end they will be blamed for the mess the longer it takes to make the necessary cuts. There is no time to waste with the amount of waste that needs to be slashed at the federal level.

The total percentage of cuts is about 1% of the federal budget and is only focusing on the discretionary spending. If the GOP can’t even muster the courage to cut programs like NPR and Planned Parenthood and the $100 billion hidden in the bureaucracy of Obamacare, we are in for trouble.

I can’t even explain my anger at the GOP that considers we the people lacking in understanding the art of governing but I beg to differ. We the people understand what the ramifications of over spending have done to this country. We are living it and the folks in the beltway are living in some parallel universe.

They have a very short leash to do the right thing. Principled people will again in 2012 send conservatives to DC but none of this current leadership group will be among them. That I guarantee unless there is an immediate come to Jesus about the needs for deep spending cuts…

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Decision to Consider a Decision…

What is it with these GOP candidates that can’t even make a decision to make a decision about running for President? Do we really want candidates that don’t even have the fortitude to say: “I am considering a run and I will make a decision by March 30th” or whatever date they choose? Is anyone else concerned about this circus of candidates deflecting such a simple question?

Where is the leadership? We have a large group of GOP politicians that are considered to be considering setting up an exploratory committee to explore the possible entry into the presidential race. Does this exude confidence for anyone that wants to see a true leader returned to the White House?

If a candidate can’t even make the statement that they’re really considering a run but weighing the impact on family, building support, ability to raise money, etc, then we may just end up with four more years of misery which may be the final four years of the country we love. If we don’t make some real decisions we are in real trouble. And it is starting on shaky grounds when the politicians considering a run will not even admit to considering it. The world is going crazy…

Tea Party; the New Party…

I don’t understand how any politician can look at the federal and a majority of state budgets and not see an impending disaster without swift and practical cuts in expenditures. I can’t believe that these people are this stupid to think that the course we are on is sustainable. There must be some sense of invincibility which is delusional. The United States can go into an economic tail spin destroying our current wealth and future American Dreams for generations of Americans. That is the reality of our circumstances and it is plain to see.

The federal workforce, programs, and entitlements must be trimmed. A recent GOA study on federal duplication reported finding hundreds of federal programs charged with the same mission, all housing their own bureaucracies with a total waste equaling hundreds of billions of tax dollars in the next few years. It is what we instinctively know about government; it is a monopoly that breeds inefficiency. Like the post office, department of motor vehicles, Amtrak, and the IRS, Americans know these organizations flush money down the toilet of inefficiency every year. I believe this report is only the tip of the ice berg.

So why are politicians unwilling to address this inefficiency to balance the budget? It seems these would be easy targets unlike Social Security. The bottom line is every program we eliminate is one less bargaining chip they have to get elected. The bottom line is that politics has been taken over by the most corrupt in our society. Self interested people that have no skills relevant for the private sector and a disposition that allows them to be useless to society and get paid handsomely for it. Corruption, corruption, corruption, is what stands in the way of a balanced budget. Both the Republicans and Democrats are showing an unwillingness to do what every adult knows must be done; be damned the re-election process. It is time to send Americans to congress not politicians. The Tea Party is going to have to replace every Republican or start their own party once and for all.

If there was truly a will, there is a way to balance the budget within five years. I know state and federal workers are crying about how they have become the target but the salary and benefit packages they garner from our tax dollars have become the envy of the private sector. And unlike the private sector their salary increases are not based on their improvement of services but rather union thuggery and political corruption. The fact is that a modest change in short term compensation and a long term cap on pay, benefits, and pensions is a reality whose time has come. A fair wage is one thing, but the public sector is long overdue for a correction. They have the option to join us in the private sector if they choose, but we can’t afford the current cost of the public sector anymore.

Balancing the budget is not a hard mathematical task; it is simply an exercise of political will. Caps on entitlements, elimination of the duplicative departments, closing a number of useless and unconstitutional agencies will quickly move us to a balanced budget. A constitutional amendment needs to be passed to secure the future. Many argue you will hurt the economy by adding to the unemployment rolls with laid off public sector employees. I believe it will be a very short term impact because once the private sector is unleashed by this fiscal discipline the job creators will be in full hiring mode. Public sector employees will see what the reality is in the wage, benefit, and pension arena of the private sector and understand why we are wild about limiting government and bureaucracy.

The Tea Party is about to abandon the Republicans in droves (my opinion) so the next step is to consider a strategy to take back control from the two parties. This is an important step and needs to be considered carefully but it is necessary. The Republicans are going to force our hand and if we are to survive as a Republic we need to be ready…

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drill Please…

We need to start harvesting the vast oil reserves we have here in the US. We need to supplement that with nuclear, coal, natural gas, wind and solar. The more we convert our domestic use to a comprehensive approach, the sooner we can turn the lights off on the Middle East unrest.

Do we really think we are ever going to convince Muslim World that the adoption of freedom and free markets is in their best interest? Maybe, but if freedom is universal we need them to want it and fight for it. The fighting we are seeing now may or may not turn into something other than another dictator or theocracy, but I doubt it. As long as religion is the preferred policy for running their society the less likely freedom will be in the Middle East.

We are there because of oil. We are not there to steal their oil as the left suggests, but to keep it freely flowing. Even if it is managed by an illegal cartel. We are dependent on the free flow of oil and until we break the demand or open up competitive markets we will continue to be shackled with an unclear energy future. Oil is not evil; it is the best fuel for the foreseeable future. We need to drill here at the same time we build an overall comprehensive energy policy. Here in Pueblo Colorado the site permits have been approved to move to the next step of building a new nuclear plant. The environmentalists are out in force but the time has come to put the China Syndrome behind us.

Nuclear fuel has been proven safe all around the globe. Windmills are popping up all across the fruited plain. Natural gas and oil reserves have been discovered to be greater than ever expected. It is time to set ourselves free from the world cartel. A cartel like OPEC would be illegal here in the US so why do we continue to support it in the Mid East? Let the rest of the world be beholden to the people that hate us. We don’t need them if we plan properly.

If we had a president and leadership in congress we would be well on our way to energy independence. I don’t begrudge the president for going golfing occasionally but he doesn’t even seem to care that gas is about to hit $4 a gallon. Maybe that’s because we as taxpayers are paying to fill up the tanks of Air Force 1 and his limos.

The next election can’t come fast enough. This president is so out of touch with the average American that I suspect that is why he can play golf while we contemplate how we are going to keep paying $100 to fill up our gas tanks. We have the resources to fundamentally change the energy industry for the better. If we only had a president and congress that actually cared about the people…