Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tea Party; the New Party…

I don’t understand how any politician can look at the federal and a majority of state budgets and not see an impending disaster without swift and practical cuts in expenditures. I can’t believe that these people are this stupid to think that the course we are on is sustainable. There must be some sense of invincibility which is delusional. The United States can go into an economic tail spin destroying our current wealth and future American Dreams for generations of Americans. That is the reality of our circumstances and it is plain to see.

The federal workforce, programs, and entitlements must be trimmed. A recent GOA study on federal duplication reported finding hundreds of federal programs charged with the same mission, all housing their own bureaucracies with a total waste equaling hundreds of billions of tax dollars in the next few years. It is what we instinctively know about government; it is a monopoly that breeds inefficiency. Like the post office, department of motor vehicles, Amtrak, and the IRS, Americans know these organizations flush money down the toilet of inefficiency every year. I believe this report is only the tip of the ice berg.

So why are politicians unwilling to address this inefficiency to balance the budget? It seems these would be easy targets unlike Social Security. The bottom line is every program we eliminate is one less bargaining chip they have to get elected. The bottom line is that politics has been taken over by the most corrupt in our society. Self interested people that have no skills relevant for the private sector and a disposition that allows them to be useless to society and get paid handsomely for it. Corruption, corruption, corruption, is what stands in the way of a balanced budget. Both the Republicans and Democrats are showing an unwillingness to do what every adult knows must be done; be damned the re-election process. It is time to send Americans to congress not politicians. The Tea Party is going to have to replace every Republican or start their own party once and for all.

If there was truly a will, there is a way to balance the budget within five years. I know state and federal workers are crying about how they have become the target but the salary and benefit packages they garner from our tax dollars have become the envy of the private sector. And unlike the private sector their salary increases are not based on their improvement of services but rather union thuggery and political corruption. The fact is that a modest change in short term compensation and a long term cap on pay, benefits, and pensions is a reality whose time has come. A fair wage is one thing, but the public sector is long overdue for a correction. They have the option to join us in the private sector if they choose, but we can’t afford the current cost of the public sector anymore.

Balancing the budget is not a hard mathematical task; it is simply an exercise of political will. Caps on entitlements, elimination of the duplicative departments, closing a number of useless and unconstitutional agencies will quickly move us to a balanced budget. A constitutional amendment needs to be passed to secure the future. Many argue you will hurt the economy by adding to the unemployment rolls with laid off public sector employees. I believe it will be a very short term impact because once the private sector is unleashed by this fiscal discipline the job creators will be in full hiring mode. Public sector employees will see what the reality is in the wage, benefit, and pension arena of the private sector and understand why we are wild about limiting government and bureaucracy.

The Tea Party is about to abandon the Republicans in droves (my opinion) so the next step is to consider a strategy to take back control from the two parties. This is an important step and needs to be considered carefully but it is necessary. The Republicans are going to force our hand and if we are to survive as a Republic we need to be ready…

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