Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What’s an OBSCENE Profit?

Most leftists believe it is any profit that is not the governments to take. More specifically it is any profit that politician’s can demagogue. But where do those “obscene” profits go? Well if you have a 401K, you are a teacher in the teacher’s union, or a fireman in the firefighter’s union, your pension funds and private investments reap those “obscene” profits.

The oil companies are coming under attack by the likes of Congresswoman Maxine Waters who is ignorant on most issues, but she had the gall to publicly suggest a government takeover of oil companies. If you think, even for a nano-second that a government takeover of oil is a good idea, think again. Government regulations are the major reason prices are where they are today.

Between the permitting process to drill or build a refinery, a ban on exploration in the two largest reserves in the US, Anwar and the Gulf of Mexico, the insane number of grades of gasoline the oil refineries are forced to make, and the constant assault on the industry from the environmental nuts, it is no wonder gas isn’t $12 a gallon. And it would be if you put economic illiterates like Waters (or most of the current crop of congress) in charge of such a critical industry in our economy.

Seventy (70%) of the cost of a gallon of gas is in the crude price, the remaining 30% is for investment in alternative energy, R&D, taxes and 7% profit. That’s right 7% profit.

It is our government that has created the policy that has caused the current lack of supply and increased prices. And it is the government standing in the way of increasing the supply which will lower the price. And you want the government to take over the oil companies? Think again…

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A War for the Soul of America

Make no mistake; this election is a front in the war for the soul of America. And it is most apparent in the race for congressional seats, the senate, and ultimately the Supreme Court. Unfortunately at the presidential level there is not much hope for those of us that believe our government is out of control. Although McCain is the lesser of two “evils”, he is not a leader willing to fight in the war against America’s “soul”. McCain has been in government too long, and he represents everything wrong with a political “career”. He has an impressive military career but it is time to move over for new leadership.

When the voters vote this year they will be deciding if the core principles of our founding constitution are still worth fighting for, and living by. The left represented by most democrats are insistent that America is the problem. Our structure of government, our capitalist economy, according to the left, has been selfish and too focused on individuals rather than the world community. We are wasting the “world’s” resources to indulge in an America they consider selfish. They believe that individuals must be checked by a supreme “Supreme Court”. In other words they believe the will of a few, is more important than a government given power by the governed. In more other words, they are elitist and believe we, mostly conservative citizens, are too stupid to govern ourselves. In other, other, words, they believe in dictatorship by committee.

This implementation of a dictatorship by committee can only happen when an electorate is ignorant, apathetic, or believes that it can never happen here in the US. The ignorance is happening because the left has controlled our education system which no longer teaches American history, culture, or its greatness. The apathy comes when people believe they have no impact on an election even if they vote. This has been achieved by the two parties controlling the access of candidates to the ballot. People take our system of government for granted. They forget about all of the blood that has been spilled to maintain a system of self rule. Americans forget that we are a very young, experimental system, which has never succeeded anywhere else in the world with the results we have achieved.

This election could change that delicate experiment “overnight”. The left ignores the constitution at their convenience and at our peril, while we ignore the implications of what they have done. They reference “global” law; they talk about a “living” constitution, and nominate judges that hate America, and what we stand for. It will not take long if we have a leftist radical president, supported by a leftist radical congress, ruled by a leftist out of control dictatorship at the Supreme Court.

How we win this war against the soul of America is to pay attention to politics. Vote for conservatives and independents that believe in the constitution and are proud of this nation, not “moderate” republicans or democrats. Ask politicians why we should support more government control as the left does, when what we get for results is; chaos and failure. Get involved and search for alternative candidates. Read and analyze what is truly happening. Go beyond the headlines and promises.

Make no mistake; this is a war. It is a war to preserve what we know we have been blessed with; the greatest system of government, the most generous people, the hope and beacon for the rest of the world. We are worth fighting for…

Monday, May 19, 2008

Barack Obama Is Anti-American; Period…

"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," Obama said.

Since when do we need the “OK” to do anything here in the US? When did we decide to disregard the US Constitution? The document that has guided the greatest experiment in the history of mankind is no longer good enough for Barack? Well it is still good enough for most true blooded Americans.

Obama is a danger to the future of this country. He believes the Supreme Court should decide law based on a judges feeling about issues, irregardless of the laws they are sworn to protect. He is in favor of dictatorship over self rule. This is not speculation, this is fact. Think about it. If Obama feels that it is appropriate for the Supreme Court to undermine the legislation put in place by the people, what is that? It means he believes the opinions of 5 of the 9 justices are more appropriate than the voice of millions of Americans.

What would you call a country that is rule by 5 of 9 judges? A dictatorship by committee is what you have. He is anti-law, anti-freedom, anti-capitalism, and anti- American. He does not trust the people of this country to run their own lives. It is very scary to see how “dumbed down” Americans have become. This is a result of the failures of our government run education system. If you vote for Obama, you are voting against America; period.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hillary’s elitism and selfishness finally aligns…

I don’t often agree with Hillary, but her tenacity to buck the Democratic Party line, and let all the states have a choice on the ballot, is where we share common ground. “Conventional Wisdom” (read party hacks and elitist pundits) want this process pulled away from the people. You see, the people are the problem to them, and can only “mess” up their plans for the general election.

The two Party System is broken because they no longer care about the rank and file, or America. They care about themselves and their power; period. So I say, keep going Hillary. For once your selfishness and elitism is aligned with the electorates need to be heard. Just a thought…

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The TSA and Government Run Healthcare…

I was traveling last week and as I was standing in the security line with a few other business travelers at the Orlando airport, in utter frustration of the long lines and wait, turned to them and said, this is the perfect argument against government run healthcare. You see, there were 10 security lines, three of them open, seven closed, on the busiest day Friday, in one of the busiest airports in the country, and the TSA employees could care less about how slow the line was moving. I watched a number of travelers run for their flights, and I’m sure some may have missed them, but no matter, it was not the TSA’s problem.

Not only does the TSA hire the people that seem to have a knack for arrogance and a lack of customer service skills, they seem to think they have the right to make our travelling lives miserable. And they’re right, what can you do? You can’t complain because that will only slow things down; more, if that is possible. But they are acting as any government agency can because of a lack of competition and choice.

So next time you’re standing in the security line at the airport, look around at the TSA people and ask yourself if these are the people you want handling your healthcare? These will be the same people with the same attitude handling your experience at your visit to the doctor or the hospital. Think about it. There is no better example of what happens when the government takes over anything; it gets worse.

The TSA is the perfect argument against government run healthcare. Just a thought…

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Talk about ignorance…

Hillary has suggested as has McCain, a federal “tax holiday” on gasoline for the summer. It translates into a 22 cent savings for gas in most places, and more for diesel customers. I have no issue except Hillary believes she is going to make the oil companies “pay” for the decrease in revenue that will result from the reduction of the tax to the federal government.

This is why we have to elect Americans that have actually lived and worked in business prior to being elected. It is amazing that these words left her mouth, and that there isn’t more outrage over her ignorance. If she makes oil companies “pay” for the tax, how do you think they will “get” that money? Do you think it will come out of their profits or your pocket? If you said your pocket, you get an A and should run for president. It will be just an exercise in who collects the 22 cents.

These candidates, every one of them, is an economic illiterate; period. We deserve better…

Monday, May 5, 2008

Doug Lamborn gets a grade of 100% from ACU…

The American Conservative Union gave a grade of 100% to Doug Lamborn (Rep CD 5 Colorado) for his lock step approach voting record in congress. What this tells me loud and clear is that Doug can be counted on to follow his way through congress. I expect Doug to vote the right way on conservative issues, but he is part of the fundamental problem in congress.

Where is his leadership? Where is his passion about changing a broken down system that is bankrupting our country? Where is his legislation to change the way congress doesn’t work? And I don’t want to hear that “freshman” have limited power. If they do; what are you doing to change the system, rock the boat, leading change?

I want to see legislation that caps congressional pay; period. I want to see legislation that eliminates any retirement benefits for legislators. I want to see a turnover in congress every 6 years at the most. I want to see American’s that know how America works to start getting into the process of running this government. I want to see the government moved closer to the people, not further away.

Doug Lamborn is the perfect representative for today’s congress. A person that has no vision but is easily moved to support any program labeled “conservative”. And the sad thing is so many people are buying what he and the two Political Parties are selling. Scare people with the issues and ignore the fact that the entire structure of the government is broken. We have too many representatives in congress that have sold the soul of America to the highest bidder. We need a new type of representative that has experience in life to tell all the lobbyists to take a back seat.

It is time to put the issues that will make a difference in the long term to the front bench.
· Reform the congress to get true representatives elected not party hacks.
· End retirement benefits for all Federal legislators.
· Reduce the time spent in Washington to limit the damage they can do while in DC.
· Move our country closer to the founding principles of this great nation.

This is not a personal attack on Doug. I’m sure is a fine man as far as men go. But we can’t sit back and allow our nation to continue down a path of bigger government, less individual participation, and economic disaster because he has a grade of 100% from a conservative group.

We need leaders in this nation with a burning in their belly to make a real difference. Not a person that can be counted on to do their bidding in DC.

Wake up conservatives; we need to find leadership and send it to DC to fix it; not endorse it. The congress is broken, the party system is broken, and they want us to continue to send them back to do more of what they are doing. Let’s give them a grade of F and move on. Let’s take back our government; now…