Friday, May 29, 2009

GM is Doomed…

In the deal about to be initiated 72% of GM will be government owned (that’s our money by the way). I like most Americans will never buy another GM car in our lives. The cars will be over priced, too small, and unable to compete without the force and heavy hand of the government. How do I know this? It is what government does best; ruins everything it touches; that’s a guarantee they will be able to keep…

Federal Borrowing Must Be Stopped…

The Federal Government is borrowing away our future and has taken away every American’s constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness. We can no longer stand by and watch our debt quadruple per family.

You now owe $546,668 as a family thanks to the out of control spending of this government, and it is mostly unconstitutional. How do you pursue your own happiness when the government has the ability to borrow in your name for things that bring no value to you?

The constitution allows for the federal government to borrow for things that are important to the nation as a whole, mostly defense. But when the federal government borrows from you as an individual to “buy” a car company it is obvious they have gone too far. When the government takes your money to give to others they deem more worthy they have gone too far. When the federal government takes our state and local tax money for educating our children they have gone too far.

The Federal government has gone too far. If I were to borrow $546,668 in your name I would be thrown in jail. None of this federal borrowing beyond our military is justified or needed. Our Governors must stand up for the rights of their states, and we as individuals must stand up for our rights to the protection of our property (hard earned money) and our pursuit of happiness. How can any family pursue their dreams when the federal government can take away our rights to a prosperous future by borrowing on our individual credit?

The tenth amendment and nullification of federal programs is our only chance. We must audit all federal expenditures on our behalf and determine the constitutionality of each federal expenditure. Then we need to nullify each program at the state level and reduce our federal tax burden accordingly.

The only way we can do that is each state must end individual federal withholding taxes and collect those taxes at the state level. Then the states can pay the taxes on behalf of their individual citizens. This will bring the balance of power back to where it belongs; in the hands of the states and individual Americans. With the state in control our state representatives will have greater ability to provide the services truly needed to run the state according to the citizens of the state. No more federal extortion to get our state funds back for our own use.

This is not a radical idea. This is an idea rooted in the US Constitution. What is happening now is a complete disregard for our constitution and especially our tenth amendment rights. Government programs are so much more manageable at the state level, and we have a much better chance of holding our state representatives accountable as opposed to holding a Federal Representative from San Francisco or a Federal Senator from Nevada accountable.

Our Federal system is broken. There is no true representation in congress when the rules are contrived to nullify representation from states that happen to elect a representative from the “wrong” party.

Does anyone feel represented anymore at the federal level? Did you approve $546,668 borrowing on your behalf? Do you want it to stop? Have your read the tenth amendment? Have you read the US Constitution?

Stand up and fight for the US Constitution and your rights. Let your governor know you want this federal oppression to stop. Read our constitution and start the ground work for a movement back to our future. We don’t need radical change, we just need to abide by the framework already in place; The United States Constitution!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Closing Car Dealerships?

I do not claim to be an expert in the car industry but I have to ask how closing the places you sell your cars is good for business? My understanding is that dealerships are franchises that agree to carry the cars of the manufacturer whose logo they put on their buildings.

Dealerships have to meet criteria set by the car company by proving their ability to finance the purchase of inventories large enough to fulfill the local market needs for the cars they carry. They must be exclusive buildings for each brand. They must carry original parts with certified mechanics. They must be able to sell cars ethically.

What the car company gets from the dealer in return is the integrity of their brand and they don’t have to make the large investment it would take to have so many locations to manage around the country. They get the expertise of local business people that are closely connected to the community. They get a motivated workforce that is determined to sell cars for survival. They get data from the dealers on how to improve their products. It sounds like the car companies get the better deal in this relationship. So what benefit does Chrysler or GM or Ford get out of closing dealerships? Savings on some marketing costs? Accounting staff reductions to keep track of dealers? Someone help me out here.

The costs are mostly incurred by the dealers. They are highly motivated to sell their cars and take all of the risks in maintaining a healthy business. In a tough economy dealers adjust their cost structure based on demand to maintain profitability. How is that working for the big 3 car companies?

Reducing dealers is something that is best left to the free market not government bureaucrats acting like they know anything about the car business. I think the car companies need to adjust their union contracts, find new management that has the guts to go through bankruptcy to become healthy again, and throw the government bums out!

If not we will soon be getting the cars no one REALLY wants to buy; the “smart” car! Puke…

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Empathy Need Not Apply for the Supreme Court…

Justice is blind. Lady Justice does not care if we are Black, White, Hispanic, Chinese, Male, or Female, she only cares about the consistent and blind application of law to every individual American citizen. Justice Roberts at his nomination made the analogy of what a judge does to the role of an umpire.

An umpire at a baseball game does not care what the players look like, where they came from, whether they grew up rich or poor when calling balls or strikes. If the team that has more minorities than the other tries to steal second base during a game, the umpire does not need to show empathy to that team as he makes the call at second base because the call is the call. The rules are clear and must apply to every player the same.

To suggest that the traits of a judge need to include empathy, and understanding what it is like to be poor shows the ignorance of the president and media in selecting good judges for any court but especially the Supreme Court. Members of the Supreme Court are the ultimate umpires in legal disputes and understanding the constitution (the rules of the game), and applying them blindly is the only real qualifications needed.

If Major League Baseball started hiring umpires that made calls based on empathy and an understanding that the teams that always lose need special considerations to win the entire league would fold. No one would ever go to a game again because the rules are what make it fair, and if the application of the rules is not evenly applied then people watching will have no confidence in the integrity of the league.

By nominating a person like Sonia Sotomayor based on the “qualification” of empathy the integrity of the court is in question. Will she rule differently for Black people than Hispanic people? Will she be more empathetic to women than men? Will she favor the poor over the rich? If she does favor specific groups and you are not in the group being favored how will you feel?

There is a reason Lady Justice is blind; there is no reason a president should be…

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Qualifications for the Supreme Court…

Why does the left believe that diversity on the Supreme Court is important? Because they don’t understand or care about the United States Constitution or the role of the Supreme Court in our government.

What the left cares about is changing our system of government so they can control your life. They don’t believe in your individual rights or true freedom. They hate that you can own a gun and can listen to talk radio. They hate that you can succeed without their help. They are the most racist people in the nation believing Blacks and Hispanics are inferior in intelligence so they shackle them in government programs they call “compassionate”. They hate that you love God and believe there is a creator greater than the men/woman they put their faith in.

That is why they believe putting diversity and ignorance of constitutional law on the Supreme Court is good for this country. Unfortunately most Americans don’t understand the role of the Supreme Court, mostly because the left has ruined the education system which permeates civic ignorance. Sonia Sotomayor is an enemy of the US Constitution. She believes the role of the Supreme Court is to overrule legislative decisions that she or her liberal left don’t like. For example; the people of California have voted twice to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The court has overruled the people twice. This is an outrageous abuse of the California courts. Sotomayor believes that is the role of the courts; to decide like a dictator how we run our states. She knows better than you and I; a true elitist.

She believes white males need to be punished and pushed aside for the minorities because white males are bigots, all too powerful, and need to have any achievements they have accomplished taken away because they were earned unfairly. She is a bigot and radical woman that has a mission to ruin men, and our constitution.

She should be defeated, and exposed for what she is; unworthy of a place on any court…

Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama VS. Cheney : The choice is clear…

There are so many reasons that Dick Cheney is right regarding national security. His arguments are eloquent and full of facts. The biggest fact being his administration’s track record on terrorist attacks since 9/11 has been perfect. He is not packaging his rhetoric in grand illusions of some utopian argument he is simply and concisely making his case on solid ground. Obama is short on facts and long on theory. Misguided theory.

Here are the differences I see:

· Cheney argues from fact, Obama from wishful and misguided thinking.

· Cheney loves this nation, Obama blames this nation.

· Cheney respects our military; completely, Obama respects the people in the military but not their mission or objective.

· Cheney believes we are the moral authority in the world, Obama believes our moral authority is a recruitment tool for terrorists.

· Cheney thinks his plan through before taking action, Obama announces his plan before thinking the ramifications through.

· Cheney understands our government has an obligation to protect Americans, Obama believes our government has some obligation to concede our security to the rest of the world including terrorist nations.

· Cheney has been in the Executive and Legislative branches of government for over 30 years, Obama was a community organizer working with an organization that is under investigation, and a Senator that never finished his first term mostly voting “here”.

· Cheney believes we should protect this nations prisons and court systems by keeping terrorists away from the US, Obama wants to grant terrorist’s rights under our constitution, and introduce these cancerous individuals into our courts and prisons to influence other mal contents already there.

· Cheney is an adult; Obama is akin to the 60’s radicals that if given enough rope by the people will hang this nation.

I urge you to listen intently to the two men argue our national security policy and ask yourself who makes you feel more secure? Exactly; give me Dick Cheney any day…

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We hold these truths to be self evident…

That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

These words and the meaning behind them are becoming more and more relevant every passing day. These words taken from our Declaration of Independence are timeless and deliberate in their recommendation in restraining government for all time. Jefferson believed these words should be used for all time, ready to be resurrected, in times when they again began to ring true for the people of this nation. In other words, our founders if alive today would be considering the same words against the current Federal Government actions being thrust upon us today.

These founders knew human nature would again find a way to undermine the document they worked so hard to establish. They understood no document could withstand the desires of those men determined to take power over others; benevolent or not. They understood that circumstances of the times could be manipulated to encourage the people to give up certain rights in crisis. They understood that in order for this document to survive the people would need to maintain morality and diligence in holding their elected officials accountable. They understood there would come a time when our posterity would be threatened by the actions of their father’s inability to restrain their desires. They understood that no matter how hard they tried to restrain the evil tendencies of government there was always the possibility it could happen. They wrote these words in the declaration that would remind us why they chose the path they did.

Brilliant is the only word for the intelligence of these men in the understanding of human nature. Brilliant was the design they worked so hard to achieve for the thing that became the “American Dream”. Brilliant was their instinct to know the true inefficiencies of government and doing their best to limit the scope of the inefficiency. Brilliant for their time. Brilliant for all time.

We are watching this historic brilliance being over shadowed by today’s ignorance and a willingness to put all historical lessons aside about the outcome of intrusive government. The lessons that are so clearly documented and casually observed throughout today’s society illustrating government failure, yet we are allowing more investment in the scope of government looking for a different outcome. This is insanity.

Read the Declaration of Independence, read the US Constitution, read about the history of this glorious nation and think. Think about how far we have come and how fast we have created the greatest nation in the world. Our country is built on the simple brilliance of investing our future in individual freedom, free markets, and limited scope of government interference, not on the destructive principle of collective utopia, and hoping for a different outcome from the failure that is sure to be. We are reversing the brilliance of this nation but if you read the documents of our founders there is no other conclusion you can come to; brilliant…

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Makes Us Poor?

It is certainly not the amount of money we have. There are people that make a simple living that could be considered rich. They are doing the work that fills their souls and gives them a sense of purpose and well being. They may not be able to own a Mercedes but they drive a car that they can afford and gets them from place a to b. Too often we equate being poor with money but I will argue in America no one is poor because of a lack of money but a sense of envy.

Education is the number one quest that can make us rich or poor. Not just education to help us get a better job but the education that helps us discern between material wealth and spiritual wealth. We have generations of individuals that can’t think analytically or at all on matters of great importance. You know them when you meet them not by whether they have a Harvard degree but how they communicate what they are feeling. People that lack education are poor. And again it is not a formal education but a life spent ignoring the lessons that are right in front of us.

Some of the smartest people I have met in my life did not have a great formal education but spent their life learning and growing, reading and listening, and finally applying their common sense. Today in our inner cities and not so inner cities we have seen education plummet to the lowest common denominator which has given us a citizenry that no longer understands the basic elements of human nature, economic literacy, the ability to analyze without bitter emotion, and is focused on the trivial. We have watched our country become poor both economically and spiritually.

Dependence on others for your happiness is a sign of true desperation. Too many people confuse compassion with the shackles of government assistance. It is important to be compassionate to people who need a helping hand, but it is criminal to encourage people to rely on the shackles of government assistance for their existence. There is no greater creator of the poor than government programs. There is no greater thief of individual dreams than government programs. There is no greater threat to freedom than government programs. There is no greater threat to the existence of man than government programs.

Values and morals are the foundation of wealth. People that do not believe there is a creator of man are poor. The thought that man is all powerful is a recipe for the extinction of man. Our country is based on the Judeo/Christian principles with a sensitivity that religion must be balanced carefully with civic governance. That does not mean an exclusion of all things moral and religious. Without morals and religion we are poor in spirit and hope. Our entire system of government falls apart if we do not recognize that we are all “endowed by our creator” equally. We have become poorer by systematically removing religion from our social fabric.

What makes us poor? Trusting others to provide the happiness we desire. Is that not what our politicians are selling today? If we buy what this administration is selling we will all understand what it means to be poor…

Monday, May 18, 2009

Back in the USA…

I spent last week in Brazil at an event for work. I am now back and don’t know where to begin?

• Notre Dame: Shame on them and bless the 4000 quiet protesters on campus that were ignored by the media.

• Netanyahu: Was elected after Israel had enough of liberalism and where those policies have landed the country. He knows the truth in Reagan’s “peace through strength”. He is a real man and a real leader of his country and everyone that knows how the mid east peace will actually come about; strength, honesty, and integrity to call it for what it is.

• Joe Biden: Is an idiot. Although he would probably be fun to have a beer with.

• Pelosi: Continues to be a consistent liar.

• The government continues to grow and the economy continues to fail. Hmmmmm!

I will be back for more in depth analysis soon enough. God Bless America…

Friday, May 8, 2009

The move toward “emotional economics” will pressure free speech…

The Obama administration is reading up on a new economic theory in the book “Animal Spirits” which believes “ideas and feelings” drive the economy independent of the real data. I believe there is definitely truth in that theory since consumer spending is 70% of the economy and consumers don’t spend when they “feel” scared of the future.

So as this administration that likes to act like Don Vito Corleone of the Godfather tries to talk up their economic plan and the economy they will try to use their strong arm tactics to silence their critics; mostly talk radio and the internet. We are entering a true fight for the heart and soul of America and this is serious business. These democrats, and I use this term loosely because I believe most people that consider themselves democrats do not believe the same way this administration does, will start ratcheting up the smear tactics they need to silence the truth.

The truth is that all the positive rhetoric in the world doesn’t change the fact that the economic “foundation” of this administration’s policies have been tried and failed all around the world. Equal outcome and government interference in the economy never and can never work. America is addicted to debt and this will ruin us. It is ruining individual families and it will ruin this nation. We need to scale back on spending, increase our savings, reduce our debt, and embrace the principles of hard work and patience. Having cash to purchase goods besides a house and car needs to make a comeback.

We are approaching 10% unemployment and Michelle Obama is joking about everyone having a chief of staff and a bunch of servants. That kind of disconnect is a symbol of how far we have drifted from the White House being a house of the people. These current inhabitants are so enamored with power they have no sense of what real America is. They can joke and talk up the economy all they want but the reality is in every household in America there is fear and concern about this out of control government we have at the federal level.

They will try to shut us up. They will try to destroy legitimate criticism. They will try to destroy talk radio. Just like they are about to destroy our economic engine of freedom; capitalism… They must be stopped by educating the people of their true intentions; power OVER the people…

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It is too big to fail…

The protection of our freedom and way of life is just too big to fail. We must stop thinking about changing the federal government by working in the system. The system they have devised in Washington DC is too complex and out of control to tame any longer. Even a Reagan would have no luck with today’s problems.

The change must come at the state level. More and more state legislatures and Governors are passing resolutions addressing their constitutional obligation to run their own states without federal intrusion. This is a good start. At the state level most have budget requirements that force the state to balance the budget which is good. But there is a movement to rescind that requirement. There is a push to create another bureaucracy called the “National Bailout Agency”.

This new agency would be responsible for providing states with federal money to balance state budgets so the state doesn’t have to cut spending or raise taxes. Who are these people and what planet do they come from? They also want to allow states to run deficits for the “short” term at the state level. We know what Washington DC considers “short” term.

We must resist all of these efforts and get back to a little common sense. We must pay down our debt and get back to our moral fabric of hard work, and right and wrong. We all know it is wrong what this country is doing to our children’s future. They are stealing the miracle of our constitutional freedoms.

Here is the only way to stop it now. Even though we can’t change Washington we can stop sending our money there to be wasted. The next step the states must take is to form a coalition to reinvigorate the constitutional debate about the federal government’s ability to tax the citizens beyond what it costs to operate the truly constitutional requirements of our federal government like defense.

I don’t think anyone will argue as states we should not pay for defense. So that is an easy one, every state will pay for defense. We do need a state department but one that is a lot smaller and more focused on the economic trade agreements throughout the world. And it is necessary to have the rules of the land supported that create a consistent and sound set of laws that we all abide by.

Here’s what we don’t need from DC; a department of education. We don’t need a department of transportation. We don’t need a department of Health and Human Services. We don’t need welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Bailouts, the UN, at the federal level just to name a few.

We need to eliminate federal withholding of income taxes at the individual and corporate level. The states need to collect a flat rate of 15% federal and 15% state income taxes and pay the federal portion to the federal government on behalf of their constituents. In general withholding taxes by the employer disguises the true cost of government from the individual, and every individual must be aware of what it is costing them to run the government services they receive or pay for. And every citizen should have to pay so that every citizen has skin in the game.

We need to starve the pig in DC. If there is no funding source for their utopia we can stop the madness. We need to push the government functions as close to the people as possible. I would suggest all services must be administered at the local level and we need to reduce those services as much as possible because they rob individuals of their true potential and dreams.

Fighting in DC has become a waste of time. We must elect representatives and governors that understand; government growth is freedoms greatest enemy. They must understand the founder’s miracle of self rule on moral principles. They must truly read and understand the constitution before becoming our representative. They must be willing to resist the name calling they will receive as radical right wing nuts. Because if these individuals read the constitution they will find their beliefs are held by good company; those original “radical right wing nuts” namely our Founding Fathers…

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Tenth Amendment Gets Another Supporter; 47 to go!

The Oklahoma legislature has passed a resolution validating Oklahoma’s sovereignty and the importance of the 10th Amendment of our United States Constitution. This is powerful stuff being ignored by most of the media. The Tennessee legislature, Texas Governor Perry, and now the great state of Oklahoma have started the ball rolling by raising the 10th amendment and the importance of state’s rights. As the federal government continues to act in an unconstitutional manner these state efforts will grow to stop it. What state will be next? My guess is Wyoming or South Carolina.

These efforts can only grow with a strong educational component. You see our educational system gets an F in civics and history. As Dr. Walter Williams points out in an article today at, 70% of American college graduates fail a simple civics test on the role and structure of our government. I would argue a majority of the American electorate could not tell you the jest of the 10th amendment or any other amendment including the 1st amendment. How do you expect to win an argument about the importance of the 10th amendment if most people don’t even know what it is or what the importance of our constitution is? We must start on many fronts but we must start from the beginning.

I would suggest we recommend to everyone concerned about the current state of the government to read our constitution since it is only 4400 words. We should also be recommending the book; 5000 Year Leap for a very concise summary of our founding principles. I would also recommend the web site Tenth Amendment Center as a start to their education.

We are in a crisis that was predicted by our founders. It is amazing how intuitive these men were. They believed if we forgot our founding moral values we would perish as a free nation. How close we are getting to their prediction but only time will tell. We have and we are in a state of dangerous transition. We must fight again for the minds of anyone willing to listen because the argument of our founders is a simple, logical, and timeless one. The principles of our Constitution are timeless and as relevant today as they were in the eighteenth century.

We must explain it in simple terms like; our tenth amendment simply states that the federal government has a very defined and limited scope; all other issues are left to the states to determine. The closer the government is to the people the better and the less likely it will infringe on our freedoms.

I don’t think state governments are effective either but they are much easier to petition than our federal representatives. Individuals , the family, and community, are much more likely to be served properly by government if that government is held accountable by the people. That is easier to do if you only have to drive to the state house to petition your government than having to get to DC. It also makes it much harder for special interests to operate because instead of one office in DC they must petition 50 states. That is a really good thing for the tax payer.

So although we only have three states so far expressing the importance of state sovereignty and getting back control of our government, the movement is significant. The more people we get to read our founding documents and the more effective we are in making the case for reducing the power in Washington, the freer we will be. Free to live a life that has the greatest potential for every individual in this country, not just the future of the people most connected to DC and the Federal trough…

What is Extreme?

The UK has banned radio talk show host Michael Savage from entering the country based on “… the standards and values we live by…” stated Home Secretary of the UK, Jacqui Smith. It is sited that Mr. Savage has views about Islam that are inflammatory along with other untrue accusations.

As the Homeland secretary bans Mr. Savage for stating truths about radical Islam, in London’s largest Mosque the seeds of revolution and culture clashes are brewing with fomenting hate. The UK’s Islamic community is speaking out in the open about forcing Islam on the rest of the world including their host the UK.

I think the Homeland Secretary has a home grown problem on her hands that deserves real attention. To demonize Mr. Savage for what we here in America consider our rights under the US Constitution; free speech, petitioning our government, and open debate is not a good use of her time.

She has the most extreme elements of a religion dedicated to the destruction of Britain’s way of life right under her nose and she is wasting her time banning a good American like Mr. Savage. I know she thinks this would be popular here but she is wrong. She will have increased this already popular talk show host’s audience, and they will be much more comfortable with Mr. Savages agenda compared to the agenda of the extreme radicals Ms. Smith is ignoring. Just a thought…