Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duck Dynasty; the Tipping Point?

For far too long, a majority of Americans have been quietly ignoring small groups of malcontents that continue to push their agendas in the face of the people who may not agree with their views but are tolerant of allowing those views to be heard. Is the latest attack on Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson the final tipping point?

There comes a time when a bully is finally confronted by the victim and the outrage is so pent up that the results are rarely good for the bully. The American people’s compassion and tolerance have been pushed by many. The atheists, the gay community, the democratic and republican big government types, race baiters, and the political correct coalition have all been pushing their agendas by belittling the majority of American’s core beliefs…

The Duck Dynasty is a program that I have only watched once. I am not a huge TV guy. But it is the largest cable TV show in the history of cable. It is a family that lives by many of the core values the majority of Americans live by. At the end of every show they say a prayer and praise Jesus. That alone makes it a target of every politically correct group in the nation. But here’s the problem, the cumulative number of politically correct groups in comparison to the majority of Americans are not worth comparing. But even though their numbers are small they have figured out how to drive the conversation in their favor.

Tolerance is not accepted by these minority groups. Their creed is: if you don’t believe the way we do, you must be silenced and destroyed. That is not a core value of the Americans they are intent on destroying. A majority of Americans is truly tolerant and believe in free speech and liberty for all. But the groups they are tolerating do not want the majority to have those same courtesies.

The network A&E decided that comments made by Phil Robertson about his religious beliefs in a personal interview by GQ Magazine, and shared by a large majority of Americans, was an opportunity to punish him by firing him from his family’s show. This may be the tipping point.

No matter how you feel about the comments made by Phil Robertson about the gay lifestyle, in America tolerance is how we best react to people’s individual opinions. We don’t have to agree and we especially don’t have to watch the show, but to silence a man’s opinion because a small militant group has decided this opinion is to be silenced, we must reject their actions.

It is time that the majority of Americans that are tired of being told their beliefs are no longer allowed to exist in America, fight back. We need to treat these small radical and intolerant groups the way they have been treating us for years. We need to shut them up by shutting them out of our concerns. We no longer should ignore their radical agenda and we must respond in numbers so overwhelming that these groups understand and everyone observing has no doubt, they are the minority opinion in America.

The attack against the religious beliefs of a member of the Duck Dynasty family may be the attack “heard around the world” by the overwhelming majority of the good tolerant people, no longer willing to ignore the assaults on their beliefs…

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Political Christmas Wish for America

I am tired of the assault the federal government has perpetuated on the people they are sworn to serve. The latest assault Obamacare, is the most dangerous assault in my lifetime. This healthcare takeover is not only unconstitutional (no matter what tortured logic John Roberts used to uphold it), it will cause the death of an unknown number of Americans. It is why I am praying hard for the following:

·         I pray that we begin to see the fallacy that a government of the people, by the people, for the people can succeed without the moral foundation of a belief in God.

·         I pray Americans wake up to the radical left wing that has taken over the former Democratic Party, and vote to elect constitutional supporters in the next election.

·         I pray for all of the victims of Obamacare that have lost their insurance while fighting life threatening diseases. That their stories will end the federal government’s takeover of healthcare. And mostly they find an alternative to continue to successfully fight their diseases.

·         I pray that the State convention process under Article V of the constitution takes hold and passes term limits as its first successful amendment.

·         I pray that every young adult is awakened to the assault on their future opportunity which is being destroyed by an out of control federal government - spending and borrowing away their future.

·         I pray that the military and intelligence agencies are not as aloof as our president when it comes to monitoring and stopping terrorists. And they stop spying on Americans because it is the right thing to do.

·         I pray for the end of poverty by reducing government programs that remove incentives to be self-reliant.

·         I pray that the capitalist system takes the Obamacare disaster and creates a better more efficient and compassionate alternative to healthcare.

·         I pray that Americans wake up and realize politics does matter and that they have a direct role in ensuring a bright future for their children. And they do their due diligence on candidates and don’t simply vote party lines.

·         And finally, I pray the president and democrats are overwhelmed by the response of the American people and stop their assault on American tradition and values.

Merry Christmas! I pray that you and your family have health and happiness during this Christmas season and throughout your lifetime…

Monday, December 9, 2013

If You Care Don’t Ask the Government to Help

If you truly care about the needy, that last place you should look for assistance is a government agency. Government agencies and their perpetual quest to help the needy are the reason the numbers of needy have grown. Yet we still hear from seemingly educated people that we need the government to help.

I guess it’s hard to understand that the government as a compassionate entity is hopeless. I think that people that put their faith in government fail to realize that it is not their wishful thinking that makes people compassionate, it is people with compassion and the willingness to spend their own time and money is what makes for compassion.  

Too often liberal people want someone else to help the poor and that “someone else” for liberals is the government. Even when the evidence is clear that government is a failure at almost everything it does, why would we subject the needy to the workings of a failed government bureaucracy?

Detroit is a city that is the shining example of a place that embraced government intrusion in every aspect of the city’s management. Chicago streets are the shining example of government programs designed to help minority youth in the city. NYC is the shining example of how government programs have chased many of the most successful from the city and if Wall Street financial firms ever decide to go to another city, it would be completely devastated. Public education is an absolute failure in DC, NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston, and every other major city in this country.

Black Americans have too often relied on government programs for their subsistence. I will only say that having grown up in the Bronx, I can tell you first hand, those government programs have created dependency and stolen the hope of multiple generations of Black Americans.

The healthcare system is being destroyed right before our eyes because of government tinkering and liberals still can’t figure out that the place to put your faith is in yourself and the individual. It is not complicated.

I wish liberal people would stop trying to “help” others by asking the government to do what private citizens and civic and church groups are much better suited to do if you actually want to help the needy…