Friday, September 26, 2008

A coupe without the guns…

We are seeing the attempt by Henry Paulson with the blessing of our president to fundamentally change the economic engine of our democracy. They are using fear tactics to take over our market based system. If you read section 8 of the Paulson proposal he will have absolute power to decide what happens with the 700 billion dollar taxpayer bailout, no oversight, no questions asked, no intervention, financial tyranny of our financial system.

This is a crisis started by congress many years ago in an effort to relax the rules for people to get mortgages. They felt 20% down was a barrier to too many people. So every year it became easier and easier to go into debt while that debt was turned into financial “vehicles” that Wall Street placed bets on. The bet worked for a while but like every ponsy scheme that is based on thin air it was bound to end. This is the end we are seeing today.

Those of us that have lived by the values of the past, don’t spend more than we can afford, are about to be punished for having a value system that used to be the norm in this country. This is not only a financial crisis, it is a values crisis. Debt is the norm. Not just mortgage debt, but credit card debt in this country has escalated while savings have diminished. It is a live for today, the heck with tomorrow culture and it is not sustainable.

We have seen our industry leave because of government regulations, we have an unhealthy addiction on foreign investment, and we have a government that has grown beyond anyone’s ability to understand it, or more importantly change it without a crisis as the impetus.

Here’s what needs to happen;

Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Paulson, and countless others in the House and Senate need to be held accountable; voted out or prosecuted for the fraud that has been allowed during their tenure.

President Bush has to stop his push for government intervention.

The market MUST be allowed to correct ITSELF.

Pass a bill to eliminate the capital gains tax for 3 years.

Wall Street needs to know that we will not bail them out and set the course. Every failed institution must be investigated for fraud and illegal activity.

We must remember that not every financial institution is going to go bankrupt, only the ones that have made bad loans.

Keep up the pressure to allow the markets to fix this; do not listen to the people that created the mess. They are covering their backs. Why would we trust anyone in the congress today?

Protect your 401-k by throwing them all out on November 4th.

We are Americans, and we the people are the only ones that can fix this mess created by our representatives.

Remember that the news stations are loving this because it is all a ratings game for them. They are creating an atmosphere of panic. Know better and stay calm.

We must rebuild trust in our government which means starting over with new representation...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The answer is the American people and private markets…

The government needs to get out of the way of the market economy. Government and corporate corruption is responsible for this mess but a taxpayer “bailout” will only prolong the problem. This is a government takeover of our freedom. They need to be stopped now!

The only thing government should do is reduce the capital gains tax to 0, and reduce all tax on investment in our markets for the next year. Well one final thing; arrest every corporate and government official that broke the laws in an effort to create mortgage “opportunities” for everyone that met the criteria of breathing.

Beyond that we need to allow markets to correct themselves and let the people that caused this to go down the drain. Send this message and the markets correct themselves quickly, and then we can get on to the task of ousting our elected officials and arresting the crooks; period!

We are hearing that if we don’t do this the world will end. No it won’t; it will begin again…

Friday, September 19, 2008

Paying taxes equals patriotism?

Actually, if we look at history, and in particular the “Boston Tea Party”, the founding of this country is based on our desire to be free FROM burdensome taxation. We are a nation that believes in entrepreneurship and individual property rights, limited government, and local control. It is a miracle that we ever reached agreement on a Republic. The reason we did was partly because of the Bill of Rights, and the Tenth Amendment.

We have always preferred to keep our own money to do with what we believed important. Taxation has been the source of many a conflict but I have never heard anyone until now say that paying taxes equals patriotism. Joe Biden and Barrack Obama are saying that if you make $250,000 or more you need to suck it up and give others your hard earned money, otherwise you are not patriotic. This group is already paying 95% of the federal tax burden.

You know what isn’t patriotic; asking others to pay for the mess you have made. To subsidize mediocrity, bureaucracy, waste, and fraud! What has Biden, and Obama done for their paycheck lately? They are out on the campaign trail, getting paid, and who is doing the work of the senate while illegals cross our borders, oil resources dry up, and politicians give away the keys to the treasury?

Patriotism is a love for our country that has NOTHING to do with taxes. It is about being proud of what has made us great; the hard work of the American people. We are happy to pay our share for the things the government should provide. What we will not do is gladly pay the bill for the waste, corruption, and socialism being promoted by these two candidates…

Thursday, September 18, 2008

If you want our money here’s your option…

The prospect of failure is a great motivator for business investment. It causes investors to consider their investments wisely. You want to put your money in places where it can grow with the least chance of failure. Risk is what you need to take to be successful; the greater the risk; the greater the rewards in a capitalist system.

This current crisis is the result of many years of people and companies taking risks, and reaping the rewards. Many people have accumulated capital through the appreciation in their homes. Some even used this new found wealth to borrow more money to buy more homes and “flip” them for a profit. Each sale increased their wealth if they could sell the property quick enough. Much personal wealth was created through lending practices that disregarded income verification, down payment ability, or credit history. It was a good time to be one of these people.

We also had companies willing to give credit to marginally credit worthy customers, in the billions of dollars, to invest in property that at the time was appreciating at what we all knew were unsustainable rates. These people were borrowing off of their homes equity and buying campers, second homes, and vacations with this new found wealth. These companies knew this, and were even encouraged by congress to continue this extremely risky business practice. God bless capitalism!

So now we are being asked to absorb all of the losses that this risky activity created when the market dried up and these companies, and individuals were left holding the bag. The federal government (we the taxpayer) is now saying that all of these “bad” loans need to wiped off the books as if they had never happened. What about all of the money that was made? We are being told that if these companies go “under” it will ruin the economy. I disagree; if we allow these companies to continue, the future of capitalism as we know it is over. You cannot allow capitalism to win but not lose. You can’t take away risk and allow for reward. You must allow the system to correct itself because the government can’t correct it. It is fundamentally impossible. Someone has to lose here and it shouldn’t be the taxpayer. It needs to be the people and companies that participated in this activity.

We will see a rush of companies getting rid of marginal debt now that they have been given the opportunity to do so. I ask you as a taxpayer; what do you think will happen if we are expected to “buy” the bad debt and pay for it later? Companies will do the same thing again. The stock market’s rise today is because these financial “wizards” on Wall Street know that they can start lending with no risk, and the consumers of that money know they can use it again with no negative consequences.

We need to see a lot of people going to jail here. If we are going to bail out these companies we need to ask first; as an executive of this company you will be stripped of every penny of your personal wealth, do you still want our money? Here are the options for anyone asking for our help: Ask for the taxpayer’s money and you give up every asset you have in your portfolio.

We also need congress to be punished by voting out every one of them. If Congress wants to bail these companies out here is their option; if you give away our money and you received a contribution from a company or individual we are being asked to bail out - you will be prosecuted for bribery. I think that’s fair. What about you?

This is insanity! Too big to fail? Where does it end?

The 10th Amendment needs to be exercised to fix this mess…

Here we go again with the “save the day” political programs that are going to expand our problems not fix them. We have crooks at the top of the corporate ladder, and in the capitol building in Washington DC. We have a failure in leadership in this country. We have a bunch of absolute misfits running our country and economy. And it all comes from a lack of inner constitution, and ignoring the US Constitution. We need our governors to take back control of the state assets and dictate to Washington what we will do with them. The tenth amendment is a large part of the answer here. We need to challenge this entire federal invasion into our lives, economy, and future. They are changing us from a republic to a centralized dictatorship.

Wall Street has turned into a Las Vegas casino, and the government has become a three ring circus! This is serious business, and we need the good citizens of this country to take it back! We don’t need more government meddling, we need to enforce the laws and regulations that are being broken by executives and representatives. The President has the fox watching the hen house at most of our agencies. We need to reduce these agencies and their influence. The government is not stabilizing our economy; they are bringing it to the brink of disaster. Where are our governors? Standing by and watching instead of fighting against this takeover of our rights.

We need to reform congress by instilling term limits in the long term, at the same time voting them out now! We need to be involved here folks. This is OUR country, money, and future. Do not trust it to these people. Send people to Washington that want to send control back to the states on issues like education, energy, and social services. Washington needs to focus on closing our borders, enforcing and protecting American security and commerce around the globe, and managing the federal monetary system; effectively. The feds need to stop worrying about what we eat, drink, recycle, and do in our schools, and get back to the few things they are supposed to do.

Obama will take advantage of this crisis to implement more government programs and power. He will continue to dissolve our republic into a centralized model of some kind. He is totally ignorant of free markets and free thought. McCain has a great story but he has zero economic understanding. But at least he will be less intrusive into the market economy.

The real fight here is in the congress. Vote for people that support prosecuting criminals not cultivating them. Vote for tenth amendment supporters. Vote for representatives that will reduce government intervention not people that want more of this incompetency. Vote for a real citizen legislature not a career politician. Vote these bums out! If this doesn’t persuade you just take a look at your 401K; enough said!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Oprah; Just another pol?

Oprah Winfrey does not want to have Sarah Palin on her show which has a huge demographic of women viewers. This is sad and dangerous for Oprah because part of her appeal is her normally a-political stand over the past decade. Up until Obama, she has stayed away from the political fray which is so much safer in a divided America.

The risk for Oprah here is that both conservative and liberal women watch Oprah, and if she is seen as supporting liberal candidates she may lose many conservative women viewers. Oprah is a skilled interviewer and could clearly navigate one with Sarah Palin. What she is afraid of is that she may really like her. And if Oprah likes her that could have an impact on the voters in her audience. It wouldn’t be an endorsement, but it would be an endorsement.

So if she chooses not to host Palin and the story takes flight, she and her show lose. If she does, she wins but so does Sarah, and only Obama risks the loss of some women votes. The right thing for the self proclaimed woman’s advocate is to have Sarah on the show. No matter how you slice it, Sarah is a history making woman that deserves the opportunity to be seen in the Oprah setting by the rest of the women in America.

I like Oprah as a person, and I hope she does the right thing…

Thursday, September 4, 2008

“Sarahcudda” The Arctic Fox!

Just call Washington DC the “hen” house. We have a new sheriff in town, and we now have an advocate for the change “average” Americans want.

Last night Governor Palin, (I feel like I should call her Sarah because I feel like I know her) hit a homerun! I know this because my wife who hates political speeches, she calls them blah, blah, blah, was impressed with her style, humor, family standing, and authenticity. That is a huge testament for me on the impact this new VP candidate will have on the “average” voter. The voter that has felt disconnected now has a reason to reconnect. That connection is Sarah.

Hard core left democrats will hate her but more importantly will fear her. From that fear will come mania. From that mania will come, new voters. Those new voters will be driven to Sarah Palin. Not since Reagan, have I felt so compelled to vote because I want to, not have to.

She is not perfect but that is part of the draw for me. She faces down life with values she believes in. She seems principled and destined to create change just by the simple decisions in her life. She is truly a breath of fresh air! Breathe deep America; it’s OK!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Hope Tonight…

There will be 22 million viewers to witness the reason we need a strong reformer in the White House that is also a woman. I have written often about my experience working for and with some of the best and brightest women in business. I believe we could use a new perspective in Washington with the experience of Sarah Palin.

She is managing a family, career, and now has to manage the hypocrisy, idiocy, and bias of the liberal media. I still have confidence that Americans make the right decision when faced with facts and information. Tonight Palin has the opportunity to state the facts; she has more experience in every way than Barack Obama. And she will provide the information necessary for people to realize she lives the life we do; juggling life as it comes at us with no nannies, chauffeurs, assistants, and chefs. I can’t wait!

The reason she scares liberals is she represents real women, not some radical feminist that hates men and abandons the things that people admire in a lady. We’ll see a true statesman and lady this evening. It will truly be a hysterical, I mean historical moment for liberal women everywhere (really)…

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Palin is real America…

Small point to ponder; Palin has more practical political experience than the democrat’s choice to lead their presidential ticket, Barrack Obama. You knew her story couldn’t be perfect but it really is. The NY Times is about to run multiple stories about the pregnancy of her 17 year old daughter which will only add to the credibility of Palin. She has 5 children and as we all know, children are not perfect. Most Americans can empathize with her situation, and will lash out at any attempts to blame her for her daughter’s actions. The public, especially woman will understand the difficulty she is facing in her private life. She will stand by her daughter with the heart of a mom, and as other mom’s and dad’s know, it is all you can do. Family is so much deeper than government “service” and community “building”.

Palin is a person that lives the American story every day. She has children to care for, a job to go to, a husband that shares the family responsibilities, and as for her experience to be VP? She has been a Council woman, PTA member, Mayor, and Governor of Alaska. Obama’s experience? Community “organizer”? Doesn’t even compare.

The democrats will be seen for what they are; hypocrites. Democrats - the party of woman? Only liberal woman get their support. So the mask is lifted and we find the true motivation of the democratic ticket; destroy the American experience and replace it with a liberal European one. Palin is American through and through. She will attract many people because of her story, and the attempt to destroy her with her daughter’s “story” will only strengthen her and her VP credentials in the eyes of most Americans.

How refreshing will it be to have one of us in the White House? America is ready for a woman in office; an American woman…