Saturday, January 31, 2009

The “Big Bang” Economic Theory is next?

I feel like we have a gun at our heads with this current administration. The new Treasury secretary (the guy who didn’t pay his taxes but is in charge of taxing us) is about to implement a “big bang” theory to “fix” the economy. Where do we get these characters?

The theory plays like a bad Disney movie; Goofy (that’s Obama) is desperate to look good in front of the audience (that’s us) and he concocts a plan with Pluto (that’s Geithner the T secretary). The idea is to take all of the bad debt that Mickey (Mickey represents the business geniuses that lent money to people who couldn’t pay it back) and hide it in Cinderella’s castle so everyone forgets that it is there.

The seven dwarfs (Goofy’s cabinet and democratic congressional leaders) run around trying to sell the idea that if we hide the Bad credit in Cinderella’s castle, punish Mickey by calling him bad names and taking away his bonuses, start lending again to the people that couldn’t pay back the first round of money lent to them, and they go out and buy more houses and stuff, Disney world will live happily forever.

Bing bang alright. The only way people will go to this movie is if it is the only movie in town. We need a bold new idea from the republicans who stood firm against this insanity. I have the bill and it is 647 pages of vitamins for government strength. This bill is government on steroids. Read it because you will see how deceitful our representatives are in selling this as anything but a government takeover of everything. A trillion dollars buys a lot of power. They are dooming and glooming our economy and have no faith in free people and free markets. They want to control everything.

So just say no to Pluto’s “Big Bang” theory!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Pelosi is saying should scare you to death…

Nancy Pelosi on a Sunday talk show defended a provision in the “stimulus” package that paid for abortion programs both here and throughout the world. Abortion and contraception are her answers to “stimulating” the economy.

What is scary is that when she was asked to explain - she suggested that if we don’t stop pregnancies or if we let more babies live they will need health care and state services which put a financial strain on state budgets. Here is the translation; when the state runs the health care system (which is in this bill as well) Nancy Pelosi and government bureaucrats will decide who should live and who should die.

The elderly, mentally and physically handicapped, or anyone that becomes a financial burden on the state’s financial resources beware! Nancy Pelosi is going to decide if you are worth spending government funds on. Which are your funds; so your funds could be used to kill you off.

This is not science fiction folks, when you turn over control of anything to the government you turn over control of your freedom. And when it comes to health care you may have handed over your life; literally. To believe that the American people will transfer their fate to people like Pelosi is mind boggling. When the healthcare system has to ration services because they are running out of funds (and believe me that is inevitable), what group or groups of people will be worth saving? Is that God’s decision, your decision, or the government’s decision?

Think about it. Today Pelosi is saying that babies should be aborted because they cost the states money. Tomorrow she will be saying the elderly, handicapped, poor, less fortunate should die because they are costing too much money in the state run health care system.

Are you scared to death yet? You should be…

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let’s teach our liberal politicians a lesson in how the private sector works…

Citi-Bank and Bank of America are crying for more bailout money from us and believe they will fail if they don’t get it. Well, they received a bailout already, and if they can’t make it without another bailout here is my suggestion; stop using these banks.

There are many choices (for now) in where you keep your money and utilize financial services. I say teach these banks and any bank taking tax money a true lesson in free markets. Let every customer take their money out and put it into a local bank or credit union that has been playing by the rules.

We need to reward good behavior to get more of it. So if these big banks want our tax money and our politicians want to be in the banking business (this is not constitutional by the way), let’s show them how ruthless the free markets are. They can take over the banks but we can take our business elsewhere. Let’s leave them with a bunch of useless assets and empty vaults.

Then watch and see what they do with their new found business minus the customers. A simple lesson may show them that they don’t want to be in the rough and tumble private sector. Just a thought…

Monday, January 26, 2009

Governor Ritter of Colorado; NO on Terrorists!

Governor Ritter of the great state of Colorado through a spokesman suggested he is not against the idea of housing the 200 plus terrorists now held at Guantanamo Bay at the Super Max facility in Florence Colorado. Obama has closed Guantanamo by executive order. I have no doubt that the prisoners will be securely held within the prison walls, I am concerned about the target that prison becomes, and the danger this potential decision is to the citizens of Colorado. I have a vested interest being a citizen of Colorado with a family that skis at Monarch.

Florence is off of highway 50 near Canyon City Colorado. If you have ever travelled this great state you know the limited route choices you have to access some of the greatest treasures of our state. Including Crested Butte, the Arkansas river near Salida Colorado, and the Monarch mountain ski resort to name a few. By bringing these terrorists to Colorado those routes become a risk. We already house some of the most dangerous criminals in our own country in Florence. And for the citizens of Colorado this concern is always close to the surface. When you drive on highway 50 near Florence there are signs warning motorists not to pick up pedestrians. Stop in Canyon city and you feel very secure when you start noticing how many people are wearing guns and uniforms. But these law enforcement officials will become targets of terrorist supporters as well; outside of the walls of the prison.

How could anyone believe bringing these most dangerous killers to the US a good idea? No other country in the world wants these killers. So how can Governor Ritter believe this will not put the citizens of Colorado at risk? Does he not believe that these terrorists will be a magnate for other terrorists? By putting them in our jurisdiction we are now to trust lawyers to keep them behind bars? What type of people will be visiting these terrorists?

Democrats are known for being soft on crime but housing these ruthless killers goes beyond crime. The Governor should know better. We expect this of Obama but Governor Ritter? Shame on you putting the citizens of Colorado at risk…

Obama: The Ultimate Moral Relativist…

Moral Relativism: Standards of right and wrong are simply neutral concepts that are defined by the culture and times… Basically there is no right or wrong.

Obama seems to be the ultimate “devil’s advocate”. He has a way of justifying anything he believes and is taking every position counter to America’s values. He is the devil’s advocate against hard work, individual responsibility, strong defense, free markets, and the constitution.

Obama is for allowing babies that have exited the womb and have miraculously survived an abortion procedure to die a cold death. How does anyone with a soul allow that?

He is arguing that the economy will be helped by taking one person’s wealth and hard labor, and giving it to another. Where’s the economic growth in that? Pure socialism is what that is.

Most moral relativists are liberals and hide out at our universities, news papers, and DC cocktail parties. But we are in dangerous territory here because Obama has been elected to the most powerful position in the world, and he has a propensity for the “Executive Order”.

Tyrants love to “order”. Every president has used the executive order but Obama is on the fast track to be the most egregious in its use. He is scary. He has “won” but that does not mean he can circumvent congress.

I am sure with his skill as a devil’s advocate he could argue an unlimited use of executive power for the purpose of “helping” the people. This guy has shown he can justify the most despicable activity so think how easy he could justify, limiting free speech, free assembly, the right to own a gun, and every other right we have in our constitution.

We are in dangerous times when our president doesn’t seem to have a moral compass, and takes great pleasure in ordering people to do what he thinks is right…

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dangerous times ahead…

This is the danger our new President is willing to put us in to simply appease the loony left! The full article is here. Read these excerpts and you decide:

The emergence of a former Guantánamo Bay detainee as the deputy leader of Al Qaeda's Yemeni branch has underscored the potential complications in carrying out the executive order that President Barack Obama signed that the detention center be shut down within a year.

The militant, Said Ali al-Shihri, is suspected of involvement in a deadly bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen's capital, Sana, in September. He was released to Saudi Arabia in 2007 and passed through a Saudi rehabilitation program for former jihadists before resurfacing with Al Qaeda in Yemen.

"The lesson here is: Whoever receives former Guantánamo detainees needs to keep a close eye on them," the U.S. official said.

What are we running; a daycare! KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON THEM!!! These are terrorists that want to kill us and our children because we are not Muslim! This is a very scary start from a very scary President…

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why pay your taxes?

The nominee for Secretary of the Treasury that oversees the IRS has shown by his deeds that paying taxes is optional. Timothy Geithner has apologized for his “honest” mistake of failing to pay $34,000 in self employment payroll taxes. Now I know a lot of self employed people, and I know that if they didn’t pay their taxes it wouldn’t garner them a nomination to Secretary of the Treasury, it would more likely nominate them to the top of the prosecution for tax evasion list of the IRS.

It wasn’t one mistake but rather his evasion of taxes lasted many years. The question now is will he be nominated in spite of this evidence? This is the guy who will now be in charge of the trillions of dollars of debt we are about to incur.

He has suggested we create a “bad” bank that will house all of the bad debt so that the other banks can lend more money to people that will not pay it back which will end up making the “bad” bank bigger. This is ludicrous. We need to pay down debt not continue the activity that gave us this unmanageable debt that is the lead anchor of our economic ship.

So I say if we nominate this guy we follow his example and not pay our taxes. This way the government has no money to implement this idiocy. It is simply tough love for our government representatives. They can’t help themselves so it is up to us to cut off their supply to end their addiction. Let’s do it before they get any other “big” ideas. Just a thought…

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LL Cool J and Fox News…

This morning LL Cool J was “interviewed” on Fox regarding the election of Barrack Obama. Come on, what are we nuts! I could give a rat’s tail about the opinions of LL Cool J or any rapper. Rappers are partly responsible for the continued plight (along with government education failures) in the Black neighborhoods of inner cities. Education and melding with the broader society is what the Black youth need. And a good book - Not LL Cool J.

The rampant racism on display yesterday was disappointing. The fact that the entire event was based on the color of the new president’s skin rather than his character does not bode well for the coming days. So many factions have been cultivated by the Democrats that I fear a united American people may be a thing of the past.

Obama deserves the criticism and support he will receive in the coming days not because he is a Black President but because he is the American President. And in America we criticize everyone equally, and if the American press believes any different they are wrong. Americans are fair but will not cower to the race card. We respect all races.

So all Americans of every political stripe need to get ready as the policies start flowing to analyze, criticize, support, or reject based on the content of the policy, not the name of the legislation, or the race of the author of the legislation. Just a thought…

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where did the first round go?

Obama has asked GW Bush to ask the congress to release the next $350,000,000,000 BILLION of the $700,000,000,000 BILLION dollar “bailout” passed last year that we were told; if it didn’t pass we would all be eating out of barrels on the street or die of something. Nothing has changed with the economy so the excuse now is we need the next $350,000,000,000 BILLION!

The problem is that no one knows where the first $350,000,000,000 BILLION went??? Not one politician can point to where our hard earned tax dollars have gone and what they are doing. So based on this information, should we be giving more?

If you gave your teenager $50 to go out on Friday night because he had to go to this school function that everybody was going to, and if he didn’t go he would be nobody, and then he came back to you on Saturday and asked you for another $50, for the same school function what would you do? Ask how they spent the first $50? If they told you I don’t know where it went, would you give them $50 more?

I bet if you are like most Americans you would not release any funds without a full accounting from your teen. Why is this any different? It’s your hard earned money. The people that you have given the money to can’t tell you how they spent it? So why give them more?
I would be very suspicious of my teen that could not account for the $50. I don’t see a difference with our tax dollars, besides the amount of 000,000,000,000 do you?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Be Careful What You Ask For…

According to Obama this crisis is so big, “only government can provide the short term boost necessary to lift us from a recession this deep and severe”. What evidence is Obama and his economic team using to support such a ridiculous statement that emphasizes his ignorance of how the economy works? Or is he well aware that this will deepen the pain and prolong the recession so we look for a “savior” and the “savior” is his administration?

He should be careful when he asks for more government intervention because there will come a point when Americans will wake up and start listening to Blogs like this, and paying attention to an alternative when the masses start realizing the affects of his policies. People will realize what many of us know already, he is just another worthless pol in Washington DC. No messiah - not even an empty suit or an emperor with no clothes.

He will be dropped like a hot potato when all we have in our pots is potatoes. Wake up people. The government spending is the problem. Government regulation and intrusion into the markets, is the problem. Politicians in DC are the problem. Less of them and their ideas is the solution!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stop right there! Only the States can stop the Feds now…

It is completely out of control in Washington DC. We have a bunch of bumbling idiots in charge of the treasury and the country’s future. Talk of trillion dollar deficits, cap and trade, bailouts, tax welfare to those that don’t pay, taking over our healthcare and economy; like in the Meatloaf song “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” where the woman screams – “STOP Right There, before we go any further do you love me, will you never leave me…”

The state Governors must pull out their pocket constitution and read the 10th amendment carefully for their next step in strategy. Instead of putting their hands out, they should be shutting the door on the federal government. As Raficki in the Lion King says to Simba- “It is time…”

It is time to refuse the unfunded mandates, audit the cost the federal programs like Medicaid, and the impact it is having on the states both financially and socially, review our Return on Investment of our tax dollars in Education, and decide if we are a nation of freedom or going to allow the federal march toward tyranny?

If the Governors had the guts that our Founding Fathers had, this would have been done a long time ago. They gave the states the rights, now we need some leadership to stand up for those rights. The states are not perfect but at least we can drive to our State Houses to protest, support or influence our government. It is closer to home and more controllable.

We need the feds to focus on national security, the war on terror, trade policy and that’s it! They have shown no competence to handle even those things but as a constitutionalist, we have to give them their legal due. Just a thought…

Monday, January 5, 2009

Where are the tenth amendment supporters?

This is a constitutional crisis, and a lesson in why leaving our children’s education up to political and government bureaucrats is a really, really, bad idea! What constitutional crisis you ask? The one that will happen if Harry Reid, “leader” in the Senate, follows through on his threat not to seat Governor “Blowhardvich” of Illinois Senate pick - Burris. There are so many things wrong with this scenario, and little outrage coming from the other 49 Governors.

The Governor of Illinois is a dirt bag but this does not give Harry Reid authority to choose the state of Illinois senator. The Governor of Illinois is accused of being a thug but innocent until proven guilty, and again does not give Reid state authority in Illinois.

This is the most clear cut case of constitutional ignorance and dismissal in my memory. If the Governors and the people of this country turn their back on this one we are in big trouble. Either the Governors have not read the constitution, have no political backbone or the worst scenario, they are choosing to ignore it because of “Blowhardvich’s” situation.

Illinois must decide who to certify and send them to DC, we must reform education, and finally we must defeat ignorant politicians like Reid that will over step the greatest government framework document of all time for the sake of political power.

Illinois, Nevada, and the rest of the 48 have some reading and work to do to protect our constitution…

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It’s not my responsibility?

I watched the Governor of Ohio, Strickland; argue on a TV interview that he needed a 5 billion dollar bailout because he wasn’t responsible for the Lehman Brothers crash that started the current financial “crisis” which is impacting his state negatively. Curious that he used that example since it was Senator Schumer of NY that started the initial panic, and should be brought up on insider trading charges since he had confidential information which he revealed to start the wave of failures. This entire meltdown seems much orchestrated by people that had an interest in a failing economy. Namely every socialist democrat in our government.

Strickland argued that he has cut the state services to the bone and that it was not prudent to raise taxes in a slow economy. Hmmm! I will bet that state employees in Ohio have some really pricey pension, compensation, and benefit plans that could use some trimming. That is what the private sector is doing, and this is only a guess but I would bet they are like every other state that seems to always have more than enough employees that can stand around an open hole in the ground and ponder the next move. It is laughable when you hear any government bureaucrat state they have nowhere to cut! The reason they don’t want to cut is because they lose their donors or risk going back on a quid pro quo of a past donor. That is the simple fact.

But I digress. Here is a recommendation to all of the Governors in the states, lead or get out. Begging for a bailout is not leadership. Making the tough choices and standing up to the Federal government is. Let’s start applying the 10th amendment to the constitution and start taking back the responsibility of running our states at the local level. Let’s get out of DC. Now that would be leadership. And that is the responsible thing to do…