Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama: The Ultimate Moral Relativist…

Moral Relativism: Standards of right and wrong are simply neutral concepts that are defined by the culture and times… Basically there is no right or wrong.

Obama seems to be the ultimate “devil’s advocate”. He has a way of justifying anything he believes and is taking every position counter to America’s values. He is the devil’s advocate against hard work, individual responsibility, strong defense, free markets, and the constitution.

Obama is for allowing babies that have exited the womb and have miraculously survived an abortion procedure to die a cold death. How does anyone with a soul allow that?

He is arguing that the economy will be helped by taking one person’s wealth and hard labor, and giving it to another. Where’s the economic growth in that? Pure socialism is what that is.

Most moral relativists are liberals and hide out at our universities, news papers, and DC cocktail parties. But we are in dangerous territory here because Obama has been elected to the most powerful position in the world, and he has a propensity for the “Executive Order”.

Tyrants love to “order”. Every president has used the executive order but Obama is on the fast track to be the most egregious in its use. He is scary. He has “won” but that does not mean he can circumvent congress.

I am sure with his skill as a devil’s advocate he could argue an unlimited use of executive power for the purpose of “helping” the people. This guy has shown he can justify the most despicable activity so think how easy he could justify, limiting free speech, free assembly, the right to own a gun, and every other right we have in our constitution.

We are in dangerous times when our president doesn’t seem to have a moral compass, and takes great pleasure in ordering people to do what he thinks is right…

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