Friday, July 25, 2008

Why would Germans love Obama?

Could it be the guilt Germans share with liberals? Liberals in America have a guilt complex about America’s commanding hold of the greatest military in the world, greatest economy, and the greatest people in the world. Germans continue to harbor guilt about their historic mistake of following the Nazi dictator Hitler. So does guilt bind the liberals and Germans, forming a bond of shared misery?

Could both Germans and Liberals feel the best way to resolve that guilt is to make everybody equally miserable? Obama represents the leader that can do that for the world. He will make all guilt ridden liberals and envious Europeans equally poor, unhappy, under educated, and dependent on a government run by them.

So the crowds in Germany flocked to the Messiah of misery. Funny how Obama didn’t visit our military bases in the same country. There he would have found the greatest patriots in the world! He would not have found one soldier looking for a message of misery.

Obama’s trip is a very disturbing and telling tale of his vision. World government anyone? The UN running the courts, the English running our healthcare, Germans running our daycare centers, while Americans pay the bill…

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Messiah or Misery…

The press is covering Obama as if he is the next coming of Christ. Meanwhile John McCain is greeted by a lonely camera man, and one member of the press corp. Bias? You be the judge. But why the messianic treatment for Obama?

First; he represents everything liberals value, feelings over substance, he’s seen as black even though he is half white, he deals in relative truth, he despises the military even though they provide the security that drives our economy and protects our freedom, he is a simple thinker that lacks true vision, he loves government programs to fix broken government programs, and he is the politically correct poster child.

Second; He is not a Christian through and through. Although they avoid the issue for now, the liberal media will be touting his Muslim roots when and if he is safely elected. The liberal media despises Christianity and its roots in the 10 commandments, accountability, and a higher being. It panders to the Muslim point of view because they believe that we need to accept other “cultures”. Obama will be used to spread the word that Islam is a “religion of peace” while the Middle East burns with Islamic radicalism. We will return to glorifying the likes of Arafat who was a cold blooded killing animal who was received by the Clinton White House as a “dignitary”. Just replace the dead Arafat with the maniac Ahmadinejad.

Third; Liberals need to cleanse their guilt. For some reason liberals believe all European white men are the root of all the evils of slavery even though African nations continue in the trade. Liberals still see black Americans as inferior and needing government assistance even though we conservatives know this is a condescending falsehood.

Finally; he is treated as the Messiah because liberals are elitists, and Obama is a poster child for elitist attitude. He believes he knows what is best for we Americans, we just don’t know it yet. He needs to convince us that he will have our best interest in mind, and we don’t need to question his motives because he is so pure. Liberals are elitists who quickly turn to tyrants in the best interest of the people.

Messiah or Misery?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4 Day Work Week for Colorado State Employees?

Colorado politicians are considering a 4 day work week for state employees which I assume is due to higher gas prices? ARE WE NUTS! It used to be when you took a state or municipal job the pay was lower in comparison to the private sector so employees were attracted with good benefits and job “security”. That was long ago but let’s look at today.

First off, the pay is as good if not better for government employees than the private sector, benefits are much better than the private sector, and last; do you know what it takes to fire a government employee? An act of congress and ratification by 3/5th of the state legislators, a majority of union bosses, and the blessing from the pope.

Today a state government employee can “retire” after twenty years, collect 75% of their former pay, get rehired by the same agency, at the former pay scale while collecting their retirement. It is called “double dipping”. For many that start out at the trough young enough, they can “triple dip”. Retiring twice, working for another government agency while collecting two other pay checks. Admittedly this is harder to do but it is not as uncommon as you think.

Meanwhile we slugs in the private sector that pay for this abuse can’t touch our 401K even if we have enough in it to retire until at least 55 without a HUGE penalty. So why can state government employees be paid retirement benefits at the age of forty? A quick caveat here: Federal employees are not eligible with the exception of the military which is OK. I also work with some fine government IT folks that have our best interest at heart but the state system is broke.

A recent story about a water district worker pointed out that the head of that department was collecting $180K retirement check while being paid a $252,000 salary at the same position she retired from! But don't fret, she wasn't getting health benifits. They were taken care of under her retirement benefit. Oh! OK that makes me feel better. In Florida it has been documented that there are 131 triple dippers, and more than 1200 double dippers. All this while being guaranteed a job no matter what your performance.

So I ask; a four day work week for state government employees? Suck it up and pump the gas just like we do. I work for a company based in the UK and their stance on this is; how do we justify a 4 day work week in the US while our European colleagues pay $7 a gallon for gas?

More importantly we need to reduce the government workforce tenfold at all levels of government. The state and fed workers are always crying about their underfunding and job “losses”. Welcome to the real world where nobody is guaranteed anything except their freedom, and even that is under assault. So I say no to a 4 day work week benefit. And I don’t want to hear how it will “save “the state money by closing facilities, reducing electric bills, etc… Bull. If you want to save money, try firing some of the deadwood or repetitive job functions first. There is plenty of that to target. And if they don’t like it, I’m sure there will be plenty of workers chomping at the bit to get a shot at the double, triple dip scam that is going on. Just a thought…

Friday, July 18, 2008

The 10th Amendment has been ignored…

As usual, Walter Williams hits the nail on the head. This article references a referendum introduced in the state legislature of Oklahoma to put the Federal government on notice that it has over stepped its bounds based on the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
The founders would have never been able to get the constitution passed by the states if they could foresee the current actions of the federal government.

They would be completely surprised at the degree to which the states have given over responsibility and authority for issues regarding individual citizens in individual states. The state representatives at the constitutional convention were passionate about state’s rights, and suspicious of any power transfer to the federal government. It was a miracle that the constitution was ratified.

The Oklahoma legislature that passed the resolution restating their states rights as defined in the constitution would be applauded by our founders. It is interesting how ignorant most of us are on the details and history of our constitution. Ignorance is the only reason we continue to accept unfunded mandates, and an over active federal government supported by an over active federal court system.

If our founders were here today, we would have had a revolution already. All of their fears have been realized. They feared too much power in a central authority. They feared that fractions would develop and control the process of government while ignoring the will of the people. They feared tyranny over the states. They feared a central government would become too powerful and impose on individual freedoms. To name a few…

The Oklahoma state legislature is just trying to re-establish the balance that the founders worked so hard to solidify in our constitution. We should join them…

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Government is Going to Kill the Market…

The reason we are in a financial mess is because the government and particularly the congress has been putting pressure on lenders to make the dream of home ownership a reality for “all”. Although this is a lofty goal, the bottom line is, home ownership needs to be tied to people’s ability to pay. Not everyone will want to own a home or have the financial capacity.

Over the years congress has made promises to constituents of “guaranteeing” home ownership, healthcare, a job, college education, etc… The problem is that all of these pursuits need to be accompanied by a responsibility on the individual to have a stake in the “game”. They are not things you can “guarantee”. These are things that need to be earned and/or paid for.

The reason Country Wide Mortgage failed is because the Chairman in an effort to garner privilege from the Banking Committee and the members of congress on the committee, decided long ago to relax mortgage requirements to give mortgages to people that under normal rules would not qualify. This action gave him many personal benefits as it did for Senator Dodd and others (special mortgage rates) benefits which went unnoticed during the housing “boom”. This helped fuel the housing boom which is currently coming under closer scrutiny by the same congress that caused the bust.

So now we have a tangled web of mortgages that were encouraged by congress, given out all too willingly by financial institutions to unqualified or marginally qualified individuals going bust, and what is the answer? A government bailout. So we no longer have a housing “market”, we have a “guarantee” of home ownership for individuals, and no consequences for bad lending practices for mortgage companies. What this is folks is socialism coming in the back door.

They could never take control of an entire industry without the guise of a crisis. Is it a crisis? You bet, but one that could have been avoided by allowing market conditions to dictate mortgage policy, not government requirements dictating mortgage policy. The beauty of the market is it is ruthless against improper activity. The market consequence for bad lending policy is you go out of business. The consequence of government run mortgage policy is business as “usual”. No losers except for we the idiot taxpayers that allow this to happen.

Impeach the entire congress for financial ignorance… That would be good market policy…

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tony Snow will be missed…

He will be missed desperately by his family, and he will be missed in the political world he so willingly participated in with such confidence, candor, and respect. He was not typical of today’s partisan political analyst. He reveled in healthy debate of the issues with little use for personal attacks so often used by his rivals in the democratic establishment.

I have enjoyed Tony since finding him on Fox News Sunday many years ago. I love the fact that he balanced his political life with family, and his love for music. He brought a deliberate style of love for country in every political endeavor including Press Secretary for George W Bush.

I can only express my sadness here by saying there are very few Tony Snow’s in the political world today, and to lose him is a big blow to the opportunities he brought to the table to keep both sides engaging in civil debate. But most importantly he was a great example of the need for balance in life by showing others that loving family and country is possible, and balancing both can lead to a successful life.

He died too young, and he will be missed. It is a sad day to all that knew him, or knew of him. We pray for his family’s loss and our nation’s loss. We pray for his wife and 3 children. Our hearts and prayers are with you…

Friday, July 11, 2008

Declare War on OPEC…

How are we accepting the monopolistic practices of OPEC? Because we need the oil? Partly, but what would happen if we stated we were pulling out of the world “market” in the next 7 years?
How long would it take to find alternative sources? I don’t know if it is realistic but I do know when America sets her mind on a problem, America usually beats it!

So let’s rally against OPEC and Middle Eastern Oil and put the American spirit behind an effort to become self sufficient, create a new oil market based on real market forces, and find all of the alternatives we can, as fast as we can!

This is America where anything is possible when we set our mind to it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

If he doesn’t debate, what does that "say" about Representative Lamborn?

Doug Lamborn is refusing to debate his two rivals for the Republican nomination for his current position; Representative District 5 Colorado. Why would an incumbent politician not want to debate? The answer is obvious to the people who follow politics; because incumbents have an advantage, and debates can only hurt the incumbent while raising the profile of the challengers. Unless of course the incumbent is a competent and able leader.

The real problem for the incumbent is the more you see, the less you like. And that to me is a real problem for our country and district. What type of “leader” is he, if like his commercials say, and the Chamber of Commerce agrees, is someone we should send back to DC, but refuses to debate the issues? What would make him hesitant to defend and promote that record? I ask you; don’t the voters deserve at least a leader that will fight for himself, if not us?

What has happened to the definition of “leadership”? If Doug Lamborn is truly our “leader”, then why isn’t he out front promoting and defending his leadership? What type of leader hides and avoids the tough decisions or actions? What type of leader is one afraid to stand up against the competition? What is the definition of leadership today?

Political strategy aside, this is not leadership. I am embarrassed to have representing me a man that doesn’t have the fortitude to back up his positions and motivate the electorate with his vision. Anyone can vote, leadership is more than voting.

His TV commercials ring absolutely hollow when you assess his unwillingness to defend and promote his candidacy. Crank and Rayburn will be speaking to an empty chair at the debate. They should place an empty suit on that chair because that is what Lamborn is, an empty suit.

My candidacy is about changing the foundation of a broken system. This is one example of what is wrong today in the election of the people that are “running” this government (into the ground). One of the reasons we keep getting the Doug Lamborns of the world is exemplified in this process. Crank and Rayburn are putting themselves out there for judgment before the voters, and Lamborn is allowed to avoid the venue, denying the republican voters an opportunity to make a clear choice. The parties have reduced our choices in candidates, and Lamborn embodies the problem with the party system. Once you’re in the good ol boys club you will be protected and given special privilege even if you don’t have the guts to be a leader.

I have nothing personal against Doug except for the fact that he doesn’t deserve to hold a position he is unwilling to defend. This is unacceptable if you want to be a leader. As a constituent I am outraged at his lack of leadership. In his commercial he talks about fighting the liberals in congress. Do you believe that a man that cowers from a debate in his own party is “fighting” liberals in congress? Have some guts Representative Lamborn…

Monday, July 7, 2008

McCain and Obama tout Jobs Plan…

First of all, when is the last time McCain or Obama had a real job that produced anything resembling wealth? McCain has spent his entire after military life in the government. Obama has had a community “activist” job that basically consisted of strong arming the Illinois legislature for more tax payer handouts. So I ask, what credibility do either of these candidates have when it comes to understanding what drives economic growth?

McCain is saying the right things like reducing the tax burdens but does he mean it? I still get this sense that he believes that the tax dollars in Washington are the Federal governments to do with what bureaucrats see as necessary. A fundamentally flawed premise. Obama keeps talking about only taxing the “rich”. The rich? Anyone that actually pays taxes, and if you ask any small business owner about the tax burden and its impact on jobs; taxes kill jobs. That is Obama’s plan, kill jobs, and grow government dependence.

The economic problems facing this country can only be exasperated by politicians getting involved. We need to reduce regulation, taxes, and big business influence in Washington. We need to send to Washington a fresh crop of individuals with no prior political experience to straighten this mess out. The career politicians have dug us so deep in debt and government dependence that only a fresh approach can get us out of the mess. We need to break the ties that the lobbyists have so nurtured with the longstanding politicians who are so willing to do their bidding for them.

Why would we trust any politician today, and especially the ones that have been there more than eight years? What have they done to deserve your vote? Is the country better off because of their “leadership”? Is the country better off because of their “experience”? Is the country better off because of their past “judgment”? I ask, what is the real risk of getting rid of all of the politicians that have had a hand in creating this mess? That is what any Executive team in the private sector worth their weight would do. As the “Board” of this great nation it is every citizen’s responsibility to purge this lousy management team. We have little choice in the presidential election this year but that will come. We will have to put up with the two choices this time around so why not offset that with a new congress and senate?

It is time to take back the government that was designed to serve us, not them. Get involved; get pumped up to make a change. Be heard; speak out; while you still can…

Thursday, July 3, 2008

God Blessed the World with America…

This post is in honor of our Founders and all of the great American patriots that have supported, implemented, and died for the freedom and rights we are blessed with today. Their efforts and sacrifices are under attack today and we must fight back in honor of these patriots.

How do we know God blessed America? Actually God blessed the world with America.

In the creation of this great nation, the wisdom of our founding fathers relied on their belief in a higher being, freedom, and a determination to die for a cause. In return; God Blessed the World with America.

Think about the never ending compassion that America shows the world when a disaster happens. No matter the country, the government, color of the skin, religion that is practiced, or the language that is spoken, Americans rise to the call for help. Both financially and in body, Americans are there when the need arises. Willing to risk it all for others; God Blessed the World with America.

When the world needed a hand defeating Hitler, a dictator that was bent on dominating the world with his evil vision, in the end, who made the difference? The American soldier, citizen, and heart won that battle; God Blessed the World with America.

When there is a tsunami, hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster, first out of the shoot? Americans; God Blessed the World with America.

The examples are endless of the compassion and courage that make up the heart of the United States of America.

We often hear people suggest that America is the problem in the world. These people have no credibility because when you stack the facts up against any other nation in this world; God Blessed the World with America.

This July 4th we need to stand up and be proud of who we are, and what we have been blessed with. No guilt, no hesitation, no doubt; God Blessed America with the courage, will, and destiny to lead the way for all that seek freedom. We must continue to guard against those that would like to take it away both foreign and domestic.

In honor of all of those great Americans that have died for this cause, and the current individuals currently carrying the mantle, we must help by getting involved in the political process. It’s the least we can do for what we have been given…

On this July 4th 2008 we must remember why; God Blessed the World with America…

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Faith Based Initiative or Invasion?

Barrack Obama gave a speech on faith, and he did a masterful job of trying to lure in the Christian community. He said all the right things about his own Christianity and to some, he may have seemed in touch with the Christian community in this country. After spending most of his life in a radical anti establishment congregation, this may have been his attempt to distance himself from that fact.

Listening closely to the words though brought into view the real motivation of his speech which was to impose on religious organizations the same rules as government institutions. That’s right; he is trying to get his nose under the church tent through faith based initiatives. He clearly and emphatically stated that religious organizations will be held to the same hiring rules as government, force religious institutions to accept the views of those that disagree with them, and force them to give up the “discriminatory” tenants of their faith to receive funding from the “devil”.

So the press will cover this as the coming of some new “messiah” but what it really was, was the first salvo in his war on the religious community in this country. He knows that this community must be “defeated” in order to implement the strong arm of government on the good people of this nation. Don’t be fooled by this wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is all knowing in his approach to destroy the faith and Christian Judeo heritage of this nation…

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today’s Liberals Will Destroy America…

You may think you’re a liberal, and proud of it. Think again. Today’s “liberal” is motivated and guided by elitism, and has a total disregard of reality and history. Does that still sound like you? Today’s liberals believe that the constitution is a relic, and only slows down the progressive “change” they believe is necessary for them to provide a bright future for you and me. (Elitism at its finest) If only the constitution wasn’t in the way, they could stop the descent (free speech) of those conservative Americans who are really just angry white men, upset at losing power but unknowingly needing liberal’s guidance and direction to live a “fulfilled” life.

If only the second amendment wasn’t there, liberals could stop all the violence by taking away the guns from law abiding citizens, leaving the guns to the criminals. Don’t you feel safer already? Only criminals having guns is so much safer, don’t you think? How much easier would it be to control the American people without the threat of them owning guns?

Let’s look at the Black community. Hasn’t government control of education, a liberal favorite, been a great advantage to the inner city Black communities? Just look at how the Black community stands up against the White communities that either have a choice or hold public school officials accountable; hmmm! You decide. Do you want your kids counting on the liberal’s idea of a good education?

How about Katrina? When the microscope was placed on New Orleans after Katrina, the impact of liberal “rule” over a community was apparent and appalling. Generations of Americans were shackled with government and denied the hope that the rest of us have who don’t have to live under today’s liberals.

We now have the perfect liberal running for president, Obama. He is promising to do to all of us what he and his fellow liberals have done to the Black community. I ask you to look at what government has done to the hope of his community and ask yourself; do you want to be like the people of New Orleans that you saw on the television screen after Katrina? Dependent on government for everything and having nothing?

Do you want liberals to run your healthcare, make decisions about what car you drive, how often you can run your air conditioner, what foods you can eat, how many children you can have, what religion you can worship, what stores you can shop in, what radio stations you can listen to, or what words you can speak without reprisal?

Liberals of today are trying to do what the societies of history have failed at before them; controlling other men and their lives. It always fails because it is inherently wrong. Our founders knew that and declared that it is our God given right to be free. The governing of ourselves is an experiment that has proven the greatest result since the beginning of time. Liberals do not know better, and are not better for society; they ruin it. Just like the men before them that thought they knew better than you how to live your life. America beware; the liberals are at the gate with their battering rams, it is time to fight…