Monday, July 7, 2008

McCain and Obama tout Jobs Plan…

First of all, when is the last time McCain or Obama had a real job that produced anything resembling wealth? McCain has spent his entire after military life in the government. Obama has had a community “activist” job that basically consisted of strong arming the Illinois legislature for more tax payer handouts. So I ask, what credibility do either of these candidates have when it comes to understanding what drives economic growth?

McCain is saying the right things like reducing the tax burdens but does he mean it? I still get this sense that he believes that the tax dollars in Washington are the Federal governments to do with what bureaucrats see as necessary. A fundamentally flawed premise. Obama keeps talking about only taxing the “rich”. The rich? Anyone that actually pays taxes, and if you ask any small business owner about the tax burden and its impact on jobs; taxes kill jobs. That is Obama’s plan, kill jobs, and grow government dependence.

The economic problems facing this country can only be exasperated by politicians getting involved. We need to reduce regulation, taxes, and big business influence in Washington. We need to send to Washington a fresh crop of individuals with no prior political experience to straighten this mess out. The career politicians have dug us so deep in debt and government dependence that only a fresh approach can get us out of the mess. We need to break the ties that the lobbyists have so nurtured with the longstanding politicians who are so willing to do their bidding for them.

Why would we trust any politician today, and especially the ones that have been there more than eight years? What have they done to deserve your vote? Is the country better off because of their “leadership”? Is the country better off because of their “experience”? Is the country better off because of their past “judgment”? I ask, what is the real risk of getting rid of all of the politicians that have had a hand in creating this mess? That is what any Executive team in the private sector worth their weight would do. As the “Board” of this great nation it is every citizen’s responsibility to purge this lousy management team. We have little choice in the presidential election this year but that will come. We will have to put up with the two choices this time around so why not offset that with a new congress and senate?

It is time to take back the government that was designed to serve us, not them. Get involved; get pumped up to make a change. Be heard; speak out; while you still can…

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Flanders Fields said...

Rich, Have you checked out the site in my links:

Walter seems to be combatting an ignoring MSM with his website and a newsletter. I'm not sure how effective he is going to be in getting his message through to enough voters, but he has some good points and style.