Thursday, July 3, 2008

God Blessed the World with America…

This post is in honor of our Founders and all of the great American patriots that have supported, implemented, and died for the freedom and rights we are blessed with today. Their efforts and sacrifices are under attack today and we must fight back in honor of these patriots.

How do we know God blessed America? Actually God blessed the world with America.

In the creation of this great nation, the wisdom of our founding fathers relied on their belief in a higher being, freedom, and a determination to die for a cause. In return; God Blessed the World with America.

Think about the never ending compassion that America shows the world when a disaster happens. No matter the country, the government, color of the skin, religion that is practiced, or the language that is spoken, Americans rise to the call for help. Both financially and in body, Americans are there when the need arises. Willing to risk it all for others; God Blessed the World with America.

When the world needed a hand defeating Hitler, a dictator that was bent on dominating the world with his evil vision, in the end, who made the difference? The American soldier, citizen, and heart won that battle; God Blessed the World with America.

When there is a tsunami, hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster, first out of the shoot? Americans; God Blessed the World with America.

The examples are endless of the compassion and courage that make up the heart of the United States of America.

We often hear people suggest that America is the problem in the world. These people have no credibility because when you stack the facts up against any other nation in this world; God Blessed the World with America.

This July 4th we need to stand up and be proud of who we are, and what we have been blessed with. No guilt, no hesitation, no doubt; God Blessed America with the courage, will, and destiny to lead the way for all that seek freedom. We must continue to guard against those that would like to take it away both foreign and domestic.

In honor of all of those great Americans that have died for this cause, and the current individuals currently carrying the mantle, we must help by getting involved in the political process. It’s the least we can do for what we have been given…

On this July 4th 2008 we must remember why; God Blessed the World with America…


Flanders Fields said...

We Americans have been the subjects of a long-lasting con game. The treacherous in our societies have taken over the political and economic dominance of our nation by stealth. We are similar to the little old lady who has had her life savings stolen by confidence men. Unlike the little old lady, we should not be embarrassed or ashamed at being the victims of a con. We should be mad as hell and organize to take back all that remains of the inheritance that was stolen from us. Effective punishment and total banishment for those intentionally cooperating in the con is a part of our redemption that we should look forward to with great satisfaction.

Our intentions have been good all along. We have drifted by ignorance from the paths we should have known to take, but we are reading our new maps. When the directions are right, we will return against that empty monster who looks so threatening - the Left. Our God has the map and will show it to us when we have become, again, worthy enough men to have it shown.

Basically, the Left's power is financial. Their power over us is that of financial control and slavery (increasingly it is turning into a criminal branding) over different segments of our society in a politically correct carrot and stick arrangement which is managed from the top/downward. They cannot withstand people who LIVE for the country they love instead of for their rewards and punishments, and their support will dwindle in the face of an effective show, not of resistance, but of steady determination to take back what is ours.

Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments. Good luck and may God be with you on the election. Tell people face to face that you are the better man. Leave it to them to decide. You and I already know the answer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your meaningful patriotic posting. Hopefully, there is a silent majority, who feel the same way & will show the left on Election Day.