Monday, September 28, 2009

Federal Distrust Impacts Local Ballot Initiatives…

The City of Colorado Springs is laying off Fire Fighters and other essential services, and the City is asking for people to support a property tax increase to pay for maintaining these services. It will most likely fail, not because people don’t think our Fire Fighters, police and other services are valuable, they will be sending a message that taxes are out of control. Not just at the local level but the federal level.

The federal government is wastefully spending trillions of dollars of our hard earned income, and people are done. Add an additional $200 a year to a property tax bill and the reaction is predictable. It is predictable because tax payers lump all taxes into one bucket. And why not? They have to pay for every level of government, and every federal program, even if it doesn’t impact them. The entire system is upside down.

We should be paying for local services and state services since we receive the most benefit from them. And I agree there is always inefficiency in government, but would we be more willing to support local causes if we didn’t have to pay through our nose for federal programs? The federal government is out of control, and until we reduce their scope and cost, we will never convince taxpayers to pay more when they have a choice to vote additional taxes down. If we had a choice to vote on every tax at the federal level do you think we would be funding ACORN, the UN, and so many other agencies and programs that flush our money down a toilet?

I am formally submitting my campaign papers to run for Governor of Colorado on Wednesday and this issue goes right to the heart of my campaign. We are suffering at the local and state level because people are angry at the inefficiency, fraud and abuse at the federal level. We need our essential services; we don’t need to be using our tax dollars to bailout multinational corporations like GM.

I have a special place in my heart for fire fighters since I have a few in the family. I also believe our police are critical to our orderly community. My wife is a nurse and there is no greater profession that supports the needs of our local citizens. What I don’t have a place in my heart for are corrupt politicians at any level. The perception and reality is; our politicians no longer represent our interest, they represent special interests. Those days are coming to an end if I have my way, and the support of independent minded citizens.

I have been asked why I am “obsessed” with the Tenth Amendment and this is why. We are spending so many Colorado tax dollars on pet programs in other states unconstitutionally, while locally our fire fighters are going door to door to beg for support for a local ballot initiative. We need to stop sending our Colorado dollars to Washington D.C., by utilizing the constitution that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of government.

We will continue to beg for our own money if we don’t once and for all say; no more federal money for unconstitutional projects, bridges to nowhere, studies of freckled turtles, and corrupt organizations like ACORN. We must stand together now.

And if there was ever a group that I would want to be standing with it is our Fire Fighters and Police Officers.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

James Madison and Thomas Jefferson…

Clarified federal powers:

James Madison, “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.”

James Madison, “This is not an indefinite government… but a limited government, tied down to the specific powers which explain and define the general terms.”

Thomas Jefferson, “Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but is restrained to those specifically enumerated.”

How far we have wandered…

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chills Down Your Spine…

Two bit dictators and tyrants have always placed their focus on indoctrinating the youth to support their regimes. This video should be grounds to close this school down. At a minimum it shows us why we need to stop funding the federal department of education and teachers unions that believe this is the type of material children should be working on during school hours.

I am all for teaching the history of this nation but “equal pay for equal work” chants are not history, it is propaganda. These “teachers” should be fired for incompetence. We wonder why our country is a mess? This is why. Too many people teaching our kids are incompetent and tools for a socialist agenda that will destroy this country.

Click here to view.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weakness Encourages Chaos…

Chaos is everywhere, the economy, foreign affairs, and the terrorist threat. Day after day we see an upsurge of activity that is threatening to our future. Whether it’s the healthcare takeover, free market collapse, UN attempts to drive our energy policy, or the current terrorist activity in NY and Denver. It is the result of perceived weakness.

Enemies that fear a determined and committed adversary are very cautious in their action. It is the peace through strength principle so eloquently communicated by Ronald Reagan. For the eight years following September 11th 2001, our enemies knew what would happen if they attempted another attack on our nation. That understanding has gone with the change in power. We no longer call it a war on terror and we are wavering in our position to contain enemies like Iran and North Korea.

Our economy is under an attack by a brazen China and the UN with an attempt to undermine the value of the dollar. Freedom is under attack by elitist leaders that don’t believe the people know what is best for them, believing free speech including talk radio needs oversight by government agencies to insure “balance and civility.” Our president doesn’t trust the people or the U.S. Constitution, and the people don’t trust the president.

We are being attacked as racist for questioning this president who apparently is in over his head. His answer is to shut down the people’s ability to communicate. People truly concerned that a government takeover of healthcare is the end of the greatest healthcare system in the world are being described as right wing racist malcontents who are uninformed on the issue despite the evidence all around us of government failures.

The president’s biggest supporter in his election, the group ACORN, is now under federal investigation for voter fraud. The president’s top general in Afghanistan is begging for more troops or we will leave in defeat, not to mention the risk of death to our soldiers in that theatre of war and our president has no answer, and can’t even find the time as he jet sets across the country to deliberate this critical issue.

Chaos is caused by a lack of perceived leadership. The problem is that the perception is real. How can this president instill confidence when he travels from campaign stop to campaign stop lecturing us on why we need to follow him in his radical leftist ideals? What the president fails to realize is we have seen these attempts before and the result is always the same; chaos…

Monday, September 21, 2009

Funding our Demise…

The UN is the most corrupt organization on earth, and has only one agenda; destroy American superiority. The UN hates America and its citizens but loves our idiocy in providing the funds to support their agenda and extravagances.

The UN continues to pursue their goals and now sees a great opportunity to accelerate the goal of destruction with an administration supportive of their funding if not directly with their goal. We have Islamic hatred boiling over in the halls of the UN at our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel. The UN suggests they don’t want an Iranian nuclear state but do nothing to stop it. They spend all of their time putting together reports about Israel’s alleged atrocities of building some homes for their citizens. Instead of spewing hate and jealousy, maybe Palestinians can build a couple of homes for their citizens. No, they would rather blame all of their incompetence on someone else.

We have a very dangerous world to deal with and the president is acting as if this is not the case. He coddles Islamic terrorists and lectures our allies and friends on their shortcomings. The UN supports this president but will not be happy until he completely hands over the reins of government to a world organization like the UN.

It may seem farfetched but it’s not. This administration believes the world is the answer and our constitution is the problem. Do you trust this president or our founding document the U.S. Constitution? Do you trust a world order or a U.S state legislature? Do you trust Iran or Israel? Do you trust your instincts? Those instincts should be telling you to end the idiocy.

We continue to use our tax dollars to support the UN who is bent on destroying America. When are we going to cut the funding to this terrorist organization toward America’s existence?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Celebrate Our Constitution; It’s Not Just About Our Past, It’s the Key To Our Future…

Today is the day we celebrate the signing of the most influential political document ever created by man. It was a miracle that a document like this was even created based on world history, and the barbaric nature of governments at the time. But the framers were not regular men, they were inspired. It was divine providence that this document ever made it to the signing ceremony. It was a blessing of freedom and opportunity for the entire world to see and envy.

We face significant challenges today as a nation with deficits running in the trillions of dollars, companies and states going bankrupt, and individual freedoms being forfeited for promises of security from an out of control federal government. These problems have been created because of one simple fact; we have ignored our founding principle of limited government clearly spelled out in the U.S. Constitution.

For too many years our politicians have taken an oath to defend this historic document but have immediately set off to undermine the same principles they promised to obey under the guise of compassion, security, morality, or some other unjustifiable justification they could fathom. Since the presidency of Abraham Lincoln who boldly stampeded the constitution, to FDR, and beyond to the current president, the constitution has been ignored as the document holding the solutions to our problems. President Reagan briefly renewed the spirit of the constitution but unfortunately many leaders since have forgotten his lessons.

President Reagan and the founders knew that any government allowed to grow would do so, and in effect would trample the liberty and opportunity of all of the citizens that it governed. That is the miracle of the constitution; it concisely and deliberately limits the government’s ability to grow. It clearly states that it is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, not the other way around. It does so with the balance of powers defined within the document which purposely made the process of government cumbersome and divided, to insure that it was the greatest weapon against tyranny. The founders knew human nature and history, and understood the instinct of humans to control others had to be checked or the United States would end up like all other free civilizations throughout history; extinct.

Over the years many cases concerning constitutionality of state and local laws have been reviewed by the federal Supreme Court. Many were seen as an abandonment of the constitution to appease popular sentiment, but ultimately ended up undermining the intent of the constitution’s limit on government power and control. These laws have become what lawyers refer to as “precedence.” One of the most abused precedents has been the “interstate commerce clause.” It has allowed the federal government to involve itself and grow to the point the federal government is telling us how fast we can drive our cars, a power that cannot be found in the constitution. There are too many examples to state here but we must take a fresh look at the constitution and apply it today without reference to the abuse of past Supreme Courts. All law should be reviewed in the context of the concepts so clearly defined in the constitution.

I like clear examples and here is the one I tell which I heard told by Walter Williams: The constitution is the rules of the game. If in a game of poker I deal the deck and you have four aces. I decide that two twos beats four aces and I win, would you play poker with me? If you say yes I want your e-mail. The point is the constitution is the rule book. Judges can’t decide to change it because they don’t like the circumstances. That is what has been happening. So to make it fair, all cases making it to the Supreme Court should be judged against the original rule book. Not against a changed rule by the card dealer.

So when we see that our constitution has been altered by bad law what is the remedy? There are several, but one constitutional response is found in the Tenth Amendment. The Tenth Amendment simply states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, no prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” This means the states have the right, and I would argue the obligation, to nullify bad and unconstitutional law at the State level. For example, nowhere in the constitution does it allow for the creation of a Department of Education. Education is the responsibility of the individual, communities, and states to figure out. The federal government should have been stopped from creating the department. But many say so much of what has been done can never be undone. Never say never.

Our constitution is clear on the roles and responsibilities of the federal and state governments. All we have to do is to get our Governors to go back to this miraculous document, start auditing the functions of the federal government, and start nullifying them one by one. The Sixteenth Amendment allows the federal government to tax individuals and corporations directly but it is missing one key component; it doesn’t set a limit. Our Governors need to utilize the constitution and set the limit on what they will allow their citizens to be taxed. We need a constitutional challenge of the Sixteenth Amendment by having a state set a limit on the amount of money that the federal government can tax individuals and corporations. Since it is not defined, the responsibility defers to the states respectively, or the people.

The future of the United States lies in the words of this historic document. We don’t need reform; we need compliance with our current Constitutional law. We must know our history to have a productive and free future. History is the key to the future. Just like our founders of yesterday, the leaders of today must put their faith in the greatest set of laws ever created by man. Our leaders of today must know their history to create policies for the future.

The U.S. Constitution is the solution to our seemingly endless problems, mostly created by an out of control unconstitutional government, and we as a nation have ignored this fact. The solution to our problems is all found within the document we celebrate today. We must read it, and study it. God Bless our Constitution and America…

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tomorrow We Celebrate a Miracle…

Tomorrow we celebrate the 222nd anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. It is the greatest political document ever developed by man. In preparation for my honoring the document tomorrow I have looked at a couple of key amendments that will be needed to reverse the course of nationalism this administration is pushing so hard to achieve:

The Tenth Amendment: This is the key to returning to a true republic, and the only way we will be able to stop this out of control federal government barring an unforeseen catastrophe.

The Seventeenth Amendment: This amendment must be repealed to reinstate the responsibility for deciding federal senators back into the state legislature. I know it is popular to say that a person voting on their senator is direct democracy but it is ineffective as a safeguard of our republic. Senators have failed their duty to protect the tenth amendment because their allegiance has been watered down from the state to the national political party apparatus.

The Sixteenth Amendment: The states must apply a limit on the federal power to tax citizens and corporations. The amendment is clear that it gives the federal government the power to directly tax individuals and corporations, but it needs a constitutional fight on how much of the income is enough. A Governor must challenge this by imposing a limit and take the fight to the Supreme Court. This is necessary to return to a limited government as intended by the founders.

The Twenty Eighth Amendment: We must limit the terms of congressman and senators just as we do the president. Eight years for Congress and six years for the senate. Before you argue about losing good politicians, just look at the federal government’s track record to date. Enough said. (And no there is no Twenty Eighth Amendment, I am proposing it).

Please read the U.S. Constitution, it will take you about an hour, and please come back tomorrow for my tribute to this miraculous document. Thanks.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Without Profits There is no Efficiency or Accountability…

I have been listening to too many commentators discussing the problem with healthcare organizations, whether it is doctors, nurses, hospitals, or insurance companies, focusing on profits. There is this tone that profits are immoral, part of the problem, or simply evil.

The reality is that profits come in many ways, and without a “profit” motive there can be no efficiency or accountability. That is why politicians demonize profits. Profits are simply the rewards for providing a service the customer wants efficiently and effectively. So what are profits? In the traditional sense they are the money left over after all expenses are paid. In a “non-profit” sense (yes, non profits must produce a profit) it is the ability to pay salaries to the people that provide the product or service that the non-profit is involved in. You see many non-profit executives’ make six figure salaries. Many non-profit buildings are some of the nicest in the country. The benefits and perks are on par with any profit organization.

Non-Profit budgets can be easily manipulated to hide profits by including many expenses that might ordinarily be much leaner in a for profit organization. This can include more generous salaries, expenses, training, travel, education, etc. The good feeling people get by working for a non-profit is all emotional rather than real. If the revenue does not cover the expense, cuts must be made in a non-profit which usually means cutting jobs. So the incentive to be efficient in providing a good service is driven by people that want to continue to have a job. There is an incentive by all in the organization to remain effective, and accountable. United Way, AARP, and AAA are examples of not for profit organizations who employ many employees and provide many services at a “non” profit.

In the for-profit sector, profit is the “extra” money the company makes to spend, save, invest, or burn depending on the owners of the company. But this drive to make money after expense is an even greater incentive than a non-profit because this ability to create profit increases the ability for the company to invest, grow and create even greater profits. This means more jobs and more profits.

If a for-profit company fails to make a profit it means only two things; the company has become inefficient at providing their product or service to the market, or the product or service is no longer important to the market.

If a non-profit can no longer raise the revenue it needs to provide the product or service to the market and pay the salaries of the employees it means only two things; the company has become inefficient at providing their product or service to the market, or the product or service is no longer important to the market.

Profit is hidden in a non-profit, apparent in a for-profit, and absent in the government. If the government takes over healthcare there will be no reason to be efficient, accountable, or effective. They get their revenue from confiscation of taxes from the public. If revenues fall they print money, borrow money, or raise taxes. There is no mechanism to drive efficiency in any government organization. There is no profit motive. It is completely political and confiscatory.

Many of the proposed healthcare Bills are unconstitutional. The constitution outlines our right to contracts. The most efficient, effective and productive relationships are between two parties contractually obligated to provide a service for a price. It often includes a profit built into the agreement that provides the incentive to perform efficiently and effectively. The contract holds both parties accountable. It is the foundation of any good relationship. The government will replace and outlaw our ability to contract under the new healthcare bill.

Do you want a government outlawing your ability to contract with your doctor or hospital? Or do you want to protect our constitutional right to contract with our doctor or hospital? That is the question.

Your doctor or hospital should want to make a profit and will most likely be efficient, effective, and accountable to your health needs. Why would we give our healthcare to a government that has no motive to be efficient, effective, or a need to be accountable?

Profits are not evil, they are needed…

Friday, September 11, 2009

America Must Separate as Constituted to Unite Again…

We are a republic made up of 50 individual states. Our common thread is the U.S. Constitution. The enumerated powers of the federal government in our constitution are defined to support the United States. The powers given to the federal government are intended to protect the states and individuals from enemies and the destructive nature of out of control centralized bureaucracy and tyranny. None of the powers include the day to day running of state governments or the infringement of individual rights.

The U.S. Constitution is to support each state’s ability to provide the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness on an individual basis. The federal government does not have the responsibility to provide the “happiness” that each individual pursues. Unfortunately that is what our federal government is trying to do therefore “balkanizing” Americans. This attempt to provide individual happiness is being done by taking from one individual or group to give to another. It is being done by taking the resources from the individuals of one state and giving to individuals or groups of another. Through these takings, the federal government is dividing us by creating resentment. Much of what the federal government does today and every proposal so far by the Obama administration has been unconstitutional.

The U.S. has always taken pride in our individual creativity, the importance of our Christian/Judeo traditions, family, hard work, personal responsibility and accountability, the free markets and private property. From these common goals we have created the wealthiest and most compassionate country to ever reside on this earth.

Our enemies have always been the people that are jealous of our ability to provide for ourselves, and our desire to govern ourselves. The elites and our enemies are trying to destroy us from within by challenging our foundation by destroying our family unit, taking faith out of the public conversation, re-distributing individual private property (hard earned money) beyond what is necessary to run a limited government. They use taxation to destroy productivity and reward political allies.

We are being forced to take action at the state level to contain the federal government’s desire to bankrupt this nation. We have the tenth amendment which will be the only way to stop this intrusion and regain our American footing. By establishing our founding roots again, we will bring this nation together by defining the lines of demarcation. In order to unite again, we must define our individual and state responsibilities, and take back the resources necessary to run our individual states.

We as individuals must find our common interests again by focusing on the hard work, family, faith, and limited government principles that made us great. This will not come from a bigger national government focused on Balkanizing us against each other; it will come from each of us as individuals, focusing on each other at the local and state level, acting like neighbors again.

We have been Balkanized by an out of control national government. Let’s get back to the basics that made us great…

American’s Remember 9/11

We must always remember:
· The victims of this brutal act of terrorism
· The heroes of this brutal act of terrorism
· The day of this brutal act of terrorism
· The religion and countries that perpetuate these acts of terrorism

History is our hope for a better future. By remembering, understanding, analyzing, and learning from our history we have the best hope for a better future. The act of trying to ignore the facts of history is a recipe for disaster for our country’s future.

God Bless the victims, the heroes, and God Bless America…

Thursday, September 10, 2009

“Competing” with the Government?

Recently the Post Office has introduced a new offering for package delivery basically saying if it fits in the box, no matter how heavy the box is (up to 70 lbs), or where it is headed, you are charged one flat rate. On the surface this might be considered a clever marketing campaign to garner additional business. But if you are Fed Ex or UPS this is not just a marketing campaign, it is a call to compete.

The Post Office is a government entity and runs billions of dollars in the red every year. What that means is that if the same circumstance was happening at UPS or Fed Ex they would have been out of business a long time ago. But because the Post Office has an endless stream of our cash to lose (including the employees that work at these two companies), they are not competing on a level playing field. The amazing thing to me is how UPS and Fed Ex still kick the Post Office’s butt in the service area. The Post Office, even with this endless pit of our money, still can’t beat down these two extremely efficient private organizations. This new offering does not have to take into account the cost of providing the service. So even if it costs the Post Office $100 a package to deliver and they charge $70, oh well. They just keep running deficits. If you are UPS or Fed Ex running deficits, this means not being able to pay employees, fix trucks, fly planes, and deliver packages. Basically you end up going out of business.

That will not be the case in the government run healthcare arena. Here’s why; Fed Ex and UPS are allowed to compete with the Post Office except for delivering letters. By law, UPS or Fed Ex cannot deliver the mail and this is how the insurance will be. By statute the private insurers will be regulated so they will only be able to offer services their “competitor” the government allows it to insure. Think of it this way; if UPS could regulate what Fed Ex could deliver; they would decide that Fed Ex gets all of the large, bulky, heavy packages, and only going to the state of Iowa. The rest of the freight, light, square, and delivered in all of the remaining states is left to UPS, who will be in business and who will win the “competition?”

You see, there is no competing with the government. They are allowed by the endless infusion of our cash to operate inefficiently, corruptly, and politically. They will be regulating their “competitors”, the private insurers, right out of business. The politicians will never admit failure of a system, just look at Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the VA. So there is no competition, government will win no matter what. The rules of the market will not be applied therefore the market cannot work.

There is no competing in the healthcare arena which means if this bill passes the government will be running your healthcare. And in my opinion, I would rather get my healthcare from UPS or Fed Ex…

Monday, September 7, 2009

Van Jones is the problem…

The people that want to fundamentally “transform” America, disregard the U.S. Constitution, and create a country that will forever be inferior to the founding principles, find their ideas in people like Van Jones. He is the reason true Americans are upset and protesting healthcare, cap and trade, stimulus, and everything else this administration is putting forth to “transform” us.

You see the key word is “transform”. The way Obama defines transform is the end of capitalism, individualism, wealth, and democracy as we know it. He is a socialist at heart but he is finding that the majority of Americans are smart enough to know that equal opportunity does not translate into equal outcomes.

Van Jones is just one of many socialists, Marxists, communists, and anti American advisors Obama chooses to sip wine and eat cheese with to discuss their utopia, elitist, ideas together. They are smart people that believe theory and reality can be melded together to form a utopia. In government the only way things like “utopia” come to fruition is by force. Force from someone or some group that knows better. And boy do these “advisors” think they know better.

They apparently know how to run banks and car companies better than the free market, they know when it is time for the elderly to die through end of life panels, they know how much carbon we should allow into the air in order to preserve the earth, and will shut down any business they deem necessary in the process, and they know better than our founders on the way this government should operate.

This is the sixties radicals with the keys to the parents summer house. What happens is it all starts out with good intentions, and as the party continues, it spirals out of control, and the once beautiful home is destroyed. The parents come home and have to put things back in order. If only our country could be fixed that easily after this crew gets its programs forced on us. The destruction may be irreversible and that is the passion you are seeing in town hall meetings.

Van Jones is the tip of the iceberg. We must continue to fight these elites tooth and nail. Van Jones is a good first start…

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Glenn Beck; One small victory!

Glenn Beck took on the Obama “green” jobs czar, Van Jones, communist, racist, and general ignoramus, and won. This self proclaimed communist has been put in his place by the Glenn Beck truths about who this guy really is and what his intentions were for this country.

Keep up the great work Glen; you’ve got this administration on the run and playing defense. Keep the truths coming about the hundreds of other anti-Americans in this administration. We’re listening!

Friday, September 4, 2009

National Day of Service?

We have an enemy in the White House, and it is becoming crystal clear to most Americans, even democrats. The efforts to change 9/11 from a day of remembrance of those that died from the ruthless attacks of Islamic terrorists, to a day to pick up the trash, is despicable. This president is an enemy of American values, American traditions, and the United States Constitution. He is a tool for the communists he continues to appoint to czar positions throughout our government.

His efforts to speak directly with our children to brainwash them has been thwarted just like, cap and trade, and healthcare. The true American lion (the people) has been awoken from a long slumber and they are “hungry”. They are hungry for the spirit and patriotism that former president Reagan embodied.

We must continue to remember 9/11 for what it was; an attack on the American spirit. Islamic terrorists think they have a friend in the White House. That should tell us all we need to know. We have made a grave mistake electing this person to the head of our country, and I believe most Americans are coming to grips with it. These town halls are no longer about healthcare, they are about survival. We are in a war with this administration and so far we are winning.

We will win if we are honest with ourselves and look at the facts. The facts are; this president is not proud of his county because he keeps apologizing for it, he has devout communists as advisors within his management team, he has healthcare advisors that believe social justice is killing the old and young based on the “productivity” they provide to the state, he has funded a group of radical community organizers and Black Panthers to go into election districts and intimidate voters, he has his Attorney General prosecuting the people that keep us safe from terrorists, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We remember our fallen soldiers and those that died on 9/11 because Americans are proud of our country, and know that we are the only nation left that can stop the Islamic radicals of the world. We are the last hope for a chaotic world but we have hired a person that didn’t even grow up in the true American traditions.

We have made a mistake and we must be diligent in stopping every effort being made to destroy the fabric of this nation, including this attempt to minimize the importance of remembering September 11th, 2001. God Bless America, Lord hear our prayer…

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1776 All Over Again…

Flashback to the future. The Massachusetts senate has just passed a “pandemic response bill” that completely ignores the U.S. Constitution under the guise of an “emergency” declared by the governor. It is ironic that the home of the original American Revolution may play the role again, 233 years later.

The bill includes but not limited to:
• Search and Seizure of private property by the government
• Suspension of our right to assemble
• Destruction of private property with no compensation
• Holding citizens against their will and forcibly vaccinating them by a non health professional (read government brown shirt)

Are we there yet folks? Are we still under a delusion that this can’t be happening in America? Are we ready to take back our rights and throw these bums out of office? Are we ready to take our place in the protection of our freedoms? Our enemies of freedom have certainly set their course and they are running right over you and the constitution.

We are living in dangerous and scary times when we have public servants acting like kings and dictators. This is serious business when without regard to our constitution; bills like this can even make it to the floor of any senate in this country.

I want states to take back the responsibility they have under the 10th amendment but these state representatives must comply with the rest of the constitution. These people are dangerous and must be stopped.

“Emergency” powers need to be strictly defined in the hands of government. A swine flu that has shown no sign of being any different from the normal flu does not qualify.