Monday, September 7, 2009

Van Jones is the problem…

The people that want to fundamentally “transform” America, disregard the U.S. Constitution, and create a country that will forever be inferior to the founding principles, find their ideas in people like Van Jones. He is the reason true Americans are upset and protesting healthcare, cap and trade, stimulus, and everything else this administration is putting forth to “transform” us.

You see the key word is “transform”. The way Obama defines transform is the end of capitalism, individualism, wealth, and democracy as we know it. He is a socialist at heart but he is finding that the majority of Americans are smart enough to know that equal opportunity does not translate into equal outcomes.

Van Jones is just one of many socialists, Marxists, communists, and anti American advisors Obama chooses to sip wine and eat cheese with to discuss their utopia, elitist, ideas together. They are smart people that believe theory and reality can be melded together to form a utopia. In government the only way things like “utopia” come to fruition is by force. Force from someone or some group that knows better. And boy do these “advisors” think they know better.

They apparently know how to run banks and car companies better than the free market, they know when it is time for the elderly to die through end of life panels, they know how much carbon we should allow into the air in order to preserve the earth, and will shut down any business they deem necessary in the process, and they know better than our founders on the way this government should operate.

This is the sixties radicals with the keys to the parents summer house. What happens is it all starts out with good intentions, and as the party continues, it spirals out of control, and the once beautiful home is destroyed. The parents come home and have to put things back in order. If only our country could be fixed that easily after this crew gets its programs forced on us. The destruction may be irreversible and that is the passion you are seeing in town hall meetings.

Van Jones is the tip of the iceberg. We must continue to fight these elites tooth and nail. Van Jones is a good first start…

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