Thursday, September 30, 2010

Without the “Rich” Who Pays?

This endless assault on the rich is pure ignorance. The rich aren’t selfish or greedy or taking anything from you; most rich are paying their share and more. Most of the people that complain about the rich are frustrated under-achievers that think the world would be better off if we all suffered the same together in poverty.

Most rich people get that way because of a brilliant idea, the willingness to risk, and a lot of sweat and tears. Rich people create the jobs most Americans usually work at. Name me a person that has created a job by sitting around and complaining about the rich? Bill gates created tens of thousands of jobs as well as countless millionaires that toiled in the beginning in humble surroundings for very little pay. Sam Walton created tens of thousands of jobs and countless millionaires by changing the way retail works. And despite the BS you hear about Wal-Mart putting small business out of work, the evidence is exactly the opposite. Wal-Mart puts lousy monopolistic businesses out of business that only survived because there was no competition. Today thousands of businesses flock to shopping centers where Wal-Mart is the anchor.

The money that pays for the government programs comes from the very people under assault. Maybe we should be thanking the rich instead? What a novel concept; gratitude! The definition of rich for the loudest complainers is “anyone making more than THEY think should be ENOUGH to live on”. I have news for them; it’s their money to keep, not the governments. If you want more go and work more. Come up with an idea people are willing to pay for. Risk everything to start your own business and then decide if you are rich after you have invested the time, energy, and resources to succeed.

Gimme, gimme, gimme; instead maybe it’s time to return to the concept of earning your own keep. Maybe the critics can find an idea rather than criticizing the people that make their lives more comfortable. Maybe it’s time to return to the principles outlined in our constitution; life, liberty, and the freedom to PURSUE happiness…

Friday, September 17, 2010

Constitution Day

Ignored again! The US Constitution; the reason we have the most prosperous nation in the world; the reason we have been able to be so charitable around the world; the reason every individual no matter what circumstance they are born into can reach their dream in life’s pursuits. It is a miracle we fail to celebrate.

Our kids learn very little about this great document. It should be mandatory for all four years of High School. Yet somewhere in the back of the American psyche it is responsible for our sense of self confidence to stand up against our tyrannical leaders and all that threaten individual liberty. Even if it is only referenced in times of crisis we must celebrate its existence.

The blood that was shed to defend this document has given it sacred standing and yet we treat it with little regard. Without our constitution we have no bases of law. It encompasses our principles and is our foundation grounded in the belief we are all created equal under God, and no man has the power to rule us unless we temporarily grant them that right. But even then that power is limited by the constitution. It is our guardian angel.

If you get a moment say a little prayer of thanks that our founders were as smart and brave as we can only hope to be…

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Party System is Being Trumped by the Constitution…

The GOP is showing its true colors as the Tea Party continues to throw the old guard out in primary elections. They are taking the ball and going home. They are giving up a number of fights by withholding money from the duly elected candidates in the Republican Primaries.

It is a circle the wagon attitude by the two parties as the political class is being thrown from power by the power of the people. Both democrats and republicans that have enjoyed the power given to them by the people and are now criticizing the will of the people by inflicting harsh attacks and tactics against the same people they supposedly work for.

The Tea Party is a true revolution in this country and the parties in power are the target. It is not the same old game of party politics. The people want their country back from the people currently controlling the game. The control is being lost and the elites don’t like it. The Tea Party candidates can and will win with or without the national party apparatus. The party elite don’t understand the depth of the anger in the electorate this year.

The GOP is showing its true colors to the people and the people don’t like what they see. It is not a good time to be a party insider. The culmination of years of neglecting the electorate has congealed this election cycle. We will see an end to political contributions to national party organizations and an increase in the direct infusion of cash to individual candidates. That is the way it should be. It is bad enough that the parties have abused the money given to them by the people by spending lavishly on jets and caviar, but when you abuse the people that donate you will eventually have no one left to abuse.

This is truly a revolutionary year. Never underestimate the power of an informed and passionate electorate. The only allegiance many voters have this year is to the constitution. That allegiance will be on display in November…

Friday, September 10, 2010

Awakened to Islam by 9/11

On this ninth anniversary of the attack on America by Islamic terrorists, the debate has received an injection of renewed passions regarding the reason we are fighting two wars in the Middle East and one here at home at Ground Zero. We went to Afghanistan to root out the terror camps and the supporting regime, the Taliban, to insure no more terrorists would be launched from that incubator of hate. We also called the bluff of Sadam Hussein as he defied every opportunity to allow inspections of his nuclear capability. A capability we feared could arm the same terrorists training in Afghanistan. When he continued to stick his thumb in the eye of the world’s requests, we took action as we have always done on behalf of the world in the past. We still pray for the soldiers that have continued to be deployed to these two hot spots of unrest, nine years after the impetus that sent them there.

The war on terror is a war that will continue as long as there are followers of Islam. The fuel for every conflict in the world seems to be the Islamic doctrine to dominate the world through the conversion to the religion of Islam. We did not go to fight a war on terror to protect the rights of Muslims to preach hate in this country, we went to war to kill the people that foment and act out on the goal to kill Americans and destroy American values, western culture, and the Jewish state. To suggest our soldiers are in Afghanistan and Iraq to protect the rights of a hate filled Imam trying to place a symbol of Islam at the site where our brethren have died is ludicrous. All we have to do as Americans is to watch the replays of this day, nine years ago, and remember what we were feeling. Anger, confusion, and horror over an act that seemed so despicable to us but as we now know, is all too common in the Islamic terrorist world.

A calculated act to destroy the freedoms, culture, and our constitutional republic that separates religious values from civic law is the target of these followers of Islamic doctrine. To believe it is only a few Muslims that believe in this Islamic doctrine is suicidal. All any American has to do is open their eyes to the continual terrorist attacks, flag burning and death threats that are a common ritual in every Islamic state. The hatred toward America has again been so easily promulgated by the threat of burning the Koran by some nobody preacher with 30 followers. At the threat of a burnt Koran we have an administration doing back flips to appease our enemy under the guise of protecting our troops. Our troops are already quite aware of the danger, and we need to bring them home and leave these two ungrateful countries to repair themselves. If the terrorists again use these countries as a breeding ground we can conduct targeted missions to destroy any terrorist activity. Do we really think a population where 90% can’t read we will ever convince them that violence is not the answer? Just look at our own inner cities.

In light of 9/11, the Mosque debate at Ground Zero, and the reaction to a Koran burning here in the US, how can we ever believe that by sacrificing our American soldiers to prop up countries that would rejoice at our demise is good foreign policy? We don’t have to nation build to fight terror. We have the capability and technology to track, target, and destroy every one of these Islamic terrorists around the world. We continue to pour billions of dollars, and more importantly the blood of our soldiers down the drain of countries that despise our existence. In their honor we should start debating why terrorism is so common in the Islamic world. Could it be the teachings of the Koran?

9/11 has awakened us again to discuss our commitment to the Americans that were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists. Is Islam a religion or a political movement? If it is a religion, where is the peace? Where is the outcry of peaceful Muslims to denounce any interpretation of the violence that is so obvious in the writings and history of Islam? Sharia law is not compatible with our constitution and that is what our soldiers are sworn to protect. They are not sworn to protect the rights of the enemies of our constitution to build a foothold within our borders.

As a tribute to the victims and families of 9/11 we should commit to finding out more about the people building and preaching Islam in this country. A little effort to understand the culture created by the teachings of Islam will bring most to conclude it is not compatible with American or Christian values. It is about domination and submission. Tolerance should be given to those deserving of tolerance. The people that supported the killing of our citizens, the destruction of America or Israel, the beating and killing of women and girls, and all other violence toward a goal of dominance should not be tolerated. The call for tolerance is a weapon these people use against us. We must defend our rights to speak out, and yes offend these people because free speech is more important than tolerating an enemy.

Pat Buchanan, a conservative commentator called for the federal marshals to raid this two bit preacher’s church to arrest and confiscate the Korans to be burned. Burning the Koran is an act of free speech, like it or not, just like burning the American flag is a free speech right. To send in the feds to arrest this preacher is offensive and unconstitutional. Who do we send in the marshals to arrest next? Talk radio hosts or people that write blogs like this? This act would be a submission to the teachings of Islam, not an act that supports American values or the constitution. We send in the marshals and we have taken a dangerous step toward self destruction. Send in the marshals and we have tyranny.

In honor of the victims of 9/11, their families, the soldiers that have died in the war on terror and their families, we need to use this awakening as a platform to debate the necessity of Islam to proclaim and accept our constitution and Christian Judeo values. To live side by side we need a two way street of tolerance. It is not incumbent on us to change anything to accommodate a religion or political movement that at any criticism resorts to violence and calls for our destruction.

We have been blessed with the greatest country in the world because of our Christian Judeo values and our constitution that protects us from the enemy afar and within. In honor of 9/11 let us take the time and look at the real problem that Islam poses and the values it preaches and teaches; honestly.

I hope I offended anyone that wants to put their head in the sand regarding Islam in honor of the Americans that have died to give me that right to do so… I hope to be proven wrong someday that my fear of the Islamic movement was unwarranted. But I will not be convinced until I see a real movement within the Muslim community toward a rejection of dominance, violence, a true willingness to accept the constitution of the United States, and a tolerance of other religions including the Christian and Jewish faiths within the borders of Islamic countries. God Bless America and the Americans that defend her…

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Building a Mosque at Ground Zero is Key to our National Security?

The Imam pushing an unwanted Mosque at Ground Zero has stated that if we don’t build the Mosque now at Ground Zero we will enflame the “radicals” and it will be a concern for our national security. Here’s my question; where does this logic end?

If next an Imam comes along in Detroit and says that by not allowing Sharia Law in the largest Muslim community in the US, we could enflame the “radicals” and it will be a concern for our national security.

The next Imam comes along and says we must have a Muslim on the Supreme Court that “understands” the wishes of the Muslim community or we may enflame the “radicals” and it will be a concern for our national security.

Here’s a thought for all of the followers of Islam; you live in America, threatening us like this doesn’t work. We have nothing to prove to you, we have no need to show who we are, we know who we are, and it is time to either assimilate in a peaceful way or go somewhere else. We will not allow you to use our freedom to steal our freedom.

You see folks, true Islam is on display. There is no difference in Islam between government laws and their religious laws. The religion is a combination of civil law intertwined with religious belief. It cannot exist peacefully here until it goes through a reformation. The “moderate” Muslims here need to promote a separation between dominance and ministry. A ministry to convert people to a way of belief is different than converting through a strategy of dominance and threats against the lives and liberties of non believers.

We can’t allow the Muslim religion to position the argument in a way we can’t participate in an open debate. We can be tolerant but we must expect tolerance in return. We must protect our constitution even if it offends the Muslims beliefs. We are being taken with a strategy of political correctness. How many other religions are free to worship in Saudi Arabia? None. This is not uncommon in Muslim dominated countries. We live by a constitution not a Bible or Koran. The Bible is a foundation for this great nation but there is a difference with foundational beliefs built into law and actual civil law. We do not go to jail if we don’t attend church or believe in God. Islam sees the Koran and Sharia as inseparable from civil law. It’s a fact.

We must debate the facts and we can’t change our constitutional fabric to appease a religion that seems to be offended at everything we stand for. We don’t need to feel uncomfortable with our beliefs. This is America and we have a constitution. Anyone that doesn’t like it can leave. We must protect our rights no matter how offended Muslims are to the concept of the separation of religious and civil laws.

The preacher threatening to burn the Koran is an idiot and not a true believer in Christian values. Otherwise he would not be so inconsiderate of Muslims. But to say that we must build a Mosque at ground zero or concede to Sharia law in the United States is a threat to our existence.
And that’s a fact…