Friday, October 31, 2008

I can only hope…

I can only hope…
That Americans go to the polls understanding that elections have consequences:
· That change is not always for the positive
· That power and a lack of experience is a dangerous combination
· That the constitution has given us our prosperity, freedom, and ability to be uninformed
· That judges are like tyrants if not harnessed by the constitution
· That the constitution is not a living document; it is what rules are to a game, defined and for a purpose
· That speaking is a great skill for a politician but honesty and integrity is not negotiable
· That policies and lack thereof have consequences, just remember September 11th
· That our military deserves our thanks not dismissive condemnation
· That the UN, France, Germany, and the rest of the world can kiss our …
· That God is not a 4 letter word; anywhere
· That guns are the only insurance to a free society; just read our or any history
· That freedom is not free
· That being tortured by the enemy, fighting for this country, is a real qualification to be considered
· That hanging out with terrorists and America haters; is a real consideration
· That America as we know it is not guaranteed for the future
· That this is a government of the people, Messiah’s and Kings need not apply
· That America is a sovereign nation; our future should be determined by us
· That God truly did Bless America; let’s think about that…

Thursday, October 30, 2008

If I was invited – I may have read this for my opening in tonight’s debate…

I am Rich Hand and I am running for the Congressional District 5 seat because our political system has been corrupted by the two parties that have controlled it for too many years. We the people have been promised reform every election cycle but what we have been given is always more of the same. Both parties have been entrusted by the people to govern in their best interest. The only interests we see politicians protecting are the lobbyists, special interests, and their own.

We have watched our politicians in both parties ignore the facts that Social Security is going bankrupt, they have ignored the billions of dollars of fraud in Medicare, Medicaid, and every form of government contracting, and they ignored all the signs and warnings of the financial crisis we find ourselves in today. The two parties have failed us miserably, and again are promising us “change”, “reform”, and a host of other empty promises.

It is time to look at the results of the two parties and ask ourselves if they will ever deliver on their promises. I know they won’t so I am running. If you know they won’t, send a message by voting for me. It will send a message louder than any other message you can deliver.
I promise you I will deliver on one thing; I will never sell my soul to the devil of politics; lobbyists, special interests, and self interest. I will never accept a nickel from any group looking for access. What I will do every day in congress is to work for fundamental change in the rules of congress, the way they are elected, and to reduce the time that is spent in Washington. Both in days per year, and the amount of years they can serve.

You can’t reduce the encroachment of government until you reform the way congress conducts itself. Today one congressman can control the debate of the rest of the body. We recently saw Nancy Pelosi close down debate on energy policy, stealing the rights of the 434 other congress men and women representing hundreds of millions of Americans in the process. We watch as single committee chair people decide what bills are given consideration. There are rules to keep order, and there are rules that silence the voice of the people. The rules as of today silence the voices of millions of Americans. I ask you; is that right? Is that good policy? Is that constitutional? That ability to stop debate must change.

Money is the poison of the election process. I will propose to limit donations to allow only individual constituents within a representative’s district to donate to campaigns. I don’t understand why we allow corporations and interest groups to donate to congressional races. They can run all the ads they want on their own. What they are buying with their donation is the ability to control the representative through intimidation, and the threat of cutting off the life blood of the current election process; money. The lifeblood should be the constituents vote not the money funneled in by powerful interests.

I believe in the individual, the free market, limited government regulation, secure borders, and the hope that America represents to the world. I am proud of the military and the way they conduct themselves on our behalf. They make this all possible; God Bless them. I am proud to say I believe in God. I believe we are a Christian nation but it is best that religion is not a test for politicians. Just an indication of one’s beliefs and character.

I believe the federal government should be held accountable for stealing the hopes and dreams of the Black and inner city community. They need to be dismissed from having anything to do with the education of our citizens. All you have to do is look at the current state of education to see it has failed. Education is the fuel of hope and success. It is time to bring that money home to the states. I believe the states need to start reducing their dependence on the federal government, and reduce the hard earned treasure they send to the federal treasury.

I believe we must prepare the American people for the fight we may find ourselves in if the current democrats take control of every branch of government. They are radically opposed to the most fundamental of American values; individual freedom, state’s rights, a strong military, patriotism, free speech, free markets, the right to bear arms, and a supreme court that judges the law, not one that circumvents the constitution and creates law. We must realize that what they stand for resembles nothing that the founders would recognize. We must educate, communicate, and be willing to stand up for the American values that made us great; the constitution.

I am offering my service to fight the fight. All I ask is for your vote. You can have more of the same or you can try a new approach. I hope you choose me so I can bring trust back to the great halls of Congress…

Monday, October 27, 2008

Illustrating Obama’s redistribution of wealth policy… Author unknown; point right on!

Today on my way to lunch I passed a homeless guy with a sign that read, Vote Obama, I need the money…. I laughed.

Once in the restaurant my server had on a Obama 08 tie, again I laughed as he had given away his political preference….just imagine the coincidence.

When the bill came I decided not to tip the server and explained to him that I was exploring the Obama redistribution of wealth concept. He stood there in disbelief while I told him that I was going to redistribute his tip to someone who I deemed more in need like the homeless guy outside. The server angrily stormed from my sight.

I went outside, gave the homeless guy $10 and told him to thank the server inside as I've decided he could use the money more. The homeless guy was grateful.

At the end of my rather unscientific redistribution experiment I realized the homeless guy was grateful for the money he did not earn, but the waiter was pretty angry that I gave away the money he did earn even though the actual recipient needed money more.

I guess redistribution of wealth is an easier thing to swallow in concept than in practical application.

The results of liberals controlling our schools is in…

And they are a failing grade for America’s future. That Barrack Obama can even be a candidate is a sad testament of the ability of our nation to think critically. The people that support Obama are either voting on emotion, think that change is needed but can’t define what change, or the scariest scenario is that they believe it can’t get much worse under Obama and the radical leaders of the Democratic Party.

The more I talk to people who are going to vote for Obama the more concerned I get about an education system that has not emphasized our history, constitution, economic system, or the simple task of analytical thinking. They are too cavalier in their response to the question; do you want more government telling what you can do or more importantly what you can say? They don’t get how dangerous Obama and Biden are to our democracy.

Barack wants to disregard our constitution to redistribute wealth, not have to answer to the people, socialize our healthcare and economy, and make everyone equal in outcome. We are not equal in outcome because some of us put more into the system to succeed. If you want to be beholden to the people you see working for the TSA, Post Office, or any other government agency you obviously need to reassess your positions.

We will be tested if Obama is elected. We will be tested to see if we are willing to defend our constitution and basic American principles. Obama does not want what the founding fathers gave us; he wants to ignore our basic rights and impose his own through the Supreme Court. Five of the nine Supreme Court judges are over 70. God forbid it is Obama, Reid, and Pelosi nominating these judges. If we elect Obama God will be forbidden as well…

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who is supporting Obama?

Iran prefers Obama, the French prefer Obama, the UN prefers Obama, and the main stream media prefers Obama. Do you need any other evidence that we as American’s should prefer McCain?

On another note; this is the most racist column (click here to read) I have read in a long time. It suggests that if Obama doesn’t win, the black community will riot. Now I know emotions are high this election but I have to give the black community the respect it deserves. I believe that the black community will react just like the white community; with reasoned response. There is no need to send in the riot police in pre-emptive action. That will only provoke ANY neighborhood they show up in!

Finally, there is a debate being held October 30th, sponsored by the Falcon Republican Club at Sand Creek High School. I was not invited although the other 3 candidates listed on the Secretary of State’s website were. Yes, even as a write-in, you must register with the SOS to be considered. Not to mention I ran in 2006, and the fact I refuse to raise money, making for a different perspective for the voters. I am running against the party system, and I believe we need real rules reform in congress so that all congressional districts get fair representation, not just the ones from the party in power. Well, maybe that’s why they excluded me.

The presidential race is close, and every vote in Colorado will make a difference this year. Make sure you do!

Write-in Rich Hand for Congressional District 5 Colorado…

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Attention Wal-Mart shoppers the Vice President is in aisle three…

This may sound strange but Sarah Palin stopped in Wal-Mart needing diapers for her youngest son Trig. She could have sent someone in her place but Wal-Mart is not “beneath” Sarah.

Can you picture Joe Biden buying anything in Wal-Mart, never mind diapers? I don’t believe for a minute that this was a political stunt. I believe this is just who she is. I would love to see this Wal-Mart Shopper in the Oval office. Just a thought…

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spread the Wealth?

Is the redistribution of income good for America? If you ask the people that go to work every day, earn 75K to 250K a year, working like dogs, traveling the globe while their families are home missing them, keeping this economy primed with tax revenue, they will say they are taxed enough. That is not selfish, that is not a lack of sensitivity or understanding that is reality.

How much do you want to take away from productive people before you think it’s enough? Obama has not clarified that for the voters yet, and I would like to know. I know there is an effort to bring back class warfare here but is that what we need now? Aren’t we divided enough?

Anyone that is willing to educate themselves, work the long hours it takes, and take the risks of owning a small business can be successful in America. Why don’t we celebrate them instead of punishing them? What gives the government the right to decide how much wealth we can keep? Why do people in this country buy into this notion of punishing the “rich”? Is it jealousy, envy, or something else? I have never been given a job by a poor person. I love people that are willing to risk it all and create jobs! And I believe they deserve all of the rewards of doing that.

Maybe we need to look in the mirror of America and ask ourselves; what can I do to create jobs? Instead of voting for people that punish the people that deserve our thanks... Just a thought…

Friday, October 10, 2008

This is a war on the American way…

Have no doubt we are under attack from the left, the socialist world, and unfortunately our own government. The ONLY solution right now is the American PEOPLE. We need to stop listening to our politicians and all of the American haters around the world, and start taking control of our own destiny. If you are looking for a solution it lies in your mirror.

We are the greatest engine of democracy, freedom, free markets, and hope for the world. It doesn’t seem that way right now because of the weak leaders we have allowed to take over the reins of our government.

We need to keep working and stop listening to the ignorance coming from the media, political class, and the world. A world that would love to see nothing more than America to implode. They hate our confidence, wealth, prosperity with a passion. And unfortunately so does one of our presidential candidates; Obama.

We need to disconnect from Wall Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, and the halls of congress, and reconnect with Main Street and our American heritage. We need to:
· Elect people that love America and understand Main Street values.
· Stop caring about what the world thinks about us and know in our hearts who we are.
· Bring back business to America that makes things.
· Get rid of the good old boy network; period.
· Reject a media that hates America and start speaking out against their garbage and lies.
· Get involved with neighbors and start planning our strategy to take back our government on November 4th.

There isn’t an ounce of leadership out there, and the markets are reacting to that. We have leaders; the problem is we have been out here trying to keep this country working. It is time to take action!

I am telling you the answer is not cozying up to world leaders; the answer is cozying up to American Main Street leaders. Me and you.

This is a war on our values and our heritage. This is a war that can only be won by getting involved and fighting for the American citizen. We are not world citizens we are Americans! We need to pay attention. Haven’t we lost enough already? Let’s not lose it all.

I would like to know what Doug Lamborn is doing in this crisis. Is he a leader that we will follow? Or do we need a new leader? You do have a choice…

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Politics is serious; very serious…

There are two types of voters, the first is “passionate” and the second is “casual”. The casual voter tends to dislike politics, consider it unimportant, they believe their vote doesn’t matter but vote out of obligation, and are persuaded by media and trends.

The “passionate” voter drowns themselves in political news, talk radio, blogs, would rather die than not vote on Election Day. They argue how important it is to the future of our country that we elect the right people.

The casual voter listens but in all reality, they see little evidence supporting the passionate arguments of the passionate voter. They don’t see the assault on freedom, the intrusiveness of the government, the burdensome regulations, and the disregard for the US Constitution. They occasionally get upset with a tax increase and then figure it into their budget. They are the boiling frog.

The government is out of control and I am afraid of what it will do next to address these “crisis”. There is already talk of the government taking over banks. There is talk about government interference in places our founders would have never envisioned.

The government is on the brink of becoming more dominant and tyrannical than ever before. We are about to see a total disregard for the things that have made this country great; individual freedom, free market capitalism.

You have to wonder if there are discussions going on in the halls of our government institutions about how the government must takeover for now and disregard the constitution. A scene reminiscent of Star Wars where the emperor with a heavy heart accepts the supreme powers; temporarily. You can hear the justification from the elite’s now; it is what is “best” for the people.

I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means but I am a student of human behavior. Our government was designed to protect us from human nature; our obsession for power and control. That is why we have a balance of power and the bulk of power resides in the House of Congress. But do we have the right people in congress?

We have two lousy choices for president so we must make sure we choose our congress wisely. McCain is the lesser of two evils. Obama is not deserving of consideration for the office he seeks. His past is sketchy, his friendships are troublesome, and his values are few.

Please look closer at this election. It may be the last one you see if you choose wrong…

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It’s All About Trust…

We don’t trust our representatives, we don’t trust our corporate executives, we don’t trust our neighbors, we don’t trust anyone. When you lack trust, everything is suspect and nothing can be accomplished except destruction.

This economic mess is a result of years of ever increasing intrusion into the free market. To the point it was no longer free. Today we have politicians saying this is the result of deregulation; an outright lie. So as you dig into this mess you realize you are dealing with liars in the government, private sector, and all supported by the liars in the media. They are all covering their behinds because they have been caught in the lie.

What are they doing to “fix” this mess? Continuing the lies that got us here, and undermining the trust we need to build back our economy and society. We can’t continue on if we don’t trust each other to do the right thing. Not enough people are doing the right thing anymore. In Washington it is still a battle between the two parties with the fallout being the American people in the middle.

We need to clean house in Washington and send some people there that are not politicians but representatives of the American people. People that we can trust again. They don’t have to be career politicians. Exactly the opposite. We need to get to the bottom of this and explain to the American people how we need to reduce government influence, not increase it.

As Americans it is our responsibility to take control when our government has failed. It is time to take control as Americans, not as Democrats or Republicans, but truly concerned citizens to rebuild trust. Because without trust we have nothing to build on…

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Air Force Fans…

Thank you to the thousands of Air Force fans that politely waved or honked a horn in recognition of our stand out today! Many of you rolled down your windows and asked if I was Rich Hand, then confirmed you would write me in for Congressional District 5. I hope you do.

There were 8 of us holding signs, very professional signs, courtesy of the Christensen’s and Mobley’s, and it was a lot of fun! I have to believe this effort will make a difference. Any time you go up against an incumbent it is an uphill battle, but being “Unaffiliated” (independent of the parties) I sense it will make a difference this year. People are angry about the way the two parties are ignoring the fact they are Americans first, giving away our hard earned money to people that don’t deserve it, and supporting lobbyists rather than their constituents.

With the recent robbery of our tax dollars by both democrats and republicans, I believe people are done with the two parties. We need to clean house in congress. There is a crisis in leadership there and we need to change every one of them. They just don’t get it anymore. There is a huge disconnect from the people.

Special thanks to Terre, Kevin, Katelyn, Britt-Anna, Taylor, Emily, and Hans! You guys made this stand out well worth the time and effort!!

To all of you that so politely waved and smiled, I hope you consider me to be your congressman. Congress is broken. I promise you I will go to Washington and reduce the influence and money they continue to take from us…

Friday, October 3, 2008

They took your tax dollars; let’s take back congress!!

I am so angry and disappointed I may run for office as a write-in! Wait, I am! Folks; I don’t care who voted for and against this bill, they all need to be held accountable for a FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP! Saying you voted against this will not fly. Where was the passion for protecting the American economic system?

This is a takeover of our housing system, and as someone who grew up in the Bronx, 5 blocks from a government run housing project, this bill is a DISASTER! In this bill resides a provision for federal oversight and authority to decide critical matters concerning housing loans and government “owned” properties which will be most people holding a mortgage today. We have injected federal meddling into a sector of our economy that they have been dying to socialize for many years, and now they have accomplished it.

They will decide the terms of loans for “low” income borrowers. They will decide the terms banks can use in the lending process, not just financial terms, but what groups will receive preferred treatment.

Healthcare is next after housing. Then it will be the auto industry, and finally the energy industry. It is time to revolt against the people that voted for this, and were present to allow this to happen. They all deserve a revolt at the ballot box.

Vote them all out; I promise you it will be the best feeling and thing we can do to save this country from this corrupt congress and current political class in Washington…

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Few Thoughts…

It seems like a long time since I posted but it has been less than a week. A lot has transpired. A few thoughts and key observations:

· I am elated that the first “bailout” bill was defeated! The sky didn’t fall and it won’t no matter what the media says.

· The presidential debate was boring and McCain missed a million opportunities to define Obama. Enough with the nice guy stuff this is the future of our country!

· The market’s largest plunge was followed by its largest gain. And why would you believe 700 billion of our money will change the gamblers on Wall Street?

· Bloomberg is attempting to take over NY by changing the term limit law. Memo to Bloomberg: you are not that important and it is time to go!

· I will have another campaign event on Saturday. A bunch of us will stand out at the Air Force Navy game. Honk your horn if you want to get rid of every congressman! HONK!

· The House will decide whether or not to pass the revised “bailout” bill that has grown from 4 pages of useless effort to over 400 pages of pork barrel projects for Indian wooden arrows, wool makers, farmers, shippers, and the airline industry to name a few beneficiaries. Does this not tell you that these people don’t get it? If McCain wants to win this election, Sarah Palin should open the debate highlighting this bill and how she would paint it with lipstick and put a bullet through it!

· Finally, the media is trying to destroy this country by getting an elitist, America hating, empty suit elected as our next president. If you are even considering Obama, you really need to do some more research. He is dangerous. McCain is not perfect but he is definitely not dangerous. Please think about it. Thanks for that…