Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Constitution and the Founders…

The vision of our founders that was captured in the document we call the constitution is nothing short of a miracle. As we look at the political environment today, it is clear how truly brilliant our founders actually were. The Constitution was created to limit the government from controlling the lives of the governed. For the first time in history the people were put in charge of the government instead of government bureaucrats controlling the people.

You would never know we had a Constitution if you were dropped in this country from another planet. If you were a Founder who had risen from the grave this country’s operations would be an obvious indication the country had somehow been take over by a coup d etat. The obvious questions our Founders would have:

Who allowed the Federal Government to break the law of the constitution? This would have to be answered with We the People. We the people have ignored our duty to hold our politicians accountable to the law of the land. We are also responsible for electing politicians that have failed to abide by the Constitution.

What would compel the people to give up local control for a central bureaucracy? The Founders always suspected the local and state governments would be reluctant to give power to a central government. It was such a contention at our founding that the Bill of Rights had to be added and one of the most contentious amendments was the Tenth. Without the Tenth Amendment the Constitution would not have been passed. As they argued, there were only a few responsibilities the Federal Government would be better at which were very few. The most agreed upon functions were the defense of the country and foreign diplomacy. Now the Federal Government is involved in how much water we flush down the toilets and the light bulbs we can buy.  Think about that.

How did the Supreme Court become a legislative body? The Founders argued that the Supreme Court was simply a judge not a creator of legislation. They believed if the Supreme Court ruled a law to be unconstitutional the Congress would go back and re-write the legislation to comply with the constitutional guidelines. The idea that 9 individuals can dictate laws is exactly that, a dictatorship.

The Founders argued that human nature was known well enough to put safeguards in place to harness the evil instincts and incentivize the good instincts. They also understood natural law that is the foundation of freedom from the enslavement from groups, especially government groups.

We have no one candidate in the race that is even close to understanding the virtue of statesmanship. Statesmanship is the ability to rise above personal objectives and provide leadership based on the common principles that guide our country as outlined in the Constitution. The Constitution is simply a piece of paper without politicians willing to fight and die for it. Our Founders were willing to die for it. The politicians today don’t even read it.

And that is the fault of We the People…

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Temporary: Maybe it’s Our Turn…

The Congress and the president have come up with yet another temporary “fix” to the latest funding extension to a budget that hasn’t been passed in over two years plus. It seems we are always scrambling to avoid another federal government shutdown. Well I say let the place shut down. Then at least we will know we are saving some money. The problem with the shutdown for government types is as long as Social Security checks go out, no one will notice the shutdown!

Here is my proposal for these incompetent lawmakers: if all you can pass is temporary measures then we will pay you temporary wages. How about you come to congress for two months a year, do the business of the people and go home. This way we can eliminate the high pay, fabulous benefits and permanent pensions. I think it’s a win for the American people.

The less time these representatives spend in DC and the more time they spend at home will give them a better understanding of the impact of their lawmaking. There is no set provision in the constitution for the time lawmakers must spend working on government. All of the rules of congress are made by the congress. What are the chances these current representatives will vote to reduce their influence in our lives? Slim to none on both sides of the aisle.

The Federal Government is too big, too intrusive, and has taken on many unconstitutional activities which is why we are on the decline. For every government employee we hire, private sector opportunities are reduced. The money we spend on useless activities in every department of government, we reduce the number of potential small businesses in this country. It is a fact that the federal government payroll could be reduced 50% and the average American wouldn’t even notice beyond the peaceful solitude of knowing some useless bureaucrat isn’t waiting in the bushes to shut down their lemonade stand.

So let’s support representatives that want to reduce the influence of the Federal Government in this next election. The more temporary every federal worker is (minus our soldiers) the better America will be…

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Newt Just Blew It!

If you are a pro capitalist constitutionalist that is proud to be American and believes we need to defeat Obama, Mitt must be the choice. I know Mitt isn’t perfect but none of us are. We need competence and an instinct for free market principles in our next President.

The latest exchange between Mitt and Newt has turned me 100% against Newt. I can’t forgive him for something I know came from his inner core and showed his true colors. Newt’s “business” with Freddie and Fannie cannot be compared to Mitt’s experience with Bain Capital. Newt was peddling his influence as a former speaker and access to politicians because he can lobby on the House floor as a former politician (post for another day). I don’t begrudge him for making a living but he was sucking more taxpayer supported dollars out of an organization that needs to be eliminated. It is ripe with corruption and incompetence. Newt should have been working to close the place down.

Romney was a “turn-around” specialist in the private sector. His company took ailing and failing businesses and revived them to health. Most times they did sometimes they didn’t. But in the private sector there is no cushion of taxpayer funds to be “compassionate” with other people’s money.  Romney had to make the most difficult decisions people in the private sector have to make when saving or building businesses.

Bankruptcy is exactly what GM and Chrysler should have been forced to do. They would be better companies today and we as taxpayers would be a little less in debt. But our President illegally invested our money into private companies to save the unions that support his election. Yes illegal because nowhere in the constitution does it authorize the federal government to use taxpayer dollars to prop up private companies. The financial industry would have survived under the bankruptcy process as well if they were allowed to fail. The doom and gloom scenarios are all speculative BS. The private sector always recovers when the rules are clear and everyone plays by the same rules.

Newt through his comment “is Romney going to apologize to the companies he bankrupted and the laid off workers…” (close enough but a common liberal mantra against capitalism) has shown that his instinct is to prop up the private sector with tax dollars. A mortal sin for a free market economy. Mitt has proven he knows how to save, build, and allow for failure in the private sector which I have to assume he will do as President no matter how much pressure the public puts on him.

This election is about our future. Our future is bleak with the current President. He is destroying our fundamental fabric that creates the wealth and prosperity we enjoy. I know there are many conservatives looking for Reagan but we are going to have to trust Romney on this one. Newt will be demonized and portrayed as a mean spirited old white guy. He is not going to win over the uninformed middle. We will need the uninformed middle to get rid of Obama. They will need to feel good about voting against Obama because they vote based on feelings. Newt will not make them feel good about voting against Obama. That is a fact and I know it doesn’t make sense for us as conservatives but we must be strategic here.

Newt is done. Stick a fork in him and let’s move on to Romney. Newt has done some good things in the past but his instincts are tied to government solutions. The government is not the solution it is the problem as our hero Reagan knew all too well…

Check out this great post by my Brother on why we need Mitt. He is a staunch conservative…

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Politics of Envy…

The President has reverted to using past president’s strategies because he has obviously run into a roadblock from the people on his “strategy.” His strategy seems to be: create envy against a group of people that have worked hard and become successful on their own merits.

He talks about the wealthy, rich, billionaires and millionaires, the fortunate, and a host of other labels that are designed to insight envy in the hearts of his audience. Instead of thanking the successful people of our nation for all they have contributed, he chooses to lie about how they are not paying enough to the federal government. It is a lie because no matter what income tax these successful people pay, the total value to society far exceeds the people not paying any federal income tax at all.

These successful people are already paying the majority of federal taxes but the piece our president always fails to address is the product, service, or innovation impacts to our society. The most obvious one is the creation of jobs that fuels wealth and additional tax revenue to the state and local governments. This president has contempt in his voice when discussing successful people. The main reason is to position himself with his core constituency as the person who will make the playing field “fairer” for them. The truth is the field is already fair and actually tips toward people in the lower income and special interest groups.

All Americans have the same opportunity in this country. We all come from different backgrounds but if we apply ourselves the sky is the limit. This president often suggests that these successful people could not have been successful without the government. That is a lie for most business success. Government is often an impediment to their success and most businesses have had to endure many hurdles set up by government. To suggest that the government paves roads and therefor is the reason UPS is successful is disingenuous at best. To suggest that the local restaurant is successful because the city worker sweeps the sidewalk again is a stretch. The reason business is successful is an individual’s willingness to take a risk, apply his/her idea and work hard.

Any American can do that if they are so inclined. But Obama knows there is a class of people out there that count on the government for their subsistence. Black Americans have been lied to and continue to believe that the government is their savior. Until they stop the envy and start believing in themselves they will continue to suffer the consequences. Obama is trying to convince poor people that the government is the answer. The government is the problem.

I fear it is a hopeless argument for inner city communities that have been “educated” in government run schools who are an abysmal failure. Like Obama’s policies, the people counting on government are never going to be in the successful group. Their only “hope” is a man that promises to take the wealth of others to make up for their incompetence and lack of drive.

Envy of your neighbor is a path that leads to hatred and dependence. That is the re-election campaign strategy of this president. It is time for divisive politics and for this president to go…

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Farce of a Payroll Tax “Holiday”…

President Obama is pushing for the extension of what he claims to be a tax holiday for all Americans. He reduced the payroll tax from 6.2% to 4.2% and now wants to extend it. It is a farce and it is digging our debt hole even deeper.

The payroll tax (FICA) is the sole funding source for Social Security. The money pulled out for FICA is one of the few earmarked taxes that are legislated to a particular use. The problem is by reducing the payment we make into SS we should also be reducing the benefits since we are putting less into the account. Does anyone think this will happen?

Every paycheck we receive at the reduced rate is going to need to be made up in order to cover the current reduction. The system is already going bankrupt; this will only increase the speed in which we get there. So why is the president pushing this so hard?

The answer is simply to buy votes and perpetuate his class warfare re-election campaign. He is buying votes because unlike the income taxes which are only paid by 52% of the earning American, the payroll tax is taken out of every working person’s paycheck. By reducing the payroll tax and then declaring the “rich” need to pay their fair share to make up the short fall, the president gets the best of both of his worlds.

Like everything this president does, it divides Americans and increases our debt as a nation. It is disappointing and despicable. But that describes this president in a nutshell…

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Problem with Jimmy Carter…

When you say Jimmy Carter to someone in my generation the immediate reaction is “worst president in modern American history.” He is synonymous with failure to us and we turn the channel whenever he finds an audience in the main stream media.

Carter has spent his post presidency trying to change history. But history is a stubborn thing. Kinda like facts, the country was leaderless under his administration which is why Obama is being compared to Carter. The country again feels like there is no leadership from the current president. The presidency is first and foremost the chief morale officer of the country. We believe in ourselves but we always feel better when we know our elected chief executive believes that as well.

Both Carter and Obama blame Americans for the ills of failed government policies. They both have lectured us on how we just need to get over ourselves and do what they say we should do. Nothing angers Americans more than being lectured to by our politicians especially when they barely understand how hard we Americans work, every day.

Any of us that lived under Carter believe that comparisons will definitely undermine this president’s chance for re-election. The problem is that Jimmy Carter’s administration was over 30 years ago. There are a lot of new voters that have never lived under Carter and see him as the X President that builds houses for humanity and seems like someone’s grandfather. These new voters do not immediately think failure when Carter’s name is used.

I am not saying we should stop comparing Obama to Carter. No I think it’s part of an overall strategy. We must reach younger voters by highlighting how conservative and constitutional principles lead to greater opportunities for jobs and a successful future. We need a positive message for young folks who spend little time thinking and too much time feeling. They might feel good that the first Black President was elected during their generation but the Presidency is not to be used as a social experiment. The presidency is about competent leadership from an executive that has earned the experience necessary to make decisions. It is also a position that can only be granted to individuals that believe in our constitution and founding principles.

We need to help our youth understand what has given us the wealth they enjoy today, our constitution, individual ingenuity, freedom and capitalism. It wasn’t Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, or Obama. It was the American people unencumbered by government bureaucracy given the freedom to pursue their dreams and be held accountable for failure, the ability to reap the rewards of their ideas and hard work, and willingness to take risks…  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The 2012 Presidential Field

The presidential field to date is disappointing. But I don’t blame good candidates from entering the race when you consider the personal attacks waged once a candidate declares. It seems that charges are thrown around to see what sticks and what doesn’t. Rumors are floated to get reaction and candidates are expected to defend their reputations no matter the validity of the allegation.

I don’t know anything about Herman Cain’s background or character but on initial instinct he seemed like a good guy with great business experience. I now find myself feeling sad for his family. They are the true victims here no matter what the truth ends up being about the allegations. I hope he either clears this up once and for all or gets out for the sake of his family.

Newt has baggage; Mitt has baggage, as do every one of us. Take a moment and consider what could happen if you offered yourself up for public office? Could the media spin something in your past to make you look lesser of an individual? Something that could embarrass your family? Remember the media will go back to your High School and College years so think about it. Is it worth it?

Our country was founded by great men but none of them were perfect. They all had flaws but they also had one common goal which was the creation of the best political system on earth. They had different opinions and self- interests on how to accomplish that but the goal was the same. We no longer have that.

We have a Democratic Party that wants to destroy the free market capitalist system that has been the mother’s milk for our success. These democrats don’t respect or care about the Constitution of this great nation. They have abandoned the principle of self-governance for communal misery. Class warfare is their mantra and strategy to win elections. Their goal is to make people miserable by implementing government policies and then blame the misery on the wealthy and successful of this nation. Pathetic.

The Republican Party has also ignored the Constitution for crony capitalism and special favors for special “friends.”  They have abandoned the principles they state in their platform like limited government, lower taxes, etc… The Tea Party is a result more from a rejection of the RP than the DP. The TP is changing the RP from the inside out. Supporting more principled candidates like Rubio and Rand Paul.

The reason the presidential field is receiving the perpetual yawn is the lack of a perfect candidate. Conservative voters are a principled lot but when you consider the process even the “perfect” candidate will be put through the wringer and forced to defend baseless accusations from a media that hates the principles America stands on.

It’s no wonder that we have such a disappointing field to choose from…   

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our President Stands Against Our Nation…

It is demeaning to the office of the president, our flag, and the constitution that we have an occupier in the White House that has not stood up against the radical leftist movement taking place across this country. Rather he says he supports the desecration of our flag and radical agenda against the founding principles of our nation.

It is time for conservatives in Congress to start the process of removing this president for dereliction of office. This country is spiraling out of control because the  occupier in chief is incompetent at best, determined to destroy this nation through these overt actions to support radical ignorance and law breaking across this country.

This president refuses to prosecute the criminals crossing our borders, the criminals occupying private property, and the criminals in his justice department. He has failed this nation and has failed in his duties. He is siding with our enemies, and prosecuting our allies.

Never has our nation’s recent history been so close to revolution because of the radical leftist in the White House. The elites are dancing around and afraid of calling this president what he truly is; an agitator at best and more likely an enemy of our constitutional republic.

We can no longer allow this to continue in the name of our nation. This presidential campaign has degraded into a current president unwilling to defend the laws of our nation. We deserve better from a president that is supposed to represent the entire people of our nation. He represents the most radical in this nation and has turned his back on the majority of Americans.

It is time for all of the occupiers to go including this president… It is time for congress to do its job and remove this president which would be representing the wishes of the majority of Americans…

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Failure to Educate…

What we are seeing with the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd is the result of a failure to educate our citizens properly at the elementary and high school levels. It is embarrassing to listen to these protesters who have little clue about capitalism or the reason they exist in this world.

One of the protesters was asked if you want to change the capitalist system, what would you like to replace it with? The blank stare said it all. The student had no idea what the alternative should be and I would guess didn’t even understand how capitalism actually works.

This country is the greatest economic and moral engine of the world. It is the greatest economic engine because we have a capitalist system. We are a beacon for the world because our moral foundation is based on Judeo Christian values. We have a constitution that limits the federal government from infringing on both of these attributes but the current administration along with previous administrations have ignored these limits therefore giving us the malaise we are currently in.

We spend too much time teaching about recycling, diversity, and political correctness and not enough time on the American history, economics, the constitution, and American values.  We need our kids to be taking a full four years of American history, the constitution, and the capitalist system of economics in High School. Too many schools can’t even teach kids to read by the time they graduate High School. Colleges are now forced to have remedial programs in order to accept certain students.

The United States has been the means of good in the world because we have values and an economic system that enables us the free time to worry about others. Our religious institutions are an engine of compassion. To protest against the foundation of our success is ignorance.

What these Occupy Wall Street people need to realize is the reason they are unemployed is the fact that the capitalist system is being undermined by an out of control government. They should be in Washington DC not Wall Street or Main Street. It is not Wall Street “fat cats” that are the problem. It is politicians and business executives that are stealing tax payer dollars and conducting “crony capitalism” that should be the target of the protest. The problem resides in DC. If these people had the proper education they would be in the Tea Party.

Success begins with education and there are many schools that do an OK job. But the public system needs to be completely overhauled and handed back to communities to control. The federal government has been destroying the family, the economy, and personal accountability for long enough. We need to take back the education system because that is the root of the problem.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the history and future of our country…

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Constitution is About Limits…

There is no better excuse to dictate policy than crisis. Our founders knew the propensity of humans to dictate their will through group think in emotional situations. The founders feared and despised central rule by a King and were determined in the constitution to protect against both dictatorship and group or mob rule.

We are starting to hear politicians that are responsible for creating the current economic mess (chaos) talking about suspending democratic rule. First, we are not a democracy but what they are suggesting is we the people be stripped of our right to vote in or out our representatives to the federal government. These are not fringe lunatics that hold no power; they are a current congress woman and the governor of North Carolina. Their argument is that elected politicians can’t do what they want for fear of being voted out next election. My question is if they are in fear of being voted out of office by their constituents then the policies they are pursuing may be the problem. The reason our representative government does work is that representatives must face re-election every two years.

The constitution was designed with a House of Representatives to be most accountable to the people. That is why all laws are created by the House. The design of the house also allows for the protection against mob rule. There are 435 representatives that represent many districts with many competing interests. These competing interests make it less likely that a majority of these representatives will react with emotion rather than analysis. It is not a perfect system but it is the best the world has ever been able to put together under one set of rules. Those rules we call the US Constitution.

If we were to suspend elections so representatives did not have to face the voters, would this make the people complacent or angry? Forget the fact it would be an impeachable offense, is it a good idea to undermine the rule of law? The majority of the people in the United States want the federal government to reduce spending and repeal Obamacare. The anger, frustration, and ailing economy are being perpetuated by a few representatives that are not willing to listen to the people they represent.

Is the answer bypassing the people or is the answer electing people that will listen to the people and abide by the limits of the US Constitution?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stupid is what Stupid Does…

The ability to think has been lost by too many individuals in this country. It is harder to think than to feel which is why we have so many feelings getting in the way of intelligent analysis. The economy is about to crash and every thinking man and woman can see it coming but yet we stand by watching as if it were a car wreck on the side of a highway.

How do you grow the economy by taking a dollar out of one man’s pocket and putting it into another man’s pocket? All you accomplish is taking one dollar from one man’s pocket and put it into another man’s pocket. Think about it. What has been created? Nothing is created and never has been in the redistribution of wealth. Hence the word redistribution, otherwise it would be called creation of wealth.

The creation of wealth comes when an individual, small business or corporation develops a new piece of software that does something new; create a new product or service that individuals in the market place find valuable enough to part ways with their dollars to purchase it. Take the iPod for instance. When the iPod was created it was a cool new way to store and listen to music. People bought them by the millions. Musicians sold more music. Accessories for iPods exploded like cases and night stands with speakers and all of these new products had to be manufactured, distributed, and sold creating jobs, jobs, jobs.

The creation of wealth creates more wealth as the market builds off of the new products that get introduced. Clever individuals take the ideas and build off of them, sometimes as competitors, and other times as collaborators to improve the product or service. There is no take one dollar from one and giving to another, it is ideas, products and services generating new wealth and the dollars exchanging hands are for the market value of that product.

The concept is really easy to understand if you think about it. It is not a feeling but a real concept. The people in our government right now are stupid. That’s right stupid. The definition of stupid: Slow to learn or understand; obtuse, tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes, marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless.

The product of our political discussions is class envy and a division of the American people. We have the makers and the takers. The people that are makers are under attack and their money is being taken to be given to the takers. The takers are simply using those dollars to sustain their lives. There is no creation of new products, services, or God forbid an idea. If we were to stop taking from the makers and left those dollars with the makers and they make things, jobs would be one of the results (I will avoid the moral argument).

Government is the agent of the takers and yes some makers. But mostly the government is in the business to take from the makers to give to the takers. That destroys jobs. Hence the economy we are in. And even when Government gives to the makers like “green energy” projects, the makers that become takers have broken a golden rule of successful makers; there needs to be a market place of willing individuals to buy what you’re selling. You can’t force people to by stuff they don’t want, yet.

So the only conclusion you can come to if you are a thinking individual is we are being represented by stupid. Stupid is what stupid does…

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Private Property is the Foundation of Freedom…

What is private property? Private property is the legally recognized ability of individuals to claim ownership of items including real property but not exclusive to real property. For example, copyrights and patents protect the private property rights of ideas and inventions. Without the ability to own property there is no foundation for freedom.

If all property and ideas are communal (belong to the society) how do you provide for your own needs? And if you can’t provide for your own needs how can anyone be free? The opposite of freedom is dependency. This is not the home of the dependent it is the home of the free. The founders were adamant about private property and understood the importance of it to a free and strong economic foundation. The communists and socialists believe property is owned by the society and the government is the arbiter of how the resources of society are distributed. Our government is acting more and more as if private property is owned by the state. Take the financial industry and auto industry takeovers of the past few years. These acts were appalling for anyone that believes in freedom and capitalism and it was extremely disappointing for people that believe in and respect the Constitution of the United States. The latest example is forcing individuals to use their own private property to buy health insurance. Money is private property.

There are many examples of private property breaches by our government including a number of eminent domain cases that took private real property because a government bureaucracy deemed that the property was more valuable to the community if developed into a mall. It was argued that the private homes generated less tax revenue than a proposed mall therefore it was in the interest of the government to take the property. A huge stretch of the original intent of eminent domain law.

Think about how different everything would be if everything you owned was no longer protected by private property rights. If we all shared property what would be the consequences we would face? We don’t have to look far for current examples. Drive through any major city and visit a government housing project where no one owns the property or even pays a rental fee. Filth and decay. When no one owns or has a stake in a property no one cares what happens to it. When individuals don’t have a stake in something it will fail. Communes have been tried around the world and they always fail because people are self interested and private property rights support the human condition to survive.

As the federal government expands its reach property rights are undermined. Healthcare is the latest example of a failure to understand private property. Healthcare is the exchange of our property (money) with a doctor’s private property (knowledge) to attend to our health issues. As the government interjects itself into the process they are forcing patients to submit their property (money) to a pool that will decide what fee they will pay for a doctor’s private property (knowledge). This removes our freedom to choose a doctor and limits a doctor’s freedom to charge what his patients are willing to pay. The free market is based on each party exchanging their private property for a value agreed amongst the parties.

Private property is often seen in the simple light of owning a home. But private property rights are about putting a wall around us as individuals to protect the things we invest in from confiscation and devaluation by others. Private property is a wall that protects us from the government and other groups that want to steal what we have earned or achieved. The only reason most people work is because their labor is a private property exchange with an employer. The employer pays us dollars (private property) in exchange for painting a house, cooking a meal, flying a plane, driving a bus, etc… property that they own which allows them to charge others for the use of their services. Their private property can then be used to exchange the dollars to pay you and keep the left over as profit (private property). If no one could own a plane, or bus, restaurant, business or their skills and knowledge there would be no foundation to generate a vibrant economy.

We need to look at everything we do as a private enterprise and everything the government does as a communal enterprise. That is why the constitution was created, to limit the federal government to the things we needed as a nation. They were simply a military for protection of our rights, a court system to protect our civil rights, the power to negotiate with foreign powers on behalf of the nation and to improve and solidify our economic rights, and to keep commerce regular between states in a way that laid a foundation for the free flow of trade. These can all be argued are for the good of the nation. Telling us who we must choose as a doctor, what companies are allowed to succeed or fail, or how many calories must be in a Big Mac are better left in the private sector.

Private property rights is more than real estate, it is freedom…

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Tea Party…

The Tea Party movement is under assault and there is a concerted effort to define them as radical outsiders and hell bent on destroying the federal government. The attacks are coming from politicians that believe they know best about the things we need, and will take all the resource necessary to deliver on their grand promises. The Tea Party disagrees.

The founders of this nation were patriots that at the time were being defined in a similar fashion by the British establishment as Washington today is defining the Tea Party. It is amazing how history repeats itself when people fail to study their history. The Tea Party is simply asking the federal government to act within the constitution and live within the means we the people have set for them. There is no terrorism or radicalism in that philosophy. It is a simple request and it will be adhered to one way or the other. The government serves at the will of the people. The Tea Party represents the people.

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

The Tea Party is simply returning to the principles we were founded on and if we as a nation want to change those principles the constitution provides a mechanism to do so through the amendment process. The people that are intent on defining the Tea Party as terrorists are truly the radical element and need to be ejected from the leadership of our country. They know they are about to be sent home in 2012 so they have decided the only way they can survive is to undermine the credibility of the Tea Party. It will not work.

The Tea Party is not easily demonized because there is no one face that represents it. The faces are diverse and when you see a picture of a Tea Party gathering it is not easy to portray it as radical. The faces are young, old, black, white, brown, male and female. They are the faces of a nation that is realizing its history once again and asking simply to return to the principles that have made us a great nation; faith in God and the individual. We rejected royalty once and we are doing it again. It is not terrorism it is patriotism.

The Tea Party has the best interest of our citizens at heart. They do not represent corporations or special interests. They want a limited government and a balanced budget. They simply want their freedom and God given rights back…

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Wealth Gap Isn’t About Race…

A recent census report highlights the income disparity between Black, Hispanics, and Whites. It focuses on everything but the problem. The disparity is not a function of race but rather of education and personal responsibility. It is easy to suggest that race is a factor but income is an outcome of productivity and has nothing to do with a person’s skin color. It has everything to do with what their value is to the market place.

Why do some people have more income and wealth than others? It is simply the product of years of investment in education and job skills. By investing in education and improving job skills through experience individuals create personal wealth. Of course you must invest and save the income you produce to accumulate greater wealth rather than spending every penny made on wants and desires, but I contend it is behavioral and has little to do with race.

Does that mean the Black community or Hispanic community have failed to produce greater wealth? Yes, but not because they are Black or Hispanic. There are many White people that have failed to produce wealth for themselves as well. What is the cause? Is it simply the color of their skin? Of course not. Skin color is irrelevant to success.

When you dig into the statistics, education is a key indicator of success. Of people that are educated (regardless of skin color) wealth over a lifetime is much more likely. What is the graduation rate of each race? The graduation rate is horrific for inner city minorities and therefore makes them less likely to succeed. If you can’t read, you have a harder time creating wealth.

Personal responsibility is a value instilled in families that creates a foundation for creating wealth. Personal responsibility ranges from strong family values, two parent households, and a strong commitment to self reliance. Government programs have undermined every aspect of personal responsibility. Therefore, any disproportionate number of people from any race on government programs is likely to be a key indicator of failure. The more reliant a person is on government programs the less likely they are to be successful.

So just because you are Black, White, or Hispanic doesn’t matter. Race is a red herring. Anyone in America that educates themselves and avoids a reliance on government programs, believes in the values of personal responsibility is more likely to create wealth. The scary thing about this report is it will be followed by a chorus of people that will want to expand the government programs that are actually creating the problem. The entire effort to increase the wealth of minorities will be focused on increasing government programs, and that will just exasperate the problem instead of fixing it.

The cure to any problem is rarely a government program…

Friday, July 22, 2011

Compromise our Survival?

I hear all of these politicians and some radio hosts talking about the need to compromise. Compromise is a red herring in this debt ceiling debate. The media and politicians have created this current crisis and there is no reason or reality that we will “default” in the real definition of default. The US actually in default would mean we cannot pay the people we borrowed money from which is what is meant when we talk about the interest on the debt. The interest is what we have agreed to pay until the principal on the bonds are paid off.

Here is why compromise is a red herring. Compromise means there are multiple ways to solve a problem. We are headed off an economic cliff if we don’t reduce government and the spending on government programs. We are in a mess because we have allowed an unsustainable growth of the federal government and federal government programs. How do you compromise your future if it means your survival?

Increasing the current tax rates is not only feeding the problem, it is unconstitutional, immoral, and will negatively impact the economy which will actually reduce tax revenue to the treasury. Protecting entitlements in their current state is simply allowing for the destruction of our country. We can’t afford to pay and it is wrong and immoral to harness future generations when we know they will never be able to benefit from these programs. They will be bankrupt by the time these kids hit adulthood.

So how do we compromise with raising taxes when we know it will destroy our future? The rich at some point will find another way or place to move their assets. Believe me they will. The compromises being suggested are simply proposals to kick the can down the road or accelerate the collapse of the country.

The constitution was created to protect us from the exact dilemma we see ourselves in today. The constitution is the document and law designed to limit federal expansion. We have failed as the Constitution’s stewards. We have seen an education system undermine our liberty by ignoring our history and our Constitution, and as a result we have generations of people that don’t even understand how unlawful our federal government truly is. We have become selfish pigs at the trough of government.

Human behavior was the reason the founders designed a balance of powers and included the Tenth Amendment to maintain the States important role in limiting the federal government. Again we have failed. There are some good signs like the Tea Party, Tenth Amendment Center, the Nullification movement, home schooling, and talk radio. But what do we have left to compromise? We are beyond compromise and must reduce the entire federal government.

The ability to compromise has long past. We have given up everything and more by undermining our Constitution and looking to a national government to be mommy, daddy, and the final arbiter of the important issues that should be individual or state responsibilities.

A balanced budget amendment would be a waste of time since that will be ignored just like so many other limits currently in place to oversee the federal government. We need to remove every federal representative and start fresh with a new citizen legislature guided through the process by the Tea Party apparatus.

Then and only then will we save this country from the impending danger we face…

Monday, July 4, 2011

We Mutually Pledge to Each Other Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor…

The men who signed the Declaration of Independence were obviously of a different time which has been long lost in the politicians of today. If a group of current politicians at any level of government were to band together and take that same pledge today they would be laughed at, ridiculed, and possibly arrested for subversive activity against the government of the United States.

We need that same commitment to our constitutional values and liberties those men made in 1776 today in 2011. But we are sadly too soft and have been convinced that it is not honorable to stand up and defend what is right. The moral foundation of this country has been compromised through an education system that has been subversive to the principles of our founding.

The history scores and the pathetic performance of Americans when asked questions about our history and founding are evidence we have been infiltrated by the same evils our founders hoped to eliminate in the miraculous document; the US Constitution. The founders knew that men seeking power and dominance over others was a human trait that had no cure. They knew that the document was a key to maintaining liberty but only if the people that were governed stayed informed and aware of their leaders.

We only have to look at the people that have been elected to our government over the past century to realize we have failed as a people to do our part. There is some hope. There are pockets of patriots like the Tea Party movement which is made up of Americans who care about the law, our constitution, and liberty. Even though they are portrayed by the media and political elite as being an aberration, the movement is growing and passionate about the cause of constitutional government. I am more confident and hopeful knowing that people like the Tea Party are reengaging in the political battlefield.

We are facing a similar battle to the one faced in 1776. That is not hyperbole, demagoguery, over the top, it is simply the truth. For those of us that observe, honor, and relish our form of government we can see the danger we are facing today from an over reaching federal government. This is serious business just as it was in 1776. We have petitioned our government to abide by the constitution but they continue to ignore it. We voted for constitutional candidates in 2012 but have seen little action to stop the current path toward economic destruction. We have a president that believes he can spend our fortunes at his discretion in wars that need further clarification to the connection to our national security. We have a federal bureaucracy determined to intrude into every detail of American life which is undermining our basic rights.

We need our citizenry to stand up against Washington DC as one voice. Not as democrats or republicans but as Americans who want to return to lawful government. What government can give us should not be the standard we judge our government by. It is time to return to the principles of self reliance and a bond created by the states to protect our liberties from foreign invasion and the regular flow of commerce both foreign and domestic. We need a more engaged citizenry that understands the value of history and how that knowledge is the only defense against politicians that are determined to undermine our individual liberties for the sake of some common utopia that can never be realized. Our founders knew what we were capable of if given the freedom to pursue our individual lives and happiness.

We need all Americans today to understand what our founders meant when they said, “we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” Amen and God Bless America on this Independence Day 2011…

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Plan to Redistribute Wealth

I agree with President Obama that it is our responsibility as citizens of this great nation to redistribute our wealth to those less fortunate than those of us that have “succeeded” so far in life. I have put together my own plan, and if you think about it, you can probably come up with a similar plan that leverages your skills and success. If we all put together a plan maybe the federal government will stop implementing its plan that is currently ruining this economy and the country.

On with my plan:

• I have written three books, two of which include advice for people on how to achieve success by becoming passionate about life. One of the books is specifically focused on teens (since I have two) and what it takes to be successful in life.

• I have started a new business that I hope will generate even more income for me which in turn will generate even more tax revenue to be redistributed.

• Over the years I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that I often share with my children, my wife, friends and extended family. This wealth of knowledge I share is often accompanied by additional ideas on how to be more successful in life. By redistributing my wealth of knowledge I am helping others become better at what they do so they can create even more wealth to distribute.

• I am writing another book that I hope will generate more wealth in both ideas and revenue that will be another source of wealth to redistribute.

These are just a few of the things I am doing to redistribute my wealth. Add this plan to the wealth I am already creating by being a productive member of the society and it starts to add up. Imagine the amount of additional wealth we could create if every one of us committed to sharing our wealth of experience with our youth and individuals not as fortunate as ourselves. The amount of wealth that will be created and distributed will be significant.

Instead of taking from us in a compulsive manner, how about letting us distribute our wealth by creating and sharing new ideas in the free market place? People love to share their wealth when it is their choice to do so. People hate to have their wealth stolen from them. It is also important that the people receiving the wealth appreciate the source of that wealth.

In the spirit of our upcoming July 4th celebration of liberty from compulsive taxation of an overbearing central government, what better way to celebrate than to make a plan for wealth independence?

Isn’t this a plan for the redistribution of wealth that will really work?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Elderly, Poor, and Disabled…

It is common for those that oppose any reforms in entitlement programs to lump the elderly, poor, and disabled into a category of folks that must be protected from reductions in government programs. It drives me crazy when the media broad brushes these groups to support arguments against any real reform of any government program. It’s as if every elderly, poor, or disabled person has to rely on a government program to survive.

Nothing could be further from the truth to think that these groups need government support. The “elderly” are actually as a group some of the most affluent Americans both economically and emotionally. After years of working, many elderly Americans own their homes outright, have both private pensions and social security, and many work to supplement their savings and retirement. There are some elderly on a “fixed” income but it is not every elderly American.

The “poor” in America are a very diverse group of individuals. The first question we need to ask is why are they poor? Could it be they have been depending on government programs instead of their own ingenuity? Could it be they have been brought up by single mother no father “families” that have been perpetuated by government programs that incentivize unhealthy behavior? Could it be a choice to rely on drugs and alcohol? Have government bureaucrats that depend on these vices for their living become advocates to keep people poor? The failure of government education has kept people from breaking out of their socioeconomic circumstances and we need to wrestle schools from the government. Should we be supporting programs that perpetuate a hopeless future?

The “disabled” designation for Americans has consistently grown in this country. It is not because we have more disabled Americans but rather we have designated more people as being disabled even when they are not. Alcoholism is now a disability. A lack of focus has become a disability. Obesity is now a disability. There are millions of “disabled” Americans that ask nothing of the government and are capable of making their own way in life. There are truly disabled Americans that need help but the numbers are nowhere near the numbers the federal government cites.

There are billions of wasted dollars in the federal government programs that need to be trimmed. There are people that need to be weaned off of federal subsidies including American corporations and foreign governments. More importantly these government subsidies undermine individual hope and our freedom.

The path we are on is not sustainable. It is time to start treating Americans as capable individuals and stop the nonsense that we have nowhere in the federal budget we can make cuts. The economy will suffocate unless we reduce the federal government by 30 to 40%. American’s are ready to step up and make their way if the politicians would just get out of it…

Monday, May 30, 2011

Always Remember..

Take a moment today to remember our military and their families that have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the greatest nation ever designed by human beings... 
We are again being tested and we will once again prevail with God's will... This is a nation blessed with  divine providence.

God Bless America and our Military

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Facts Are Clear…

Big government breeds big failure.

Fact; education scores are lowest where government has the most control and parents expect government to teach their children

Fact; the economy will never recover because the reality is we are bankrupt. If the government was a private company they would be forced to close by, well, government regulators.

Fact; the federal workforce is made up of mostly people paid to enforce the regulations of well, the federal bureaucracy.

Fact; government programs have grown based on arbitrary numbers determined by well, the people running the government programs.

Fact; the majority of American school children don’t know we are a republic, are governed by a constitution or the three branches of government. In Detroit a majority can’t even read.

Fact; most politicians in congress have never held a real job. They are mostly lawyers, and bad ones at that.

Fact; One of the agreed upon duties of the federal government is border security. One of the biggest failures of the federal government, border security.

Fact; government control of airline safety is a jobs program and has nothing to do with airline safety.

Fact; healthcare is the final frontier of free markets and freedom. Free markets and freedom are losing.

Fact; the people that lead the left are enemies of our constitution. They are a minority but have a powerful accomplice, the mainstream news media.

Fact; the environment is being used to destroy capitalism. Capitalism is the fuel of freedom and compassion. Capitalism is losing.

Fact; you could fill a book as big as War and Peace with government failure and it still wouldn’t be enough to convince people that limited government is the answer. See fact 1 and 5…

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why Republicans and Conservatives are Shrugging…

The answer to why conservatives are shrugging off most of the candidates has a few components. One is it is very early in the process. Two, there is a distrust of the “establishment” candidates of which most fall into that category. Three, we want a Reagan!

Our expectations and hopes are bound in the idea that there has got to be a Reagan out there in our Nation’s time of need. This election is critical in most conservative American’s minds and we are going to be very selective. We will stand on principle which was shown to be effective in the last election when Tea Party activists said enough is enough with politicians as usual.

Each candidate has issues:

Romney: He needs to admit that government healthcare is a disaster no matter how you slice it. I am a 10th Amendment advocate which is his argument. But the fact that he has shown a propensity to make a bad judgment at the state level regarding government run healthcare is a major concern. Otherwise he is a great candidate.

Gingrich: Great on policy, history, and a proven track record to balance a budget. He has been so maligned over the years that we have a fear he will be easy to defeat in the minds of the passive voters. And we are going to need some of those votes.

Pawlenty: We don’t know enough about him so we remain skeptical. He is not arousing any Reagan like qualities I can find, yet.

Paul: He can easily be categorized as a kook although he has some sound ideas about the Fed. His son has a lot more future potential. Plus he is 70 years old.

Palin: High disapprovals going in due to the beating she has taken for being a conservative woman. She can also get irritating in tone to the point of sounding whinny.

Bachman: I like her but not well known in the general public. I would love to see a woman candidate and she would fit my ticket. Can be a bit abrasive but that is one of the things I find compelling about her.

Daniels: Bush crony. Doesn’t have the look (see past post). Not ready for debate with Obama on foreign policy??? And social issues must be pushed off the table?? Closet conservative??

Herman Cain: I want to see more of him and I wish the radio pundits would stop dismissing him. He has the greatest chance of sparking a fire in conservative hearts. He will be able to go right at Obama and how great would it be to contrast a black conservative and liberal? Talk about burying the race card.

Trump: He is a fighter but not a conservative. In it for the ratings and personal benefit. Not serious after his outburst of unnecessary language at his Las Vegas speech.

Rick Santorum: He is good on issues but I think he is seen as an insider. Lost his senate election bid which is a big negative. I find him even more polished (plastic) than Mitt. Mitt has actually loosened up a bit compared to Santorum

John Bolton: Love his positions. Mustache…

Mike Huckabee: Too liberal on social issues. The preacher background is his strength and weakness. Will not run. Making too much money at Fox.

Jon Huntsman: Who? China Ambassador in the Obama administration. As a conservative I say; enough said.

This is why we are shrugging. We will naturally become more energized as the field narrows and we have less peripheral chatter. My hope is Herman Cain or Michelle Bachman can make it to the top tier. That would energize me.

What would energize you?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oblivious to Job Creation…

President Obama at a town hall meeting yesterday said it is time for American companies that are making money to start hiring workers. He is obviously ignorant to why employers hire workers. This is not a government job where you randomly hire people because you received a few extra bucks in your budget line item. Jobs are only created when the value of hiring an employee exceeds the cost of the employee hired.

In the real world, private companies only hire as a last resort or when they are confident that the growth of the company is dependent on a particular skill set not currently within the organization. And even then it may make better sense to source the work necessary until full realization of the revenue is delivered.

Obama and many politicians are basically academians and lawyers by “trade”. The lawyers are often not the ones that have created a successful law firm but rather lawyers that have spent their time sucking value from the economy (that’s unfair but felt good. There are many of them in the public sector). So their view on jobs is unrealistic. They demonize companies for making profits by saying now that you’re making money you need to hire workers. A totally ignorant statement.

We are in the economic mess today because we have too many people in government and congress that have this same “understanding” of business economics. It is not a difficult subject to learn but it makes a greater impact on your learning if you have had to run a business. That is why we should require of our politicians at least 5 years of experience in the private sector excluding law experience.

We are in deep trouble with an administration that has little to no understanding of what makes the economy and private business tick. Until we get rid of this president and all of these politicians in 2012 we are going to hear a lot more of this garbage from the president about how the private companies are not doing their part to help the American people. It is not the role of private business to hire people for political reasons. There has to be a solid business case. And that’s something this president knows nothing about…

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If Looks Could Kill a Campaign…

The reality is for too many people choose their president as if he is a celebrity. I say he because to date we have had only males. I would love to see that change with a Michelle Bachman but that’s a thought for another post.

There has been a lot of buzz around Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana but I can tell you he has the look that kills a campaign. I know it should be about ideas but the reality is that people in the middle that he seems to be so worried about offending with conservatism will vote for Obama over him on looks alone. The only way to persuade people of the conservative argument is to sell it proudly and to look good doing it.

President Obama is vulnerable on so many fronts but looks is not one of them. Obama is a big government spending machine and freedom crushing liberal who is aloof on most important issues to Americans like the price of gas and jobs but Daniels is not the guy that will beat him.

Ron Paul can’t win, Gingrich can’t win, and they have great policy ideas. But they suffer from the same un-likability factor Daniels has. It may seem petty to those of us that follow and debate politics on ideas but we have to face reality. Just look at the last few presidents and tell me which one of them didn’t take a great profile picture?

I struggle with the idea that Americans are that fickle on such an important issue. When you think about presidential politics what should come to mind is “Jay Walking”. You know the segment on the Jay Leno Late Night show where he asks the person on the street to name the speaker of the house, Vice President, or what the capital of California is? That is the presidential election in a nutshell. The only comforting news is they often forget to show up on Election Day.

So before Mitch Daniels gets in he should ask himself whether or not he has the look…

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Don't Raise the Debt Ceiling and I Ain't No Stinken Birther...

In a recent interview with Charles Krauthammer, Sean Hannitty suggested that republicans need to hold out on raising the debt ceiling in order to get significant spending cuts. Charles response was we “have to raise the debt ceiling” or we risk a financial meltdown. Here’s the real story. Charles went on to say that we could put it off for awhile by shifting other budget items around and pay the debt instead of those programs; BINGO!!

That is the real issue. We can pay our debt obligations without a debt ceiling increase by managing the other parts of the budget. Congress needs to have the political will to start prioritizing and slashing the recent trillion dollar spending increases of Obama, and reduce the spending across the board.

There is no better time to get real spending cuts than now. If we don’t raise the ceiling and we don’t have enough to pay all of the promised spending my understanding is the Executive branch is in charge of determining what bills get paid. That would be temporary until congress acted to cut spending but that means the Obama administration would be responsible for default if they chose not to pay the debt. Would they do that? I don’t think so.

This is an opportunity to reverse the insane spending policies of the past congress and get us on solid ground for the 2012 budget discussions. If the republicans fail here the Tea Party must punish them at the ballot box.

On a quick side note. Republicans that are running from the birth certificate issue are cowards. I am not a “birther”, I am an American that loves and believes in the constitution and I want my president to be a citizen. Just show the certificate. That’s all every good American wants. It should be simple. We have to ask the question if this was any other president and especially a republican, would it be treated this way by the media?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Obama “Teaching” Kids to Hate Our Government?

President Obama speaking to a group of school kids (8th graders I believe) was responding to a question inquiring into the difficulties of being president. He responded by whining about how he has to deal with congress and citizens that are divided in thought. He can’t just enact his ideas about Healthcare and budgets etc…

It is not the first time the President of the United States has complained about our divided government. It is exactly what our founders designed to protect us from people like the current president. The president also whined about how he has to follow our constitution which is ironic since he does no such thing. Whether it is going to war without authority (Libya), using TARP funds as a blank check, or attempting to force Americans to pay for health insurance or be fined in his Obamacare legislation, he has no actual understanding of the federal government’s role. Specific and limited is the intended scope of our federal government. It is mind boggling how far we have wandered from the original intent of our constitution.

He despises this country’s past and is embarrassed of our wealth which is why he is so determined to “change” our country. He is a product of the radical sixties, and he has little respect for the constitution or our founders. He believes we are racist, selfish, and war mongers. He ignores the facts that without America this world would be a dark and gruesome place. He fails to accept this world is a much better place not because of our government but because of our freedom, wealth, compassion, and commitment to Christian values.

Mr. President, next time you speak about our country to the future generations I would appreciate it if you showed some respect and pride. We have so much to be proud of and complaining about our system does nothing to inspire our future generations to greatness. Keep your misgivings to yourself. If you don’t like the job; please feel free to resign. There are plenty of patriots that would be willing and able to take on the hard but honored position of being a leader of the greatest group of people on this earth. There is no need to worry about a successor the constitution covers that. Our founders knew that the best government was of the people not about any one person. We don’t need a savior; the people of the United States could get along quite nicely without you thank you.

Now that is a lesson every young American should study…

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Better Than Expected But Not Enough…

John Boehner did better than I expected but I am very concerned about the 2012 “budget.” Here’s why I am giving the GOP some slack. If the Democrats would have produced a budget in the 2010-2011 fiscal year, the opportunity to cut would not have been an option. So from the democrat’s inability to pass a budget, the republicans were able to get a few incidental cuts that normally would not have been the case.

The republicans campaigned on larger cuts but in the end it what they settled on could have been worse. I have to disclose that I am from the school that wants to see a budget produced that balances in five years not ten. It can be done but from the whining we have seen over these meager reductions highlights how deceitful the democrats truly are. I addition, the fact that democrats can point to so many programs the federal government provides to so many people only makes this fight all the more important.

Too many people are getting some portion of their income from some sort of federal subsidy. That is dangerous and an undermining of our founding principles. The next budget must eliminate and reduce every federal program. No exceptions that includes the military. I am a conservative that supports the military but the waste is just as rampant in the DOD as anywhere else in the federal government.

Paul Ryan is being touted as this great conservative thinker but he has voted for TARP and other programs that make me uncomfortable and we can do better than his first draft.

The Tea Party is not extreme and everyone that considers themselves a patriot must get back in the game and not fall prey to the demonizing the democrats have put on display. They are using the Tea Party as a weapon to stop cuts and we must be proud to stand for constitutional government. Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Obama, and the main stream media will lie with no conscience about this upcoming battle and we must expose them and hold tight to our principles. It is our principles that are mainstream and are the reason for America’s success, not theirs.

Caps and reforms of entitlements, transition from government retirement programs to the private sector model, the end of duplicative programs, an end to Afghanistan and Libyan theatres, a continued reduction of troops in Iraq, end of Obama care, and a balanced budget amendment all need to be on the table.

And finally, we should not agree to a debt Ceiling adjustment unless a balanced budget and budget amendment are part of the deal. This is a war for our future. We need to fight it like one and if these are not the representatives willing to do it then we will fight to change it in 2012.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A New Military Strategy in the Middle East…

When will we learn? The Middle East is a tinder box of tribal factions that spend their time looking back instead of toward the future. The hatred runs deep within the countries and the hatred is vile toward the west whenever we stick our nose into the fight. Our men and women of the military deserve a better strategy and I think I have one.

It is time to pack up and leave Afghanistan and leave the tribes to fight amongst themselves. Our military did exactly what we needed them to do when they removed the Taliban and killed the majority of Al Qaeda members that were using the country as a training ground and launch pad to attack the west. Mission accomplished for sure. The troops and the US can leave with our heads high and in victory.

We must monitor the activity there and if we see a resurgence of activity that is threatening to the west then we come back in and destroy everything and anything associated with that activity and go home. It is a fool’s errand to think we are going to democratize such a backward nation, and even if we could the cost is enormous in both treasure and lives. Not worth it when the people of Afghanistan are tied to a religion and culture that keeps them in poverty and ignorance based on religious beliefs.

Our strategy in the oil states of the Middle East should be simple; stop buying their oil. The best strategy to end the hatred in the Middle East toward the West is to end our purchase of Middle Eastern oil. If you think about it what else do they have that we need? Nothing! They produce nothing useful in this world beyond a barrel of oil. The next administration (because we know this one is anti energy) needs to take on energy independence like JFK took on a mission to the moon.

The energy strategy of the United States should be tied directly to our military strategy. Currently the price of oil does not consider the cost of our military operations. If we were no longer dependent on Middle Eastern oil the military mission and costs change. Right now our military is focused on the ME mainly to insure the safe flow of oil. We don’t account for that in a gallon of gas but we should. If we were to develop for real a comprehensive national energy strategy, we could eliminate the need for ME oil.

If we were to stop buying or reduce the amount of oil we purchased from the Middle East, what would happen? The OPEC cartel would not be able to function. They would have one option; become a civilized partner in the world or starve. They could still supply other nations but losing one of their biggest customers will change the dynamic and make them realize they must behave in certain ways if they want our business.

If we don’t need oil from other countries the entire military strategy of the US changes. We don’t need to be concerned with people warring among themselves unless they export that war to our allies or our homeland. We don’t need to send our troops to be put in harm’s way of a people that fundamentally hate us. We can focus our military efforts in other regions that show more promise of democracy than the Middle East has shown.

We need to stop thinking that people are going to like us in the Middle East if we free them and force democracy on them. I believe all people want freedom but freedom is not something to be given, it is something that must be earned and defended. Until the people show an interest in freedom beyond simply changing dictators we need to stay away.

Our country is broke and the cost of our military in the Middle East is a cost we can no longer afford. Oil keeps us there so we must change our strategy from oil importer to an energy independent country. Oil is being found everywhere around the globe including our own back yard. Let’s develop and use it, support it with a comprehensive policy including all forms of energy and bring our troops home…

Two Types of “Rich” One Needs Reform…

The rank and file on the left hates the rich. They hate individuals that have created a product or service that the market has embraced and in turn has made these individuals a financial success. These individuals should be revered in our society but all too often they are demonized for having “too much”.

What is too much? In a capitalistic system the answer is there is no such measurement. But what you find with these “rich” individuals is they often answer that question themselves by their support of charity organizations. America is the most benevolent country in the world because we have the ability to create wealth and choose the way we distribute our individual wealth. The more a government takes the less benevolent the society. Government confiscation of wealth reduces the benevolence of a society.

The people that risk and create businesses that become successful are the engine for jobs, opportunities, and new sources of wealth and should be celebrated. These entrepreneurs are successful in spite of the attempt of the left to hinder their success and the constant threat of stealing their private property.

Then there are the “other rich people” that run large corporations that maintain their wealth by paying off politicians to write laws that protect their market place from competition. The corporate executives that belly up to the federal, state, and local troughs should be the target of reform. There are legitimate organizations that provide services to the government but when you peel back that onion the stink starts to become overwhelming.

Defense contracting is so massive and cumbersome with such a high entry to compete it breeds inefficiency. Large banks and financial institutions are in complete cahoots with government regulators along with car companies, oil and energy companies. The executives that reap massive stock and cash bonuses on the back of the taxpayer must be limited and reformed. The “market” they serve are the taxpayers. And often the process they use to get business at the government level is at best flawed at worst corrupt. Most of these contractors through regulation, contracting rules, and laws become monopolies because of the high cost of entry and cumbersome processes to become a legitimate government contractor.

The people that get rich on our backs are the “rich” that I have little respect for. They are leveraging the political system and manipulating “markets” and ultimately bilking we the taxpayer. The bottom line is that the rich in a free market are different from the rich in a monopolized government “market”.

But even if we took all the wealth from every “rich” person in the country it is not enough to support a welfare state that seems to be the path of this administration. Instead of pulling ourselves up by the boot straps the message today is that we are entitled just because we are Americans to the wealth of others. That is immoral and a cancer in our country.

We need to celebrate private sector entrepreneurs and reform the government contracting process. We are being bilked for billions of dollars by very savvy private sector executives. As the federal sector continues to grow so will the amount of corruption in the private sector trying to secure the tax dollars associated with this growth. It is unsustainable to expect private sector entrepreneurs to support the corruption and waste of this federal scheme of the fox guarding the hen house.

In my past I managed a government contract at the local municipal level. I was always cognizant of what I spent but my equals in the public sector had a saying they often used between each other when they were considering a spending initiative and it speaks for itself; “it’s not your money you know!” The sad thing is it is our money and we are broke…

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The New Silent Majority…

Nixon used the term “silent majority” back in the 60’s to describe the values based voters that said little but were ready to show up at the polls. Reagan used the term in his campaign efforts in the 80’s to describe the hard working, God fearing people that had no time to demonstrate because they were busy making America work, while the “vocal minority” garnered headlines of the main stream media who was an accomplice in making their minority views seem to be a majority opinion; wishful thinking.

The “new” silent majority is growing daily as most Americans are confused, angry, and scared about the competence of our current president. Everything seems to be spinning out of control from the economy, deficits, Middle East, inflation, and a bleak future with no leadership in place to change the course for the better. What people see is a disengaged man seemingly over his head showing an arrogance that is very concerning. There is a total disconnect.

The polls show that people “like” President Obama but what I believe they are saying is “he’s not a bad guy” but if they were asked about their confidence in his abilities as president they are thinking, “I don’t think I am confident he can do the job.” Most likely people will be cautious to criticize this president at of fear of being labeled. We will see polls in the upcoming election cycle that will reflect a public unwilling to criticize the president but what we will see in the voting booth will be a complete rejection of his abilities as a leader. No matter how much people like somebody, if they are not confident in their abilities they will vote to move on.

The president spends a lot of time campaigning, vacationing, golfing, and talking on television shows that he believes will help him get re-elected. But as he sits there being coy and personable with the audience what the viewer sees is a country and a world in chaos wondering why the president has time for this but little time for addressing the real problems in the world.

The opposition candidate will only have to be seen as an adult willing to make hard choices and have the experience to instill confidence in the electorate to unseat the president. The polls will show a tight race but the results will be a landslide. I know political pundits will disagree but I believe the new silent majority is a massive movement and will be energized for change but a defined change of returning to the foundational principles of our Constitution. People want to be proud of America again. People want jobs not handouts. People want security from bankruptcy but they don’t want bureaucrats in their healthcare decisions. People want to be environmentally friendly but not forced to buy a “smart” car to pull their camper. People want a comprehensive energy program including domestic oil so we can end our need to be involved in the civil wars of the Middle East. People want less government than we have now.

The American people are done squandering the treasure of America to support people that are in a perpetual state of war based on tribal hatred and history while our inner cities crumble and unemployment remains at unprecedented levels. We don’t mind helping but when you poke us in the eye after the fact we think twice next time around. Taxpayers are tired of watching our borders be overrun with drug lords and people coming here just to use our services. Our citizens are suffering and we have a government that is promoting “world citizenship” and open borders.

It is a pivotal time in our history because we have allowed liberalism to infect our life blood; the constitution. We have replaced solid policy with emotional relativism. We have ignored laws in an effort to be compassionate but compassionate toward whom? We have worked too hard to create the greatest most compassionate nation on this earth and we don’t like the “transformation” that is being pushed by this president.

We may not say much or show up in the polling data, but we will show up and we will be the New Silent Majority that will support a change consistent with the American Dream and American exceptionalism…

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The “Donald” is stirring it up…

Donald Trump is making a lot of elites and Republican Party activists very uncomfortable by asking the current president: “show your birth certificate Mr. President.” Donald, a potential presidential candidate has produced his birth certificate and has it posted on the Newsmax website for all to see. Why is this stirring so many feathers? Because the current president has never produced the actual signed copy of his birth certificate. The people that have been pushing for a copy are called “Birthers.” They are being mocked as people that just can’t accept this president (whatever that means), and have been put in the kook bin by many in the media.

I am not a “Birther” but I would like to see the official copy of the President’s birth certificate because anyone that spends two years avoiding the simple task of producing a legitimate document has raised a serious question in my mind: what is he hiding? I was born 51 years ago and if you asked me to produce my birth certificate I can go to my dresser and there it is, raised certification logo, signatures, and parental information. It is not that hard to produce an original document. The Constitution of the United States actually demands that evidence of natural born citizenship be produced.

You don’t have to be a birther to be curious. It raises the question, what is on that certificate the president doesn’t want Americans to see? Or is there a document at all? To ask the question in compliance of our constitution is not a conspiracy. To wonder why our president can’t produce simple proof of his status as a citizen is not a question based in “lunacy.”

Donald Trump may never become president but he is exposing an issue that millions of Americans are struggling to understand but are afraid to raise in fear of being called a “Birther.” Donald is making it clear that our constitution demands our president produce proof of citizenship. Donald is making a powerful argument that this should not be so hard. Donald is giving the president the opportunity to set the record straight. Donald is raising the issue the other politicians are afraid to touch. Donald is making it clear that you don’t have to cower in pursuit of the truth.

In this Donald deserves our support and thanks…

Thursday, March 17, 2011

GOP Failure; Again…

The Grand Old Party is anything but grand. The freshman republicans that were sent to congress with a mandate to cut, cut, and cut the budget until it bled are being stifled by the Republican Party. Hugh Hewitt would say it is a leadership failure, I say it is a party failure. You see, party politics is about power. The power to control the process and purse of government where the purse is what is used to pay the supporters and voters for votes. Principle be damned.

In some ways the leadership is a problem but all too often party trumps principle. The GOP leadership has failed to deliver in the short term because they are strategizing to win a majority in both houses and the presidency in 2012. That strategy is a party first strategy. I am not sure the GOP will ever be able to act on principle. What is bound to happen is a rejection of the GOP because even though the party leaders think it is all about 2012, the voters that put them there are all about today.

We are at war with an ideology that is bankrupting this nation both financially and morally. The GOP has had two opportunities to slash the budget and they have failed. The debt accrues at a pace ten times the speed and amount the GOP is proposing to cut. The 54 GOP representatives that voted against these meager measures have shown principle but in the end they will be blamed for the mess the longer it takes to make the necessary cuts. There is no time to waste with the amount of waste that needs to be slashed at the federal level.

The total percentage of cuts is about 1% of the federal budget and is only focusing on the discretionary spending. If the GOP can’t even muster the courage to cut programs like NPR and Planned Parenthood and the $100 billion hidden in the bureaucracy of Obamacare, we are in for trouble.

I can’t even explain my anger at the GOP that considers we the people lacking in understanding the art of governing but I beg to differ. We the people understand what the ramifications of over spending have done to this country. We are living it and the folks in the beltway are living in some parallel universe.

They have a very short leash to do the right thing. Principled people will again in 2012 send conservatives to DC but none of this current leadership group will be among them. That I guarantee unless there is an immediate come to Jesus about the needs for deep spending cuts…

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Decision to Consider a Decision…

What is it with these GOP candidates that can’t even make a decision to make a decision about running for President? Do we really want candidates that don’t even have the fortitude to say: “I am considering a run and I will make a decision by March 30th” or whatever date they choose? Is anyone else concerned about this circus of candidates deflecting such a simple question?

Where is the leadership? We have a large group of GOP politicians that are considered to be considering setting up an exploratory committee to explore the possible entry into the presidential race. Does this exude confidence for anyone that wants to see a true leader returned to the White House?

If a candidate can’t even make the statement that they’re really considering a run but weighing the impact on family, building support, ability to raise money, etc, then we may just end up with four more years of misery which may be the final four years of the country we love. If we don’t make some real decisions we are in real trouble. And it is starting on shaky grounds when the politicians considering a run will not even admit to considering it. The world is going crazy…

Tea Party; the New Party…

I don’t understand how any politician can look at the federal and a majority of state budgets and not see an impending disaster without swift and practical cuts in expenditures. I can’t believe that these people are this stupid to think that the course we are on is sustainable. There must be some sense of invincibility which is delusional. The United States can go into an economic tail spin destroying our current wealth and future American Dreams for generations of Americans. That is the reality of our circumstances and it is plain to see.

The federal workforce, programs, and entitlements must be trimmed. A recent GOA study on federal duplication reported finding hundreds of federal programs charged with the same mission, all housing their own bureaucracies with a total waste equaling hundreds of billions of tax dollars in the next few years. It is what we instinctively know about government; it is a monopoly that breeds inefficiency. Like the post office, department of motor vehicles, Amtrak, and the IRS, Americans know these organizations flush money down the toilet of inefficiency every year. I believe this report is only the tip of the ice berg.

So why are politicians unwilling to address this inefficiency to balance the budget? It seems these would be easy targets unlike Social Security. The bottom line is every program we eliminate is one less bargaining chip they have to get elected. The bottom line is that politics has been taken over by the most corrupt in our society. Self interested people that have no skills relevant for the private sector and a disposition that allows them to be useless to society and get paid handsomely for it. Corruption, corruption, corruption, is what stands in the way of a balanced budget. Both the Republicans and Democrats are showing an unwillingness to do what every adult knows must be done; be damned the re-election process. It is time to send Americans to congress not politicians. The Tea Party is going to have to replace every Republican or start their own party once and for all.

If there was truly a will, there is a way to balance the budget within five years. I know state and federal workers are crying about how they have become the target but the salary and benefit packages they garner from our tax dollars have become the envy of the private sector. And unlike the private sector their salary increases are not based on their improvement of services but rather union thuggery and political corruption. The fact is that a modest change in short term compensation and a long term cap on pay, benefits, and pensions is a reality whose time has come. A fair wage is one thing, but the public sector is long overdue for a correction. They have the option to join us in the private sector if they choose, but we can’t afford the current cost of the public sector anymore.

Balancing the budget is not a hard mathematical task; it is simply an exercise of political will. Caps on entitlements, elimination of the duplicative departments, closing a number of useless and unconstitutional agencies will quickly move us to a balanced budget. A constitutional amendment needs to be passed to secure the future. Many argue you will hurt the economy by adding to the unemployment rolls with laid off public sector employees. I believe it will be a very short term impact because once the private sector is unleashed by this fiscal discipline the job creators will be in full hiring mode. Public sector employees will see what the reality is in the wage, benefit, and pension arena of the private sector and understand why we are wild about limiting government and bureaucracy.

The Tea Party is about to abandon the Republicans in droves (my opinion) so the next step is to consider a strategy to take back control from the two parties. This is an important step and needs to be considered carefully but it is necessary. The Republicans are going to force our hand and if we are to survive as a Republic we need to be ready…