Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shame on Notre Dame…

The argument is simple and this analogy should suffice:

It is equivalent to a Synagogue in Germany inviting Hitler to give a sermon on human rights because he was the political leader of the country. It is an exchange of ideas with someone that disagrees with your views in a position of prominence but do you legitimize their position by allowing this forum and then showering him with an honorary membership to the Synagogue?

Seems problematic to me and the solution is simple; they should rescind the invitation…

How about a Congressional takeover bill?

Barney Frank is now imposing legislation to cap all pay of companies receiving government funds. I say OK - Congress pay is supported exclusively through our tax dollars and I say we limit their pay to the following scale:

House Members Pay scale:

First 2 year term of House members: $125,000 per year
Second term of House member: $62,500 per year
Third Term and beyond: $1.00 per year

Senate Members pay scale:
First 6 year term of Senate Members: $125,000
Second term and beyond of Senate Members: $1.00

No retirement pay.
Healthcare only during their term.

Effective January 1st 2010 all government funded House and Senate members will be paid according to the above scale.

What say you?

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Obama Car…

Now that the president is making the decisions for our car companies I expect he will be designing and selling a new auto – “The Obama Car”. It will get 1000 miles to the gallon; it will seat 8 comfortably, will have the ability to tow a camping trailer up to 5500 lbs, and comes in an assortment of different colors.

The safety standard is beyond anything ever accomplished before; it will be made of titanium and as long as you use the mandatory seat belt package you will never have to worry about having an injury from an accident again. The tires will not have to be replaced for the life of the car. Oil changes are a thing of the past and with 1000 mpg you may never see a gas station again.

It is also well equipped with an animal sensor as to alert you to any animal within 50 yds of the vehicle. Never again will there be a dead deer or squirrel on the road and no more windshield replacements due to a deer on your hood. As a matter of fact the glass is indestructible and will never need replacement. The driver’s cabin is also cell repellant so never again do we need to worry about distracted drivers talking on their cell phones or mosquitoes. This along with the latest in GPS - the government will always know where you are and what you are doing in your new Obama Car.

The GPS includes a listening and monitoring device that enables government officials to determine if you are a danger to the others on the road (automatically dispatches a “government detention and apprehension volunteer” if any of the following radio hosts are detected on the Obama radio; Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, Bill O’Reilly, or a list of others that are located under the driver side visor of your new Obama Car) who will escort you to the nearest government detention facility. It will also dispense a traffic ticket immediately into the Obama Car's designated ticket holder that replaces the traditional glove box every time you go over the speed limit, fail to come to a complete stop, fail to signal a lane change, drink coffee, eat fast food, and forget to feed the meter at your favorite city boutique. It comes with an optional fast food avoidance device which locks the windows so you can’t roll down the window at your favorite fast food eatery. It is included automatically for all Americans that participate in the new “Voluntary Obama Government Healthcare Insurance Program” to be rolled out next fall at the motor vehicles near you. More details when Obama takes over the Healthcare and Insurance Industries.

When your kids turn 16 they will be given one of these Obama cars as a “gift”. The government will have auto pay from their pay check or if they don’t have a job, the payment can be automatically deducted from either parent, guardian, one of their two moms or two dads or any other government recognized family arrangement (details about this program can be found on the mandatory childcare and public education Czar's website www.indoctrinatingforthefuture.edu.org.gov), and direct deposited into your government investment account. All Americans will be required to set up a direct deposit into their government investment account in order to purchase the Obama Car.

So you see the government in the car business may not be such a bad idea after all. Think of how easy and safe you can be. What does this car cost you ask? Just your freedom; a small price to pay for all of this safety and convenience! I am sure everyone will want one once they start rolling off the assembly line…

The Peasant Class No Need to Worry…

Obama is “fighting” for you. He wakes up every day working to help you achieve the American dream. A dream that is being squandered by the same man promising everyone the benefits that come from it. The same man that believes that if you make a dollar more than the next guy then you should share that dollar. A man with total disregard for American individualism and the US constitution.

He speaks as if he is above the American people and his job is somehow more important than yours. The reality is he is one man, a citizen just like you. He serves at your bequest. He needs to stop acting like a dictator and start acting to get the government out of the way of your opportunity to achieve the dream. Or at least what is left of it.

There is going to be a constitutional fight over the current way the Executive branch is divvying out the money being allocated by congress. It is a complex but simple constitutional argument. In the constitution congress has sole responsibility to spend and allocate money. The way they have given the Executive branch billions of our dollars to do with what they want is not constitutional. The founders were very concerned that an all too powerful Executive branch would over reach in power if they controlled too many funds. That is why spending is exclusive to the House of Representatives.

What we are seeing today is the founders worry coming to fruition; an Executive that has too much control of money to divvy out to the “peasants” as he sees fit. The ability to pick winners and losers based on politics. We had a very smart founding group that if we would just understand what they were trying to do, we would be so much better for it. The more we ignore the constitution the more we become the “peasant” class and we will be treated as if we are obligated to a benevolent dictator; our founders worst nightmare. And ours…

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Climate Terrorism…

Move over Bin Laden there’s a new terrorist in town; the UN and its “climate change” plan. The UN is pursuing a policy that falsely uses a global warming pretense to undermine capitalism and prosperity. And our president is in total agreement with this insanity.

The UN is an organization that is so mismanaged it is laughable but the policies they pursue are not. Normally I would not pay attention to the UN because no sane individual would give them any credence but we now have a group in the White House and congress that could make this effort possible.

If you think carbon credits charged to business are a good idea think about this; the price of gas will go to $8 a gallon, your monthly utility bill will triple and your freedom to travel, stay warm in your home, and so many other things we take for granted will be monitored by some global police force. That is why the “smart” grid is so dangerous.

It never seems to end with these people. Obama and his ilk are trying to destroy the American experiment along with the dream it provides to every American under the constitution. We need to start studying up on our constitution. It will be the only thing that will save us if we make the effort to understand it and apply it to this bunch of globalists in our White House.

We need to defund the UN and move it out of America. It is an anti American organization just like the administration we have in the White House…

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A War on America Has Begun…

And it is our newly elected president that has declared it. We are seeing the broadest scope of powers being invoked by our federal government - never seen before by most of the people alive today. The scary thing is that our bankrupt education system has enabled this action by failing to teach students even the basic tenets of our constitution so it is going relatively unnoticed at this point.

Our states rights and our individual liberties guaranteed in our constitution are being trampled by the president and his administration. If we do not put a stop to it now it will destroy the fabric that makes this country great; private entrepreneurial spirit. The ability to be whatever you put your mind to, to make as much as your service or product can in the marketplace, to be free from over reaching regulations that decide what you can eat, drink, drive, hear, say, and do.

We are watching an attempt to overwhelm the people with program, after program, after program, spearheaded by incompetent politicians and bureaucrats from both sides of the aisle. People are feeling helpless but that is a feeling we must push aside. We must push back by watching every move and making calls to our representatives every day, and gathering at these tea parties that are a growing phenomenon in our country.

We can win this war because we have the numbers, we just don’t realize how many we are yet. Once we do we will move with confidence to shut this assault on our values down with the knowledge and power we have vested in our constitutional protections. We have the right to our liberty and a government that answers to we the people not we answering to some federal, central, incompetent, bureaucracy…

Monday, March 23, 2009

The world’s cheapest car launched today in India…

Take a look at the new “Tata Nano” and see our future. If we allow the government to continue its massive takeover of business and unchecked expansion, this will be the best we can hope for in the future.

With the government tinkering in the car business, is this push to mediocrity really that farfetched? We may actually be lucky to get a car like this one if Barney Frank and Barack Obama are in charge. They have never had a real job in their lives and now they want to run every private industry under the sun?

2010 cannot come quick enough for me. There was an Orlando “tea party” over the weekend that drew over 4000 people. It is a great sign of the times to come. We need more and more gatherings to protest this gross mishandling of the US Constitution.

We are living a nightmare. We must protect our freedoms and stop this lunacy the best we can until the elections get here. They can’t come soon enough for me. How about you?

Friday, March 20, 2009

It’s Time to Get Serious…

Enough Late Night talk show appearances, enough March madness basketball picks, enough flying around the country to do speeches. Enough words, enough blame, and enough intervention in the private sector. It is time for our president to get a staff in place to create a sense that his administration is at least looking at the operations of our government. And the first order of business is to rescind the “stimulus” package. Next eliminate corporate gains taxes for 5 years, and then cap the federal budget to no growth. Just keep it at the 2008 level for now.

The solution is simple and I feel like a broken record; this is all about trust and confidence. We have a circus atmosphere in Washington DC with no one stepping up to take cabinet positions and the ones that have are tax cheats, doing little to prove they are “experts”. I would be happy with competence at this point. The Fed rate is nearly 0, the government is about to monetize our debt, print a trillion new dollars (1,000,000,000,000)to chase less goods - setting us up for unprecedented inflation, and they are asking us to spend? Are you kidding?

The American people are starting to get it now. We are seeing more people say no to the “stimulus”, no to the “bailouts”, and no to more government borrowing of our children’s future. The American people are starting to wonder why anyone would pay for a Harvard MBA since this administration has the most we have ever seen in our history. And when we watch them running around like children with ADD we are confident about one thing; these people don’t know what they are doing.

We elected a president that doesn’t seem to understand his job is similar to a CEO (Chief Executive Officer). CEO’s are responsible for the strategic and tactical direction of the organization. You can’t do that without a compliment of Executives to implement strategy and you certainly can’t do it if you don’t take the time to sit down and analyze the problem. This is serious business needing an executive that is willing to do some work.

Stay at home this week and at least look like you care about the country Mr. President. At least you will seem to be serious…

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dis -honorable Mention…

Are these politicians that have been masquerading as outraged citizen advocates really the best we can do in this country? I meet hundreds of great people in my travels as a business person, and I can’t help thinking every time I see Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid; how did they get elected?

These politicians are actually talking about breaking contracts, publishing the names of private citizens that received bonuses, persecuting business executives when they have equal responsibility in this AIG scandal. They are threatening actions as if they were dictators in a tyrannical administration.

I can’t even stir up outrage anymore. I find myself shaking my head and wondering; where have the real people gone? Why have we allowed these people to represent us? How do we allow this level of incompetence to represent us? Most people I meet have core values just like me. So how do we get people like the embarrassing bunch, filled with moral and hollow outrage, blaming others for their mess in charge of protecting our constitution? Are they protecting our constitution? Have they read the constitution? Have they read any book in their lives? Are we the crazy ones?

I can’t believe we will not fix this at the first chance we get at the ballot box in 2010. I have to believe all of the great people I meet will step up and take the reigns and run for office to re-build trust with the American electorate. If we ever needed a few good men and woman, it is now. I’m tired of being embarrassed about my government… Are you?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Outrageous Distraction!

This entire AIG bonus issue is such a distraction to the bigger issues here that you can expect the politicians to keep it in the news as long as they can. The distraction is simple to understand; taxpayers save a company and find out bonuses are paid out to a company that would have failed without our money which is definitely a problem.

But the real issue here is the fact that AIG has been picked for a bailout because of their contributions to politicians. Chris Dodd received $103,000, Obama $101,000 so of course they are going to receive help from politicians to stay in business. These two and many other politicians have a vested interest in keeping AIG viable.

This is pure and simple class warfare and socialism all wrapped into one issue. First, people believe these bonuses aren’t deserved. In that they are right but there are contracts in place that guarantee these people that are commissioned based get their due. The perception is that these bonuses are going to rich people which may or may not be true but people are starting to resent people of wealth. Contracts in America are the legal foundation of our society. Having government oversee a business like AIG is socialism and this is an example of one of the many problems of having government involved in business.

This phony outrage by the likes of Barney Frank and others is disturbing. More disturbing is the comment where Frank had a total disregard for the contracts in place. As if he could just wave his wand and demand the contracts be null and void. That will not and cannot happen. I understand the remark coming from Frank because he is truly and imbecile, a disgrace to our country, but more disturbing is the support he seems to be getting for going after these employees.

Instead of focusing on the pay to failed executives in the private sector how about we focus on the failed executives in our government? Trillions ($1,000,000,000,000+) of tax dollars are being wasted right under the nose of this congress and they have the nerve to focus on 165 million! Social Security is going bankrupt, 16 billion of waste and fraud in Medicaid and Medicare, a welfare state that steals the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans, to name a few failures, and these guys are trying to distract us with this 165 million dollar contractual payment to employees that have been unlucky enough to have been taken over by the government.

This is outrageous that we are so willing to follow this story but are not willing to hold these distracters (our congress) accountable for the trillions they are wasting. When will we learn; the government is the biggest problem we face in this economy, not a 165 million dollar bonus…
P.S. Happy Birthday Mom!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Personal Best; Too!

I spent the last few days in Washington State at the Western Sectional Championship Meet at the Kings County Aquatic Center. My son Taylor qualified for sectionals in two events which allowed him to swim 4 events as well as swim time trials. All races count toward best times. I am extremely proud of his accomplishment to get to this event.

He is here with his coach Roger and team mate Jackie Cromer who has been accepted to Texas A&M and will be swimming for them in the fall. She has had a great meet as well. She has come back in a number of finals and we have had the chance to see Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists and many Olympic trial qualifiers swim at this meet. The competition has been awesome.

Taylor just turned 15 this year and I know he has a great future in swimming if he continues the dedication he has shown at this meet!

He had best times in his, 200 Back, 200 Free, 100 Back, and 100 Fly. The only event that he struggled with was the 1000 Free.

The 200 Back which was a bonus event turned into another sectional time. He swam a 2:01:02. He swam the 100 Back twice, once in the main event and once as a time trial. He had best times in both. He swam a 57:22 in the first swim and a 56:74 in the time trial. He swam the 100 Fly and he swam a best time of 57:98 and his 200 Free was a best time of 1:53:05.

Overall he had a great meet. I am so proud of my two swimmers, and the discipline and dedication it takes to achieve swimming success. Watching this level of competition is humbling for many of these kids. I keep telling Taylor with a 4 second drop in his 100 back (that’s 1 second per 25 yd length) and a 7 second drop in his 200 Back (that’s less than a second per 25 yd length) he would have made the finals. Many of the finalists are 17 and 18 years old. He just turned 15. That gives him sufficient time to get where he wants to be. I know he can if he wants it.

In the meantime I am so proud of where he is now and how he got here - no matter what he chooses to do in the future. This son of mine is AWESOME!
Congratulations on a great meet!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Assault on Home Schools…

This article represents the problem with government in our children’s education. A judge has ordered this woman’s children into Public School even though they admit that the home schooled kids are testing 2 grades above the public school kid’s level. There we go, let’s dumb them down because you don’t like that this woman not only teaches the three “r’s”, she teaches from the Bible. God help us!

Teaching from the Bible seems to drive some people crazy. I say let them go crazy. If we get government out of education, parents could choose to send their kids wherever they felt they would get the best education. That would be an improvement over the current system for sure.

Liberals don’t trust parents to make the right decisions because they are elitists and know better than all. That is called dictatorship. Taking away choice from parents in education doesn’t cause outrage. What if they were to take away your choice to elect your representatives? How would that go over? I don’t know anymore. Just a thought…

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No swimming pools in this money…

Joe Biden has specifically targeted swimming pools as something that the states should not spend OUR stimulus money on at the state level. OK, here’s where we agree, the federal government should not be spending money of ours on swimming pools. Here’s where I disagree.

I am in Tacoma Washington at the Western Sectional Championships swim meet at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center. It is the most beautiful swimming facility I have ever been in and I am with about 1000 of my “closest” swimming parents from a number of Western states. It has the capability of hosting any level of swimming including the Olympics. They host the Nationals, Junior Nationals, as well as Division 1 college competitions.

There is no facility that compares to this in Colorado and I would argue is much needed. Here are the facts Joe Biden; it is our money not yours to spend on our needs. Me and another 100 plus families from Colorado flew here and I think Frontier, United, and Southwest Airlines would disagree that a swimming pool should not be built. We are staying in hotel rooms all throughout Tacoma and I would suggest Days Inn, Holiday Inn, Marriott and other hotels would disagree building a pool is a bad deal for the taxpayers. We ate in Olive Garden last night, Subway, and a Pizza joint so far with 4 days to go and I bet if you asked these restaurant owners whether or not a pool should have been built they would support it heartily.

I have been loading up on drinks and snacks at the local Wal-Mart, and have been driving around in an Alamo rental car. I am one parent with a Coach and two swimmers from our team and we will have spent a couple of thousand dollars when all is said and done. At the facility vendors are selling programs, tee shirts, swim wear, and goggles to the tune of thousands of dollars.

If you multiply the number of families that this event has attracted from a half dozen states because of a “swimming pool” I ask you Mr. Vice President; do you think building a swimming pool is still something we shouldn’t do?

You see, a smart a__ like you that has no idea how the economy works should shut your mouth and let us determine what we believe is best for OUR money. You having any control on this economy should scare the death out of every American.

The economy that is created by this “swimming pool” in Tacoma Washington beats any program you could ever come up with. You should ask a swimming parent and this local community if building this world class facility was worth the investment.

Every state would love to have a facility like this if they knew the benefits and didn’t have blow hards like you talking the great sport of swimming down…

Spend the “stimulus” wisely or else? Or else??

Obama is suggesting that the tax payer money he has stolen from our children’s future must be spent wisely by the states. First, the money shouldn’t be leaving the states in the first place.

Why should a citizen in Colorado pay for a memorial for Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts with Federal tax dollars? Why should a citizen in Colorado pay for a California pig farmers study to reduce the stench of pig ranches with federal tax dollars? Why should citizens in Florida pay for a study on ski resorts in Vail Colorado with federal tax dollars?

This entire system is upside down and if just one Governor would take a stand and say enough is enough; this cycle of federal extortion could be stopped. Where is the outrage from our State legislators on this theft of state resources? I don’t want people in New York paying for my kids to go to school in Colorado and I don’t want to pay for theirs. We can all determine our own needs without the inefficiency of the federal government as middle man.

This article is a joke and it is the exact thing our founders feared would happen if too much power was vested in a centralized government. Joe Biden is basically threatening the states which is quite humorous if it wasn’t so frustrating, with the power that is actually vested in the states. If ANYONE in the audience of state officials had read the 10th amendment to the constitution they would have laughed and spit in Biden’s face.

When will the Governors get together and end this madness?

Monday, March 9, 2009

My personal best!

As a Dad I have to occasionally brag about my children. I don’t do enough of it but I am so sick over the incompetence of our government that I must focus on the future leaders of our country. My kids are building a solid foundation for a comeback for this great nation!

This past weekend my daughter turned 13 but not before she swam her final State Meet in the 11-12 age group in Fort Collins Colorado. Her results:

• 100 Back 7th overall in the State of Colorado
• 200 Back 7th overall in the State of Colorado
• 200 Free 8th overall in the State of Colorado
• 500 Free 11th overall in the State of Colorado
• 100 Free 18th overall in the State of Colorado
• 50 Back 20th overall in the State of Colorado

These swimmers that make the State meet are to be congratulated just for that honor. Making the top 20 puts them in a special category in itself. Being my daughter that makes me extremely proud and gives me hope for the youth of America; priceless!

Taylor is off to swim in the Sectionals this week where he will compete with some of the best swimmers in this country. I am proud he has qualified and is seeing results of all the hard work he has put into his sport. 5 – 8000 yards of swimming per day is no small feat.

Swimming is a sport of extreme discipline and I am so proud of these two future leaders of this great nation. No matter how each meet turns out, these two children are always my personal best! A Dad’s prayer…

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rush Limbaugh will win…

The democrats and Obama believe that because Rush Limbaugh is unpopular in a recent poll conducted by a democratic pollster, vilifying him and making him the “spokesman” for the Republican Party is good strategy for them. I’ve got news for them; Rush will win! Why? Because Rush has the truth and history on his side. He also is one of the greatest orators of our time.

Here’s a thought; let’s have a speech contest between Obama and Rush, no tele prompters, no notes, just a speech on socialism vs. free market capitalism and its impact on society. Let’s see who comes out on top in a forum where core beliefs are on display, not just the ability to read a tele prompter but how to persuade people into understanding ideas and concepts.

This strategy of the democrats is going to expose more people to Rush and that is a good thing. They are going to start listening more intently to what Rush says, and that’s a good thing. They are going to be exposed to critical thinking, truth, and humor, and that’s a good thing.

I hope Rush’s audience expands exponentially because of this strategy because what it will mean to America will be priceless. We will see the biggest change of government in 2010 that we have ever seen in this country’s history. If people start listening now, 2010 will be a very good year.

Good luck and God Bless Rush Limbaugh…

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Go with your gut!

I have always lived by some basic principles; honesty and trustworthiness, hard work, and financial discipline. I have never been caught in a buying or selling frenzy because I always listened to my gut. When people were buying dot com stocks by the boatload I was investing in balanced mutual funds. When people were buying property and flipping it for a profit I was paying down my mortgage.

When people were refinancing to afford vacations, RV’s, and second homes, my wife and I were investing in balanced mutual funds. When we reviewed our finances in the first half of 2008 we believed our strategy was working and was a pretty solid plan based on results. We weren’t getting rich quick but we were living the dream and could see a successful future for our kids and our retirement.

My gut instinct in the 2008 election was that we had two really bad choices for president, one an outright socialist with no experience running a business never mind and economy, and the other was a career politician with no experience running a business never mind an economy. The only thing I could hope for was that the career politician from the Republican Party would have the government less involved in the economy compared to the man that was elected. Because my gut feeling about the man we elected was he could ruin this nation for decades to come. And based on the short time he has been in office it could be that he ruins this country for centuries to come; maybe forever.

My gut now is that many Americans are starting to wake up to the evil that socialism brings to a society; class warfare, an assault on individual rights and freedoms, the undermining of capitalism which is the engine of our success, and the theft of hope for achieving the American dream. The gut feeling I have is that the stock markets agree with my gut and it is punishing the new administration but they are not smart enough to understand what is happening.

My gut instinct is that we Americans that understand this must reject the direction we are going. It is not a “new” direction, as this administration and its supporters suggest, it is a direction that has been tried by the Soviet Union under Stalin, Cuba under Castro, Venezuela under Chavez, and Germany under Hitler, and the results are well documented and not what we need for this country.

My gut is that divine intervention will assist America as has happened in the past but we need to be prepared to intervene on our own behalf. Go with your gut. What does your gut say?