Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spend the “stimulus” wisely or else? Or else??

Obama is suggesting that the tax payer money he has stolen from our children’s future must be spent wisely by the states. First, the money shouldn’t be leaving the states in the first place.

Why should a citizen in Colorado pay for a memorial for Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts with Federal tax dollars? Why should a citizen in Colorado pay for a California pig farmers study to reduce the stench of pig ranches with federal tax dollars? Why should citizens in Florida pay for a study on ski resorts in Vail Colorado with federal tax dollars?

This entire system is upside down and if just one Governor would take a stand and say enough is enough; this cycle of federal extortion could be stopped. Where is the outrage from our State legislators on this theft of state resources? I don’t want people in New York paying for my kids to go to school in Colorado and I don’t want to pay for theirs. We can all determine our own needs without the inefficiency of the federal government as middle man.

This article is a joke and it is the exact thing our founders feared would happen if too much power was vested in a centralized government. Joe Biden is basically threatening the states which is quite humorous if it wasn’t so frustrating, with the power that is actually vested in the states. If ANYONE in the audience of state officials had read the 10th amendment to the constitution they would have laughed and spit in Biden’s face.

When will the Governors get together and end this madness?

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