Thursday, March 12, 2009

No swimming pools in this money…

Joe Biden has specifically targeted swimming pools as something that the states should not spend OUR stimulus money on at the state level. OK, here’s where we agree, the federal government should not be spending money of ours on swimming pools. Here’s where I disagree.

I am in Tacoma Washington at the Western Sectional Championships swim meet at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center. It is the most beautiful swimming facility I have ever been in and I am with about 1000 of my “closest” swimming parents from a number of Western states. It has the capability of hosting any level of swimming including the Olympics. They host the Nationals, Junior Nationals, as well as Division 1 college competitions.

There is no facility that compares to this in Colorado and I would argue is much needed. Here are the facts Joe Biden; it is our money not yours to spend on our needs. Me and another 100 plus families from Colorado flew here and I think Frontier, United, and Southwest Airlines would disagree that a swimming pool should not be built. We are staying in hotel rooms all throughout Tacoma and I would suggest Days Inn, Holiday Inn, Marriott and other hotels would disagree building a pool is a bad deal for the taxpayers. We ate in Olive Garden last night, Subway, and a Pizza joint so far with 4 days to go and I bet if you asked these restaurant owners whether or not a pool should have been built they would support it heartily.

I have been loading up on drinks and snacks at the local Wal-Mart, and have been driving around in an Alamo rental car. I am one parent with a Coach and two swimmers from our team and we will have spent a couple of thousand dollars when all is said and done. At the facility vendors are selling programs, tee shirts, swim wear, and goggles to the tune of thousands of dollars.

If you multiply the number of families that this event has attracted from a half dozen states because of a “swimming pool” I ask you Mr. Vice President; do you think building a swimming pool is still something we shouldn’t do?

You see, a smart a__ like you that has no idea how the economy works should shut your mouth and let us determine what we believe is best for OUR money. You having any control on this economy should scare the death out of every American.

The economy that is created by this “swimming pool” in Tacoma Washington beats any program you could ever come up with. You should ask a swimming parent and this local community if building this world class facility was worth the investment.

Every state would love to have a facility like this if they knew the benefits and didn’t have blow hards like you talking the great sport of swimming down…


Anonymous said...

How right you are!!! People, who only work in DC and ride Amtrack, should get out and see how the real world works. How are those CO swimmers doing?

Rich said...

Colorado is doing great although this is an individual based competition. Taylor crushed the 200 Back yesterday! He is about to swim the 200 free keep your fingers crossed. Think 1:51:00 hope for 1:52:00 we'll take 1:53:00 :)

Anonymous said...

Will be thinking of him, let me know.