Monday, March 9, 2009

My personal best!

As a Dad I have to occasionally brag about my children. I don’t do enough of it but I am so sick over the incompetence of our government that I must focus on the future leaders of our country. My kids are building a solid foundation for a comeback for this great nation!

This past weekend my daughter turned 13 but not before she swam her final State Meet in the 11-12 age group in Fort Collins Colorado. Her results:

• 100 Back 7th overall in the State of Colorado
• 200 Back 7th overall in the State of Colorado
• 200 Free 8th overall in the State of Colorado
• 500 Free 11th overall in the State of Colorado
• 100 Free 18th overall in the State of Colorado
• 50 Back 20th overall in the State of Colorado

These swimmers that make the State meet are to be congratulated just for that honor. Making the top 20 puts them in a special category in itself. Being my daughter that makes me extremely proud and gives me hope for the youth of America; priceless!

Taylor is off to swim in the Sectionals this week where he will compete with some of the best swimmers in this country. I am proud he has qualified and is seeing results of all the hard work he has put into his sport. 5 – 8000 yards of swimming per day is no small feat.

Swimming is a sport of extreme discipline and I am so proud of these two future leaders of this great nation. No matter how each meet turns out, these two children are always my personal best! A Dad’s prayer…


(aunt) tricia said...

Congratulations to both Taylor & Emily from the New York Hands/Crokes--Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!! And a very happy birthday to Emily too !

Anonymous said...

Great job Emily and Taylor!! We're very proup of you too.
Uncle Kenny

Anonymous said...

Proud is a Southern word - it means proud... :)

Anonymous said...

Opps again...I meant to say, "Proup is a Southern word - it means proud..."

Aunt Sheri said...

Woo hoo! Way to go Emily and we hope your birthday was great too. Thanks for sharing this and hope to see some bragging (with pix) after sectionals for Taylor. (How about a video???)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!!
Congratulations on your placements in the State meet. We would be proud of you however you placed, you have both shown such determination over the years accomplishing your goals, how could we not be proud.
Love you!!Grandma