Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Go with your gut!

I have always lived by some basic principles; honesty and trustworthiness, hard work, and financial discipline. I have never been caught in a buying or selling frenzy because I always listened to my gut. When people were buying dot com stocks by the boatload I was investing in balanced mutual funds. When people were buying property and flipping it for a profit I was paying down my mortgage.

When people were refinancing to afford vacations, RV’s, and second homes, my wife and I were investing in balanced mutual funds. When we reviewed our finances in the first half of 2008 we believed our strategy was working and was a pretty solid plan based on results. We weren’t getting rich quick but we were living the dream and could see a successful future for our kids and our retirement.

My gut instinct in the 2008 election was that we had two really bad choices for president, one an outright socialist with no experience running a business never mind and economy, and the other was a career politician with no experience running a business never mind an economy. The only thing I could hope for was that the career politician from the Republican Party would have the government less involved in the economy compared to the man that was elected. Because my gut feeling about the man we elected was he could ruin this nation for decades to come. And based on the short time he has been in office it could be that he ruins this country for centuries to come; maybe forever.

My gut now is that many Americans are starting to wake up to the evil that socialism brings to a society; class warfare, an assault on individual rights and freedoms, the undermining of capitalism which is the engine of our success, and the theft of hope for achieving the American dream. The gut feeling I have is that the stock markets agree with my gut and it is punishing the new administration but they are not smart enough to understand what is happening.

My gut instinct is that we Americans that understand this must reject the direction we are going. It is not a “new” direction, as this administration and its supporters suggest, it is a direction that has been tried by the Soviet Union under Stalin, Cuba under Castro, Venezuela under Chavez, and Germany under Hitler, and the results are well documented and not what we need for this country.

My gut is that divine intervention will assist America as has happened in the past but we need to be prepared to intervene on our own behalf. Go with your gut. What does your gut say?

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