Thursday, June 28, 2012

Go Ahead, Make Me Pay!

It is a very sad day in America. The pot has come to a boil and we are now all feeling the burn. The constitution is nothing but a piece of paper. Yeah! It is given lip service by politicians but in reality it has become useless words because the SCOTUS has become a political body.

The SCOTUS has become nothing more than an instrument to undermine and legitimize federal expansion. Just look at the process to appoint judges to the Supreme Court. It is no longer legal minds it is political hacks. There is an obvious solution and it lies within the constitution and it is tied to the Tenth Amendment; nullification!

It is now the states and the people that must revolt against this out of control federal monstrosity. It is time for civil discourse. It is time to take a stand: Go Ahead Make Me Pay! It is time as a people to force the federal government to throw every one of us in jail for not complying with this assault on our freedom.

This is now the real deal folks. This is now the rallying cry for any patriot that believes in the principles of this great nation. It is time to band together and force this government to comply with our demands. It is we the people’s government and our politicians need to know that.

I have heard the Tea Party is dead? Is it? The disgust is palpable and it is no longer good enough to just vote. We need to band together at every attempt of this government to mandate our compliance and say no more. This is our government not theirs.

So out of the ashes of our constitutional shredding by the SCOTUS today will come a new revolution? This is the shot heard around the world. It is no longer enough to just talk about it. It is time for action. It is time for civil disobedience.

Mitt Romney needs to say one thing: total repeal. The he_ _ with replace. The market will replace this with a system that will actually work and be affordable.

It is time…

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is Doug Lamborn History?

Did the voters in the GOP primary decide they have had enough of Doug Lamborn, incumbent congressman D5 Colorado? We will know at about 7:30 tonight.

I am not much for predictions but I have not been this confident about an outcome in a long time. I believe the GOP voters in CD5 have had enough of politics as usual and are ready for real change. Not the kind of change Obama talks about but the kind of change the Tea Party talks about. Accountable, smaller, and more efficient government.

Doug Lamborn has shown he is just another politician willing to fit into a broken system with no real plan to fix the problems we can all see so clearly from afar. The congressman has become too close to the people that run this dysfunctional system that needs to use earmarks to fund even the most basic needs of our military like armor. Our congressman is suggesting through his ads that the only way to get armor for our troops is by using the broken process of earmarks. If that is how Washington works and the people there have no interest in fixing it then we need new people representing us.

Elections are determined by fundamental aspects of each candidate. Core values, positions on issues, abilities and experience, and likability. On core values both candidates are good family men that value their families. They both believe in the constitution and to be fair Doug Lamborn has voted the way most of us would have on legislation. When it comes to abilities and experience the two men part ways.

Robert Blaha hands down has the practical experience and a proven ability to lead. He has been building teams to improve efficiencies in a number of different companies. He has proven he knows how to be successful in the private sector. And he has definitely shown leadership in his past and as a candidate. I have interviewed Robert twice and his “likability factor” is very strong.

Our congressman has shown that he can vote. His private sector experience is almost nil and we definitely know he can take directions from his supporters and donors. He has been accused of “deceptive campaigning” in every contested election which makes you wonder about his character. His leadership is lacking and his judgment is horrible as displayed in his determination to crush the free exchange of ideas by interfering in the candidate vetting process of the Gazette. He does not take criticism well and lashes out when challenged. This all makes for a very low "likability factor.”

That is why today at some time this evening we will be looking at a new representative for Colorado CD5. My prediction is a close race within 3 – 4%. But I have little doubt that the winner will be Robert Blaha. Even with the special interest arm bending that is going on behind the scenes, I believe there are enough voters willing to throw out “the most conservative” voting congressman in Washington for a leader that will proudly fight for conservative principles in DC. Oh, and yes he will vote conservative but we can expect so much more…

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Doug Lamborn: Unhinged…

As a congressional representative you have to have thick skin. It can be brutal out there and you put yourself on the firing line of criticism where everyone has an opinion. But that is the nature of the job and every candidate knows the pros and cons of running for elected office.

It seems that Doug Lamborn has an unusual propensity for making bad decisions when he is under fire or perceives to be under fire from criticism by his opponents and constituents. It tells us a lot about the type of individual he is and the way he feels about voters in general.

This entire incident with Gazette TV is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding Doug Lamborn.

First: Doug Lamborn insisted he would not participate in a simultaneous appearance with Robert Blaha on GTV. What was his reasoning? That is a very big question in my opinion when you consider the nature of his job in congress. Are we to believe that a representative that can’t handle a simple interview facilitated by the local newspaper can handle the big issues in congress? Or do we believe he has the fortitude to move an argument forward if he can’t even face a local businessman running for congress? How can we have any confidence in his abilities? Where is his self-confidence and competitive nature?

Second: The original line-up was Robert Blaha at 10:00 AM and Doug Lamborn at 9:00 AM. The congressman again balked and said he would not participate unless he was guaranteed the second slot. What was the reasoning? Doug Lamborn wanted to respond to any criticisms that might be suggested by his opponent in his interview. Is Doug Lamborn that sensitive or concerned about his record that he has to have the last word? What does this say about his confidence in his own record? It strikes me as childish to be so concerned about what an opponent will say that he refused to show up unless the time was changed.

Third: He believes he was treated unfairly by the Gazette. I watched both interviews and the interviews were anything but unfair. The congressman was treated fairly. It wasn’t the Gazette that chose to stick their foot in their mouth about former rep Joel Hefley. It wasn’t the Gazette that spoke so highly of himself as to sound arrogant. It wasn’t the Gazette that suggested no conservative should be challenging his seat in congress. The other unfair issue? He stated he wasn’t told Robert Blaha would be able to respond in writing to the Lamborn interview. Who is Doug Lamborn to control what the Gazette chooses to do when exercising their responsibility to cover the race?

Finally: Getting other candidates to boycott the Gazette is despicable. I have to wonder about the candidates that agreed to do that but that’s another story. Who is Doug Lamborn to shut down the proper vetting of candidates for the voters? Who is this man that wants to shut down speech? Who is so unsure of himself that he plays these silly games of punishing the Gazette for doing their job?

This entire Gazette issue is a window into the man Lamborn is. He is not a man that deserves to represent anyone in congress. He can’t even take care of a simple thing like expressing his views in a campaign. Where does he get off thinking he speaks for any of us?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Too Close to Call?

Online poll so not scientific but could be instructive!


Which U.S. House candidate are you voting for in this month's GOP primary?

Doug Lamborn

Robert Blaha

Total Votes: 1301

Monday, June 18, 2012

More than a “Knucklehead” Lamborn is out of touch…

If you look at the reason Joel Hefley, former representative in CD5, chose to address Lamborn as a “knucklehead”, it was the casual comments made by Lamborn that I am sure he thought no one would question. Typical of career politicians who think they can say things and get away with it Doug Lamborn probably never expected Joel Hefley to respond, but he did and Joel called Doug Lamborn a “knucklehead.”

The more important statement former representative Joel Hefley made was his comment about Lamborn’s past campaigns: “We know, and it’s documented, that Doug is very casual with the truth in campaigns, and I don’t like that” and neither should voters. Hefley also stated “It showed me that Doug is either ignorant or dishonest” and as voters do we want either of those traits in our congressman?

I was really disturbed during the Gazette TV interview when Doug Lamborn stated he was really “surprised” that anyone would have the gall (my taste of the tone) to run against “the most conservative member of congress” as if voters were somehow stupid to want a real leader in congress that understands the real issues of business and the economy. He was dripping with the arrogance of a career politician entitled to his seat.

I am so tired of politicians on both sides that think they have any “entitlement” to serve beyond the will of the people that send them there. If nothing else, the voters of CD 5 in Colorado can send a real conservative message which is we are quite capable of self- governance. We the people can determine who the best representative is to send to congress. And we certainly understand when someone is getting a bit too big for their own good. It is obvious from Doug lamborn’s actions to accept lobbyist money for travel, his attacks on the businesses in our community, and his lack of ability to move the conservative debate forward but references sitting on committees as an accomplishment that he has gotten too comfortable with the way things get done in Washington DC.

So if we don’t like the way things get done in DC, why would we send someone back that seems to be falling into the trappings we as voters deplore? We have a choice and many of us have made it already, and that choice is Robert Blaha.

If you haven’t voted I urge you to send a message to Doug Lamborn that we know what we are doing when we vote for our representative. His view of the voters as too stupid to realize what a good thing he is for us is enough to send him packing for me…

Friday, June 15, 2012

Constitutional Rights?

The President of the United States just broke the law by granting amnesty via Executive Order. The left wing radicals of this country have a very interesting view of the constitution. The ignore it when they don’t like the restraints it imposes, and they embrace it when it serves their purposes. Here is the most recent example.

The president ignored the congressional vote against the Dream Act which basically granted amnesty to illegal people that came to this country by illegal means. In an unconstitutional effort to garner votes from his base the president illegally ran an end run around congress and with the stroke of a pen and by fiat decided 800,000 illegal people can now stay in this country and take jobs and benefits from our citizens. He is a disgrace and must be defeated and every Executive Order reversed by a new president. If this congress was doing its job impeachment proceeding would already be beginning.

In the next breath, the democrats and this current radical administration are suing Joe Arpaio, Sheriff in the state of Arizona for enforcing immigration law and arresting illegal people in this country that are breaking additional laws. The grounds for this federal lawsuit against the Sheriff? The Sheriff is infringing on these people’s “constitutional rights.”

Constitutional rights? You can’t have a president and left wing radical democratic party ignore the constitution letting illegal’s stay in this country, and then try to keep law enforcement from doing their job on the grounds they are undermining individual constitutional rights. Which is it? Do we obey the laws of the land or do we ignore the laws of the land? What about the rights of American citizens to have safe borders and a government that enforces the laws of the land? Where are our constitutional rights?

This President and every democrat in Congress must be defeated. For the sake of our country we need to revolt and throw out every law breaking politician that allows this action to continue…

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Framing the Choice for Voters in November

There will be a clear choice of direction in November. It is simple so anyone can understand it. No need to wonder about details because the principles are telling.

Vote for Obama if you believe: Government is the answer to all of our problems. Individuals are not capable of caring for themselves. Business is fundamentally evil and must be heavily regulated to ensure fairness. Free markets are not fair. Everyone should share in misery no one should be able to celebrate individual success. Community trumps the individual. The US Constitution is a living document which means it is bound to die.

Vote for Romney if you believe: Government has a limited role and is the current cause of most problems. Individuals should be allowed to succeed or fail on their own. Business, especially small business is the engine for economic success and will act according to market principles and needs limited regulation. Free markets are the fairest arbiter of success and failure. Every individual deserves to keep the rewards of their hard work. Success breeds compassion. Individual rights trump community wants. The US Constitution is the rules we all need to follow which are based on principles of human nature that do not change. It is the foundation of our success.

This is the choice in a nutshell. The rest is just blah, blah, blah…

Lamborn: Surprised by Competition…

Today on Gazette TV, Lamborn acted surprised that anyone would challenge “one of the most conservative members of congress,” questioning Robert Blaha’s gall to challenge him. I have to tell you Lamborn drips of arrogance. He has palpable contempt for the voter.

The good news is the Lamborn campaign must be worried because the ads are getting more and more desperate - distorting the Robert Blaha story. But the light Lamborn is shining is one that shows the lack of leadership and effectiveness he has shown as a 3 term congressman. It shines the light on his cowardice to face his challenger and constituents.

My guess is that most CD5 GOP primary voters have made up their mind and already voted but it could come down to a few votes. So if you haven’t voted yet you need to know our current representative did not answer the charge of lobbyist funded trips or his use of earmarks in a direct answer. He also continues to lie about his challenger in ads instead of facing him in person.

We don’t need a follower in congress that is being told how to vote and who to talk to and when. We need a citizen that has a passion for this country and knows the challenges we face. I encourage you to vote Robert Blaha. Doug Lamborn does not deserve another term.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lamborn; Leader or Follower?

Have you seen this article yet? It is an article in the Gazette about the upcoming GTV show featuring the two GOP primary contenders for congressional district 5, incumbent Doug Lamborn and challenger Robert Blaha. It seems that the man that keeps touting himself as a “leader’ with conservative principles, would not appear on the show unless he followed his challenger Robert Blaha. According to then article “The schedule for Blaha and Lamborn changed Monday at the request of Lamborn, who refused to appear on GTV before Blaha, saying he wanted an opportunity to respond to anything Blaha will say.”

This is akin to saying “I will tell you what I think once I know what you think.” If Doug Lamborn was a true leader, he would be touting his record of accomplishments and would not be concerned with any criticisms of his record. Unless they were false of course. But the problem for Lamborn is he has no concrete accomplishments beyond voting against legislation, which is fine but a voting record is not leadership. Voting is just what representatives do. Moving legislation and the conservative agenda forward is what leaders do.

Lamborn has used earmarks, he has travelled on the lobbyist’s dime, and stayed in luxurious hotels with his wife and if those are “attacks on his wife” then so be it. The earmark issue is being defended because it was to fund military expenditures. Again, leadership means eliminating corrupt processes and moving important legislation like armor for our troops through the legitimate process.

The “I am going to take my ball and go home” tactics of Lamborn regarding this GTV program is a great reason to send someone that has been a leader in the private sector to represent us in congress. Doug Lamborn can take his ball and we can send him home by voting against this kind of leaderless behavior.
I encourage you to do so by voting for Robert Blaha…

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Doug Lamborn is in Trouble

Doug Lamborn is trying to justify his use of earmarks in a new ad saying how he used the process to fund military armor. If we need to use earmarks instead of up front legislation to support our troops we need to throw every current member of congress out. When is enough – enough?

These incompetent politicians have screwed up the system so bad that the most fundamental responsibilities of the federal government can’t be accomplished without a tainted process like earmarks? Who accepts this kind of garbage? Career politicians that’s who.

Doug Lamborn can justify all day long but he is no leader in congress. He talks about being a friend to the military but talk is cheap. Where is the conservative leadership to fight for the constitutional principles of this nation? Was he doing it on his lobbyist funded trips to luxurious hotels and resorts?

Doug Lamborn is a symptom of the problem in Washington. Instead of going there to fix it they end up going along to get along. Haven’t we had enough of that?

If you haven’t already voted in the Republican primary you should vote for the constitution and show career politicians that votes are not enough. We want real change in Washington and the only way to get it is to get rid of career politicians unwilling to make the waves necessary to change the corrupt culture.

Fill in your ballot for Robert Blaha…

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why We Need to Replace Doug Lamborn

The ballots for this year’s 5th Congressional District race in Colorado have been showing up in mailboxes across the district. It may seem incidental in a year when our future is at stake in the presidential election but it is anything but incidental! It is critical.

Doug Lamborn has comfortably settled into his seat in Washington DC and has fallen into the trappings that have made voters so angry at Washington politicians. He has participated in the earmark process and although the funding he is supporting through earmarks can be defended, the process cannot be. The only way to fix a bad process is to stop it and replace it. If it continues to be used because “that’s the way it is in Washington”, then it will never change.

Doug Lamborn and his wife have been travelling on the dime of special interest lobbyists. Even if you agree with the positions of the lobbyists, the process is broken. And again, Doug Lamborn is participating in a process that most voters know is unethical. Doug Lamborn has been in Washington too long. The only thing worse than travelling on a lobbyist’s dime, is travelling on the taxpayer’s dime.

The most egregious activity our Congressman has participated in has got to be his demonization of private business. He has lied about the record of the businesses his opponent Robert Blaha has either run or created. Conservatives are the advocate for business and the bureaucratic nightmare that has been created by politicians in Washington should be the target of ridicule, not the businesses and business people that are trying to navigate that maze. Doug Lamborn would know that if he ever ran a business.

But you see Doug Lamborn has no experience in the real economy. He is content to be a career politician. Granted he votes in a conservative manner but he has never lived the way most of us do. Between being a state politician and federal representative Doug Lamborn can’t understand the difficult economic issues we face today.

God willing, Mitt Romney will be our next president and he will need the support of representatives that understand how government negatively impacts the private sector. Robert Blaha is that help that Romney will need to get things turned around.

So as you open and fill out you Republican primary ballots please think hard about sending Robert Blaha to congress. Don’t listen to the lies of a desperate career politician. Go with what your instinct tells you. It should be telling you it’s time for a passionate conservative businessman to represent us in Washington; Robert Blaha…