Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Doug Lamborn is in Trouble

Doug Lamborn is trying to justify his use of earmarks in a new ad saying how he used the process to fund military armor. If we need to use earmarks instead of up front legislation to support our troops we need to throw every current member of congress out. When is enough – enough?

These incompetent politicians have screwed up the system so bad that the most fundamental responsibilities of the federal government can’t be accomplished without a tainted process like earmarks? Who accepts this kind of garbage? Career politicians that’s who.

Doug Lamborn can justify all day long but he is no leader in congress. He talks about being a friend to the military but talk is cheap. Where is the conservative leadership to fight for the constitutional principles of this nation? Was he doing it on his lobbyist funded trips to luxurious hotels and resorts?

Doug Lamborn is a symptom of the problem in Washington. Instead of going there to fix it they end up going along to get along. Haven’t we had enough of that?

If you haven’t already voted in the Republican primary you should vote for the constitution and show career politicians that votes are not enough. We want real change in Washington and the only way to get it is to get rid of career politicians unwilling to make the waves necessary to change the corrupt culture.

Fill in your ballot for Robert Blaha…

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