Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lamborn; Leader or Follower?

Have you seen this article yet? It is an article in the Gazette about the upcoming GTV show featuring the two GOP primary contenders for congressional district 5, incumbent Doug Lamborn and challenger Robert Blaha. It seems that the man that keeps touting himself as a “leader’ with conservative principles, would not appear on the show unless he followed his challenger Robert Blaha. According to then article “The schedule for Blaha and Lamborn changed Monday at the request of Lamborn, who refused to appear on GTV before Blaha, saying he wanted an opportunity to respond to anything Blaha will say.”

This is akin to saying “I will tell you what I think once I know what you think.” If Doug Lamborn was a true leader, he would be touting his record of accomplishments and would not be concerned with any criticisms of his record. Unless they were false of course. But the problem for Lamborn is he has no concrete accomplishments beyond voting against legislation, which is fine but a voting record is not leadership. Voting is just what representatives do. Moving legislation and the conservative agenda forward is what leaders do.

Lamborn has used earmarks, he has travelled on the lobbyist’s dime, and stayed in luxurious hotels with his wife and if those are “attacks on his wife” then so be it. The earmark issue is being defended because it was to fund military expenditures. Again, leadership means eliminating corrupt processes and moving important legislation like armor for our troops through the legitimate process.

The “I am going to take my ball and go home” tactics of Lamborn regarding this GTV program is a great reason to send someone that has been a leader in the private sector to represent us in congress. Doug Lamborn can take his ball and we can send him home by voting against this kind of leaderless behavior.
I encourage you to do so by voting for Robert Blaha…

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