Friday, June 15, 2012

Constitutional Rights?

The President of the United States just broke the law by granting amnesty via Executive Order. The left wing radicals of this country have a very interesting view of the constitution. The ignore it when they don’t like the restraints it imposes, and they embrace it when it serves their purposes. Here is the most recent example.

The president ignored the congressional vote against the Dream Act which basically granted amnesty to illegal people that came to this country by illegal means. In an unconstitutional effort to garner votes from his base the president illegally ran an end run around congress and with the stroke of a pen and by fiat decided 800,000 illegal people can now stay in this country and take jobs and benefits from our citizens. He is a disgrace and must be defeated and every Executive Order reversed by a new president. If this congress was doing its job impeachment proceeding would already be beginning.

In the next breath, the democrats and this current radical administration are suing Joe Arpaio, Sheriff in the state of Arizona for enforcing immigration law and arresting illegal people in this country that are breaking additional laws. The grounds for this federal lawsuit against the Sheriff? The Sheriff is infringing on these people’s “constitutional rights.”

Constitutional rights? You can’t have a president and left wing radical democratic party ignore the constitution letting illegal’s stay in this country, and then try to keep law enforcement from doing their job on the grounds they are undermining individual constitutional rights. Which is it? Do we obey the laws of the land or do we ignore the laws of the land? What about the rights of American citizens to have safe borders and a government that enforces the laws of the land? Where are our constitutional rights?

This President and every democrat in Congress must be defeated. For the sake of our country we need to revolt and throw out every law breaking politician that allows this action to continue…

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