Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Doug Lamborn: Unhinged…

As a congressional representative you have to have thick skin. It can be brutal out there and you put yourself on the firing line of criticism where everyone has an opinion. But that is the nature of the job and every candidate knows the pros and cons of running for elected office.

It seems that Doug Lamborn has an unusual propensity for making bad decisions when he is under fire or perceives to be under fire from criticism by his opponents and constituents. It tells us a lot about the type of individual he is and the way he feels about voters in general.

This entire incident with Gazette TV is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding Doug Lamborn.

First: Doug Lamborn insisted he would not participate in a simultaneous appearance with Robert Blaha on GTV. What was his reasoning? That is a very big question in my opinion when you consider the nature of his job in congress. Are we to believe that a representative that can’t handle a simple interview facilitated by the local newspaper can handle the big issues in congress? Or do we believe he has the fortitude to move an argument forward if he can’t even face a local businessman running for congress? How can we have any confidence in his abilities? Where is his self-confidence and competitive nature?

Second: The original line-up was Robert Blaha at 10:00 AM and Doug Lamborn at 9:00 AM. The congressman again balked and said he would not participate unless he was guaranteed the second slot. What was the reasoning? Doug Lamborn wanted to respond to any criticisms that might be suggested by his opponent in his interview. Is Doug Lamborn that sensitive or concerned about his record that he has to have the last word? What does this say about his confidence in his own record? It strikes me as childish to be so concerned about what an opponent will say that he refused to show up unless the time was changed.

Third: He believes he was treated unfairly by the Gazette. I watched both interviews and the interviews were anything but unfair. The congressman was treated fairly. It wasn’t the Gazette that chose to stick their foot in their mouth about former rep Joel Hefley. It wasn’t the Gazette that spoke so highly of himself as to sound arrogant. It wasn’t the Gazette that suggested no conservative should be challenging his seat in congress. The other unfair issue? He stated he wasn’t told Robert Blaha would be able to respond in writing to the Lamborn interview. Who is Doug Lamborn to control what the Gazette chooses to do when exercising their responsibility to cover the race?

Finally: Getting other candidates to boycott the Gazette is despicable. I have to wonder about the candidates that agreed to do that but that’s another story. Who is Doug Lamborn to shut down the proper vetting of candidates for the voters? Who is this man that wants to shut down speech? Who is so unsure of himself that he plays these silly games of punishing the Gazette for doing their job?

This entire Gazette issue is a window into the man Lamborn is. He is not a man that deserves to represent anyone in congress. He can’t even take care of a simple thing like expressing his views in a campaign. Where does he get off thinking he speaks for any of us?

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