Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why We Need to Replace Doug Lamborn

The ballots for this year’s 5th Congressional District race in Colorado have been showing up in mailboxes across the district. It may seem incidental in a year when our future is at stake in the presidential election but it is anything but incidental! It is critical.

Doug Lamborn has comfortably settled into his seat in Washington DC and has fallen into the trappings that have made voters so angry at Washington politicians. He has participated in the earmark process and although the funding he is supporting through earmarks can be defended, the process cannot be. The only way to fix a bad process is to stop it and replace it. If it continues to be used because “that’s the way it is in Washington”, then it will never change.

Doug Lamborn and his wife have been travelling on the dime of special interest lobbyists. Even if you agree with the positions of the lobbyists, the process is broken. And again, Doug Lamborn is participating in a process that most voters know is unethical. Doug Lamborn has been in Washington too long. The only thing worse than travelling on a lobbyist’s dime, is travelling on the taxpayer’s dime.

The most egregious activity our Congressman has participated in has got to be his demonization of private business. He has lied about the record of the businesses his opponent Robert Blaha has either run or created. Conservatives are the advocate for business and the bureaucratic nightmare that has been created by politicians in Washington should be the target of ridicule, not the businesses and business people that are trying to navigate that maze. Doug Lamborn would know that if he ever ran a business.

But you see Doug Lamborn has no experience in the real economy. He is content to be a career politician. Granted he votes in a conservative manner but he has never lived the way most of us do. Between being a state politician and federal representative Doug Lamborn can’t understand the difficult economic issues we face today.

God willing, Mitt Romney will be our next president and he will need the support of representatives that understand how government negatively impacts the private sector. Robert Blaha is that help that Romney will need to get things turned around.

So as you open and fill out you Republican primary ballots please think hard about sending Robert Blaha to congress. Don’t listen to the lies of a desperate career politician. Go with what your instinct tells you. It should be telling you it’s time for a passionate conservative businessman to represent us in Washington; Robert Blaha…

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