Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is Not Immigration, It’s An Invasion!

Immigration, both legal and illegal reached 37.9 MILLION in 2007! One in three is estimated to be illegal. If I am doing the math correctly that is 12 MILLION illegal’s in 2007 alone.

"The last seven years have been the highest period of immigration in American
history," the report said. "Immigrants and their young children (under 18) now
account for one-fifth of the school-age population, one-fourth of those in
poverty and nearly one-third of those without health insurance."
accounts for nearly all of the national increase in public school enrollment
over the past two decades, the report said. In 2007, there were 10.8 million
school-age children from immigrant families in the United States — about one in
five of the nation's school-age kids.

No wonder our schools are not improving. When you have this many kids that can’t speak English or have come from countries where education is as poor as Mexico’s, how does this impact the citizens of our country that have no choice but to educate their kids in these schools? Not to mention the costs to the taxpayers. That is why tracking the immigrants’ coming to this country is so important. The system is being overwhelmed by the number of uneducated people entering the country. I ask you; if your kid’s school was falling behind because of this issue, would you accept it, or change it? If they were showing up in the ritzy suburbs of NY or LA instead of the poor sections of the country, would the response be different?

We will sink under the weight of this failure to secure our border. This is an invasion that needs the resources of the US Military. We need to station our Military on the border until the fence is complete. Using the military on the border is justified because we are under invasion from, terrorists, drug cartels, criminals, all from foreign countries. The expense is minimal compared to the costs of our education systems, healthcare systems, and our freedom.

It is time to stop pandering to the liberal interest groups that believe that our nation’s borders are discriminatory. We are one nation under God, unless we can’t protect our border. Without a border there is no nation. God is already under assault and being removed from our culture. When will we wake up? God help us…

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Socialism is an abject failure…

As the riots continue in the suburbs of France, the effects of socialism are on display for all to learn from; again. I am baffled by our liberal and elite politicians continued efforts to take us down a path of socialized; healthcare, retirement, education, energy, etc… There is this “utopia” that these so called educated folks see that can only be obtained by creating this socialistic model that drives to create; fairness, sameness, mediocrity, and collectivism.

But the evidence and history lessons are clear on all attempts to implement socialism in any aspect of life, and history tells us socialism always ends in failure. It is so plain to see in my eyes, that anytime you try to go against human “instinct” you will fail. Humans are competitive by nature, it is a survival instinct. We know the strong survive and in order to be strong you can only count on yourself to create strength. No one else will do that for you because we know through instinct, that if someone is stronger, they pose a threat. So as the elites try to move forward the idea of socialism, they are actually creating strength for themselves. Good for them, bad for us. We know that so we push back when we realize what they are trying to do. This is the stuff college class material is made of, but in the real world we know it is true.

Socialism is sold as being fair to all but in reality it is the most unfair system of all. What is fair about some people doing the work and everyone shares their labor? Who decides who will work and who gets to sit on their butts to collect the fruits of the labor? Why do I have to pay for your housing and health when you are completely capable of providing it for yourself?

Socialism has to be forced on the people; therefore there is always resentment toward the people applying the force. For socialism to work, someone is always taken advantage of by the collective group. We see it in our Social Security system. The young people of this country are being forced to give the elderly a large percentage of their pay so the elderly can drive around in their campers coast to coast while the young go to work every day to pay for this luxury. The elderly think they have paid their way but most elderly have long taken what they have put into the system and would be surprised at the numbers. Social Security has created an us and them, young vs. old, have vs. have not’s.

Instead of having people put money into their own retirement accounts, SS puts the money in a big pool (socialism always is a big “pool”) where the only criteria to get it is age. So if you are a millionaire and have all the money you would ever need, you still get SS. It cultivates a, “it’s my money I paid into it” mentality (which is exactly why socialism doesn’t work), which causes resentment and anger amongst the young and old, but that is always the result of socialist programs. There is always resentment and anger. And that anger always ends up dividing the people and results in a resentment of the government running the program.

So as France deals with the riots we need to take another lesson from them and remind our politicians that market based programs are always the best. We do not need people standing around unemployed and expecting benefits they have not earned. It leads to anger, resentment, and violence. The only way to provide a good life for our citizens is to give them the ability to create their own. Just a thought…

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Terrorists Target Military Base and No One Seems to Care…

This story received scant coverage in the major media for two reasons; the mainstream media knows these stories hurt democratic and liberal candidates, and it highlights the extreme danger we face every day from our lack of enforcement on the southern border with Mexico.

This terrorist plot was revealed from sources in a Mexican drug cartel and is considered credible. It reveals how dangerous the job of border security is and reveals the failures of the Bush administration and our congress to take this issue seriously. There is a war on our southern border and the stakes are high. We have drugs and terrorists crossing with sophisticated weapons and we go about our merry business without even a flinch of the eye.

As many border security advocates have been stating; our southern border is a military zone and needs the attention we would give to it if we found out tomorrow Chinese troops were crossing the border, and holding the citizens of Laredo Texas captive. The people crossing our border are not just coming to pick our crops and steal our jobs; we have terrorists and drug cartels hauling in weapons to attack our military bases and security personnel. The targeted base in Arizona trains our men and women in counter terrorism, and is a high value target for any terrorist organization or anti American group to take down.

As we are being attacked from the border, at the same time we have our financial institutions mis-managing our finances and reaching out to Middle Eastern oil rich countries to bail them out from their stupid decisions. Here is an excerpt from the story;

“Citigroup Inc., the biggest U.S. bank by assets, will receive a $7.5 billion cash infusion from Abu Dhabi to replenish capital after record mortgage losses wiped out almost half its market value”.

Why is Citigroup in trouble? Because they lent money to people that they shouldn’t have. They gave out interest only loans like candy for the past 4 years and now they are in a situation where these people can’t pay back the money. Surprise, surprise, you don’t need a Harvard business degree to see the problem with the current subprime market crisis. People were “encouraged” to borrow money they couldn’t afford, and now these banks are scrambling to keep the entire capital market from going belly up. So because of their greed and stupidity, we are being leveraged by countries that one day, mark my words, will have influence on our policy that will not be good for us. Just like the Chinese government, where we should be cutting off trade because of their human, and environmental policies, we can’t because they hold so much of our debt. Our debt is the product of greedy companies and stupid politicians.

So as we head into this holiday shopping season, keep in mind how being debt free is really the core of your personal freedom. When you owe people nothing, you control your destiny. When you are mortgaged to the hilt, you control nothing. Don’t do what our politicians and business leaders have done to this country; spend wisely and keep an eye out for the terrorists amongst us. Someone has to…

Monday, November 26, 2007

Day of Reckoning?

Pat Buchanan has a new book out, Day of Reckoning: “How Hubris, Ideology and Greed Are Tearing America Apart”. I am not so pessimistic because I believe when we decide to come together as a nation, anything is possible. We have proved that many times in our short history as a nation. The problem is most Americans are not as convinced it is at the breaking point, yet. Americans can sense it is close but I don’t believe most of us have given up as Pat suggests. When we have to argue that English should be our national language, and that it is OK to have a moment of silence, or God forbid a prayer at a HS football game, or that building a fence is not “racist”, our collective head looks up and says; what has happened here?

I believe we are at a point where more Americans are taking notice and that is a good thing. The most recent example was the illegal immigration debate. Our reluctance to accept the answer from our politicians, showed how we still control the power to influence the direction of this country. We stopped that legislation and we are slowly getting our border fence built.

I think the country is also ready to entertain term limits. Americans have seen how longevity in office is directly correlated to a lack of understanding of the people they represent. These “career” politicians are more endeared to the lobbyists than the voters. We are ready to give others a chance since the quality of the current political crop has fallen to the barely acceptable category of performance.

Pat makes a lot of great points in his book about how we are on some dangerous paths in this country but I disagree that it is inevitable we will destroy ourselves. When the people do wake up, and I believe 2008 will see this awakening, we as voters will make the corrections needed to turn this country around. Our politicians have forgotten what made America great but we the people haven’t. We want our country back and we are going to get it; one way or the other.

I see a bright future because I believe we still have a majority of people that hold traditional American values. They will vote in 2008 and we will see a huge change and it will be for the better; I hope…

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Amnesty for all Illegal’s over one good deed?

So there you have it (Illegal Immigrant Rescues Boy in Desert). One good deed by an illegal immigrant and we should just let them all in! It doesn’t matter that 20% of our prisoners are illegal immigrants, or that hundreds of innocent citizens are run down by drunken driving illegal immigrants, or our healthcare and education systems are sinking under the weight of illegal immigration, or that 90% of the drugs in our country cross our southern border; no, let’s forgive all because of this one good deed. Open the gates and stop the fences!

Funny how this one incident is touted but the thousands of true disturbing stories of the impact of illegal’s are buried. It is nice that this guy stood by with this kid until help arrived. He deserves thanks and sent right back to Mexico…

In other news; Democrats are really the party of the rich… This story tells you who the democrats really work for and it isn’t the “working poor” (neither are the republicans by the way; and giving away "stuff' doesn't help. Remember Jesus; teach them to fish...). That is just their battle cry to hide the fact that they are both the party of the rich. I hate class warfare but I couldn’t help posting this when I saw the story. The opportunities in this country give us hope we too can pursue our passion. After all, that is how most people become “rich”. And money is not the only criteria for being rich. I am a millionaire in my eyes because I have my health, an awesome family and group of friends, and endless opportunity.

You may be rich as well. Look around, you might be surprised. Just a couple of thoughts…

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can We Just Be Thankful?

The news is depressing, always finding the worst in our society. Often it feels that we live among nothing but criminals, perverts, and malcontents when we read the headlines in our newspapers or watch our television news. But we know better. Good news seems to mean no news to the people running our national media, so we will have to recognize some of it here.

· Thank you to my friends and family for accepting me for who I am. Because of you I always try to do better.

· Thank you to our troops who have now given hope to the people of Iraq, and giving them a reason to dream about their future. Because of our military in Iraq, like my cousin Kathleen, the good news they are creating, although ignored by our national media, is showing the world what American’s treasure; freedom for all. Thank you again…

· Thank you to all of the Bloggers out there that are seeking the truth and balancing the power of our power hungry politicians. You are making a difference in our political system so keep it up!

· Thank you to all of the wonderful people that have adopted a child and given them hope. You have given a gift that will keep on giving.

· Thank you everyone that knows that we as American’s have a place in our hearts for all of the people in this world. Although we can’t allow everyone to live here in the US, we do our best to help others create a political system like ours to give them hope in their own countries. We are good people and we know it. Thank you to my fellow American’s for being who you are…

· I am so thankful to be an American, a friend, a father, a husband, a son, a co worker, and blessed by God.

God Bless you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of the people you love. We all have so much to be thankful for; and I am thankful for that too…

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Is this freedom?

A “Blue Ribbon Commission” has recommended that the state of Colorado “require residents to purchase some sort of coverage” for healthcare insurance… These are the same state bureaucrats that think forcing people to show ID to vote is equivalent to a “poll tax”, and a barrier to casting a vote. Hypocrisy is standard operating procedure in any government bureaucracy.

First of all, insurance is not the issue; it is the issue of access to healthcare that needs to be in the fore front of the debate. The premise that we need insurance is what I argue is a false premise when we are talking about routine medical treatment. Insurance should only be discussed in the argument for “catastrophic” or beyond the “normal’ healthcare services we need access to. Based on actuarial tables, this insurance would be much more affordable. But that is not the issue here.

Why force people to pay for insurance they may not use? Why can’t I pay cash when I go to the doctor? What if I choose as an individual that the risk to cost ratio is too high, and I want to risk not paying the $300 a month for an insurance premium I may never use? When did we decide government should decide what is in our best interest? Should we allow the government to decide what car we drive? The Grocery store we use? What retailer’s we can buy our goods from? Why not just give bureaucrats the power to make all the decisions in our lives? Healthcare choices are no different. As I always say; if a service is unusually expensive, it is because the government has a hand in it. Usually through the arm of regulatory power.

When will it stop? The supporters of government run healthcare always tout the “one-payer” system as the way to increase efficiency in the system. They are right; it should be one payer for healthcare and that is the consumer. Just like we choose our landscaper, plumber, television set, and food, we need to shop for our doctor. We should not base that decision on our healthcare premium but rather base it on the quality and cost of the doctor providing the service. Just a thought…

Approval Rating; Congress 20% vs. Bush 32%

Is it any wonder the approval ratings are where they are when you look at the people that occupy the offices in those great halls of congress? It is mostly made up of people that are not so great. They actually have contempt toward the people they represent. Take the illegal immigration debate for a recent example. Take Nancy Pelosi’s recent comment that the EEOC should sue businesses for requiring employees to speak English. Look at the Social Security disaster that is getting closer and closer. Take anything Kennedy, Waxman, Clinton, Schumer propose for this country, and you see that 20% is actually very high.

Why is it that we can’t implement term limits for congress? 8 years for the House and 12 Years for the Senate? Why is it OK for the President and not the congress? I have done some anecdotal research, and I have concluded there is a direct correlation between the length of time a member serves in congress, and there likelihood of disregarding the will of their constituency. The longer politicians are in office, the more likely they lose their ability to understand, or the will to protect, the true intentions of our founders and the constitution. The more likely they are to hold a minority opinion on any issue important to the American public.

We must take the opportunity to make our voices heard in the 2008 election. We must have the courage to send a message to both parties that we are done with the lack of leadership and understanding of what the real problems are, and the right solutions to correct the problems. We must fix the foundation before we rebuild the house. We must get rid of the current crop of “leaders” and restructure the way the house operates. We must get rid of the incentive to raise money above the incentive to raise he..!

It is time to invest in our future prosperity. The first down payment is to get a new crop of leaders that are willing to shake it up. We need to elect people that will let their actions in congress be their campaign strategy. We must break the quid pro quo of the current funding of elections. We must start from the beginning, and that is only going to happen if you begin to take a stake in your future. I have confidence that the American people will wake up in this election. I may be crazy but I have a feeling…

Monday, November 19, 2007

We Must Protect Our American Culture…

Or we will end up with more of this: “Nancy Pelosi Forces Salvation Army to Hire People That Can’t Speak English.”

This is nuts and is getting ugly. We are being “Balkanized” by the diversity activists in our own country. Diversity for the sake of diversity is dangerous and corrosive to our county’s future. The less we have in common, the more we will see this type of conflict rear its ugly head in every institution in this country. The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission another useless bureaucracy) is forcing employers to hire people that don’t speak English. You laugh, and it would be funny if it wasn’t true, but it is.

It almost came to fist to cuffs on the House floor between Steny Hoyer and the leader of the Hispanic caucus, Joe Baca. Something as simple as making sure business will not be sued for requiring such a basic skill as speaking English has become a flash point for the bigger issue; English as our national language. It is time to pass a simple law that states; “all government communication will be spoken, written, and printed in English; there will be no requirement of any representative of the government to hire, speak, or print any other language than English; English is the national language of the United States of America”. How refreshing.

This doesn’t mean you can’t speak another language, actually I believe we should teach multiple languages in school, but when it comes to official government business or practical business practices, forcing other languages to be recognized is expensive and divisive. It undermines our American Culture and common method of communication. To say this is not bigotry, it is compassionate. If you can’t speak English you will always be “second” class in this country. You will not get ahead or be able to realize the American dream.

So it is time to say NO to this lunacy. We must fight back now before we find our American Culture so dismantled we don’t recognize it anymore. When we walk into a business in America we expect the people to speak English. If they don’t we take our business elsewhere. What next; suing people for not shopping at a business that has non- English speaking employees? You laugh but just wait if we allow this to continue.

For the sake of our future and the legal immigrants of our country, let’s stop the madness now. Vote out these lunatics and support term limits. Just a thought…

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Get ready for a bigger mess in the skies…

The government is about to embark on reducing congestion in the skies in an effort to reduce flight delays this holiday season. The new regulations to improve efficiency include:

1. Legislation to limit storms and weather conditions in the areas where airports reside. Similar to a “Drug Free Zone” around schools, it will be a “Weather Free Zone” around airports.

2. All planes that currently must follow air traffic controller’s directions will be lifted. This will allow pilots to speed up and decide when they think it is safe to land and take off.

3. Planes will be asked to “partner” during take offs and landings. Landing and taking off one by one causes delays. Planes will be asked to pick a partner and land and take off two by two.

4. Regulations that require two pilots on commercial flights will be lifted to allow one pilot to command the plane. This will increase the number of pilots eligible to fly and will help with regulation 3. The retirement age will be lifted to the age of 90.

5. An “Airport Optional” program will be implemented immediately. At a pilots discretion, and if they can get the passengers to agree on the place, pilots will be cleared to land in corn fields, parking lots, and highways with less than 100 cars within visual range. This will improve access to the ground and reduce bottle necks at our limited airport infrastructure.

6. Finally, Airlines willing to invest in parachutes for their customers will be allowed to push people out of the plane at designated “Parachute Airports”. Airlines are not required to inform their passengers of this option but the government strongly suggests that they do.

The thought that this is even a task the government should be involved in is ludicrous. It is the equivalent of trying to fix the traffic problem at the George Washington Bridge in NY, Sagamore Bridge Cape Cod Massachusetts, and the highway system at any major city in the country, by passing a few laws.

The airlines need help but it will take a major restructuring of Air Traffic Control, the building and expansion of our Airport infrastructure, and a government willing to stay the heck out of the arena of private business. Just a thought…

Not to pick on Spitzer but…

He is making it really easy (Spitzer Abandons Amazon Tax). One day after he retreated on the illegal driver’s license, he has now squashed his efforts to impose an internet tax on the online distributor, He was about to force New Yorker’s to pay 8% sales tax when purchasing from the online retailer. Now I want to be fair here, Spitzer is not the only politician chomping at the bit to get a “piece” of the enormous revenue crossing the internet these days. Politicians all around the country are scheming to get more money from you through this avenue.

This is an issue we must diligently appose because it has HUGE ramifications in so many arenas of the internet. The internet has become the great equalizer of giant corporations and one man operations, like me. Small business has flourished over the internet as has the freedom to compete in the arena of ideas. Start taxing it and we start losing our freedoms rapidly, and we tip the scales of business in favor of large corporations that often have little loyalty to the nation that enabled their opportunity to flourish.

The best thing we can do to stop this train of government infringement and higher taxes is to vote them all out. Radical? I don’t think so. We have a pervasive attitude in government that when the government needs money, they have the right to just take it from the citizens. Instead of looking at ways to be more efficient in government, they take the easy route; increase the amount of money coming in, to perpetuate the inefficiencies they have created. Business can’t operate like that and neither should the government.

We have so much waste and inefficiency in all levels of government that we need to put a stop on all revenue increases to the government. Let them start moving the money around from department to department and reduce the areas that are no longer needed or have redundancy. The government has become a jobs program and it must end now. Our future depends on getting this beast under control, not finding new ways to bilk the citizenry as Spitzer is trying to do.

Let’s wake up and take a chance on some newbie’s to the political arena, like me. Find a candidate in your area that deserves a chance. I believe it is our only chance. Just a thought…

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

America 1 (Won) – Spitzer 0

The governor of NY, Elliot Spitzer who recently was pushing to give illegal’s drivers licenses, has gone down in flames, utterly defeated, shown the exit, and has heard the wrath of the people. He said he didn’t “need a stethoscope to hear the pulse of NY” on this issue. No kidding! Even in the liberal leaning state of NY, people understand the issue of illegal immigration. They want it stopped and they want it fixed. Giving criminal’s driver’s licenses is not the way to fix it.

I can’t wait for Hillary’s response. She is on the ropes and the other democratic presidential hopefuls can smell the blood. It will be interesting to see if Barack the “I can’t pledge allegiance to America” or “put my hand over my heart during the national anthem” Obama, can capitalize on this issue. It is becoming so clear who these democratic candidates are, and this is good news for America. America needs to know, the current crop of democrats in power is a dangerous group of people to have in power at this time in our history.

There is one point I agree with Spitzer on, and that is his criticism of the federal government ignoring the illegal immigration issue, and leaving it to the states to handle. President Bush has failed in this area. He is an open borders supporter, and he is lucky he is not on the ballot again this year.

But today we celebrate another victory for America, all of us, rank and file democrats, republicans, and independents. They will be back to try again so we must keep our radar on and continue to defeat this lunacy when we see it. This is a critical issue in the upcoming presidential campaign along with National Security, and I believe they go hand in hand. If we as a people could unite on Social Security reform, and reduced government intervention in our lives, like we have on illegal immigration, we’d be on to something here. Just a thought…

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A gift to veterans…

On this Veterans Day, I link to this story about the failure at the box office of recent anti Iraq war films. The analysis is off the mark though. They blame the failures of these films on the current confusion around the war, and that the war is still in the headlines every day. Wrong, wrong, the reason these movies have failed is that Americans support their troops, and the mission of bringing freedom to a people oppressed under a dictator. They may not like the speed of the war, but Americans don’t believe the crap that the current Hollywood crop portrays about our troops and military.

The real analysis why these Iraq war movies have failed; they are built on lies. They are lying about why we have gone to Iraq, who our troops are, what the real circumstances are, and that America is the real problem in the world. These people don’t get it; we love our veterans and military. We know that without them we have no foundation to stand. We know that without the American military, the radical sects of the world would be causing havoc everywhere including the US.

So as a gift to our veterans, these Hollywood idiots have shown how ignorant they are to the greatness of our troops, both today and throughout all history. These movies have failed because we love our veterans, and that is a gift to be treasured. God Bless our veterans. Just a thought…

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

77% of Americans get it right on illegal immigration!

This poll found that democrats, republicans, and independents agree; illegal immigrants should not be able to get a driver license. Many also support giving police the authority to arrest illegals when they find them on routine traffic stops.

And of course, Hillary is still dancing around the issue of illegal’s getting a drivers license. She is asked again about her position and she again avoids the issue which says she is for giving licenses to illegals. This is going to give her trouble in the general election and that is good for this country. Maybe, just maybe democrats will wake up and see her for who she is, and that’s really good for the 77% of Americans that disagree with her. Just a thought…

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Words Mean Things…

Never forget; words spoken often after the 9/11 attacks. Never forget; a phrase often used to keep the holocaust memory alive. Never forget; because if we do, we will find ourselves in the same predicaments. That is for sure, because we as human beings have proven, some things never change. Just a thought on Iran, and Islamic terror…

Friday, November 2, 2007

Tomorrow is my birthday…

My birthday wishes:
· My family’s health and well being continues to be well and strong.
· My cousin Kathleen in Iraq stays safe while fighting for our freedom. Please say a prayer for her.
· My fellow citizens realize that America is not the problem, it is the solution.
· Hillary can’t recover from her recent stand on illegal’s getting drivers licenses.
· American’s actually read the Koran and learn what our enemies true intentions are. If that is too much work, visit the Conservative Beach Girl Blog to get daily analysis on the “religion of peace”.
· In 2008 all the current politicians get thrown out of office and we start with real people not career politicians.
· All of my friends and family members pursue their dreams and enjoy the journey.
· Finally, my wish that I can be a better person everyday!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Call us the Unhappy States of America?

This article fries me. It is a “survey” of American’s mood toward the future, a year before the presidential elections, and it is full of pessimism. When will we count our blessings? Blessings are abound in this great nation, and we have people with the gall to focus on the negative.

We are blessed to live in the freest, wealthiest nation in the world, where opportunity waits at every corner for us to jump on it - if we choose. Where if we choose to, we can become anything we want to be regardless of race, creed, or gender. Where we can focus on idiotic things like Britney Spears because we don’t have to worry where our next meal is coming from or the fear of drinking diseased ridden water.

Where every restaurant in our neighborhood has a waiting line to get a seat. The movie theaters are full of kids and adults eating popcorn and drinking soda. Where nearly every home in America has cable. Where every kid has the opportunity to go to school. Where we can worship without fear. Where we can focus on recycling garbage instead of eating it.

I am unhappy that we seem to focus on the negative when we have so much to be thankful for. If you forget about your blessings you may just lose them. So let us thank:
· Our Military in Iraq for spreading hope throughout the world and giving us the opportunity to be miserable as well as happy. May you be safe and come home whole and proud.
· Our children for bringing us love and giving us a reason to create a positive future.
· For our health and the greatest system in the world to attend to us when we are sick.
· To the ingenuity of our business world that creates a better life for all Americans and other people around the world.
· For a system of government that is of the people, by the people, for the people. May we never forget and always remain diligent in protecting the constitution that makes us so great.

So take a moment and really think hard about your life. Count your blessings and if you want to have an even greater life; do it. Because you are an American; there is nothing stopping you, but you. Just a positive thought…