Monday, November 26, 2007

Day of Reckoning?

Pat Buchanan has a new book out, Day of Reckoning: “How Hubris, Ideology and Greed Are Tearing America Apart”. I am not so pessimistic because I believe when we decide to come together as a nation, anything is possible. We have proved that many times in our short history as a nation. The problem is most Americans are not as convinced it is at the breaking point, yet. Americans can sense it is close but I don’t believe most of us have given up as Pat suggests. When we have to argue that English should be our national language, and that it is OK to have a moment of silence, or God forbid a prayer at a HS football game, or that building a fence is not “racist”, our collective head looks up and says; what has happened here?

I believe we are at a point where more Americans are taking notice and that is a good thing. The most recent example was the illegal immigration debate. Our reluctance to accept the answer from our politicians, showed how we still control the power to influence the direction of this country. We stopped that legislation and we are slowly getting our border fence built.

I think the country is also ready to entertain term limits. Americans have seen how longevity in office is directly correlated to a lack of understanding of the people they represent. These “career” politicians are more endeared to the lobbyists than the voters. We are ready to give others a chance since the quality of the current political crop has fallen to the barely acceptable category of performance.

Pat makes a lot of great points in his book about how we are on some dangerous paths in this country but I disagree that it is inevitable we will destroy ourselves. When the people do wake up, and I believe 2008 will see this awakening, we as voters will make the corrections needed to turn this country around. Our politicians have forgotten what made America great but we the people haven’t. We want our country back and we are going to get it; one way or the other.

I see a bright future because I believe we still have a majority of people that hold traditional American values. They will vote in 2008 and we will see a huge change and it will be for the better; I hope…

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