Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Socialism is an abject failure…

As the riots continue in the suburbs of France, the effects of socialism are on display for all to learn from; again. I am baffled by our liberal and elite politicians continued efforts to take us down a path of socialized; healthcare, retirement, education, energy, etc… There is this “utopia” that these so called educated folks see that can only be obtained by creating this socialistic model that drives to create; fairness, sameness, mediocrity, and collectivism.

But the evidence and history lessons are clear on all attempts to implement socialism in any aspect of life, and history tells us socialism always ends in failure. It is so plain to see in my eyes, that anytime you try to go against human “instinct” you will fail. Humans are competitive by nature, it is a survival instinct. We know the strong survive and in order to be strong you can only count on yourself to create strength. No one else will do that for you because we know through instinct, that if someone is stronger, they pose a threat. So as the elites try to move forward the idea of socialism, they are actually creating strength for themselves. Good for them, bad for us. We know that so we push back when we realize what they are trying to do. This is the stuff college class material is made of, but in the real world we know it is true.

Socialism is sold as being fair to all but in reality it is the most unfair system of all. What is fair about some people doing the work and everyone shares their labor? Who decides who will work and who gets to sit on their butts to collect the fruits of the labor? Why do I have to pay for your housing and health when you are completely capable of providing it for yourself?

Socialism has to be forced on the people; therefore there is always resentment toward the people applying the force. For socialism to work, someone is always taken advantage of by the collective group. We see it in our Social Security system. The young people of this country are being forced to give the elderly a large percentage of their pay so the elderly can drive around in their campers coast to coast while the young go to work every day to pay for this luxury. The elderly think they have paid their way but most elderly have long taken what they have put into the system and would be surprised at the numbers. Social Security has created an us and them, young vs. old, have vs. have not’s.

Instead of having people put money into their own retirement accounts, SS puts the money in a big pool (socialism always is a big “pool”) where the only criteria to get it is age. So if you are a millionaire and have all the money you would ever need, you still get SS. It cultivates a, “it’s my money I paid into it” mentality (which is exactly why socialism doesn’t work), which causes resentment and anger amongst the young and old, but that is always the result of socialist programs. There is always resentment and anger. And that anger always ends up dividing the people and results in a resentment of the government running the program.

So as France deals with the riots we need to take another lesson from them and remind our politicians that market based programs are always the best. We do not need people standing around unemployed and expecting benefits they have not earned. It leads to anger, resentment, and violence. The only way to provide a good life for our citizens is to give them the ability to create their own. Just a thought…


Kenny said...


I agree! Any hard working individual who wants to keep the money he/she earns should be against the socialist's policies. The only thing socialism does is to take from the producers to give to the non-producers. What this does is to show the producers there’s no reason to produce, they realize that if they work hard they don’t keep the fruits of their labor and therefore – why work hard and produce? This results in fewer producers, more non-producers – and less stuff for everyone.

By the way, the only time socialists work hard is when they are protesting to not work hard.


Rich said...

Ken: You are soooo right about the energy spent by socialist supporters to "protest" the "unfairness" of the system. If these people spent half the energy creating goods or services, they would find themselves pleasantly content with their results. They would no longer be dependent on the government for their happiness. You will never be happy if you are counting on someone else to provide it!

Anonymous said...

If people would only stop and think about how socialism affects their own lives they might re-evaluate their thinking. A waiter or waitress who pools their tips has no incentive to be extra attentive to increase their tip pool - who would benefit certainly not the industrious one. APH