Saturday, November 24, 2007

Amnesty for all Illegal’s over one good deed?

So there you have it (Illegal Immigrant Rescues Boy in Desert). One good deed by an illegal immigrant and we should just let them all in! It doesn’t matter that 20% of our prisoners are illegal immigrants, or that hundreds of innocent citizens are run down by drunken driving illegal immigrants, or our healthcare and education systems are sinking under the weight of illegal immigration, or that 90% of the drugs in our country cross our southern border; no, let’s forgive all because of this one good deed. Open the gates and stop the fences!

Funny how this one incident is touted but the thousands of true disturbing stories of the impact of illegal’s are buried. It is nice that this guy stood by with this kid until help arrived. He deserves thanks and sent right back to Mexico…

In other news; Democrats are really the party of the rich… This story tells you who the democrats really work for and it isn’t the “working poor” (neither are the republicans by the way; and giving away "stuff' doesn't help. Remember Jesus; teach them to fish...). That is just their battle cry to hide the fact that they are both the party of the rich. I hate class warfare but I couldn’t help posting this when I saw the story. The opportunities in this country give us hope we too can pursue our passion. After all, that is how most people become “rich”. And money is not the only criteria for being rich. I am a millionaire in my eyes because I have my health, an awesome family and group of friends, and endless opportunity.

You may be rich as well. Look around, you might be surprised. Just a couple of thoughts…

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