Monday, November 19, 2007

We Must Protect Our American Culture…

Or we will end up with more of this: “Nancy Pelosi Forces Salvation Army to Hire People That Can’t Speak English.”

This is nuts and is getting ugly. We are being “Balkanized” by the diversity activists in our own country. Diversity for the sake of diversity is dangerous and corrosive to our county’s future. The less we have in common, the more we will see this type of conflict rear its ugly head in every institution in this country. The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission another useless bureaucracy) is forcing employers to hire people that don’t speak English. You laugh, and it would be funny if it wasn’t true, but it is.

It almost came to fist to cuffs on the House floor between Steny Hoyer and the leader of the Hispanic caucus, Joe Baca. Something as simple as making sure business will not be sued for requiring such a basic skill as speaking English has become a flash point for the bigger issue; English as our national language. It is time to pass a simple law that states; “all government communication will be spoken, written, and printed in English; there will be no requirement of any representative of the government to hire, speak, or print any other language than English; English is the national language of the United States of America”. How refreshing.

This doesn’t mean you can’t speak another language, actually I believe we should teach multiple languages in school, but when it comes to official government business or practical business practices, forcing other languages to be recognized is expensive and divisive. It undermines our American Culture and common method of communication. To say this is not bigotry, it is compassionate. If you can’t speak English you will always be “second” class in this country. You will not get ahead or be able to realize the American dream.

So it is time to say NO to this lunacy. We must fight back now before we find our American Culture so dismantled we don’t recognize it anymore. When we walk into a business in America we expect the people to speak English. If they don’t we take our business elsewhere. What next; suing people for not shopping at a business that has non- English speaking employees? You laugh but just wait if we allow this to continue.

For the sake of our future and the legal immigrants of our country, let’s stop the madness now. Vote out these lunatics and support term limits. Just a thought…


Kenny said...

The nuts are running the nut house!

Anonymous said...

I heard something in reference to your blog on the Mark Levin radio show. The people who represent us are getting more bizarre. The problem is most constituents have no clue as to what's going on. They hear the wonderful soundbites shortly before election day & form their judgement then. APH