Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can We Just Be Thankful?

The news is depressing, always finding the worst in our society. Often it feels that we live among nothing but criminals, perverts, and malcontents when we read the headlines in our newspapers or watch our television news. But we know better. Good news seems to mean no news to the people running our national media, so we will have to recognize some of it here.

· Thank you to my friends and family for accepting me for who I am. Because of you I always try to do better.

· Thank you to our troops who have now given hope to the people of Iraq, and giving them a reason to dream about their future. Because of our military in Iraq, like my cousin Kathleen, the good news they are creating, although ignored by our national media, is showing the world what American’s treasure; freedom for all. Thank you again…

· Thank you to all of the Bloggers out there that are seeking the truth and balancing the power of our power hungry politicians. You are making a difference in our political system so keep it up!

· Thank you to all of the wonderful people that have adopted a child and given them hope. You have given a gift that will keep on giving.

· Thank you everyone that knows that we as American’s have a place in our hearts for all of the people in this world. Although we can’t allow everyone to live here in the US, we do our best to help others create a political system like ours to give them hope in their own countries. We are good people and we know it. Thank you to my fellow American’s for being who you are…

· I am so thankful to be an American, a friend, a father, a husband, a son, a co worker, and blessed by God.

God Bless you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of the people you love. We all have so much to be thankful for; and I am thankful for that too…

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