Thursday, April 30, 2009

What’s Wrong with America; Mr Obama?

Our president keeps suggesting he is going to “remake” America? In order to re-make America there must be a presumption of something that is wrong. So if there is a specific you can share with us that would be helpful.

Here’s what I think is wrong with America:

• America is putting up with people like the president who criticize America on some philosophical ground without detail.
• The government is too big and filled with people that have no idea what the constitution stands for.
• Too many people allowing government to get into things they shouldn’t.
• Special interests having a strong hold on our tax dollars because too many tax dollars go through Washington.
• We have moved too far from our founding father’s vision.

The greatness of America:

I can only write a couple of things here because we have so much greatness it would take a book to detail each one; a really big book!

• Our constitution
• Our military
• Our people
• Our generosity and compassion
• Our Christian principles
• Our republic
• Our free markets
• Our states
• Our freedom

Unfortunately I think this president is trying to change the things we believe are the greatness of America. He is not even looking at the government reform necessary to enable our continued prosperity into the future.

I watch this president and am amazed at his arrogance to stand there and lecture big business while the government organizations that he should be focused on continue to steal our money and flush it down the toilet every second of every day. Not because the people in government are evil, just that as George Washington and our founders knew; government is a necessary evil that must be kept to the smallest size necessary to provide security from our enemies both domestic and foreign. Unfortunately the domestic enemies of this nation have made their way into the same government they should be containing…

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Air Force One Joyride?

Does anyone believe that Obama did NOT know about the ill conceived publicity shoot over New York City? If the President’s plane will not be available for any period of time do you think someone in the White House might know about it and ask why it will not be available?

This stinks of arrogance, elitism, and a cover up. The media won’t follow up unless New Yorker’s force the issue and Mayor Bloomberg remains diligent about getting an answer. This was an absolute outrage and the White House deserves the blame for this not just the Air Force.

We’ll see…

Specter; example of why we are in decline…

Arlene Specter yesterday announced he was changing political parties and whichever party gets him deserves him. The real sadness is he is not what we the people deserve. But unfortunately he represents what most politicians in Washington represent; themselves. The value of “public service” has always been suspect for me but now my suspicions have been completely confirmed.

Term limits is the only way to fix DC. Reducing power in DC and distributing it back to the states where it belongs will reduce the influence that special interests and selfish politicians have today. It is so much easier to steal the taxpayer’s money in DC than in the state house, than in the county, than in the city, than in the community.

Trust is gone, values are on life support, and politicians are marching us toward ruin while we stand by and take it. Tea parties are a start but it is beyond that. We need to start the nullification process at the state level of all unconstitutional federal spending. We need a constitutional panel at the state level to figure out the best way to starve the feds of their funding.

It can be done with the right approach and a deliberate process that would make our founders proud. They gave us a miracle and we are throwing it away. Educating people on the constitution and tenth amendment is a start but it needs to be positioned beyond just constitutional; it needs to be presented as the common sense it represents.

Simple questions like; how does taking more money from productive people to build useless bridges in Alaska improve other state’s citizens? If they need a bridge they can build it. Why should the taxpayers be funding abortions in Africa? What gives the federal government the right to take taxes for that? What gives the federal government the right to take state tax dollars for education and then to get their own money back; the state has to bow to federal extortion that results in driving the pledge out of the classroom and gay marriage into the curriculum?

Why would we send money to a government that is creating regulations to undermine our businesses like cap and trade? Why would we believe that anyone in Washington represents the interest of the citizens of the 50 states? Do you really believe your interests are being represented?

The federal government can be reduced by 50% and there would be few that would notice. That reduction could be used to bolster individual state issues that need attention. Bring the money and power home. All we have to do is abide by the constitution, apply the tenth amendment, and implement a nullification process for all programs that are not outlined in the constitution…

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

State Sponsored Racism and Public Education Policy…

The congress recently refused to continue funding of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program created to give minority youth a chance at a real education not a government sponsored one. Was the program successful at improving education for minorities? Yes, students in the program leapt 18 months ahead in their level of education. Was the program affordable? Yes it was half the cost of a normal public education in DC ($7500 program vs. $15,000 public tax cost for public education). So what was the problem?

Control and Racism.

The current bureaucrats believe that Black and Hispanic kids are inferior to white kids and therefore need government help. They would not benefit from the education the private sector would provide. They are not that smart and could not compete; bull,,,. The problem is that “government help” in education is actually the shackles that are holding back Black Americans and Hispanics from the American Dream. That’s right just look at the facts. Black and minority graduation and literacy results compared to whites are profound. Black children stuck in the public system have been getting these results for 30 years and it isn’t money. DC, NY, Chicago, Detroit spend at least as much and often more like in DC ($15,000 per child) and still the failure rate is twice that of white communities. Now you might say there is an income disparity between whites and blacks. Right again, and that’s because less white people by percentage of population count on the government to provide a better life for them. White communities are more engaged in driving the education of their children instead of relying on the government. Here again the government presumption is they cannot compete and are somehow inferior (government sponsored racism). Any educated person knows that counting on the government is synonymous to failure. The government has a motive to keep minority children ignorant to what they could achieve if given the chance to be in control of where they go to school.

The true intent of government controlling education is to control their political future. Educated kids pose a threat to the ignorance of voting for people that believe in the government collective over the individual. If you look at what our kids are passionate about in public schools it is recycling, “global warming”, the homeless, global citizenship, and diversity. This focus is not designed around reasoned thought like good stewardship of the earth but rather political movements based on a misunderstanding of the facts and science. It is a political agenda controlled by special interests that can control curriculum much easier in a public system than one controlled by the common sense of parents. If kids are kept ignorant of the facts, science, and constitution of this great nation the easier it is to destroy individual freedom over collective control of the statists.

I went to high school in New York City as a minority white youth in a mostly black and Hispanic school. My heart breaks to see that over thirty years later Black Americans are still falling prey to the lure of a government that promises a brighter future through public education but anyone willing to look at the results must ask; what does the government have against our wonderful brethren in the black community? If they really wanted to end government sponsored racism the education system would tie the money to the child and give them and their parents the choice of where they would like to go to school. This would unleash an education revolution in the minority community that would guarantee the success of our Black communities. That is what I pray for because I know the potential every American has if they count on themselves for success instead of the government. The first step is to unlock the shackles of public education…

Friday, April 24, 2009

Appreciating a Miracle

The state of California is considering a state constitutional convention because:

“Look anywhere in California and you'll find a crisis," Grubb continued. "Our education system used to be the best in the country, now we're 49th or 50th. Our transit network is the worst in the nation, our water system is on the verge of collapse, and our prison system is overflowing. The Legislature is responsible and they aren't able to do their jobs."

Government hard at work! The more government you have the more problems you have. The government is a general framework not a prescriptive function. It sets the rules for citizens to function within those boundaries.

If you read the article what you find is that most Californian’s are against a constitutional convention because they don’t trust the politicians or the influence the special interests will have if they open up their constitution to changes. The people’s instincts are right because in California the constitution has been tinkered with over 500 times. I can’t imagine how many pages it is but I would venture to say more than 500 pages.

Our US Constitution is 4,400 WORDS! My mini pocket constitution that I carry with me is 37 pages, little tiny pages, for the entire founding of a government designed to protect the individual 13 colonies that became the United States. Think about that, not only did our founders agree to unite thirteen states they did it in less than 4500 WORDS!

Here is why they could achieve such a miracle; wisdom! The wisdom to know that government is a necessary evil, only to be trusted with limited powers as to protect citizens from the inherent human nature to control, understanding that more government equals less freedom, and that individual freedom is the right of every human, and that it is given to us by God.

Compare that to today and California’s dilemma. The reason they want to change the constitution in CA is to make it easier to raise taxes therefore giving government more control, and the citizens of California less freedom. A bit different from our founders. The cancer of government expansion is just that, once it takes control it multiples and destroys all productive “organs” around it including the American Dream. The citizens of California know this and have every right to be concerned about this convention. But I ask; how come we can’t do what our founders did over 200 years ago? I thought we were more advanced?

The right approach is to set guidelines before the constitutional convention is convened. No current politician could partake in the convention. Attendees would be randomly chosen from the voter rolls of the state. They could choose to bring one advisor to the meeting. And lastly the constitution would have to be 4400 words or less.

California may need constitutional changes but there is a great example of how to create one, it is called the US Constitution. In light of how difficult it is to get anyone to agree on anything today, the fact that we have our US Constitution constitutes a miracle… And for every miracle we have only one person to thank; God!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The “moderate” Taliban?

Obama suggested today that he is willing to engage in discussions with “members of the moderate Taliban”. The moderate Taliban??? The moderate Taliban? Are those the men that instead of beheading women and non-believers they hang them?

If you are a person with any sense I ask how can this position be accepted by any thinking American? The thought that Obama even believes there can be such a thing as “moderate” belief of Sharia Law is disturbing. Does that mean the public executions will now be held privately?

I am tired of this man apologizing on my behalf when I have absolutely nothing to apologize for, and speaking to these thugs on my behalf as if they deserve an ounce of respect! What the heck is going on with this administration? What is he going to say to these people? What have they done to deserve a seat at the table? They must be crushed and eliminated. Their beliefs are a cancer to the world.

They brought order to Afghanistan after much internal fighting but let’s define order. Order under the Taliban; The elimination of rights for woman, elimination of free speech for all, a mandatory belief in Islam, Sharia Law, public executions of non-believers, and the elimination of music, television, movies and the internet. Maybe that’s why Obama is willing to talk to them; he sees a way to keep order here. I don’t know but I have to wonder. This man’s ideas are cancerous…

Monday, April 20, 2009

It’s the education system; Stupid…

We are graduating kids that are passionate about three things; diversity, recycling, and global warming. Just look at any college campus to see the ignorance our K-12 system is producing and the case is closed. We have kids that can’t formulate an argument about any matter of civics, American history or government so they resort to name calling and insults. They don’t have any background on the US Constitution so they spew out concepts like free speech as if they know what it means, at the same time interupting speech on campus that disagrees with their views.

We are in a time where we have too many Americans disconnected from their great history and have been “assaulted” with daily offerings of how terrible we are as a nation and must change. We are racist, too religious, too proud of our flag, the military are killers, selfish, greedy, polluters, using up the world’s resources at an unsustainable pace, killing the seals, polar bears, whales, and on and on and on the lies are perpetuated with little opposing argument.

We have been undermining our foundation, culture, and country, and we are surprised that Obama tramples the constitution at will? Ask any ten people walking down the street if they have read the constitution and you will be astounded (or not) with the result. The answer to our survival is education, not government education but a new way of educating our children.

Have you read some of the text books our kids are using? They are at best a spattering of useful information at worst propaganda that undermines our future. We need to take control of educating our youth away from the bureaucrats that have an agenda. We know what our kids need and it isn’t indoctrination to global warming and diversity at the exclusion of everything else.

We need to teach our constitution through the entire education experience. We need to free ourselves from government controlled schools by tying all funding to the child so we as parents can control where and who educates our kids.

We need to bring in teachers that have had experience in the real world instead of hiring right out of college. There are so many individuals that would be willing to share their experience and knowledge if we reformed the way we hire teachers.

We need to look at education in a 21st century way. So much has changed in the world and we still educate in the same old way. We need to encourage more Home Schools and alternative schools. It is not about buildings and committees, it about kids and learning.

There are great examples of schools that get it. It is time that we as a nation stop allowing generations of kids to go through failing systems never having the blessing of a great education. We need kids that can articulate an argument without getting frustrated. We need kids that realize they live in the greatest country in the world because of one document; Our Constitution. And we need a generation of kids that understand the sacrifice of our predecessors, are proud of the contribution this country has given to this world, and understands it all begins with individual freedom, not the government…

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Napolitano Needs to Go; Now…

Janet Napolitano is not qualified to protect this nation. Any person heading up an agency that is charged with protecting this nation cannot have such a fundamental lack of understanding and respect for our greatest protector of freedom, the military. These are the greatest assets (our veterans and soldiers) we have as Americans when it comes to our culture and way of life.

These men and women are volunteers that have a deep love for this nation. These are not draftees that are disgruntled Seattle youth forced into service for their nation. If we had a bunch of left leaning individuals forced into the military there would be some merit to the report. But that is not the case and she should step down.

This report of “Right Wing” groups was created by a group with a political agenda; to destroy liberty in America. Each and every American that went to a tea party yesterday demonstrated the great traditions of this nation. They are causing fear in this administration because they are now realizing how vulnerable they are to the people’s will. These “right wing radicals” that attended tea parties across the nation are groups of patriotic Americans that love our military, our soldiers, the constitution, free speech, the right to assemble, and most important they understand that the people in government work for us. This new administration hates all of that.

This is just one of a series of actions this administration is taking to change what they see as a threat to their agenda. The left is always talking about free speech and discourse but only if you agree. They have permeated our college campuses teaching kids about socialist utopias that will never work while neglecting to teach analytical thinking through constructive debate or our constitution. The left and these products of the left are incapable of defending their arguments because their arguments are flawed so they resort to name calling, disruption, and violence. But unfortunately they are now in seats of power to undermine our way of life.

People like Napolitano have no place being in charge of the security of our nation. She can insult our military at the same time turning her back on Islamic Terrorism which is the real threat to this nation. We are vulnerable to attack with this person in charge of security. She must go…

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Profile of a Terrorist; you!

The Department of Homeland Security under Janet Napolitano has released a new profile for law enforcement to keep watch on and it’s YOU! Yes you. If you believe the federal government has gotten too big, or that states rights are an important aspect of our federalist form of government, or have been to Iraq or Afghanistan to fight for our country in the military, are concerned about the economic meltdown of our country, Homeland Security under the direction of the Obama administration is watching YOU!

So now if you disagree with this administration you are on the watch list of our government. Excuse me but we the people are the government and we need to get rid of this bunch (at the risk of being put on the watch list I say) and take back OUR government. These people have already trampled our constitution, disregard our freedom, and loath our military. Who are these people?

Well here’s an idea; let’s put them on our watch list and document every unconstitutional move they make and then prosecute them according to the laws of our constitution. These people are dangerous because we are on the brink of a government about to wrestle the power right out from under each and every individual citizen of the United States.

Today is Tea Party day and I am attending the one in Colorado Springs. You need to find the one in your area and get there. Yes you may be put on their watch list but the reality is if we are watching them and holding them accountable we can neutralize their impact. There are so many more of us than them. Go to a Tea Party and you will see; we are not alone, we hold the power, and we will get our country back from this group of anti American bureaucrats…

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

God Bless Texas; And the 10th Amendment!

Oh I love Texas and so should you! This is the 21st century version of the shot that will be heard around the world. Governor Rick Perry has eloquently stated the position of Texas and its association with the United States of America as outlined in our glorious constitution.

If I run for Governor of Colorado I will be right by Rick Perry’s side on this issue. Along with rebuilding trust between citizens and state representatives I will run on a 21st century government framework which will be a return to the 18th century values that created the greatest framework for government the world has ever seen. If we want to continue our success in America we must look back at our founding framework. We must reset our value systems to meet the challenges of today. The biggest challenge is the institutionalized undermining of our history and constitution.

Governor Perry is simply stating something that should be common knowledge but unfortunately is not; the states are constitutionally responsible for running their states. Federal extortion through tax policy is unconstitutional. For example, where in the constitution does it endorse taking tax dollars from Texans or citizens of Colorado to give to special interests in Michigan?

Many large government and left leaning political pundits point to the general welfare clause in our constitution to confiscate personal property (money) to give to their political friends as payoffs but we know better. Our founders were masters of the English language and words meant things. In the constitution it defines the federal role quite clearly; “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.”

The people that assault the constitution also ignore the tenth amendment hoping it will go unnoticed but again we know better and so does Governor Perry. The word promote is used specifically by the founders because their intent was a federal government that would be a support mechanism for the individual states, not a doctorial authority. Their belief was in order for states to prosper, a strong defense, legal system, and single point of negotiation for foreign trade and treaties was best served as a unified country. That is why the words establish, provide, insure, and secure are used in the way they are. It clearly demonstrates their intention. If they intended for the system we have drifted toward today they would have said provide for the welfare of the citizens of all of the states. But they didn’t. They were expecting that the federal government in their responsibilities to protect the nation and establish a justice system would promote the general welfare of all. So laws would be introduced that would create a framework that would serve the general welfare of all of the citizens of each state.

Today the federal government is implementing programs that take individual property (money) from one group to promote the “welfare” of another group. These programs are specific and not even in line with the general welfare clause. Not to mention the extortion that the federal government uses to get states to comply with their programs. The federal government takes property (money) from individual citizens of a state and then requires specific actions in order to get their own money back to pave a road or educate a child, or bailout a car company. It has gone so far beyond the constitutional scope that it has to be stopped. It is time for the states to take their true role given to them by the tenth amendment. We need to stop feeding the federal government with the money that enables them to stomp on our freedom.

So again; God Bless Texas, God Bless Governor Rick Perry! We are going back to the future with the great state of Texas taking the lead. It is a path we should all follow right into prosperity…

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Rare Obama Success; ironically it’s the military…

Obama finally gets it right and it is because of our military. His thanks to them; reduce the funding for the greatest protector of freedom in the world. Maybe he will change his mind about his cuts to defense spending but I doubt it.

Every attempt is being made to make his decision to allow the military to do their job a great decision. It is not a great decision, it was the only decision. What were Obama’s choices? To continue to “negotiate” the release of the captain and give them what they wanted in return? Let the pirates take the captain to shore and have him dragged through the streets of Mogadishu?

He made the only choice anyone in their right mind would make. This was an easy decision for Obama because if it failed he had many parties to place blame. The decisions he continues to struggle with are the ones that take true intelligence and challenge a true leaders fundamental instincts. He continues to fail in social and economic decisions because unlike the trust he showed here toward the military, he doesn’t trust the individual citizens of this country to make the right decisions for themselves.

Obama wants credit for everything and this is his downfall. Credit is unnecessary to true leaders. It is only the results they need as their just reward. He needs to trust the people as much as he was willing to trust the military in this circumstance. Then and only then will this country prosper under his administration. Trust the individual not the government Mr. President…

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It is so much more than hope…

Our president campaigned on the idea of hope but what is hope? I hope I get a good grade on my test. But if I haven’t studied or done the work necessary in class what is the likelihood I will get good grades?

I hope the economy gets better; but what is the likelihood it will get better if we stand by and let our government spend us into oblivion?

I hope the rest of the world likes us now that we no longer have a president that tells the truth. But the reality is that under our last president we were respected for taking the action necessary to pass on hope to the people formally suppressed by their past leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is more than words that deliver hope. Just ask anyone in the military.

Hope is an emotion that expresses our desires. Actions are what actually turn those desires into reality. So we can hope for better days ahead but if we don’t demand the correct action or allow for actions that jeopardize our future you can flush hope down the drain because hope will never become reality if you don’t act.

Action can be as simple as getting informed about what this administration and their actions are truly trying to accomplish. Is it better to take money and freedom from individuals and give it to faceless bureaucrats to make decisions as important as your livelihood, healthcare, and education? Or is it best that we as individuals keep more of what we make so we can choose what is best for us individually?

A little research and analysis will most likely drive you to the conclusion that we the people are the best determinants of hope for this nation not some arrogant bunch of politicians and lobbyists in Washington. Act on your own behalf and we will all prosper from your actions. It has been the foundation and reason we are the wealthiest, most respected, and compassionate nation on earth. That is not arrogance; that is a fact. I hope you agree…

Friday, April 3, 2009

Socialist Utopia?

Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad agree “capitalism needs to go down!” Socialism is the government of choice for these two thugs, and add in Castro to the mix and you have to ask yourself; who would want this way of life for America? Unfortunately our current president. He believes in big government and big government control to make all things “fair”.

Don’t be fooled that the crime, poverty, and hopelessness can’t happen here in America because it is. Just look at any inner city, New Orleans before Katrina, Detroit, NYC, South Central LA and you see what socialism does for the plight of people. It makes everyone equally miserable. If that is “fairness” give me good old competition and inequality any day. It isn’t that it’s not equal opportunity in America; it is just not equal outcomes.

People that work harder are rewarded for their hard work in a capitalist America. People that want to count on others for their happiness can wait around in misery for that day to come; God Bless you. There is nothing unfair about America except for the people that have invested their future in government help, solutions, and programs. They have been unfairly duped into waiting around for a better day. That day will never come unless they put their faith and trust in themselves as individuals.

Socialist utopia? It will never happen no matter how eloquent the argument is made… It can only happen if it is forced on us by politicians that ignore the constitution, and we as Americans ignore the actions of our politicians…

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Local not Global…

The answer to a better life for individuals, economies, better communities, and better countries is not a move toward globalization but localization. Strong families with values, strong communities, and strong states, protected from invasion by a strong federal defense create solid foundations for global relations. These relations create opportunities for all of the local communities without the threat of losing the basic values we live by.

We have a constitution that protects every individual American citizen. This protection is under assault from the current move to allow for more decision making to be made globally. Think about this; how can a federal government in Washington DC, never mind a global “government’ in Brussels or some other place, ever gain trust or administer for the good of the individual or the community? Forget that this attempt is worth a second revolution and stopping it is worth dying for, it isn’t even feasible.

We can’t manage a state government properly never mind a world government. Decisions made on behalf of us by a world body will decimate our freedom and prosperity. This cannot and will not stand. As Obama bloviates at the G20 gathering he speaks for none of us. Our constitution is what speaks for us. He can never hand over our sovereignty to any political body without our consent. That would be treason.

Every president and federal representative takes an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution. The constitution is clear; we in America are sovereign and free. The tenth amendment was included in case the federal body got too big for its britches. No one can take that from us. And if they try we should be willing to do everything it takes to remove these people from our government.

We can trade, travel, and befriend all of our friends around the world without any change to the culture and business of the United States. The world is too big to manage centrally and it will foster misery and tyranny. We must read, understand, and live by the constitution… Then and only then will happy days be here again…

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

720,000 lost jobs in March…

Let’s make it 720,535 so we can start rebuilding our future. Those additional 535 are our current house and senate representatives. We can do better than this entire lot.

Think about what is happening here; nearly three quarter of a million American’s are no longer paying into the massive increase in government programs being forced on us from the Obama administration. He is increasing government spending by TRILLIONS and we are losing nearly a million jobs a month. I have never been good at math but even I can figure this one out without a calculator; it can’t be sustained.

I truly believe this administration and its cohorts in congress and the senate are trying to destroy the capitalist system so America is dependent on some or many government programs. They are destroying the engine of freedom; capitalism. They must be stopped!

The job losses will not stop until our government stops tinkering with our economy. We must stop them because this is an all out assault on our children’s future and our country’s future. We have the power if we use it.

Make a promise to yourself that you will be an agent of change. Our founders lived in a moment in history that enabled them to do great things for their country and the world. We are now living in similar times. Let’s make them proud…