Wednesday, April 1, 2009

720,000 lost jobs in March…

Let’s make it 720,535 so we can start rebuilding our future. Those additional 535 are our current house and senate representatives. We can do better than this entire lot.

Think about what is happening here; nearly three quarter of a million American’s are no longer paying into the massive increase in government programs being forced on us from the Obama administration. He is increasing government spending by TRILLIONS and we are losing nearly a million jobs a month. I have never been good at math but even I can figure this one out without a calculator; it can’t be sustained.

I truly believe this administration and its cohorts in congress and the senate are trying to destroy the capitalist system so America is dependent on some or many government programs. They are destroying the engine of freedom; capitalism. They must be stopped!

The job losses will not stop until our government stops tinkering with our economy. We must stop them because this is an all out assault on our children’s future and our country’s future. We have the power if we use it.

Make a promise to yourself that you will be an agent of change. Our founders lived in a moment in history that enabled them to do great things for their country and the world. We are now living in similar times. Let’s make them proud…

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