Thursday, April 23, 2009

The “moderate” Taliban?

Obama suggested today that he is willing to engage in discussions with “members of the moderate Taliban”. The moderate Taliban??? The moderate Taliban? Are those the men that instead of beheading women and non-believers they hang them?

If you are a person with any sense I ask how can this position be accepted by any thinking American? The thought that Obama even believes there can be such a thing as “moderate” belief of Sharia Law is disturbing. Does that mean the public executions will now be held privately?

I am tired of this man apologizing on my behalf when I have absolutely nothing to apologize for, and speaking to these thugs on my behalf as if they deserve an ounce of respect! What the heck is going on with this administration? What is he going to say to these people? What have they done to deserve a seat at the table? They must be crushed and eliminated. Their beliefs are a cancer to the world.

They brought order to Afghanistan after much internal fighting but let’s define order. Order under the Taliban; The elimination of rights for woman, elimination of free speech for all, a mandatory belief in Islam, Sharia Law, public executions of non-believers, and the elimination of music, television, movies and the internet. Maybe that’s why Obama is willing to talk to them; he sees a way to keep order here. I don’t know but I have to wonder. This man’s ideas are cancerous…

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Anonymous said...

You asked: "If you are a person with any sense I ask how can this position be accepted by any thinking American?"

Unfortunately, too many Americans have NOT been using their common sense when it comes to this administration and therefore not thinking. But I'm hopeful that many will snap out of this Obama trance and join the fight against this so called 'Change'

Keep up the good work.