Friday, April 3, 2009

Socialist Utopia?

Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad agree “capitalism needs to go down!” Socialism is the government of choice for these two thugs, and add in Castro to the mix and you have to ask yourself; who would want this way of life for America? Unfortunately our current president. He believes in big government and big government control to make all things “fair”.

Don’t be fooled that the crime, poverty, and hopelessness can’t happen here in America because it is. Just look at any inner city, New Orleans before Katrina, Detroit, NYC, South Central LA and you see what socialism does for the plight of people. It makes everyone equally miserable. If that is “fairness” give me good old competition and inequality any day. It isn’t that it’s not equal opportunity in America; it is just not equal outcomes.

People that work harder are rewarded for their hard work in a capitalist America. People that want to count on others for their happiness can wait around in misery for that day to come; God Bless you. There is nothing unfair about America except for the people that have invested their future in government help, solutions, and programs. They have been unfairly duped into waiting around for a better day. That day will never come unless they put their faith and trust in themselves as individuals.

Socialist utopia? It will never happen no matter how eloquent the argument is made… It can only happen if it is forced on us by politicians that ignore the constitution, and we as Americans ignore the actions of our politicians…

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Anonymous said...

You forgot NYC. Remember in the 70's how the Bronx was burning, phony pictures were where windows were supposed to be, landlords were abandoning buildings wholesale. No one felt safe. Bring in R. Guiliani & Bloomberg with their Rep. agendas and see how NYC is now a city to be proud of. There is still work to be done - let's not go back to the old ways. APH