Thursday, April 16, 2009

Napolitano Needs to Go; Now…

Janet Napolitano is not qualified to protect this nation. Any person heading up an agency that is charged with protecting this nation cannot have such a fundamental lack of understanding and respect for our greatest protector of freedom, the military. These are the greatest assets (our veterans and soldiers) we have as Americans when it comes to our culture and way of life.

These men and women are volunteers that have a deep love for this nation. These are not draftees that are disgruntled Seattle youth forced into service for their nation. If we had a bunch of left leaning individuals forced into the military there would be some merit to the report. But that is not the case and she should step down.

This report of “Right Wing” groups was created by a group with a political agenda; to destroy liberty in America. Each and every American that went to a tea party yesterday demonstrated the great traditions of this nation. They are causing fear in this administration because they are now realizing how vulnerable they are to the people’s will. These “right wing radicals” that attended tea parties across the nation are groups of patriotic Americans that love our military, our soldiers, the constitution, free speech, the right to assemble, and most important they understand that the people in government work for us. This new administration hates all of that.

This is just one of a series of actions this administration is taking to change what they see as a threat to their agenda. The left is always talking about free speech and discourse but only if you agree. They have permeated our college campuses teaching kids about socialist utopias that will never work while neglecting to teach analytical thinking through constructive debate or our constitution. The left and these products of the left are incapable of defending their arguments because their arguments are flawed so they resort to name calling, disruption, and violence. But unfortunately they are now in seats of power to undermine our way of life.

People like Napolitano have no place being in charge of the security of our nation. She can insult our military at the same time turning her back on Islamic Terrorism which is the real threat to this nation. We are vulnerable to attack with this person in charge of security. She must go…

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