Monday, April 13, 2009

A Rare Obama Success; ironically it’s the military…

Obama finally gets it right and it is because of our military. His thanks to them; reduce the funding for the greatest protector of freedom in the world. Maybe he will change his mind about his cuts to defense spending but I doubt it.

Every attempt is being made to make his decision to allow the military to do their job a great decision. It is not a great decision, it was the only decision. What were Obama’s choices? To continue to “negotiate” the release of the captain and give them what they wanted in return? Let the pirates take the captain to shore and have him dragged through the streets of Mogadishu?

He made the only choice anyone in their right mind would make. This was an easy decision for Obama because if it failed he had many parties to place blame. The decisions he continues to struggle with are the ones that take true intelligence and challenge a true leaders fundamental instincts. He continues to fail in social and economic decisions because unlike the trust he showed here toward the military, he doesn’t trust the individual citizens of this country to make the right decisions for themselves.

Obama wants credit for everything and this is his downfall. Credit is unnecessary to true leaders. It is only the results they need as their just reward. He needs to trust the people as much as he was willing to trust the military in this circumstance. Then and only then will this country prosper under his administration. Trust the individual not the government Mr. President…

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