Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hillary Proposes $5000.00 for having a baby…

It will be called a “baby bond”. Whose $5000.00 are we giving to these babies? Who will control the account where the “baby bond” will be deposited? The democrats scream about the deficit but giving a $5000.00 bond to every baby, four million per year, adds a deficit of 200 million (correction Billion) a year. Will we give this to the baby’s of illegals? If the democrats have their way you know we will.

This idea is so elitist and ludicrous I would laugh hysterically if I didn’t think she is really going to push for this socialist transfer of wealth. Talk about an incentive to have kids! Have 10 kids get 50K when they reach 18. If you don’t think that is what is going through people’s minds you’re not thinking.

The sad thing is she was applauded at a forum hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus. If anyone should know what these programs promising benefits have done to a community, it should be the black community. Government handouts have destroyed the black community and it breaks my heart to see that so many still think government is a help or solution to getting out of poverty. Poverty is enabled by government programs; period.
Between “free” healthcare, $5000.00 “baby bonds”, and an unwillingness to secure our borders, this woman is a danger to our future. She argues:

Clinton said such an account program would help people get back to the
tradition of savings that she remembers as a child, and has become harder to
accomplish in the face of rising college and housing costs.

It will do the exact opposite! Why save when someone else is giving you money? It’s the same as Social Security; many people have stopped saving for retirement because of Social Security. If the government is going to give me money, why save and not spend? These people will be very unhappy in their retirement when they find out that they don’t have enough to do the things they want in retirement.

We need government OUT OF OUR LIVES as much as possible. This woman does not get it and does not deserve to be a Senator, never mind the President. We need to realize these people want to control you and that is not a good thing. When the government controls your destiny, your destiny is doomed. Yes it is…

Thursday, September 27, 2007

“Global Warming”; Just another tax grab…

I don’t buy the “sky is falling” mentality behind the “Global Warming” crowd. Most people are with me on this based on the polls I have seen. Do they think it’s an issue? You bet, they are bombarded every day with the environmentalist’s that are profiteering on the fear, like Al Gore. But when you peel away the rhetoric and look at what’s behind the push on global warming politics; it’s a tax grab. This Washington Post article is exactly what this crowd is looking for, an excuse to steal more money from the taxpayers of this country.

Dealing with global warming will be painful, says one of the most powerful
Democrats in Congress. To back up his claim he is proposing a recipe many people
won't like _ a 50-cent gasoline tax, a carbon tax and scaling back tax breaks
for some home owners.
"I'm trying to have everybody understand that this is
going to cost and that it's going to have a measure of pain that you're not
going to like," Rep. John
, who is marking his 52nd year in Congress, said Wednesday in an
interview with The Associated Press.

My first thought is 52 years in congress is way too long, and it is time to let some fresh blood in the house. Maybe someone that knows how to work a computer, and isn’t using a fountain pen to write his memos, and possibly someone who has answers other than tax increases. Move on rep Dingell, move on; please.

Here are a few more “bright” ideas from this “representative":

Dingell says he hasn't rule out such a so-called "cap-and-trade" system, either,
but that at least for now he wants to float what he believes is a better idea.
He will propose for discussion:
_A 50-cent-a-gallon tax on gasoline and jet
fuel, phased in over five years, on top of existing taxes.
_A tax on carbon,
at $50 a ton, released from burning coal, petroleum or natural gas.
of the interest tax deduction on home mortgages for homes over 3,000 square
feet. Owners would keep most of the deduction for homes at the lower end of the
scale, but it would be eliminated entirely for homes of 4,200 feet or
He estimates that would affect 10 percent of homeowners. He says "it's
only fair" to tax those who buy large suburban houses and create urban sprawl.
Historic and farm houses would be exempted.

There you have the global warming crowd’s true agenda; to punish you for success under the guise of “saving the world”. Bull is what I say. Throw these bums out. Are you tired of this crowd like I am? Man am I tired of this same old tune!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is Doug Lamborn a Leader or Follower?

I must say that Representative Lamborn has raised eyebrows with his threatening phone message to a constituent couple for exercising their free speech, but what has he raised in congress? Has anything he has done shown leadership? Is the representative more content as a follower?

I don’t know but based on his record, Representative Lamborn has one issue; abortion. Now don’t get me wrong, the issue of abortion is an important one but is it one that should engulf the representatives entire agenda? Lamborn is the choice of the people who believe abortion is the one and only issue that matters, but what about the rest of the district? What has he outlined for them?

Doug Lamborn has a 99.2% “party unity score”, the highest in the house. What that means to the district is he is a good follower of the Republican Party line. That’s great if the Republican Party controlling power is all you care about, but what about the republicans, democrats, and unaffiliated voters that want leadership and change in the budget, national defense, and the border? What about the Pinon Canyon expansion funding that was recently removed from the budget? Where was the fight? Where was the leadership? Where does he stand? I will go out on a limb here and say that if Representative Lamborn is content with following, he will be following the soldier’s departure to Texas or some other state willing to accommodate our troops. If we don’t resolve the expansion issue at Fort Carson, our military leaders will find someplace else to house their (our) troops. Military leaders are just that and eventually they will move on if they don’t feel the community has the leadership necessary to resolve the issue. Where is our leader protecting the district’s interests?

Representative Lamborn seems willing to chalk up a lack of engagement as the consequences of being a freshman in the minority. I see it as an excuse not to do the hard work. If the “rules” are stifling for a freshman, then build coalitions to get the rules changed. If you didn’t get a seat on a committee it doesn’t mean you can’t participate in your government. Representative Lamborn is an example of what is wrong with the system and he seems more than willing to just go along to get along.

Representative Lamborn is party first and foremost. He is not willing to make the changes so many American’s are clamoring for in our government. Representative Lamborn is not representing the majority of the district because he is not trying to make a difference. Representative Lamborn is in DC but why? If he is there to wait for the republicans to gain a majority, he may be waiting a long time. If he believes the current system is in our best interest then he will make us all a victim of this system.

Leaders make a difference. Leaders take risks. Leaders fight for many issues on many different fronts. What fronts has he opened for us? Or is he waiting for other leaders to introduce legislation that he can vote on and keep his “party unity score” intact? Representative Lamborn has stated “He will build up more pull as he spends more time in congress.” My first thought is; doing what in congress, waiting? My second thought is why would we want to give him more time? Leaders instinctively use the status quo as an opportunity to make change for the better. While he’s waiting, maybe he could spend some time figuring out why it is right that a freshman can be marginalized in congress because he holds no “clout”. Clout doesn’t come from time, it comes from action. So far I don’t know how you can ask for another term if you are content just waiting around for your turn to be a leader. Just a thought…

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A view of the UAW GM strike from an outsider...

GM auto workers in the United Auto Workers Union have chosen to strike. I want to get it out right now, I want fair wages and benefits for all workers but what that means is different in different industries and positions within those industries. Making cars has become an automated process, and with every process that becomes automated, we assume that the quality will go up, and work force numbers to go down. Seems simple but is it? The current UAW contract has a protection clause in it that allows GM to automate the assembly line, but here’s the kicker; they still have to pay the worker whose job was automated full pay and benefits. I’m not sure how you run a business profitably with contracts like that.

It is also common knowledge that fork lift drivers in the UAW make more than $100,000 a year. I would say if you told me $40,000 plus benefits I might not flinch but $100,000? The average Lawyer and Doctor make around that figure. What’s wrong with that picture? In addition, GM’s “non-productive” payroll is creeping up to an unsustainable number and at some point paying people that don’t produce will put you out of business. This is not France. The program must end.

There are two parties responsible here; the management that is accountable for allowing wages and benefits to get so out of whack with their competitors, and the union that seems to think that GM is in business to subsidize the entire population of Michigan, and guarantee a secure and comfortable lifestyle.

GM needs to send a message to the younger generation that manual labor jobs are shrinking and education is a must in order to transition from a labor intensive economy to an information based one. What the current generation’s parents have made by working at GM, is no longer sustainable and the jobs will be more technical than physical. The days of $100,000 fork lift drivers are over and if your job is automated you need to look for other employment.

The UAW needs to understand these are good jobs at good wages but there are other hosts in this world that have labor forces willing to work for half that. It is not a threat it is reality. The alternative is GM will be forced to move and close all of its facilities to more accommodating locations. It is better to work for $60,000 than to have no job at all.

The UAW and GM should be in this together. It is in both parties interest to work together. It is not us and them, just us. We can compete with Japan and others if we work together. Just because it is the way it has always been done, doesn’t mean it will always be done this way. UAW please be smart and work with GM because in most American’s minds, you already have a pretty good package in hand. You will not get a huge amount of support for more.

Those of us without union representation have little sympathy for greed. We also have little sympathy for bad management. What we would like to see is a deal that pays productive workers fairly, and makes GM a competitive player in the world auto market. Just a thought…

Monday, September 24, 2007

Social Security “fixes” are our responsibility not Hillary or Obama’s…

Obama’s suggestion of a tax hike to shore up Social Security is a typical democratic and moderate republican answer to the SS short fall. Raising the retirement age is what Hillary is suggesting as a way to shore up the system. All of the political answers to “saving” Social Security have two things in common; you will retire with less money, and you will not be able to retire when you want.

Having the politicians control your retirement benefits means they control when you retire and the amount of money you have available to retire with. Most people know today that they must save for themselves if they expect to retire in any sort of comfort but I ask; why let the government decide any aspect of your retirement?

If you put the same amount in your own account that SS takes from your paycheck, you could retire both comfortably and on your schedule. Why do we assume that SS is better left in Hillary’s or Obama’s, or George Bush’s hands? Why can’t we say it is our retirement and we will handle it ourselves? The short answer you hear from politicians is most people will not save unless forced to do so. I say, shame on us. But if that is truly the case, then have the government take out a percentage of pay but put it in our personal account that they can’t touch.

A small percentage should be shifted to help the truly disabled and handicapped but also put in their names, not to be touched by our politicians. Why is it that politicians have access to our SS money if it is truly a retirement savings account for us as individuals? If that was truly their intent, there would be no reason for them to touch our money. But we know better, it is about power over you. If they control your money, they control your vote; period.

If I were truly convinced I would receive the benefits promised through SS, I would retire at 55 and use my personal retirement to bridge the gap to 65 and start collecting SS then. But I know better. I will need every penny I save to supplement the money that has been confiscated from me to supplement my SS, and to let me retire when I want, not when the government decides I can.

We have allowed too much control of our lives to be shifted from us to our politicians and government. I just don’t get how we just merrily accept these premises as fact. We have the power to change things and we should. We need to shift the premise of the argument from how to “save” SS, to how do we get the politicians hands off our money. Would we allow them access to our checking or savings account to do with it what they would like? I would think the answer is no but I’m not sure anymore.

Let’s start taking back the things we should be controlling like our retirement and healthcare choices. I promise you, most of us could handle it without Hillary, Obama, or George Bush’s help. Just a thought…

Ahmadinejad kills our soldiers and we treat him like this?

So much news! Where to comment? My heart says this; I am appalled at the access we have allowed to the dictator responsible for directly killing our soldiers! How many soldiers have died because this dictator is supporting terrorism in Iraq?

I am outraged that with the evidence the military has regarding the origin of the weapons killing our troops in Iraq, undeniably it is Iran; we have not arrested Ahmadinejad and held him on murder charges.

I am outraged that Columbia University has allowed this embodiment of evil to speak at the University and is hiding behind “free speech”, when if you speak freely in Iran, you risk execution. Our constitution protects American citizens, not the evil dictators of the world. He deserves nothing that Americans are entitled to.

I am outraged that tax payer dollars are paying for his security detail. I say let him roam our country at his peril. Or better yet, take it out of the UN fund. Wait we pay that like idiots too!

I am outraged that we sit by while this maniac spits in our face and continues to develop nuclear weapons! He would not think twice about sending a nuclear war head to NYC as a “thank you” for the hospitality that we have shown. Does anyone doubt that?

I am outraged that this dictator denies the holocaust and would love to annihilate our friends and allies in Israel! And we allow him to walk freely down the streets of New York!

I am outraged how we as citizens are so willing to “host” the evil that is so willing to kill us because we don’t follow Islam and its dictates!

I am outraged how we can be so stupid! Am I the only one?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Healthcare shopping...

I gave my first presentation of my new book, My Life; Ignored! And I believe it went well. By the reaction of the audience I hit a chord. The presentation was in Syracuse NY, and as a result I was able to spend some time with my in-laws that live close by. I was also able to bring my wife which is something I now wish I could do more of! We were able to spend some time at our family’s camp in the Adirondacks and do things as a couple rather than parents. A welcome break but we miss our children immensely; I swear!

We also had the pleasure of the company of family friends visiting from England, and it is so enlightening to speak with people from another country. They are wonderful people and like my in-laws are now either in their 70’s or pushing 70. Let me tell you 70 is young!!

We were able to have lunch overlooking the lake that our family camp sits on, and the conversation turned to healthcare. I sat and listened without speaking a word (I swear!) and it was absolutely engaging. In the hour or so conversation, the stories were interesting but the one thing that stood out to me was the one aspect of healthcare I find most important; accountability. During the entire conversation it was more about insurance companies, gap insurance, and government programs, both in England and America, and not about doctors or the price of their services.

My take away from the entire conversation was that we need to change the conversation from shopping for insurance, to shopping for doctors. Why do we need a middle man? Catastrophic care period. We need to shop for medical doctors like we shop for an eye doctor or chiropractor. We can have insurance for the heart attack, or the big surgeries, and cancer treatment, but let’s get back to some basic accountability principles with routine healthcare.

The issue is not getting people onto insurance; it’s getting them off of insurance. Don’t let the politicians scare you; it’s exactly what they need to get you to make a bad decision. You know better than them on how to shop for things that are important to you! Doctors and routine healthcare is no different. Just a thought…

Monday, September 17, 2007

It is time to stop the O.J. coverage now!

We’re watching OJ so who’s watching the important stuff? It’s a sad commentary on us; enough said…

Friday, September 14, 2007

What Makes Hillary the “Healthcare Expert”?

“Clinton's previous effort gives her a voice of authority on health-care
coverage now, with 65 percent of Americans in a July Gallup poll expressing ``a
great deal'' or ``a fair amount'' of confidence in her on the issue. That's more
than any other White House contender. At the same time, it evokes memories of
the bureaucracy-laden, 1,342-page proposal that critics still call

Who are these 65% of Americans that want to give our government control over their access to healthcare? What “authority” does Hillary have over the people that have spent their lives dedicated to healthcare? My wife is a nurse and can tell you that Medicaid and Medicare are not only inefficient, the programs are ripe with potential for fraud, and are inflexible when patients need care outside the programs scope. If you think HMO’s are bad, you’re gonna “love” the government bureaucracy. I would trust my wife over Hillary any day of the week. The government will have no competition therefore will have no reason to listen to their “customers”, so once you agree to hand over the 2.1 TRILLION dollar industry to the government, our (your) healthcare is doomed. The way they will “control” costs will be to reduce access, pay healthcare professionals less, reduce facilities like hospitals and nursing homes, reduce tests and surgery, and after all of this will still increase your taxes to pay for all of this inefficiency. Tell me again, why do you want the government to take over healthcare?

“The proposal proved so complex that it invited ridicule. An insurance industry
group produced a series of television ads featuring ``Harry and Louise,'' a
fictional couple struggling to understand the plan. Her proposal didn't make it
out of committee even though Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress.”

The American people rejected Hillary’s last campaign to socialize American healthcare but will we do it again? Too many people don’t pay attention to the consequences of government intervention into our economy. The MO of the government is to reduce efficiency, crush competition, and raise prices. Exactly the opposite MO of the capitalist system that has made us the richest country in the world. If we were to introduce competition by eliminating insurance for routine doctor visits and common ailments, get the government out of drug benefits and elderly care, we would reduce the cost of healthcare for the average family to be less than what they pay for cable and their cell phone every month.

We need to think really hard here; what does the government do now that makes it deserving of your trust to handle your healthcare? Do you want Hillary, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Arlen Specter, Doug Lamborn, and all the other politicians controlling your life choices so closely? I shudder to think of any politician controlling my access to health; how about you?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Power to the People…

When I hear that phrase I think of the 60’s song that has the line, “power to the people right on!” It is funny how history repeats itself. Back then it was the young people speaking out against the “establishment”, which in general was a push back on deceitful government. We had McCarthy, Watergate, and numerous scandals that undermined the people’s trust in their government. I believe we have never rebuilt the “trust factor”, and there are many reasons for that. Without trust nothing moves forward. One major reason is we have had such little turnover of politicians over the years, and they have continued to use government for their personal gain. They have no interest in fixing a system that works in their favor.

Today the phrase “Power to the People” is the title of a new book by Laura Ingraham, radio talk personality, and a great American. I have not read the book yet (I am reading her first book first, “Shut Up And Sing” right after I finish the “Reagan Diaries”) but I know from listening to her that it will document the lack of trust the people have in their government, and how the people are now rising back up, with the power of the new media, to take back the direction of our government from these entrenched politicians. Laura does not share my view that we have to leave the party to reform the party; she believes the change will come from within. Time will tell who is right.

The most recent issue to prove the “Power to the people” theory is the illegal immigration debate. The people were informed through the new media of the content of the bill and rejected it, flat out. The politicians were caught flat footed and thought they could just push right past the will of the people, but what they found was they were wrong. They under estimated the “Power of the People”.

We as a nation are fed up with the status quo and we want unity on the issues that are important to this nation. We want honest debate and honest leadership. We want to know what our politicians really mean on key issues like National Security, Immigration, Healthcare, and Social Security. We want to trust our government representatives on these issues. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. Do you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good News on the Mexican Truck Deal…

The senate has voted to stop the funding for the Mexican truck program that would allow Mexican long haul trucks to litter our highway with unsafe vehicles and suspect drivers. Presumptuous maybe, that all Mexican trucks will be unsafe and driver’s suspect but I have spent a lot of years in the trucking business and I have seen the industry up close. To think we need to now monitor Mexican companies is to take the years of progress made on safety and professionalism, and throw it out the window. The other issue is that I want American drivers delivering our goods. They do it for every other country’s goods in the world so why not Mexico’s?

If they want to pilot a program where companies can share trailers, and make the transfer of goods more efficient, I’m all for that. But when are we going to stop selling out our citizens for a buck? Will our goods be cheaper with this program? Maybe, but I doubt it. It will most likely increase profits and keep prices stable. The unforeseen consequence of this is that because of Mexico’s cheap labor and access to our transportation system, other countries will ship their goods to Mexico for delivery in the US, and we will then be looking at all the port jobs going away as well. I am a free trader but not at any cost. This smells like the Dubai ports deal. Giving other countries access to our infrastructure is never a good idea if you care about security and sovereignty. The senate stopping this is a win today but my guess is the issue will return. But today I celebrate with my fellow truckers. Just a thought…

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tribute to 9/11 and how Hillary is hiding $850,000…

First; let’s never forget our fellow citizens and heroes that died on September 11th 2001. Watching some of the coverage this morning there were suggestions that we “move on”. I ask; if we “move on” will we not forget our history and be prone to repeating it? There is also a huge effort to minimize the fact that our enemy is Islamic extremists. One commentator on one of the morning shows said we needed to be careful not to mention Islam in a negative light. Again, I disagree and believe we must face reality and confront our enemies head on. That is the only path to our national security and continued prosperity. God Bless the victims of 9/11 and their families…

Interesting how Hillary timed her fundraising “issue” to hit during the 9/11
coverage. Anyone else suspicious?

These are the stories that disgust people when it comes to politics and in particular, political campaigns. Hillary Clinton is returning $850,000 worth of donations from Norman Hsu (pronounced shoe). $850,000! Does anyone NOT think there is a problem with this type of fundraising? This screams out INFLUENCE PEDLING! Who honestly believes that Hsu will get the same treatment as me or you if we were to call Hillary’s office with a request to vote a particular way on a bill? Do you think he will be on the guest list of most democratic politicians? Do you think the republicans would love to have his money as well?

Let’s limit contributions from PAC’s to $0.00. Candidates can only receive funding from the residents in their district or state depending on the office. I know the house and senate vote on issues that are national in nature, but business and interest groups can show up in the office of the congressmen and women just like we can. They can pay their lobbyists by raising contributions from interested parties but none of that money should go to any campaign or mention any candidate. They can “sell” their issue just like Wendy’s sells chicken, but it is time to shut off the money spicket from PAC’s to campaign coffers.

Money is free speech; I agree with that premise. But every dollar a candidate can use should come directly from the constituents in his or her district. Individuals only; period. The NRA and Planned Parenthood can splash their issues across the television sets of America but not one nickel of their funds should be allowed to support any individual campaign.

And one final thought; do we need more career politicians like Hillary Clinton or would it be better to recruit some new blood to drive our nation?

Monday, September 10, 2007

United States Defeated by Al Qaeda (in Iraq)…

No matter how our politicians spin our leaving Iraq, the above headline will be the headline in all of the media sympathetic to Islamic extremism and Al Qaeda; period. Even as I wrote this headline I shuttered at the thought of this appearing anywhere for “real”. We need for the Iraqi people to take advantage of the security our military has brought to their country, and form a government that respects the rights of all of the people of Iraq. Freedom is messy and difficult and this is the best framework, today and now, that the Iraqi people will ever have to get a political solution hashed out. They must not squander our generosity and sacrifice. Time and patience is wearing thin here in America.

The Middle East region is too important to leave just because it is difficult. If we leave, Iran and Syria are threatening to “fill the gap”, and we cannot allow the world oil supply to be controlled by maniacs. Not that the oil supply has always been in the hands of stable governments, but when these two countries are threatening the inhalation of Israel and the US, we can’t allow them the access to funds that can support that effort. That is suicide.

The Middle East has always been a hot bed of dictators and terrorists but it is no longer acceptable to support them in any manner. The world has shrunk over the years with low cost travel and internet access, that a strategy of containment and “payola” is not a viable strategy anymore. This makes the stakes higher and more complicated in Iraq.

So the strategies of “stay the course” and “let’s just leave” are over simplified even though easy to understand. Both strategies need to be well thought out and need input from both sides of the argument. Political strategy should be left at the door in these discussions. Our future is too important to be making any decisions about Iraq within a political calculus. It is time to come together and get a cohesive strategy that protects the Iraqi people from outside influences like Iran, protects the world’s oil supply from terrorist control, keeps the terrorists on the defensive, nurtures the fragile democratic seeds in Iraq, and respects the sacrifices our troops have made in the region.

It should not be about the future of any political party, it should be about our future; period. If we don’t want to be reading this headline in the New York Times, we must come together and do what America has always done in the past; rallied together in times of “crisis”. This is the beginning or the end of another “crisis” in the Middle East. Let’s make it the end. Just a thought…

Friday, September 7, 2007

The “Fred” Factor…

No not the book “The Fred Factor” by author Mark Sanborn (good book by the way), but the “Fred Thompson Factor”, and his decision to join the republican presidential contenders seeking the office. Will it be a “factor” at all?

I heard Laura Ingraham interview the Senator this morning and I liked him. Didn’t love him, and he didn’t impress me as a guy that is going to bring the “Reagan Factor” to the race, which is much needed. In all fairness, Fred can never be Reagan. He even stated on the show that Reagan was unique and he has never claimed that he was or could ever be Ronald Reagan. I happen to be reading the Reagan Diaries (an awesome read if you loved Reagan), and he was the real deal. We will be double blessed if we ever uncover another Reagan in our lifetime. But Fred is not that guy.

I think it was a big mistake for Fred to announce on Leno rather than join the NH debate. The debate far outnumbered Leno in viewers, and the viewers watching the debate were the voters Fred needed to connect with to win the primary. Bad choice, yesterday’s news. Moving forward we will see if he makes another bad decision like that. We’ll be watching.

I am still not “jazzed” about the current field although there are a number of good men in the race. I really wish there was a conservative woman in the race. I think we could be served well by a number of the current candidates if elected. I could live with Romney or Huckabee, possibly Rudy but I am already getting NYC fatigue (and I am a native New Yorker!).

Based on Fred’s entrance into the race, we have seen him at his peak. I hope I’m wrong and he starts to ignite some kind of passion in me, but I am not holding my breath. The only thing I know for sure; there is no democrat in the race that I would be comfortable calling president. And for those that would say there is no democrat I could embrace as president; you’re right. So if it is Fred instead of a democrat, then let it be Fred. Just a thought…

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Senator Schumer should resign…

He is despicable, anti American, anti military, and must resign. If footsy in the Men’s room is good enough to get rid of the Senator from Idaho (which I agree with whole heartedly!), disrespecting and lying about our troops is surely grounds enough to call for NY Senator Schumer to resign… Here are his words. You be the judge and jury:

“And let me be clear, the violence in Anbar has gone down despite the surge, not
because of the surge. The inability of American soldiers to protect these tribes
from al Qaeda said to these tribes we have to fight al Qaeda ourselves. It
wasn’t that the surge brought peace here. It was that the warlords took peace
here, created a temporary peace here. And that is because there was no one else
there protecting.”

He must be removed because he is obviously against our troops and on the side of victory for our enemy. Throw the bum out!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Doug Lamborn threatens constituents…

Now even a novice politician knows better than to threaten voters for voicing their opinion. Someone like Doug Lamborn, a political “fixture” in the Republican Party should have known better than to call up a couple of constituents, and leave a threatening voice mail for all to hear. Even if Doug disagreed with his constituent’s opinion, threatening their free speech is not the way to go. I have always criticized his ability to articulate issues, and his uneasiness in a crowd, and my belief he lacks leadership skills, but this is bad. This is not a rookie mistake, this shows total incompetence.

I am so glad I am running unaffiliated this year but I have to be selfish here; I hope he is the Republican nominee. If he beats Jeff Crank which is highly unlikely unless there is a three or four way primary race, I may actually have a shot if I petition onto the general ballot. Either way this incumbent representative is in deep trouble as a candidate already. There is a theory out there called the “Likability Factor” and it determines why people gravitate to some and not others. People gravitate to people they “like”. If the theory holds true, Doug has a real uphill battle on his hands in 2008. Especially if he is going to continue to threaten the people he hopes will vote for him. Just a thought…

Living his life; ignored!

Senator Sam Brownback is living his life; ignored! For all of you that have read my book you know that is a good thing. This picture of the senator standing in front of a nearly empty room, reminds me of the cover of my book. I have been where he is in this picture at my debate during the 2006 campaign for congress.

The media is doing this to marginalize the senator but I applaud him. He is in the “game”. He is making a difference in the world in his own way and his kids and family are surely proud of his efforts. Compared to most, Sam Brownback is a winner because he has chosen a passion and followed it. This is a man I would like to meet just to talk to him about his view on the world. He may never become president, but it is not because he didn’t try. Think about that for a moment. Then think about what you’re doing with your life. Are you willing to go out and get ignored?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Government Run Healthcare…

Is dangerous for your health! Just ask anyone that has Medicaid, lived in Canada or the UK in the past few years, or believes that we each have a right to refuse healthcare. Yes I said refuse care. John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and many other pro government advocates for the takeover of healthcare are starting to “drip” out the details of their plans. John Edwards wants to mandate doctor visits or you will face criminal charges. Hillary wants similar mandates that people must abide by or they could be held “accountable” for the consequences of not following regulations regarding your health. You must be very careful what you wish for because you just may get it. The people proposing government controlled healthcare have obviously never dealt with the bureaucracies of the IRS, Motor Vehicles, or City Hall.

If you want the most expensive healthcare, with the poorest quality of service, and limited access, just give it over to the government, they can break anything. Just look at our immigration, education, body politic, and Social Security system and the picture is as clear as the top line on a vision chart; something you won’t be seeing much of if the government has anything to do with it! Just a thought…

One small step...

I have been on a roll recently posting about the problems plaguing the two political parties and I have linked here to a Bob Franken blog post, at The Hill website. Bob has been a Journalist for many years and he has covered politics for most of his career. He knows the system is broken and in today’s post he hints at campaign finance reform. I agree we need campaign finance reform but I do not want the government meddling again so we get another “McCain-Feingold” type reform, and end up stomping on freedom of speech rights again. I think the reform should be simple.

I suggest we work on two aspects of campaigning; the length you can campaign, and how you can finance the campaign.

Length of the campaign should be tied to the type of campaign. For example; the presidential campaign and statewide office campaigns like governor and senator,etc… should be limited to 8 months. No money can be raised prior to the eight months. All other campaigns are limited to 6 months.

Financing; no candidate can donate more than the $3000 limit to their own campaign. Any individual can donate up to $3000.00 to any campaign. No PAC money can be given to the campaign but they can run as many issue ads as they would like. No candidate can be associated with any PAC. No corporate donations to individual or PACS. All donations must be listed immediately on the candidates and PAC’s website.

We need to get big money out and individual money into political campaigns. We need to reduce the time we need to focus on political campaigns so voters don’t become fatigued with the debate. It has become an anointing process at the party level, and the money has been controlled far too long at the lobbyist and corporate PAC level. We can’t ignore groups that have an interest in politics because they have rights in the political arena too. They represent millions of voter’s opinions and deserve to get their message out. We just need to disconnect them from the individual candidate.

What we need are representatives in government that are focused on the good of the American people, American business, and American values. The party system encourages the dissection of people into interest groups which undermines the entire system. The current finance system for campaigns favors the wealthy and corporate interests, and we need to put in guidelines that make the system more accessible for all. I don’t have all the answers and there will be no system that is perfect but when a system is this far out of balance we need to engage the debate.

Bob Franken has been an Emmy winning political journalist and he knows the system has issues and I believe he is just the tip of the iceberg. The voters know the system is broken. We just have to convince the rest of the “insiders” it is time for reform of the parties, time frames, and the campaign finance process. Just a thought…

Sunday, September 2, 2007

They Can't See Beyond The Party...

This entire article is about the horse race between Democrats and Republicans in the 08 race for the senate. Raising money has become a huge issue for republicans because most republicans are doing what I did; sending back the fundraising letter with a note telling the party how we feel. My note said something like; when you start acting like republicans I may consider sending a donation.

I am sure other party members have sent similar notes, and I bet many have left the party because of their disappointment with the actions of the party members over the years. I believe both parties will find themselves disappointed at the polls and 2008 will shape up to be the year of the “outsider”. People new to the parties as well as independents will see a chance to get noticed by the voter in 2008. Just a thought, maybe a hope…