Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hillary Proposes $5000.00 for having a baby…

It will be called a “baby bond”. Whose $5000.00 are we giving to these babies? Who will control the account where the “baby bond” will be deposited? The democrats scream about the deficit but giving a $5000.00 bond to every baby, four million per year, adds a deficit of 200 million (correction Billion) a year. Will we give this to the baby’s of illegals? If the democrats have their way you know we will.

This idea is so elitist and ludicrous I would laugh hysterically if I didn’t think she is really going to push for this socialist transfer of wealth. Talk about an incentive to have kids! Have 10 kids get 50K when they reach 18. If you don’t think that is what is going through people’s minds you’re not thinking.

The sad thing is she was applauded at a forum hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus. If anyone should know what these programs promising benefits have done to a community, it should be the black community. Government handouts have destroyed the black community and it breaks my heart to see that so many still think government is a help or solution to getting out of poverty. Poverty is enabled by government programs; period.
Between “free” healthcare, $5000.00 “baby bonds”, and an unwillingness to secure our borders, this woman is a danger to our future. She argues:

Clinton said such an account program would help people get back to the
tradition of savings that she remembers as a child, and has become harder to
accomplish in the face of rising college and housing costs.

It will do the exact opposite! Why save when someone else is giving you money? It’s the same as Social Security; many people have stopped saving for retirement because of Social Security. If the government is going to give me money, why save and not spend? These people will be very unhappy in their retirement when they find out that they don’t have enough to do the things they want in retirement.

We need government OUT OF OUR LIVES as much as possible. This woman does not get it and does not deserve to be a Senator, never mind the President. We need to realize these people want to control you and that is not a good thing. When the government controls your destiny, your destiny is doomed. Yes it is…


Sheri said...

CRAZY! That's what she is. I sent your post to my boss and he said it's actually 200 BILLION per year, not million -- I haven't done the math, but either way, it's insane. Totally agree with your analysis of government handouts and what they have done in society. I was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning and came in at the tail end of a discussion about this topic -- the host mentioned that he thinks everyone should have a big screen tv. There you have it!

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Anonymous said...

She is HILLARYious! and a nut is she thinks that will work.